The Twitter Files: Yoel Roth Worked With Feds To Censor Twitter

Breaking news …

1. Twitter was working with the Deep State ahead of the 2020 election.

2. John Podesta’s niece was on the Twitter Trust & Safety board. Fauci’s daughter worked for Twitter.

3. Twitter was shadowbanning Donald Trump ahead of the 2020 election.


  1. >Twitter “deamplified” Donald Trump ahead of the 2020 election

    In general, of course the behavior was and is reprehensible; everyone could see the bias, which affected a lot more people than just Trump (many of them much smarter than him) — however it’s not clear how much it really hurt Trump, since in some cases his big mouth and dumb pandering were actually a problem, e.g. if fewer white men had heard about the Platinum Plan™ it may have helped Trump.

    But as someone on Twitter put it (I would normally put a link here, but at the moment am too lazy to go look for it): a homosexual Jew went from writing about lurid Grindr encounters in grad school to making (perhaps/likely) consequential decisions about what people, including the president, were and were not allowed to say and hear in America’s ‘digital town square’, all in a relatively short time.

    What a country.

    • >I would normally put a link here

      linkYoel Roth went straight from researching gay online dating habits to making some of the most consequential discretionary political judgments any one person could conceivably make

  2. Pajeets who love communism, alphabet soup with juice, what a hornet’s nest Elon has cleared out.
    Who are they to horn in on muh democracy?
    But, but, but…

  3. Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.

    Adolf Hitler

  4. Given that Donald Trump was the White Southern choice to be president, it only stands to reason that The New England Yankee United States’ Government would treat him as they attempted to do to Robert E. Lee, Bedford Forrest, and Jefferson Davis.

    And, given how things have gone – it is a case in point that they would outsource their dirty work to a Jew to do it for them.

    Most Americans, in particular Southerners, will not see this, however, because they have become studied experts at NOT seeings things for how they are.

    • LOL It’s more than laughable that you’d class Donald Trump among men like Robert E. Lee, Forrest, and Jefferson Davis.
      Surely you jest!

      • Indeed, Fox did turn out to be laughable that we, Southerners, would regard Mr. Trump in that light, and yet, not only did tens of millions do so in 2015, many tens of milllions STILL do in 2022, which is why the government takes him as that, as well..

        What you and I think of him does not change that

  5. O/T-Amerika page has the Doom video game is 29 today post, Mob Rule will be 28 years old soon in honor of the OJ Trial.
    We even have Joe Slovo Biden to burn it all down better for the global hammer and sickle.

    • Joe Biden is a tool of big business, the Irish do not give a crap about the concerns of the common man, they only care about gaining and having power over the commoners. And schmuck, the people that telling you communism is the enemies are lying theiving deceitful Jews and Irish. Which one are you Mick/kyke?

  6. “Three of us resigned from Twitter’s Trust & Safety Council today…here’s why”

    The Internet is feasting on those woke scumbags and their coconspirators, with ridicule as the sauce and plenty of salt to add flavor. It couldn’t be more satisfying. For years they were able to silence their critics who are now climbing out of the woodwork to exact revenge.

    Imagine if something like this ever happened in real life. The woketards wouldn’t stand a chance.

  7. OT

    NYT — Prominent Gay Republicans Helped Smooth the Way for Marriage Bill — Behind the success of the Respect for Marriage Act was a group of prominent Republicans, some of them gay, who worked to persuade G.O.P. senators that embracing it was a political winner

    Behind the scenes, a group of influential Republican donors and operatives, including some of the party’s most prominent gay leaders with long experience prodding their party to embrace L.G.B.T.Q. rights, banded together with the bill’s proponents in Congress for a coordinated, $1.7 million campaign to persuade G.O.P. senators that backing it would give them a political edge.

    It must be ‘a political edge’ in the same way legalizing millions of ‘naturally conservative’ Hispanics who receive 2x as much welfare per person as Whites (link) and vote 2.5:1 for Democrats is ‘a political edge’.

    I think naming it the ‘Respect for Marriage Act’ was just another big FUCK YOU to normal people, where I define a normal person as someone who thinks homosexual marriage is disgusting.

    And the Russians recently passed a ban on surrogacy for foreigners, one of the main reasons being they don’t want poor Russian women renting their wombs to homosexuals in the West — I posted several comments here and elsewhere about what can only be called surrogacy farms in Ukraine, where I imagine a significant percentage of the babies are destined for homosexuals in the West.

  8. This shit makes Watergate look like a child’s tea party.
    F*** this corrupt, rotting corpse of a “nation”.

    The fact that absolutely NOTHING will come of this demonstrably proves the uselessness of the Repukelican party (that I once enthusiastically voted for) and the fact that we live under a Uniparty regime that only ceremonially wears a facade of “democracy” to prevent too much widespread unrest.

    None of this shocking or a revelation or any kind. It only confirms what we all already knew. It is, however, mind boggling to see it publicly documented with so little interest, and not so much as a whimper of revolt by anyone that matters or has enough power to change anything. Hell’s F’n bells, it is being documented by the richest man on Earth who has ever lived, and even he is basically powerless to do anything (unless he decides to use his wealth to fund a small army of revolutionaries to push against and possibly infiltrate and remediate the system.)

    We may live in interesting times like the Chinese proverb, but for F’s sake, I’d rather live in rational times.

    • I used to work with a former Army Ranger who did three tours in Vietnam. He once told me, “If communism is such a terrible system, those people sure fought awful hard for it”.

      • It was more a nationalist war for independence from Western colonial and mercantile domination: first independence from the colonial French, then from Americans — the whole ‘Domino Theory’ was obviously red menace boogie man nonsense.

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