Elon Musk Disbands “Trust and Safety Council”

I used to hate “the billionaire class.”

If I am being honest though, I would choose the billionaire class over the PMC class.


  1. Though Mr. Musk has been trying to steer a middle path between Free Speech and the censorship lunatics Left, it seems to me that, more and more, he realizes that he will not be allowed to ride the fence, but, will have to make a choice.

    Thus, with the passage of every week heis choosing a path that reflects the wisdom of Justice Clarence Thomas, who has made two memorable quotes on this matter…

    #1.”The 1st amendment was written to protect ‘hate-speech'”

    #2. “There is no such thing as ‘hate-speech’.”

  2. Musk must have seen how insane things have gotten over the last few years. One thing a workaholic like him probably isn’t too cool with is most of the PMC deciding they can all “work from home” and do netflix and chill in their pajamas on the couch while logged into some timeclock app and you still have to pay them as if the brats were present doing actual work like the whole adult world expected as recently as 2019. Now we are seeing the fruits of this even faker economy than the usual post 2000 one with inflation from printing up money for work that isn’t getting done. Nope, the “crash” just got a whole lot sooner than even the most pessimistic types had forecast.

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