Washington Post: America First Legal Is Fighting “Anti-White Bigotry” In Court

White advocacy has been quietly annexed to conservatism.

Washington Post:

“The deal in early 2021 was hailed by advocates for Black farmers as the most significant piece of legislation since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 — about $4 billion in President Biden’s massive pandemic stimulus package to rectify decades of discrimination. Minority farmers began investing in new machinery and other improvements, anticipating tens of thousands of dollars in government aid.

But today, the landmark deal on behalf of historically disadvantaged farmers is dead — successfully challenged in court by a fledgling conservative organization that argued the program racially discriminated against White farmers.

America First Legal is headed by Stephen Miller, the architect of President Donald Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigrants. While AFL lacks the name recognition and financial heft of many conservative counterparts, it has racked up notable court victories over the Biden administration. …

In the lead-up to the midterm election, AFL also bankrolled a multimillion dollar ad campaign that included inflammatory radio and TV spots demanding an end to “anti-white bigotry” and accusing the White House, businesses and universities of discriminating against White people. …”

This is true.

Instead of whining on the internet, it is nice to see someone doing something about the problem. Creating a pro-White version of the ADL to file lawsuits to challenge racial discrimination against Whites is an idea that has been on the drawing board in the White Nationalist movement for decades.

“During the four years of the Trump administration — especially in the arena of immigration — every single executive action, no matter how rigorously lawful, was subjected to a never-ending stream of activist litigation,” Miller said. “One of my goals when I left the administration was to try to help and inspire and coordinate a larger legal movement on the conservative side of the spectrum to do the same.”

A few years ago, conservatives were too scared of the media to touch the issue and any defense of Whites from vicious racial attacks was loudly, piously and reflexively condemned as “identity politics.” This has changed somewhat since the post-George Floyd backlash against CRT and Wokeism. It is becoming increasingly common to hear conservatives talking about White people and anti-Whitism on their YouTube channels. These lawsuits and the ad campaign in the midterms from America First Legal is another example of how White advocacy has become more mainstream over the past two years.

Note: As you can see below, conservative influencers like Matt Walsh and Mark Dice have stolen much of Nick Fuentes’ old act while he has been off playing Nazi leader for the media with Yedolf.


  1. >decades of discrimination
    >historically disadvantaged farmers

    This kind of rhetoric is the future of white people — it’s like a never-ending societal plague, sucking life energy out of the polity.

    linkPeople say “Enoch was right” but they don’t look at the specifics. He argued the UK was importing the preventable evil of racial problems that the USA is stuck with forever. And here it is. You keep them out and get called racist once, or let them in and be called racist forever.

    (Note to OD: the kinds of things they are and I imagine will be going after are ‘anti-White’, whereas white people voting for Democrats are not ‘anti-White’).

    It’s positive that this group is raising the issue of anti-whiteness, and using the courts to attack it.

    But Miller was a key Trump advisor and was known to take a special interest in matters of immigration — as such he is perhaps the person most responsible for the failure to secure a safe third country agreement with Mexico when the asylum ‘caravans’ started in 2017 — the US will pay a demographic price for this failure, and the day when Whites will be a minority will likely be moved forward — ultimately no amount of pro-white judicial activism will be able to counteract that disaster.

    • >the failure to secure a safe third country agreement

      linkBREAKING: A huge migrant caravan of over 1,000 people crossed illegally into El Paso, TX last night, making it the largest single group we have ever seen. The city of El Paso reports Border Patrol now has over 5,000 in custody & has released hundreds to city streets

      Technically, he’s wrong about ‘crossed illegally’ — decades of asylum law and precedent are very clear on this: even if you do not enter regularly via an established port of entry, if you want to apply for asylum, all you have to do is say so, and your application must still be considered — turning away someone who wants to apply for asylum is never legal, unless they are coming from a ‘safe third country’ — then you can push them back and tell them to apply in the country they are coming from.

      And note this from the Twitter thread:

      This caravan of nearly 20 migrant buses was escorted by Mexican police into Ciudad Juarez before they crossed en masse into El Paso, TX.

      I don’t blame the Mexicans for wanting to be rid of these people and sending them into the US; there is nothing illegal about the actions of the Mexican police — the migrants want to apply for asylum in the US, and are just being escorted to the border — adios and good riddance.

  2. Nb4 retraction. The AFL was bound to happen. Too bad it just took a well funded Jew to organize it.

    HW, bro. Where did the Cicero article go. Its taking me longer to research comments on these things than it is for them to get posted and erased.

    I’m slow. Have mercy on me and leave it up long enough for me to get some shit posting in.

    • The Baked Alaska article was just more silly drama.

      I was deeply conflicted about posting the Cicero article though and took it down.

      He has done enough damage to his own family and I really didn’t want to add to their trauma and embarrassment. The thing that tipped me over the edge was hearing yesterday how it all ended. There is also a lesson here for the people who are constantly dumping on women and blaming them for all of their failures.

      • I have no idea who Cicero is, and don’t really care that much — I don’t wish misfortune on anyone.

        >dumping on women and blaming them for all of their failures

        But I want to note that this kind of anecdotal example is distinctly different than talking about the problems caused by women and their widening role in society.

        • Marcus Cicero was a National Socialist from Massachusetts who posted hundreds of articles on this site for four years and who went with us to Charlottesville and Shelbyville. It will suffice to say that what happened to him has been more than a bitter disappointment.

          • Years ago, before I was politically active, and before I knew there was such a thing as a Brad Griffin, I met a young Miss Holly at Youtube

            Such a pistol was she she put me in a mind that she was a reincarnation of Belle Boyd – either that or the daughter of a very vocal Grand Dragon.

            That said, as brash as she was, she was always sincere and polite.

            I am sorry that things have gone bad for her and I hope that her future is far brighter than the current moment might suggest.

            I hope her family are rallying around her.

          • >who posted hundreds of articles on this site

            Thanks — are they still online? — did you tag his articles? — do you have a convenient link or tag? — if so I would start reading them — some of them anyway.

            I find many of the older articles here (which are often suggested at the bottom of new ones, and I do often take the suggestion and read the older articles) quite good and interesting — the same goes for the comments on them.

          • @ Hunter Wallace DECEMBER 13, 2022 AT 12:43 PM


            The above seems to be something you wrote — ? — if so, and you did not give permission, or object to it being posted by them, you may want to get in touch with whoever is responsible for that website.

  3. If there was a consistently pro-White voice inside the Trump Administration, it was Mr. Miller.

    Mr. Miller drove Jared and Ivanka crazy with his consistent insistence that a wall to be built, when even, Trump, the one who had made the most out of that, in public, was rather reluctant.

    I thank Mr. Miller for that, for it takes a lot of courage to be so stigmatized and excoriated as he has been by the Globalist anti-White Left, but, they simply cannot intimidate him.

    • They can’t intimidate him because he’s one of the tribe and generally protected as such. Dude isn’t white Ivan. He’s 100% chicken swinging kosher chosenite.

      I don’t disagree about him doing this being in general good but, lets not ignore the 100 foot tall menorah in the room here.

      • Yes, Dear Ironic, I know that Mr. Miller is 100% Jewish, and yet he is fully pro-White.

        Mr. Miller has dared to go where basically none in cabinet level positions in this country have been willing to go since the Truman/Eisenhower years, and then, only surreptitiously.

        Menorrah or no menorrah, let us celebrate that good.

        Yes, let us celebrate that and respect him for that.

        Thank you for your comment!

      • Perhaps Miller is one of those Jews (like Michael Savage?) that realizes a world without Whites may not be such a good world for Jews.

        • Gavin has a point when he says Jews can be found on every side of every issue. There are Jews involved in everything from immigration restriction to race realism to the fight against affirmative action

          • Yes – Jews are all over the map.

            If White Gentiles tend towards self-editing and being reserved, Jews tend toward advocacy and demonstration.

            This makes Jews more visible than other groups.

            Knowing so many Jews, as I have my whole lifelong, I know that they, like White Gentiles, divide into three groups, by size…

            Group # 3. Those like Stephen Miller, Michael Savage, or a relative of mine who funds White Gentile militias in California, who are staunchly pro-White.

            Group #2. Those Jews who are off the map with pro-homosexual, open borders, anti-White Leftism – most notably those of the oligarchical class.

            Group #1. Those Jews who, consumed by their personal affairs, do not think much about politics, other than a general well-wishing for others in this country.

            Some problems here are that Group 2 presumes to speak for all Jewish blood, something which is grave offence, and that they actively work to undermine any country they live in.

            Group #2 has been the problem between Jews and White Gentiles since time immemorial.

            No matter how much good Groups #3 and #1 do, in the end, all Jews wind up being lumped together as a Group #2.

            Personally, I believe that, unless Jews from Groups #1 & #3 make themselves prominent in denouncing and fighting Group #2, an historic event is about toe repeat itself here, as it already is in France.

            Michael Savage has done a lot in this regard, his favorite phrase in this regard, being, ‘America is being destroyed by the Katzenburg and Ratzenburg clan…’.

          • Regarding commenter Ivan Turgenev’s suggestion of the need for non-malicious Jews speaking up against the Jewish troublemakers –

            The problem is, that this is a serious violation of Jewish religion and culture. Jews are both religiously and culturally forbidden from criticising other Jews in public – they are supposed to do only in private, as slamming other Jews is said to hurt Jews as a whole

            The penalty for violating this rule is being shunned by other normie Jews, and that is very real, this happens

            There are certainly a few public Jews violating this rule – Ron Unz, Henry Makow, Gilad Atzmon, and so on – but in general this norm is effectively in place.

          • ” Jews are both religiously and culturally forbidden from criticising other Jews”

            It’s called …………. Lashon hara
            It’s halakhic (law).

          • @Balticus…

            “Regarding commenter Ivan Turgenev’s suggestion of the need for non-malicious Jews speaking up against the Jewish troublemakers –

            The problem is, that this is a serious violation of Jewish religion and culture. Jews are both religiously and culturally forbidden from criticising other Jews in public – they are supposed to do only in private, as slamming other Jews is said to hurt Jews as a whole”

            Very true, which is why the Michael Savage Show was taken off the air.

            His comments about the Weinstein and Epstein affairs cut too hard for his powerful brethren to stomach anymore.

          • Jews have centuries of practicing deception. They’re good at it. They’re deadly serious about it. They send some of their own to any well-publicized debate to represent their own “opposition,” so that they can control the conduct of the debate until it reaches whatever predetermined outcome they choose, while giving the audience the false impression that all of the important questions were asked and that all sides were heard from. Jews send some of their own to be flag-bearers for those whom they mean to conquer and to enslave, and, after milking them for all the wealth they can yield, to make disappear.

        • One thing I would add – last week the opening segment of a Tucker Carlson show featured an interview with a Jew who denounced Jonathan Greenblatt and the ADL. for having hijacked that organization with a ‘Leftist Agenda’.

          Moreover, last year, when Organized Jewry tried to take down Mr. Carlson, it seems that 1,500 rabbis rallied to his defence, as in the article below…


    • >Mr. Miller drove Jared and Ivanka crazy …

      How could you possibly know? — were you there? — were you privy to all the discussions and interactions between these parties?

      >consistent insistence that a wall to be built

      A wall would do absolutely no good against mass asylum-seeking, which is the problem now, and has been the problem since the ‘caravans’ in 2017 — a ‘safe third country’ agreement with Mexico would be much more useful; in fact, it is the only way to stop the masses of asylum-seekers at the southern border — so Miller should have pushed for that instead of a wall.

      • @eah…

        “>Mr. Miller drove Jared and Ivanka crazy …

        How could you possibly know? — were you there? — were you privy to all the discussions and interactions between these parties?

        I certainly do not know firsthand.

        I merely read the accounts of those who served in the Trump Administration and who wrote extensively of the inner dynamics within.

        Therefrom, it is very clear to me that, once Jared managed to force Bannon out, it was only Mr. Miller who cherished any affection for the American First ideas, starting with closing immigration.

        According to the accounts, Jared tried to ace out Mr. Miller as well, though, Mr. Miller proved to be a tougher nut to crack than Mr. Bannon.

        That is a summary of these affairs I give you, in good faith.

        If, on the other hand, you wish to think otherwise, that is fine by me.

        Thank you for your comment.

  4. These are my thoughts on the entire “Tales from the movement” series of articles HW. Please be careful with it if you keep writing them.

    I do not, and sincerely hope that nobody here expects you to dish on people in the dissident sphere or to make your blog about muck raking.

    There are plenty of other sources of that. I’ve genuinely enjoyed them because it puts alot of what I suspect into full color and provides me confirmation bias for being a hermit.

    However, because of the level of dysfunction we are seeing demonstrated by people in this space, many to a violent sociopathic extent, I don’t see the value added in it especially since you have a family and aren’t anon, folks can find you in meatspace. One cannot be too careful where people are regularly using aliases and know nothing about eachother.

    If you are going to keep writing those ask yourself first,

    1) Is it worth it? Worth the possibility that one of these nutcases could target you or your family because of their frustration and maladjustment?

    2) How comfortable are you with your IRL security? Whats the plan to deal with a nut like this if he goes psycho on you?

    I don’t want an answer to those questions, thats your business. I just want you to ask yourself.

    As long as I’ve been around this thing I’ve been very aware of the occulted/criminal element of it. I’m not a naturally trusting person, have been around alot of rough stuff and I’ve got a sense of smell that tells me where it is pretty well. I’ve kept my head down and a safe distance from it. I’m also the kind of guy that never leaves my house without a full frame service pistol and more ammo than an average patrolman carries, on my person at all times, everywhere I go except into the courthouse because thats not legal and I always follow the law.

    Which leads me to the last question you should ask yourself about these articles on guys like Baked Alaska and Cicero. Is your nose clean?

    Is your local law enforcement going to support you if somebody like Cicero decides to fixate on you? Or will they leave you to twist in the wind because the internet says you are a turbo nazi and the local leftist paper wants to see you burn, and so makes it a national story if he makes some salacious stuff up?

    If you piss off a Federal informant with a long reach and an FBI field office of resources to point your direction, are you going to sparkle under that light?

    Is there stuff people like this might think is dirt they can weaponize against you?

    I get the sense there was alot left unsaid about the cicero saga, and given how close it came to your family, I sense a dangerous flavor to that unspoken part. That could just be my natural tendency to assume the worst is imminent.

    You are a good guy from all I can see, after many years now of following you. Take care of yourself. You’re important.

    If its not worth it to talk about it, just don’t.

    Keeping your head down served the mammals in the time of the dinosaurs. We live in a new age of monsters, and keeping your head down is still a good strategy.

  5. I guess they will be on the ADL and SPLC ‘hate’ list in no time at all, if not already?! If it’s pro white, it ‘hate’. If it’s pro whatever else, it’s ‘progressive’. The proper word is not coming to me, but you get the idea. How dare whites have supporters in their own countries…..

  6. The reason Stephen Miller is having the best results after the Trump Presidency is the same reason why he had the best results during the Trump Presidency. Because he focuses on what’s important, dances with the girl that let him take her to the dance, and studiously avoids personal drama.

    I’ve seen some of the other comments. From what I have been able to glean, Jared and Ivanka very much irked Miller, and a lot of what he had to do was to keep Trump from paying too much attention to those two, in spite of the relationship. However, it wasn’t the other way around, Jared/Ivanka really didn’t have any strong feelings about Miller. And Miller wanted it that way, he deliberately wanted to avoid the Jared/Ivanka trip wire, because he knew tripping over it would be the same as tripping over Trump. His daughter and all that.

    • >the best results during the Trump Presidency

      What exactly were those ‘best results’? — name one of them — preferably one that is so great it compensates for the failure to secure a ‘safe third country’ agreement with Mexico, the consequences of which are now unfolding (again) on the southern border.

      I’ll wait.

      • Just to note that it very often goes this way: someone makes a claim, you simply ask for evidence to support the claim (here just an example), and you get no answer.

  7. When the jews get their hands on peace they destroy it. Jews crush all beauty with perversion and thoughtlessness. Jewish beauty is everyone else’s horror and disgust. Rubbing out history is their game and creating an electorate totally bamboozled by deceptions is how they make their money and steal ours.

    The mightiest weapon in the possession of the jews always was and still is his ingenuity in lying, in deception, in bribing, in inventing money and all kinds of other fraudulent schemes with jew oligarchs, and murdering his political rivals!! That’s where his real power is, especially in this day and age: Everything that comes from jews is a lie, all lies and nothing but lies, and since they control all sources of news and information, normies find it very difficult to find the truth, but sadly, most aren’t looking.

    The jews’ entire strategy for racial survival and material success has been one based on deception and dissimulation. For at the heart of their religion, judaism, lies an ethos that enshrines deceit, and justifies exploitation of non-Jews. This codified ethos of deceptive warfare has been maintained in their Talmud, passed on by generations of rabbis and instilled into the race of jewish people throughout the millennia. And though some 80% of jews are atheists, supremacist jews still maintain they are the “chosen” people.

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