Yedolf Might Be Slightly Autistic

I honestly don’t see how anyone can hate Kanye. I’m enjoying the show.


  1. Ye-ptolemy is still a dumb grifter (Nigerian). I don’t care what you say. It says too much about our society.
    Go ahead White Man. Worship at the Idol of the magical negro.
    It is sickening.

  2. I love everybody—–China, China, China.

    I can’t hate anybody ——except for China, China, China.

    Who tuned Kanye in on the Irish channel?

    Hey Kanye does Andrew Sullivan want and fantsize Sam Brinton? ——-China, China, China.

  3. Even if he’s autustic that doesnt make him good. Last week you stated that he was mentally ill and a big fan of BLACKED D0T C0M. You really think he’s doing all of this to defend white people? Look into the agenda of his black religion that he calls “Christian”

    • I think he does have mental problems. I don’t support his presidential campaign. I don’t hate Kanye either though. He is an artist.

  4. By giving him attention you are supporting his racial agenda which is for blacks to rule jews AND whites with the help of hispanics, indians etc. It is larger than it looks

      • We might as well get a laugh out of this clusterfuck as it goes down. It’s not like OD readers (or similarly minded people) are able to change course now, things are too far gone. Ye is entertainment and he is driving The Usual Suspects crazy with his antics which is all to the good.

        • “It’s not like OD readers (or similarly minded people) are able to change course now, ”

          But we should be finding alternatives.
          Ways to individually and collectively evade this social crash.

          • Agree. On an individual basis we can do much to alleviate the problems to come for ourselves and our families. Events are in the saddle now and politics offers no solutions. No one can stop the train wreck that is coming.

  5. And that Jew running around here talking about Nazis are nothing but Nazis themselves. Always running around here trying to make you get sympathetic for them. The Jew is the master at that. Make you shed crocodile tears for what happened to him in Germany.

    Don’t let no Jew get up in your face and make you cry for him. Ask him what happened when his forefathers when our forefathers were being brought over here as slaves. And some of them blue-eyed Jews are going to walk away from here and say that I’m saying something anti-Semetic. Anti-hell!

    Is it Jews who control the economy of Harlem and use it for themselves and for the benefit of Israel. And they got nerve enough to walk around here joining some NAACP or CORE and we’re going to be blind to what they’re doing to us. That’s not anti-Semitic. That’s just plain intelligent.

    Malcolm X

  6. I recall he said aliens had replaced his children with robots. Tucker Carlson still ran the interview with him, cutting out that part and other crazy stuff – thinking you could keep that hidden in the internet age. So incredibly stupid.

    Then Musk banned him from Twitter for stupidy posting a swastika, and everybody on the Right started talking about how he didn’t deserve to get banned.

    So when we needed the GOP to focus on crime and immigration and inflation, they got associated with Hitler.

    And some people think Kanye is great because he “stands up against the Jews”. Does he? He says Blacks are the real Jews. Genius.

    This is the guy that jumped on stage to ruin Taylor Swift’s award, because he was angry that it went to a White woman instead of a Black one. He took the mic from her and said the award should have gone to Beyonce.

    He was married to Kim Kardashian. The mother in that family has made a real number on her daughter, who like her have all married Blacks. The mother’s best friend is a transvestite. Kanye West was part of that propaganda show.

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