The Twitter Files: The Removal of Donald Trump

I saw this last night.

I would say this qualifies as an obese and corrupted tangle of federal and corporate power.

Note: Who is in charge of gatekeeping speech for the entire world? Of course, it is Jonathan Greenblatt and the ADL and it is “anti-Semitic” to watch him boast about it on The Breakfast Club.


  1. If we are going full fascism with the merger of corporate, pharm, enemedia, EDU, state, could we at least have some snappy uniforms, discipline, and high speed rail that runs on time.

  2. You should know me by now.

    Which means you all know that I maintain an extremely cynical posture about the ability of mainstream social media (MSSM) to influence elections. Plain words, it has almost no influence.

    I have zero doubt that this suasion occurred.

    What I doubt is that it ultimately made a difference.

    I don’t think that this suasion meant that fewer people heard of Hunter Biden’s laptop than would have otherwise.

    And even if the suasion actually did mean that fewer people did hear about it, I don’t think that it would have made a difference in 2020.

    Because the 2022 numbers combined with the 2020 numbers is making me confront a cold hard reality. That there is an inexplicable (to me) hatred for the person of Donald John Trump.

    It’s like the astrophysical theory of dark matter. We can’t see it, hence the word “dark,” but astrophysicists infer its existence from the way that visible matter is behaving.

    Likewise, I do not and never will understand the hatred of Trump, because I have worked around so many politicians for quite some time and now on two continents, and Trump is just “take a number,” and “that and a buck,” as far as I’m concerned. Yet, just like dark matter, Trump must rub a lot of people the wrong way, above and beyond the typical jerk politician, for there to be that much dedicated and steadfast opposition to him.

    What it means that, even if Joe Biden was seen molesting and raping little girls in the middle of Times Square some time in October 2020, it wouldn’t have made a difference.

  3. Being able to shut up a sitting US President should tell everyone that being in office and being in power are not the same thing.

    I predict that nothing will come of any of these twitter revelations once the Republican controlled House is seated. it will all be old, forgotten news by then.

    • Exactly, the power is economic globalism and it doesn’t worth if a centre-right or centre-left is the president.

    • “I predict that nothing will come of any of these twitter revelations once the Republican controlled House is seated.”

      Other than maybe a tax cut.

    • The Republicans were happy to see DJT lose and Dementia Joe win the booby prize of the Presidency. Not just cucks like Romney either. The vast majority of the Republican Party (i.e. Republicans who hold office or get a paycheck from the RP) were quite happy to see Trump defeated believing the whole “populist” movement is buried with him.

      The vast majority of Republican voters are of course opposed to the beneficial owners of the Republican Party but the voters have no influence over the Party. It is beholden to its big money owners who consider Republican voters pests, a necessary evil they have to accommodate occasionally. The election of DJT, no matter how ineffective he was in office scared the Hell out of both the Republican and Democrat wings of the ruling class.

      The Republicans would rather let the Democrats be in the majority while the Republicans are in the opposition. They can blame the coming failures on Dementia Joe while claiming they would have prevented them when the truth is the Republicans wouldn’t have done a damn thing. It’s ironic that it was Dementia Joe who finally ended the Afghanistan fiasco a Republican president started while Trump had four years to end that war and did nothing.

  4. Many years ago, when I was a boy, the office of the presidency was a position of such respect, you were careful and respectful about criticising the individual there.

    You might not have agreed with the president, but, he was the president.

    So, when President Trump was thrown off social media, it seemed bizarre to me – yet another sign that something profoundly wrong was occurring in this country.

    That said, it was perfectly in line with how they tried to destroy his campaign and then, several times, his presidency, by specious means.

    The sad fact of the matter was that, though The Left was wildly over the edge about President Trump, (endless delusional projections) it was the Jew England Yankee United States’ Government that was the worst – they conducting a color revolution against him the whole time he was in office.

    This is why I just cannot understand my fellow Southerners, many of whom continue to this very day to think that, if we just get Trump back in office, everything will be alright.

    No, my Dear Friends, it will not be ‘alright, nor will it ever – not the way we are now.

    I am terribly sorry to think this, for I grew up in a great country with a government that, though flawed, was trying to serve it’s citizens.

    Left or Right, the system that we currently have is beyond reform.

  5. Sure, the ADL of Bnai Brith has the contract. But they have banker bosses who control the contract. If the ADL fails, there are other Joosh groups who could get the contract.

  6. Good morning Hunter. We were featured last night closing out the Political Cesspool Radio show.

    TPC is increasingly the most successful AM radio, internet radio show in the American Dissident Right, immigration patriot, race realist community.

    We should be honored that OD writers and guests are featured at TPC. Let’s figure out some ways to improve in fundraising.

    Hunter can I do a blog linking to the TPC show last night and one other?

    • I liked it when the Cesspool did more call ins from their listeners.

      I accidentally stumbled upon the Cesspool years ago when they first went on the internet. I was recovering from a procedure, and had nothing else to do, but, play with my computer.

      I had an acquaintence, who was a electronics specialist help me figure out the Cesspool’s changing internet broadcast software, which they used in the beginning. The Cesspool has really progressed a long way since those days. Getting hooked up with Sam Bushman really smoothed things out.

      The Cesspool has original voices, and that makes them unique!

  7. Twitter is pathetic, they like people who endorse wokeism…….. Spencer once time was banned everywhere and now he’s on twitter with his gang and also he’s on you tube…..

  8. We need OD on Twitter.

    I mean they let Anglin back on but not HW?

    Perhaps it’s a back handed compliment.

  9. The means of communication, the irresistible output of the entertainment and information industry carry with them prescribed attitudes and habits, certain intellectual and emotional reactions which bind the consumers to the producers and, through the latter to the whole social system. The products indoctrinate and manipulate; they promote a false consciousness which is immune against its falsehood…Thus emerges a pattern of one-dimensional thought and behavior.

    Herbert Marcuse

  10. What happened to the Baked Alaska is a gay Fed article?

    I need to watch Kino’s interview of his sister. That guy is pretty funny to watch.

  11. >I had second thoughts again and took it down.

    Looks like you did that twice — is that a record for you?

    Something I have mentioned before: interest on the debt is set to skyrocket due to rising rates.

    linkIn 2023, $6.3T of publicly traded debt is coming due, and in 2024 another $3.2T – all rolled over at much higher rates? Really?? Anyone that tells you the Fed will take Fed funds to 5% and keep it there – is ignoring basic sustainable US Federal budget mathematics.

    What few realize is that with the federal government running a deficit every year, now often a huge deficit, old debt is never paid off; not really — instead the government just issues new debt, and uses the proceeds to pay off the old debt (never mind the mechanics of how that actually works via the Federal Reserve and fiat currency) — and with interest rates much higher now, the interest payments on this new debt will also be much higher — so interest on the debt would rise dramatically and eat up more of the federal budget for years to come even if the budget was balanced — because every year old debt is rolled over.

    While Joe Sixpack gets fat eating junk food and watching sportsball, the ‘public servants’ whose salaries he pays have turned him into a debt slave — the same goes for his kids and their kids etc etc, ad infinitum, until the inevitable bloody revolution — every American child born today is already encumbered with a huge debt burden, which will be enforced via the coercive tax system — later the same child will be loaded up with student loan debt.

    It is hard to imagine a more evil system — it is an enormous scandal.

    More people need to understand this and start getting ‘angy and alienated’, even the ‘incels’.

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