Alex Jones Debates Salacious B. Crumb

Editor’s Note: If you don’t get it, Jones compared Fuentes to Salacious B. Crumb from Star Wars in his interview with Steven Crowder.

Now watching.

First impression … the show is opening with a bizarre hot take from Richard Spencer about the “dark energy” of the swastika which shows why he is where he is today. Nick is comparing Ye to the Joker.

Nick isn’t dumb … saying “I love Hitler” is inevitably going to be the lede in every story about Ye’s campaign. Ye has boxed himself in.

Alex is making a good point about how dragging the discussion of the Jewish Question down to the level of “Hitler was really the good guy” actually helps the ADL which is cashing in on it.

Everyone agrees the ADL is bad. If Nick and Ye had focused on hammering that point and focusing on the Jewish power structure in our own times, we would all have been much better off.



  1. What mileage they are getting out of this psyop kabuki distraction.
    Academy awards for all of them.
    Add some shekels/fedcoin to the bank accounts.

  2. Spencer was really shilling his “look at me” nothing burger sales pitch in that opening. Is the Swastika “meme magic?” I thought for a moment he was going to praise kek. You can feel his desperation. I’m sure he thinks he has an opening to get big again and get revenge on us all now that the shadow ban is lifted.

    I’m considering doing a twitter account dedicated to raising awareness of Spencer’s fraudulence but it’s probably not worth the effort. He will find a way to ruin himself even further and burn more bridges, or relight the ashes at the bottom of the ditch since no one is left.

    Jones seems like the only sane one. His comparison of Fuentes to B Crumb is too true.

  3. I thought Fuentes came off very well whenever he was permitted to speak. The only bright spots on the show was when Fuentes was allowed to speak. Jones, on the other hand, wanted to keep coming back to the Hitler issue with bombast, while trying to convince his audience, he looked into it, he “studied” it, and knows all about it, but what does he know? HItler led Germany? Of course, he didn’t say. Jones also didn’t say from whom he got all of his massive knowledge, and I more than suspect that, like most people who are subverviant to jews, whatever he thinks he knows about Hitler and WW2, he got from those verey same jews. Ignorant people like Jones know nothing but jew lies they cannot substantiate.

    Then, on to the call ins. A waste of air-time in which prevented Fuentes from speaking while an extremely pathetic bunch of bible thumpers rambled on and on, making statements in defense of the jews instead of asking straightforward questions. Practically all of the calls, if not all of them, came from Zionist “Christians” quoting the Babble and wondering why anyone would condemn the jews.

    • That’s how this is going to play out now.

      Every interview will get lost in the weeds of Hitler, Hitler, Hitler and WW2 until the campaign inevitably collapses and nothing is accomplished

      Fuentes isn’t dumb. He knows this. He signed up for this job though and Kanye has taken the conversation there

      • Yes, I understand, but I think even if Ye didn’t bring up Hitler or issues related to WW2 while exposing jew subterfuge, it wouldn’t be long before the jews themselves brought it up. That is what they have been doing forever to gain sympathy from the masses who need to be awakened. Everything always come down to the holocaust. Immigration, gun control, racism, White supremacy, etc — everything is hate speech and Whites just trying to defend themselves by speaking about the jews’ agenda means millions of jews will be gassed.

        Just exposing the fact that jews control everything is supposedly jew hate and has resulted in the silencing of Ye and his removal from the mainstream as well as anyone else who would expose the jews in any way. So, now the jew subversion is out on the table expressed by someone, Ye, who, obviously, you and I don’t identify with or see as a serious person anyone would listen to, but in clownworld, millions of gen Z and millenials find him to be a person of note. Can’t say where it’s going to go, but I’m not going to throw a wet blanket on it. Ultimately, we need the jews fully exposed for what they have done and the destruction they are causing.

        • Dicarlo,

          The Catholic belief on Jews:

          The most holy Roman Church firmly believes, professes, and teaches that the Mosaic Law … cannot be observed without the loss of eternal salvation … Everyone, therefore, who observes circumcision and the Sabbath and the other requirements of the Law, the Church declares not in the least fit … to participate in eternal salvation. ~ Council of Florence

          Cristina comment–An official Church Council with the language of defined dogma when it states” firmly believes, professes” etc.It concerns the Jewish faith and practices not their race. Nobody is damned merely because of their race/ethnic group. It takes other considerations.

          The Jews, from whose hearts Our Savior did not remove the veil because of their enormous crimes but caused them justly to continue in their blindness, commit acts of shame which engender astonishment in those who hear, and terror in those who discover it. ~ Pope Innocent IV (from his Bull, “The Wicked Perfidy of the Jews,” PAC, p.658.) PAC = “The Plot Against the Church” by Maurice Pinay, Los Angeles, CA: St. Anthony Press, 1967).

          The Jews, from whose hearts Our Savior did not remove the veil because of their enormous crimes but caused them justly to continue in their blindness, commit acts of shame which engender astonishment in those who hear, and terror in those who discover it. ~ Pope Innocent IV (from his Bull, “The Wicked Perfidy of the Jews,” PAC, p.658.) PAC = “The Plot Against the Church” by Maurice Pinay, Los Angeles, CA: St. Anthony Press, 1967).

          If anyone should ask what is forbidden by the Apostolic See to Jews dwelling in the same town as Christians, he has only to read the Constitutions of the Roman Pontiffs, our predecessors Nicholas IV, Paul IV, St. Pius V, Gregory XIII, and Clement VIII found in the “Bullarium Romanun.” ~ Pope Benedict XIV (Encyclical “A Quo Primum” (1751); cf. “The Kingship of Christ and Organized Naturalism”, Fr. Denis Fahey, CSSP, Palmdale, CA: Christian Book Club of America, 1943, p.137).

          It is fitting for Jews to serve Christians, but not for Christians to serve Jews. On the contrary, the Jews, as servants rejected by that Savior Whose death they wickedly contrived, should recognize themselves in fact and in creed the servants of those whom the death of Christ has set free, even as it has rendered them bondmen. ~ Pope Innocent III (“Etsi Judaeos,” a Decretal cited by Pope Benedict XIV in the above; same page).

          We exhort you not to tolerate that Jews rule Christians and have power over them. For, to allow Christians to be subjected to Jews and to be delivered to their whims means to oppress the Church of God and to revile Christ Himself. ~ Pope Gregory VII (Epistle to King Alphonsus of Castile, PAC, p.641).

          I could go on and on but this is the Traditional outlook of the Church on Jews. Naturally we want them to convert and become part of the Mystical Body of Christ.

          • @Christina – I don’t have a problem with what you’re saying but the point I was addressing was that Jesus Christ was NOT A JEW. Christina — what do you say?

            Christ spent all of his short life fighting against the jews of his time. Judaism/Phariseeism — the Pharisees, the jews — demanded the crucifixion of Christ. The jewish Talmud teaches that Jesus was the bastard child of a Roman soldier and his mother was a prostitute, and that he is in hell boiling in his own excrement, and that killing Christians isn’t a crime. Obviously Christ was not a jew, or even a Judean. Christ was from Nazareth, a Gallelean.

            You mention Mosaic law, well, as a matter of fact, what Jesus taught in his time was Mosaic law, and of course, not judaism. The Pharisees, the jews of his time, believed in the Babylonian Talmud, the basis of Judaism. The Pharisees (jews) used various frauds, lies and deceits in their interpretation of the Mosaic Law, in order to over-turn EVERY commandment of the Old Testament. Combining murder, blackmail and lies, they gained control of the Hebrew religion. Just like modern day lawyers, they were approached by the common people because they were successful at evading the Law. Thus, they became popular with the deluded masses because they allowed sin and transgression to flourish all the while pretending to be holy men. Typical jew charlatans.

            They were the ultimate hypocrites. These Pharisees practiced various black arts of sorcery, the chief among these being known as the “Tradition of the Elders” where-by they claimed to have an Oral Law that only THEY knew which was passed down to them from the mythical Moses. This Oral Law, as they called it, later was written down as the Talmud.

        • DiCarlo,

          The ancestry of Jesus is in scripture. The oldest bible I could gain access to at this house was an 1899 Edition. It is a direct copy of a 1582 bible. Sometimes called the Douay Rheims version.

          In this bible it states that Jesus is descended from Abraham. There were 14 generations from Abraham to David, 14 more generations from David to the transmigration of Babylon, and then 14 more generations from Babylon to Christ.

          I do not know the differences between a Jew and a Galilean.

          The condemnation of following the mosaic Law is of course after the coming of the Messiah. The old Law could be followed until the death and resurrection of Jesus and the founding of Christianity. After that then it becomes the denial of God.

          We believe Jews are like Satan in that once they were the favorites but when they failed God they then are the worst.

          Yes, i am quite aware of how evil the Talmud is. It seared my soul to read just a little part of it.

          Sorry I could not with strength answer your question. I just never thought of it and I do not wish to commit to print something unless I have studied such matters more.

      • Isn’t that almost all that Jones appeals to ?

        I have no idea because I don’t listen to his program. I was surprised all the questioners were thumpers, citing bible verses, whose only objective was to exonerate the jews. They never mentioned this one, Christ speaking directly to the jews who insisted he be murdered:

        You are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. John 8:44

        • That’s ridiculous. First of all, the word “Jew” didn’t even exist, so he didn’t say that. He was talking about the followers of the Pharisees, as they wouldn’t agree to his new all-inclusive leftist version of Judaism, where he went out of his way to show his love for people of other races and for the lowest in society.

          Second, Jesus was a Jew, as the Bible says:

          You forget the part where he said “Salvation is of the Jews”. (Rather, “of the Judeans”.) His disciples were Jews who preached in synagogues together with rabbis, and swore on the Torah. Jesus said he had come to uphold The Law, meaning the Torah. His name was actually the Jewish Yeshua – he probably never heard “Jesus” his whole life, Saul invented that Roman name with -us to appeal to non-Jews as well.

          Yeshua’s family came from the tribe of Judah, from which we get the word Jew. They celebrated Jewish holidays like Sopot, and took him to listen to the rabbis in a Jewish temple. He called the Jewish temple in Jerusalem “my father’s temple”. He was baptized by the Jewish Johannes, whose father was a top rabbi in the Sanhedrin. Johannes declared him to be the Jewish “Messiah” mentioned in the Torah 203 times, and Yeshua agreed to this. Yeshua was buried in the grave of one of the top Sanhedrin who was an admirer.

          Yeshua wore the tzitzit, a rabbi’s blue-white scarf to signify Judaism. The scarf can only be worn by Jews. His followers called him their rabbi.

          The Roman governor sent him to the Jewish king to be sentenced, which could only be done because he was a Jew, not a White Roman. The Jewish king declined, not because he wouldn’t be Jewish, but because he was afraid Yeshua’s followers could start riots. After Yeshua’s death he let them stay in Jerusalem, though.

          Above his grave was nailed “INRI,” meaning “King of the Judeans”. His followers didn’t oppose this but instead took it as the symbol of their new sect. They turned it into a fish symbol. This was before they invented the cross symbol. They were a sect within Judaism that preached mostly to Jews, and only much later were they considered a separate religion, when the Zealots had had enough of them.

          • @ tenet — The Pharisees were the direct ancestors of the jews today, so Obviously, when stating Christ was addressing the jews directly by speaking to the Pharisees, I am correct.

            from the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia:

            “The JEWISH RELIGION as it is today traces its descent, without a break, through all the centuries, FROM THE PHARISEES. Their leading ideas and methods found expression in a literature of enormous extent, of which a very great deal is still in existence. The Talmud is the largest and most important single piece of that literature … and the study of it is essential for any real understanding of Pharisaism” – Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Volume VIII, p. 474 (1942)

            And further, as a matter of fact, Christ was not a jew. Jews want Christians such as yourself to believe Christ was a jew in order that they may continue to deceive Christians like you and all your 32.000 sects of Christianity that all disagree with each other on one thing or another. One would think one of the many holier than though Christians here on this site would have set you straight, but apparently, it’s up to me, a non-believer to explain to you that Christ was not a jew. No doubt the blogspot you linked is bunch of jew worshiping “Christians”.


            Yes, see how confusing it becomes for Christians who pretend to worship Jesus Christ, but in fact, worship the jews to understand Christ was not a jew. It is the jews who have promoted and capitalized on this phonic similarity of terms. Thanks to hundreds of years of jew lies and further dissemination of these lies by the modern jewsmedia and by the ubiquitous jew controlled Christian churches of today.

            You have these Biblical terms: Judea, Judean, Judah, Judahite, from the time of Jesus, and finally the term, jews. These jews, who have sought to control information for hundreds of years, and actually do control all information today, have falsely inserted themselves into the thick of it by instilling the belief in today’s “judeo” Christians that Jesus, himself, was a jew. So called Bible believing Christians, who claim they read their Babbles, can’t see through the ubiquitous jew bullshit, not that emasculated, jew serving, pulpit parrots in today’s “Christian” churches would dare preach the distinction. It seems that merely due to the first syllable of these words, which sounds like “joo”, modern day jews have fooled everyone to think it refers to them, when it clearly does not. When speaking of Judeans, these are people who simply lived in the province of Judea — not that they were practitioners of judaism, but this is the nonsense that has been perpetrated on Christians to confuse them. Same with the term Judahites, which were descendants of the Tribe of Judah — again, not jews, but mistakenly referred to or thought of as jews, and then the deception is complete.

            During Christ’s life, very few of the citizens of Judea were descendants of the Tribe of Judah, who were called Judahites. Some citizens belonged to other tribes of Israel, but most were descendants of Esau (Edomites). Esau was the brother of the patriarch Jacob and became the ancestor of the people called Edom, or Idumea. For example, King Herod was an Edomite. He was made king of Judea by the Romans initiating the Edomite dynasty which ruled Palestine under Roman authority for over a hundred years. The Edomite assimilation into Palestine opened the way for their takeover of Palestine. The Edomites moved from the arid country of Edom into the more hospitable environment of Judea, an influx obviously encouraged for political reasons by the ruling Herodian dynasty. Edomites would have been appointed to the most influential positions, in order to extend and consolidate Edomite authority over Palestine and its people.

            The Pharisees were also, Edomites (termed “jews” in the Bible only after 1776), which was the bloodline of Esau while Jesus descended from the bloodline of Jacob (not jews). Herod became notorious for his massacre of infant boys two years old and under,” a supernaturally inspired attempt on the life of Christ (Matthew 2:16).Those few Judahites living in Judea joined with the Edomite majority and became followers of the hybrid religion of Pharisaism developed during the captivity in Babylon. Pharisaism is not the Law of Moses, Mossaic Law which Jesus Christ taught. It is the religion of the Talmud which is called Judaism today; it was condemned by Christ, since it is the antithesis of the Mosaic Law and the prophets. For His crusade to upend this religion of evil, the Pharisees — the jews! — demanded Christ be executed.

            The point is that one who is labelled a “Jew” in current printings of the Bible, is not necessarily a chosen man of God, a follower of Moses and the prophets, a member of the tribe of Judah, an Israelite, or even a Semite, but one who is a resident of Judea, with no reference to any religion. A Judean, simply a person from Judea. But a well-organized and well-financed international “pressure group”, world jewry, created a “secondary meaning” for the relatively new word “Jew”, that implies it pertains to the people of today who call themselves jews, which is not the understanding intended by the Scripture. Those who call themselves jews today falsely imply they are somehow descendants of the tribes of Israel and chosen of God. Yet they are obviously not “Judeans,” or residents of Judea.

            By the time of Jesus the word Edom or Edomite had been translated by Greek and Latin into Ioudaios and Iudaeus meaning a Judean or person living in Judea. The original King James version of the Bible, 1611, translated Idumaean-Judean into ‘iewes’. It wasn’t until the revised editions of the King James Bible in the 18th Century, that the word Jew appeared. The word Jew does not mean Israel or Israelite. Ioudaios Greek: Ioudaioi) is a Greek ethnonym used in classical and biblical literature which commonly translates to “Jew” or “Judean”, each meaning someone from Judea. In its various meanings, the word has also been translated as “Judahites”, “people of the region of Judah/Judea” (Greek: ??da?a) and “leaders of Judea”. (all you ever wanted to know about the origins of the word, “jew”: )

            In the Bible, neither Adam, Seth nor Noah are called “jew”. Nor were Abraham, Isaac or Jacob (Israel) called “jew”. Moses was not called a jew, and neither was David or his son Solomon called a jew. In fact, you will NOT find the term “jew” in the first ELEVEN books of the Bible! The first time “jews” are mentioned in the parchments, is in 2 Kings 16:6, and then only in translations revised in the 18th century. In 2 Kings, chapter 16, you will find that Jacob/Israel was at war with the “jews” and drove the “jews” from Elath. All must simply take some time to look at their Bibles to see the deception. Another key issue that modern “Christians” (I use quotes because most of them worship jews, not Jesus) fail to understand is that the term “Israel” in the bible, never referred to a place or to the jews of today or jews at all, just as the term Israelites, does not refer to jews.

            Jesus, of course, was not a jew, a practitioner of judaism or even a Judean, nor was he a resident of Judea. Jesus of Nazareth was a Galilean or a resident of Galilee (Matthew 26:69; John 7:41). Again, Jesus was not a jew, he was a Judahite, a member of the Tribe of Judah, which is not a jew, and has nothing to do with those Talmudists who call themselves jews today. The word merely sounds similar, and jews have used that deception to claim they are Judahites, which again, they are not. They are Edomites, which are decendants of Jacob’s brother, Esau. A Judahite is simply a descendent of the Tribe of Judah and Judah was one of the twelve sons of Jacob (also referred to by the name: Israel), each of which was the patriarch of their own tribe, hence, the 12 TRIBES *ISRAEL meaning the 12 Tribes of *Jacob. This very same patriarch, Jacob, was renamed Israel.

            Take note that the Bible refers to Jacob as both Jacob and Israel even after his renaming most of the time. Hence, when Jesus was quoted in the Bible as saying, “I was only sent to the lost sheep of the House of Israel” (Matthew 15:24), he wasn’t talking about either the jews in the Middle East of today, or the Pharisaic priests of his day, or the modern day country of Israel. He was talking about the descendants of Jacob / Israel, the twelve tribes. So this is another term, “Israel”, the deceptive jews have taken and changed the modern meaning of to refer to themselves, when it does not — thus due to indoctrination and the willful ignorance of today’s Christians and their leaders, confusion reigns. Now we understand why the decendants of Khazars chose the deception to call themselves “jews” and to further deceive Christians, to call their nerve center of evil, “Israel”.

  4. Whatever you think of Hitler, he certainly made a name for himself. I doubt people will still be talking about me 77 years after I’ve passed.

  5. Yes, forever regurgitating Hitler just further helps the Jewish cause in general. Far better arguments include the modern day Jewish power structure, the Bolshevik revolution and how the ADL is defaming people simply for stating what many secretly feel. Hitler may have been a great dude, I really wouldn’t know, be he’s a lousy selling point for the Right in the current era.
    He’s been gone since 1945. Maybe it’s time for better poster boys. We’ve had 77 years to come up with someone.

    • What you don’t seem to understand that it is not White Nationalists who bring up these WW2 topics. It’s the jews, whenever they can and wherever they can, and they use their alleged victimhood to silence all talk of White interests. It’s their go-to topic so they can screech how they were genocided by those evil Germans. So, direct your objections to the jews.

      Not exposing jew lies by claiming those who are exposing them are hurting White progress is absurd. Silencing the truth about the Third Reich, Hitler, and the holohoax plays right into the jews’ hands. It’s exactly what the jews want. Anyone who would look into these topics can easily see the jews have told colossal lies about virtually everything WW2, a war that the jews worked for years to cause.

      • @DICARLO,
        Yes, very true. I still think we need to expose everything that is conveniently never talked about, including what I raised above. If only Mel Gibson would do a movie on the Bolshevik revolution, etc.
        There’s plenty of material to pick from.

        • @Goose — Sure, that would be great, but the truth is “hate” and therefore not permitted. If the truth about the Bolshevik Revolution is fair game, why isn’t speaking of Hitler and WW2 the same? Both killing fields for Whites by the jews. The truth about WW2 is FORBIDDEN. Just assholes like Alex Jones ranting and raving about things like Hitler being evil, and anyone who would defend against those lies about him, also evil, all colossal jew lies that no one is allowed to demonstrate what a colossal lie WW2 is, and even assholes like Tucker, shrieking about “nazis”, inferring they are high evil, whenever he can refer to them in some oblique manner in his rants, displaying his jew worship.

          If you think a film about the Bolshevik Revolution, which happened even longer ago than “77” years ago, would be telling, maybe you should look into the truth about WW2, the death of 100 million White European people between 1940 and 1950 essentially because they were White — instigated by the jews who want all Whites dead.

          There are many movies about the Bolshevik revolution, such as a blockbuster some years back, Doctor Zhivago, and yet you’d be loathe to find anyone who knows that the bloodthirsty, murderers of millions of ethnic White Christian Russians, the Bolsheviks were, in fact, JEWS!, if the dumb ass normies even are familiar with the word Bolshevik.

          Hitler took the reins of leadership in 1933 and the war began in 1939. If you think Hitler in any way wanted war, or was responsible for it, you should read these following statements made by jews leading up to 1939:

          “The German race has to be annihilated, there is not the slightest doubt about this”. — Bernard Lecache, President of the Jewish World League + LICRA, July, 20, 1932

          Did you know: “The Roosevelt Administration has selected more Jews to fill influential positions than any previous administration.” — Brooklyn Jewish Examiner, October 20, 1933.

          “The Israeli people around the world declare economic and financial war against Germany. Fourteen million Jews stand together as one man, to declare war against Germany. The Jewish wholesaler will forsake his firm, the banker his stock exchange, the merchant his commerce and the pauper his pitiful shed in order to join together in a holy war against Hitler’s people.” – Daily Express, March 24, 1933

          “The Jews of the world now declare a Holy War against Germany. We are now engaged in a sacred conflict against the Germans. And we are going to starve them into surrender. We are going to use a world-wide boycott against them, that will destroy them because they are dependent upon their export business.”– Samual Untermeyer 1933

          ‘The present Congress is duty bound to put the Jewish problem in Germany before the entire world…(We [Jews] must) destroy, destroy, destroy them, not only with the boycott, but politically, supporting all existing forces against them to isolate Germany from the civilized world…our enemy [Germany] must be destroyed.” — (Speech by Vladimir Jabotinsky, a Polish Jew, on June 16, 1933)

          “The war against Germany will be waged by all Jewish communities, conferences, congresses… by every individual Jew. Thereby the war against Germany will ideologically enliven and promote our interests, which require that Germany be wholly destroyed. The danger for us Jews lies in the whole German people, in Germany as a whole as well as individually. It must be rendered harmless for all time…. In this war we Jews have to participate, and this with all the strength and might we have at our disposal.” — The Jewish newspaper, Natscha Retsch, 1933

          Vlladimir Jabotinsky, jew-communist and founder of the Irgunterrorist organization wrote in the January 1934 issue of Natcha Retch:

          “The fight against Germany has been carried on for months by every jewish community, conference, congress, trade organization, by every jew in the world, There is reason to that our part in the struggle will be of general value. We shall let loose a spiritual and material war of the whole world against Germany. Germany’s ambition is to become a great nation again, to reconquer her lost territories and colonies. Our jewish interests on the other hand demand the complete destruction of Germany. The German nation is collectively and individually a danger to us jews.“ — Vlladimir Jabotinsky, jew-communist and founder of the Irgun terrorist organization, the Jan 1934 issue of Natcha Retch

          “We Jews are going to bring war on Germany.”— David Brown, President of American Hebrew, in 1934, quoted in Edmonson’s I Testify, page 188.

          “Germany is striving to become once again a great nation, and to recover her lost territories as well as her colonies. But our Jewish interests call for the complete destruction of Germany…” (Valadimir Jabotinsky, in Mascha Rjetsch, January, 1934)

          “Hitler will have no war, but he will be forced into it, not this year but soon…” (The Jew Emil Ludwig Cohn, LesAnnales, June, 1934)

          “Germany is the enemy of Judaism and must be pursued with deadly hatred. The goal of Judaism of today is: a merciless campaign against all German peoples and the complete destruction of the nation. We demand a complete blockade of trade, the importation of raw materials stopped, and retaliation towards every German, woman and child.” (Jewish professor A. Kulischer, October, 1937)

          “We managed to bring the United States into the First World War and if you tow our line over Palestine and the JEWISH fighting force, then we can persuade the JEWS of the United States to drag the United States into it again this time.” — CHAIM WEIZMANN letter to Churchill, Weizmann Archives, Tel Aviv

          “Our fight against Germany must be carried to the limit of what is possible. Israel has been attacked. Let us, therefore, defend Israel! Against the awakened Germany, we put an awakened Israel. And the world will defend us.” – Jewish author Pierre Creange in his book Epitres aux Juifs (1938)

          “Germany must be turned into a waste land, as happened there during the 30-year War.” – Das Morgenthau-Tagebuch, The Morgenthau Dairy (p. 11)

          “Kill the Germans, wherever you find them! Every German is our moral enemy. Have no mercy on women, children, or the aged! Kill every German — wipe them out!” — (Llya Ehrenburg, Glaser, p. 111) 1938

          ‘Even if Hitler at the last moment would want to avoid war which would destroy him he will, in spite of his wishes, be compelled to wage war.’ — Emil Ludwig Cohen wrote in his book The New Holy Alliance, Strasburg, 1938

          ‘It is our task to organise the moral and cultural blockade of Germany and disperse this nation. It is up to us to start a merciless war.’ — Bernard Lechache, jew, The Right to Live (December 1938)

          “Germany is our public enemy number one. It is our object to declare war without mercy against her. One may be sure of this: We will lead that war!” – Bernard Lecache, the president of the “International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism,” in its newspaper “Droit de Vivre” (Right to Life), 9 November, 1938.

          “The Jewish serpent will show its hydra’s heads everywhere, blocking the way to a relaxation of international tensions. We Jews will not allow peace in the world, however hard statesmen and peace advocates try to bring it about.” — London Jewish Chronicle, March 3, 1939

          “The millions of Jews who live in America, England and France, North and South Africa, and, not to forget those in Palestine, are determined to bring the war of annihilation against Germany to its final end.” – The jewish newspaper Central Blad Voor Israeliten in Nederland, September 13, 1939.

          “When the National Socialists and their friends cry or whisper that this [the war] is brought about by Jews, they are perfectly right.” – The Jewish magazine Sentinel of Chicago (8 October 1940)

          “The reason for this war has never been as clear as it is now. It is a struggle of the jewish conception of life against the Gentile conception of life. It is the lifestyle of the jews against the lifestyle of the enemies of the jews. That is what one is fighting for throughout the world in this war.” (The American Hebrew, New York, 20.12.1942)

          The Chicago Jewish Sentinel, on October 8, 1942 declared: “The Second World War is being fought for the defense of the fundamentals of Judaism.”

          • “forever regurgitating Hitler just further helps the Jewish cause”

            Yet no one discusses his many positive social policies. Providing free education to all who have aptitude.

          • Of course. The jews see to it that all that is permitted to be said about WW2 is negative, and the reason for this is that anyone who wants to understand what happened can easily see what the truth is, and it is the opposite of what we’ve been indoctrinated with for all our lives.

          • DiCarlo,

            That was so good I was shocked. Information such as you just gave is so valuable that if that was the only thing I ever gained from this website I would still be glad I came here.

          • @Christina — I hope you’re referring to my detailed information about the “Jesus is a jew” scam. I started writing a post above in response to your lacking more knowledge on the topic and I hope my comment is helpful to you in your own investigations. Making Christians believe that Christ was a jew is just more of the endless jew deception.

            Before Vatican II the Catholic Church actively spoke out against jews referring to them as children of Satan. Vatican II was the obvious bending of the Catholic’s knee and kissing of the ring of their jewish masters. Today the standard Judeo-Christian meme is that the jews were merely disinterested observers standing by as the wicked Romans killed Jesus and that it was Pilate, and not the jews, of course, who actually said “His blood be upon us and our children!” as he callously washed his hands of any responsibility for Jesus’ death.

            The jews war on Christ and the Church is the most important element of judaism. Wherever jews succeed, the Church suffers. Israel, the jewish state, has been located at the cradle of Christianity not by whim of Zionists: actually, the leading Zionist Theodore Herzl called for establishing the jewish state elsewhere, from Uganda to Argentina. But the struggle against Christian and their innate hatred of all things Christ necessitated their choice of Palestine with its deep Christian roots.

            The most popular jewish early medieval text glorified Judas Iscariat for his victory over Jesus Christ. Fight against the Church and Christ with jewish weapons: media and money. The Catholic Church was historically an enemy of moneylenders; interest had been forbidden by the church, but it was used by jews to accumulate their vast capital to be used against the Church.

  6. So what would Alex Jones say in a little pow wow with this Italian UN hUMAN rIGHTS rEPRESENTATIVE girl that just called out the jEWS ON THE pALESTNIAN QUESTION?

    • He’d adamantly take the jwz side.
      You know that.

      He doesn’t want to be debanked and deplatformed or lose his 400+ radio stations.

    • “I do not know the differences between a jew and a Galilean.”

      @Christina — Judea and Galilee were two separate states and political entities, as illustrated on the map of Palestine in the time of Jesus Christ in your Bible.

      Jesus Himself was not a Jew (Judean) or resident of Judea.

      Jesus was a Galilean or resident of Galilee (Matthew 26:69; John 7:41), and a Judahite therefore a descendent of the Tribe of Judah. (the terms, “Judahite” and “Judean” referred to totally different things) Judah was one of the twelve sons of Jacob/Israel.

      The Judeans of prominence were not of the Tribe of Judah. They were Edomites. In reference to the sign posted over Jesus when he was crucified, Pilate was being sarcastic when he wrote the sign “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Judeans” (John 19:19). That is, “the Galilean who was King of the Judeans,” as in “Queen Victoria of England, Empress of India.”

      Jesus grew up in Nazareth in Galilee. His disciples were fishermen from the Sea of Galilee. And although He visited Jerusalem, he spent most of His life in his home country of Galilee. John 7:1, “After this Jesus stayed in Galilee; for He could not walk in Judea, because the Jews sought to kill him.” His followers were constrained “for fear of the Jews” (John 7:13, 19:38, 20:19).

      Christ demonstrated a very real animosity towards the people referred to as “jews” in the bibles published today, but who would be more accurately described as Judeans, or residents of the Edomite-dominated territory of Judea. Jesus said to the jews (as they are referred to in Bibles published after 1776 because there is no use of the word “jews” in scripture prior to that) “You do not believe because you are not of My sheep” (John 10:24-27). “I was only sent to the lost sheep of the House of (Jacob) Israel” (Matthew 15:24).

      In fact, Christ referred to “those jews (or residents of Judea regardless of religion, race or color) who believed on him,” as “of their father the devil” for although they were children of Abraham, they were not children of Abraham, Isaac and his son, Jacob, and therefore NOT heirs of the blessing of Abraham, nor did they have the faith of Abraham, and were in all probability descendants of Abraham, Isaac and his other son Esau (John 8: 31,44), who became the ancestor of the people called Edom, or Idumea.

      In contrast, Jesus instructed His disciples – who were from Galilee of the Gentiles, not Judea (Acts 1:11; 2:7) – to pray to And in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9, Jesus speaks of “those who say they are jews and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan”, which is confusing due to the incorrect later use of the word “Jews”. The correct meaning of the passage would be, “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Judahites, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” The Jews, who are in reality, Ioudaikos, not Ioudaios (impostors, not real), have been pretending to be Israelites since the Jewish Dispersion of 70 A.D.

      • Dicarlo,

        In response to your response I was very pleased to see the information you gave on the Jewish mentality and actions trying to destroy and get Germany involved in a major war to destroy them. Your documentation was amazing.

        I am aware of the Traditional Catholic position on Jews. I have written this before but among other racial laws the Church from 1593-1946 had a law that forbade anyone with even 1 drop of Moorish or Jewish blood to join the Jesuits.

        Yes the outcome of WW2 was extremely important.

        I know Jesus strongly at times condemned the Jews I just was only vaguely familiar with the claim He was not Jewish. Remember I am not allowed freedom of thought/opinion on any matter the Church has established.

        In short the saying “Once Rome has spoken the case is closed”.

        I will now put this on my list as something else to look up/study/ or write to competent Church authorities. I prefer to do it in Mexico since the USA Church is way more liberal and controlled than many other countries.

        • @Cristina — I must confess, I don’t know what the Catholic Church has declared officially as far as if Christ was a jew or not, but of course, it would not surprise me if they had. What competent Church authorities? Followers of Pope Francine who has made the Catholic church into a joke? Most Christians falsely believe Christ was a jew merely because that’s what they were told over and over all their lives. After all, the Catholic Church has gone so far as to officially exonerate the jews from being responsible for Christ’s death in the Nostra Aetate, so teaching Christ is a jew moves along the same philo-semitic pro-jew lines.

          The term jew is not even mentioned in the bible until the 18th Century. Jews practice judaism. Christ did not. The Pharisees, Christ’s mortal enemies, are the forebearers of the jews today, and their religion is judaism. The Pharisees, JEWS, demanded Christ’s execution. This and the many details I posted above show that Jesus was no jew.

          Just as an aside, here’s what some jew reveals about the subservience of Christian churches in service to the jews:

          A JEW, Harold W. Rosenthal – 1976, Admin. Asst. to Senator Jacob Javitts, REVEALS:

          “Religion, too, must be taught, and through this necessity we have labored. With our control of the text book industry and the news media, we have been able to hold ourselves up as the authorities on religion. Many of our rabbis now hold professorships in supposed Christian theological seminaries. We are amazed by the Christians’ stupidity in receiving our teachings and propagating them as their own.

          Judaism is not only the teaching of the synagogue, but also the doctrine of every ‘Christian Church’ in America. Through our propaganda the Church has become our most avid supporter. This has even given us a special place in society, their believing the lie that we are the ‘chosen people’ and they, gentiles.

          These deluded children of the Church defend us to the point of destroying their own culture. This truth is evident even to the dullard when one views history and sees that all wars have been white fighting white in order that we maintain our control. We controlled England during the Revolutionary War, the North during the Civil War, and England and America during World War I and II. Through our influence of religion we were able to involve the ignorant white Christians in war against themselves which always impoverished both sides while we reaped a financial and political harvest. Anytime truth comes forth which exposes us, we simply rally our forces — the ignorant Christians. They attack the crusaders even if they are members of their own families.

          Through religion we have gained complete control of society, government and economics. No law is ever passed except its merits have previously been taught from the pulpits. An example of this is race equality which led to integration and ultimately to mongrelization. The gullible clergy in one breath instruct their parishioners that we are a special, chosen people while in another breath proclaim all races are the same. Their inconsistency is never discovered. So we Jews enjoy a special place in society while all other races are reduced to racial equality. It is for this reason that we authored the equality hoax, thereby reducing all to a lower level.

          We have been taught that our current economic practices are benevolent therefore Christian. These pulpit parrots extol our goodness for loaning them the money to build their temples, never realizing that their own holy book condemns all usury. They are eager to pay our exorbitant interest rates. They have led society into our control through the same practice. Politically, they hail the blessings of democracy and never understand that through democracy we have gained control of their nation. Their book again teaches a benevolent despotic form of government in accordance with the laws of that book, while a democracy is mob rule which we control through their Churches, our news media and economic institutions. Their religion is only another channel through which we can direct the power of our propaganda. These religious puppets’ stupidity is only exceeded by their cowardice, for they are ruled easily.”

          • Dicarlo,

            That Harold Rosenthal comments were very instructive.

            Since I have current access to an 1899 Bible which is a word for word copy of a 1582 Bible I will see if they are called Jews in Scripture. If so it would be decisive for them being called Jews.

            Them being called Jews is something I just automatically assumed and never seriously thought otherwise.

          • Dicarlo,

            St. Paul to the Colossians, Chapter 3, No. 11 quite clearly calls them Jews. It is also clear that in Church condemnations of the Jews that we have called them Jews for 2,000 years.

            Catholics have more Books in the Bible than Protestants and I do not currently possess a Protestant Bible. We have one in our main houses’ library.

            So yes Catholic Scripture and Teachings etc. have called them Jews from the beginning of Christianity.

            I believe we do consider Jesus to be a Jew from Galilee. Is this merely a common belief where dissent is permitted or Defined Dogma I as yet am not sure.

          • Dicarlo,

            Sorry to bother you again but I did find obvious wisdom In Harold Rosenthal’s condemnation of democracy and his support for a benevolent authoritarian government.

            The man might make a wonderful convert if done sincerely. The man is intelligent and honest in his comments.

          • Here’s the thing, Cristina. You have stated that in Catholic writings, Jesus is referred to as a jew. So, I ask, Jesus being called a jew means what exactly? Was it that Jesus was from the Tribe of Juda, and therefore a Judahite and so therefore some translator thought jew was an appropriate abbreviation? This has absolutely nothing to do with what the talmudist teaching of the Pharisees. Also, people of Judea were referred to as “jews”, though Jesus was not from Judea, nor was he a Judean. Is this what the translator was referring to in his use of the term “jew”? How is it spelled? I would just direct you back to my previous post which explains in detail: JUDEA, JUDEAN, JUDAH, JUDAHITE, JUDAS — AND FINALLY, JEWS

            But even if Jesus was called a jew in the documents you mention, it still doesn’t have any relation to Pharisaism, the Talmud, or today’s judaism, the teaching of the Talmud. Aren’t we really talking about today’s jews and judaism as we today know them? So, is Jesus a jew in today’s understanding of what being jewish means? Not at all, but defenders of the jews can hang their hat on the false statement, that Jesus was a jew.

            Of extremely more importance is the fact that Jesus did not practice or preach Talmudism, and weren’t those teachers of the Talmud, the Pharisees, Christ’s enemies? Jesus was not a Pharisee, so Jesus wasn’t a jew. This is what we’re talking about. Not where Jesus might have been from (but wasn’t – Judea). The Pharisees, the arch enemies of Jesus Christ practiced Talmudism. Talmudism is just another name for judaism and the jews have said so repeatedly themselves.

            So, people who claim Christ was a jew, are saying that Jesus is the same as jews of today, and they plainly don’t know what they’re talking about.

            These Christian jew worshippers say, how can you condemn or criticize the jews? Jesus Christ was a jew.

            These people are simply fooling themselves and coalescing to jewish deceptions.

    • Dicarlo,

      Our condemnation of the Jews is based on their religion and actions. Once Christianity was created then the Jews now have a false religion when they refuse to accept the Messiah.

      When we have had racial laws on Jews it reflects the fact that Jews are now an enemy not that they always have been. We are protecting the Church and society from a people that are untrustworthy.

      The racial Jews who sincerely convert are not harmed because they could not join the Jesuits or had to prove they were free of Jewish blood up into the 8th generation or they could not become Pope. We had that law for centuries. Source-The Plot Against the Church.

      Discrimination racially and religiously is obviously not wrong unless you deny someone their God-given rights. The liberals who disagree have no trouble with affirmative action and loans (give aways) to blacks and others.

      Of course it does not mean that we are condemning all racial Jews past or present. Otherwise why would we Catholics venerate Mother Mary?

      Remember that Jews are like Satan–once the favorites and now the opposite. All of us were punished because of Adam and Eve. God believes in collective punishment.

      • Thanks for the response, Cristina, but you have gone totally away from the main topic of the discussion, that of, was Jesus a jew and you have made no comment on the deception jews have been successful in, in endearing themselves to Christians by claiming Jesus was a jew. Evidently you have lost interest or are confused, or cannot see the significance of that damaging lie, that “Jesus was a jew”. Nor did you respond to the meaning of the word jew as I attempted to explain, as you claim it’s in the Bible from Christ’s time, which I reject and have presented evidence to the contrary. In the time of Jesus, there was no religious, racial or national group in Judea known as ‘jews’ nor had there been any group so identified anywhere else in the world prior that time.

        The word “Jew” in the Bible has been mistranslated. Gees — I wonder how that could have happened or (((who))) is responsible? In the Old Testament, it is a Hebrew word that means “Judahite” (ie. member of the tribe of Judah). In the New Testament, it is a Greek word that means “Judean” (ie. somebody who lives in Judea). I looked this up in Strong’s Concordance and it checks out.

        The jewish Pharisees, Christ’s mortal enemies, told Him that they were descended from Abraham, Isaac’s father, and that they had never been in slavery to anybody (John 8:33, 37). This is because the jewish Pharisees were descended from Esau who married Canaanite women against God’s command and lived in Mount Seir (Genesis 36:2, 8) while Jacob’s descendants, the Israelites, settled in Egypt and were later put into slavery there. It’s in the Bible!!!

        Modern-day jews are descendants of Esau. Their religious text is the Talmud which is vehemently anti-Christian. It has nothing to do with the Old Testament. Modern-day jews have the spirit of the anti-Christ and hate White Christians passionately. They’re Satanists masquerading as “God’s chosen people”.

        “Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer … – and we are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive.”— Harold Wallace Rosenthal, a top Administrative Aide to Senator Jacob Javits R-NY

        Jesus Christ referred to these descendants of Esau, these Edomites, who are pretending to be God’s chosen people, as “the synagogue of Satan” in Revelation 2:9 and Revelation 3:9.

        As for Mary, she was also NOT a jew. A jew is a more modern word which defines what is known as the sect known as Pharisees. Mary was not a Pharisee so she was not a jew. Again, The ancient Pharisees’ Judaism is what jews of today, practice today.
        All mainstream forms of Judaism today consider themselves heirs of Rabbinic Judaism and, ultimately, the Pharisees.

        The only reason that jews today claim that Jesus was a jew, is so that they can steal some of His virtue and so as to delude Christians into thinking that the jews are among the virutous. Having no virtue of their own, they merely “name drop”. Goodness does not come out of Evil.

        Interestingly, inscribed upon the Cross when Jesus was Crucified were the Latin words “Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudeorum—Jesus the Nazarene Ruler of the JUDEANS.”

        • Dicarlo,

          The Bible was determined by the Catholic Church primarily at the Council of Carthage in 397 AD. Until then there were many writings thought to be sacred which most were not. There was not one book holding all of what we know of the Bible but instead many scattered writings.

          The Catholic Church determined what was inspired and what was not. Most of the rest was discarded. Since it was by the teaching authority of the Catholic Church and the inspiration of the Holy Ghost these books of Scripture are sacred and we have called and condemned Jews by name from the beginning.

          Jews were called Jews in Scripture which we are bound on sin to accept as Catholics. John 19:38 calls them Jews. Jesus was a descendant of Abraham as listed. To me rather he is a Judean, Gallilean, or a Jew he was one of them religiously and racially until he founded Christianity.

          The Old Testament books were written well before Jesus’ Incarnation, and all of the New Testament books were written by roughly the end of the first century A.D. But the Bible as a whole was not officially compiled until the late fourth century, illustrating that it was the Catholic Church who determined the canon—or list of books—of the Bible under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Indeed, the Bible is not a not a self-canonizing collection of books, as there is no table of contents included in any of the books.

          Although the New Testament canon was not determined until the late 300s, books the Church deemed sacred were early on proclaimed at Mass, and read and preached about otherwise. Early Christian writings outnumbered the 27 books that would become the canon of the New Testament. The shepherds of the Church, by a process of spiritual discernment and investigation into the liturgical traditions of the Church spread throughout the world, had to draw clear lines of distinction between books that are truly inspired by God and originated in the apostolic period, and those which only claimed to have these qualities.

          The process culminated in 382 as the Council of Rome, which was convened under the leadership of Pope Damasus, promulgated the 73-book scriptural canon. The biblical canon was reaffirmed by the regional councils of Hippo (393) and Carthage (397), and then definitively reaffirmed by the ecumenical Council of Florence in 1442).

          Finally, the ecumenical Council of Trent solemnly defined this same canon in 1546, after it came under attack by the first Protestant leaders, including Martin Luther.

        • Dicarlo,

          My conclusion is that yes our earliest scriptures Church approved do call Jews Jews. I could not find any reference to Jesus in scripture being called a Jew but then going through the New Testament trying to find such information is difficult. Everyone I know takes His Jewishness for granted.

          Catholic main stream sources do not delve into such considerations -either because I could not find any or because in the USA everything is very controlled.

          You have really looked into this. I still strain to see how it is important despite your research.

          • @Cristina — first of all, wishing you a Merry Christmas! 😀

            Cristina said: My conclusion is that yes our earliest scriptures Church approved do call Jews Jews. I could not find any reference to Jesus in scripture being called a Jew but then going through the New Testament trying to find such information is difficult. Everyone I know takes His Jewishness for granted.

            Looking at the various Bible sites, in John 19:38, the reference in that verse is to jewish leaders, translated into English as “jews” — meaning, not Juda, not Judas, not Judeans, not judahite. So, in this particular verse, it refers to the (((Pharisees))) or jewish leaders — the jews who follow the Babylonian Talmud, who demanded Christ’s crucifixion. However, using the term jew is a mistranslation or a term of convenience for the author of the translation so that the people of today understand who he’s talking about in that particular verse. The point is, as I explained previously, the word jew was not written in English Bible translations until the 18th century. If you’ll look at this link, that fact is explained in detail right at the beginning of the text.


            YOU SAID: “Everyone I know takes His Jewishness for granted.”

            Well of course. This is exactly the point I’m making. This is why it’s important, and I don’t understand why you’re “straining” to understand. Your friends, Roman Catholics in this case, but they could be any Christian denomination, and especially those who term themselves, judeo-Christians, believe that Christ was a jew only because it’s what they’ve been told. So, they assume it’s true, and so therefore, when one attempts to hold jews responsible for their innumerable crimes against humanity, someone will say, “well, Jesus Christ was a jew”, when in fact there is much evidence to the contrary that proves he was not. Isn’t this what jews do? Deceive and turn the truth on it’s head in order to deceive and get over on Christians?

            Why would the Catholic Church dare to preach the truth, that Jesus was not a jew when this falsehood, favored by the jews, is so intrenched in their faithful, the so called “judeo-Christians”? Wouldn’t such truthtelling be condemned as hatred of jews and antisemitic? By promoting this colossal lie of a kinship between jews and Christians, the jews have created political leverage in the mainstream Christian community. The mainstream Catholic Church as is the Pope himself, totally subservient to the jews. The Second Vatican Council, aka Vatican II (1962-1965) produced the infamous, jew instigated, Nostra Aetate declaration, in which the Catholic church absolved the jews of responsibility for the death of Jesus Christ, their God, the founder of their Faith, regardless of the the undeniable evidence that they were. The mainstream Catholic Church has gone even further in their subservience to jews in condemning antisemitism, which according to the jews is any and all criticism of, or exposure of their many heinous crimes and disgusting activities.

            Once a religion that condemned the jews as the murderers and rejecters of Christ, Christianity has continued a process of being restructured to set Israel and the jews at the center of it. Any Christian today is more likely to discuss Israel, and the importance of helping the jews, than he is to discuss real world problems we, in the West, face. Oh for the days when the Catholic Church was a bulwark against the jews instead of their catspaw. Despite its history as the only Western institution that has been able at times to resist jewish power, the Catholic Church has proven to be an acute disappointment. It has been thoroughly subverted from within and without. Now the jews have taken control of our civilization and are steering it towards destruction. And the Catholic Church must apologizes for being right about them in the first place.

        • Dicarlo,

          Remember that I am not soft on Jews. There is no such thing as a good Jew. Once they reach the age of reason, usually 7 years old then they are culpable for their sins.

          Ungrateful for favors and forgetful of benefits, the Jews return insult for kindness and impious contempt for goodness. They ought to know the yoke of perpetual enslavement because of their guilt. See to it that the perfidious Jews never in the future grow insolent, but that they always suffer publicly the shame of their sin in servile fear. ~ Pope Gregory IX

          Crucifiers of Christ ought to be held in continual subjection. ~ Pope Innocent III
          It would be licit, according to custom, to hold the Jews in perpetual servitude because of their crime. ~ St. Thomas Aquinas
          The Jews, whom Holy Church tolerates in diverse parts of the world in testimony to Jesus Christ, wish to persevere in their hardness and blindness rather than acknowledge the words of the prophets and the mysteries of the Holy Scriptures, and to come to the knowledge of the Christian faith and salvation. ~ Pope Martin V

          The Jews, who killed both the Lord Jesus and the prophets, and have persecuted us, do not please God, and they are adversaries to all men, prohibiting us from speaking to the Gentiles that they may be saved, to fill up their sin always: for the wrath of God has come upon them to the end. ~ I Thessalonians ii.14-16

          I am the most anti Jew person on this website for they murdered God and yet I am also the most pro-Jewish person as well since I love them more than they love me or indeed more than they love themselves for I wish their conversion and salvation.

          I do not wear my halo tight when I write this for it is our rules and beliefs.

        • Dicarlo,

          You do have a huge armory at your disposal. Saying Jesus was racially a jew does not make me sympathetic with jews in the slightest. It is a weapon that cannot and has not stopped the strongest condemnations of those people by our religion throughout history.

          We have called them the Synagogue of Satan for a long time. A name white nationalists and others get from us but naturally never giving us the credit.

          So Jews or Hebrews or Israelites used to be the chosen people but not now.

          Your last paragraph where you wrote that the Catholic Church has folded on the Jews is correct. It had been weakening more and more since the French Revolution and the other 19th century revolutions.

          After the results of WW2? It has collapsed and really only goes through the fake motions of pretending to be against abortion, homosexual marriages etc.

          I leave for a few days tomorrow morning and then I return for a week before leaving again for months.

          I write this so you do not think I am running from this topic. I find it compelling. It is possible that I have given all the information I currently possess but I do not mind your information in the slightest.

          You are polite when you disagree with me.

          Yes first and last—A Merry Christmas to you as well!

          • Saying Jesus was racially a jew does not make me sympathetic with jews in the slightest.

            Just to be clear, I wasn’t aiming that criticism at you, nor any criticism at you. I understand that you are jew wise, but you can see how others who are ignorant of jew perfidy would defend jews if criticized by claiming Christ was a jew.

            Modern-day Jews claim to be the chosen people of God while railing against Christians and blaspheming Jesus Christ. Jews invented this false claim and Protestant Evangelicals, in their love for jews, have reinforced it. Jews keep up the claim, because it is good for jews.

            Many main stream Christians have been taught to believe that the jews are the chosen people and that those who help them will be blessed. But how can one reconcile that non-Biblical assertion to what is really said in the Bible? In John 8:44, Jesus says that the jews are children of the devil and that they are “liars from the beginning“. Let me say this, it doesn’t get any clearer then that. Christ’s words are direct and to the point. There is not a speck of wiggle room or for misinterpretation.

            Why would Jesus say this directly to the Pharisees, who are the direct ascendants of the jews of today? If in the Bible Jesus, himself, calls the jews/Pharisees, the children of Satan and then the jews/Pharisees demand he be crucified, doesn’t that sound like the jew’s had motive to stop Jesus from calling them liars? The 1925 Encyclopedia Judaica states “Edom (Esau) is modern Jewry”. The Encyclopedia Judaica 1971, Volume 10:23 proclaims “The Jews began to call themselves Hebrews and Israelites in 1860”. What’s even more comical about the jews’ claim of choseness, it that 80% of jews are, in fact, atheists. They call themselves “Secular jews,” which is just a deceptive term for “jews” who do not believe in God (i.e., Atheists).

            The reality of the matter is that jews are the descendents of all the cursed peoples and tribes of the Bible, from Cain, to Esau and others near and far. Most saltless, watered down, and Biblically illiterate Christians of today—that is to say most Christians today—virtually cherish and worship the “jews,” believing Christ was a jew, thinking that jews are the cousins of Jesus Christ or something—rather than the spiritual descendants of those who had Him murdered.

            Happy New Year and have a safe journey!

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