Jason Jorjani: Who Really Defamed Me and Why

This is an important update about the AltRight Corporation.

Jorjani gets into a deep discussion of occult groups, the Illuminati and UFOs, Cromagnon DNA and Atlantis, the Priory of Sion (from the movie The Da Vinci Code) and the restoration of the Merovingian dynasty in Europe as well as the secret funding for the AltRight corporation which never came through.


  1. As most here probably know, the statue of confederate General AP Hill was removed and his remains disinterred yesterday in Richmond VA — here are a couple of links about that:

    BLM Mayor of Richmond, VA DIGS UP REMAINS of Confederate General AP Hill

    Twitter/JohnnyReb1989He posted this about my ancestor on the day that I had to exhume his remains. And he was sentenced for fraud. Do you approve of this Team Henry? How about you Mayor Stoney?

    I feel especially sorry for the descendants who have to personally endure these ritual acts of humiliation perpetrated against a conquered people — but I have no illusions about those responsible, and would never address any sort of appeal to them.

    • Cancel culture is the most ignorant act that anyone can do…….. be unable to understand history and destroy it is the most myserable act they can do. Leftists scum are not promoter of culture as they pretend to be, they are instead mentally ill, undemocrat people and also criminal.

  2. I’ve been to the Richmond/Petersburg area recently and as much as I condemn what’s happening with General Hill’s monument and grave, moving them to a safer and more desirable location might not be a bad idea.

    • Agreed. I think what the colored-carpetbagger-complex is doing is a lot like the judeo-bolshevik destruction of centuries old Polish-Lithuania castles in Ruthenia or the German cites, churches, and monuments in north Ostpreussen. It will leave behind a series of strip malls and warm Detroits. Aside from the Washington statue and Jefferson inside the Senate (which will also be targets soon), Richmond must have nothing left to look at. There is only an Arthurs AIDS monument and that joke of a horseman statue left. I used to bring foreign professionals down there to tour the Capitol and Monument Ave. I pity the few white Southerners and noble racists who have not yet relocated. What a shame. Monument Avenue was too good for the majority of modern Richmond residents.

  3. I lost a little respect for Prof. J after he grovelled before some jew during a TV interview for having been friends with Lord Spencer, assuring the arrogant old yid that he’s not an anti semite.

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