Charles Haywood Torches Rod Dreher

What do you think?

I’ve personally struggled with this issue.

Charles Haywood:

“Charles Haywood: Stephen Covey wrote a once-famous book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Six of the habits are forgettable, and should be forgotten. But the seventh — that is everything! “Begin with the end in mind.”

What is our end? That is easy — winning. What is the winning condition? It is the total, permanent defeat of the Left, of the ideology at the heart of the Enlightenment, with its two core principles of total emancipation from all bonds not continuously chosen, and of total forced equality of all people. When this defeat is accomplished, Right principles, those based in reality and recognizing the nature of man, his limitations, and his capabilities, can again become ascendant.

Winning does not mean electoral victory such that Right principles may be voted into law, and then nullified or voted out again. It means the total, permanent elimination of all Left power, and, even more importantly, the total discrediting, both on a moral and practical basis, of all Left ideology. What is Left should be seen for what it is, evil, and it should be seen as not only destructive in practice, but laughable, the ideology of losers and idiots, or at most something from the discredited past, viewed with vague curiosity, as the cult of Mithras is today.

If we begin with the end in mind, we see that any firepower directed at the Right is necessarily antithetical to the goal of destroying the Left. Any contentious discussion with those on the Right, wherever exactly they may fall on the spectrum of “not Left,” should instead be done privately and be strictly tactical, to agree on how may we cooperate to achieve our joint ends. We may occasionally choose to ignore some on the Right, as charlatans, simpletons, or fools, or simply too different, even malevolent, in their beliefs, but attacking them publicly only serves to make it harder to reach our end.

The phrase “no enemies to the Right” is merely the expression of this approach. It is the sound adoption of a universal Left tactical principle, first enunciated by Alexander Kerensky before the Bolshevik Revolution. Yes, it turned out to be an unwise principle for him personally, but he was entirely correct that the principle was crucial for Left domination. It has been a key component of Left success for a hundred years, and what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

Why, then, do many putatively on the Right, such as Dreher, save their fiercest attacks for those on the Right? They complain, endlessly complain, about the Left and its evils, but never do they wield actual power against the individuals about whose behavior they complain, which could advance their claimed goals. Instead, they only wield what power they have against individuals whose beliefs they regard as to their own right. These are the same individuals as those targeted by the Left, and the more so they show any tendency to become leaders or network nodes on the Right. (In this case I have made no effort whatsoever to find out exactly of what Dreher accuses his target, because it does not matter. At all.) …”

Normally, I would criticize Rod, but I have been chastened by too many bad experiences.

Rod Dreher:

“Understand that Charles Haywood is so filled with hatred of the Left that he happily claims a Nazi sympathizer as his ally, and says I’m a cuck for not being cool with that. In which case, Haywood does me a very big favor with his bilious invective. It is useful to get that learned. But I wonder: how would Haywood explain to his friendly Ethiopian-American interviewer in this podcast that it doesn’t matter that the Right has among it activists who think black people are subhuman? Seriously, unless Haywood believes right-wing politics are properly about nothing but White Power, then he’s got a big problem. …”

I will give you an example.

Just look at what happened to the Alt-Right.

After over a decade of keeping the NSM at arm’s length over all sorts of ideological, cultural and tactical differences, we ended up marching together in public with them at Unite the Right in Charlottesville. Jeff Schoep abandoned the organization to become an antiracist activist. We torched our brand and got nothing out of it except being saddled with a crippling multimillion dollar lawsuit.

We went to Charlottesville and attended the same rally with James Fields, Jr. who crashed his Dodge Challenger into a crowd. Everyone and their mother got sued and doxxed and deplatformed from the internet because of what happened that day. We didn’t know James Fields, Jr. We had never met James Fields, Jr. We didn’t have the same ideology. We had already left Charlottesville when he crashed his car into the crowd. We were blamed for his actions simply for being at the same event with him.

What about Richard Spencer? Think about all the people who gave him money or got doxxed attending his events or who went to jail for him. He repaid the loyalty of his friends and lieutenants by trying to have sex with their wives and girlfriends. He threw all of those people under the bus and became a libtard.

Did the CofCC benefit from being linked in the public mind with Dylann Roof? We didn’t know Dylann Roof either. He torpedoed the organization. We lost countless Confederate monuments because of Dylann Roof. We would have been better off not being associated with Dylann Roof.

I could sit here all day and come up with more examples of why this doesn’t work.

In my experience, “No Enemies To The Right” sounds good in theory, but hasn’t worked out so well for us in practice because it enables clowns and fringe retards who engage in sociopathic behavior. We have tried this approach and it objectively didn’t work out for us. It weakened us.


  1. Also see:

    Welcome To The New Rome

    Here is the execrable Rod Dreher taking some self-righteous shots at Thomas Achord. Like David French, Rod Dreher never misses an opportunity to promote his own virtue. He is who Emerson had in mind when he said, “The more he spoke of his virtue, the faster we counted the spoons.”

    • What Dreher did with Achord was despicable. Virtue signaling “conservative” cucks are just as much our enemies as the left.

  2. Brad, i wrote this in the comment section of the article about Cicero which was deleted….. The problem is not only that we don’t know these people but also that these people being involved in politic or political activism only because they want to vent their anger, or because they want to be leaders followed (Spencer) or for money. My opinion, being a foreigner, is that Charlottesville was not a mistake in the idea but in the facts: the idea was good because you cannot accept woke whims and dictatorship without do nothing…… But in the facts there were some bad people on our side, not simply angry but also stupid. They were not solely to blame, however
    There were also a lot of antifa and left woke activist to blame for what is happened. Being a political activist request that you truly believe on what you preach and that you believe in you’re values. It cannot be just a moment like adolescence (like the case of McLaren or Picciolini).

    • There are earnest, normal people who identify as National Socialists. They have extreme views, but normal personalities.

      There are also people who are mentally ill who are evil and cruel and who have criminal tendencies and who naturally gravitate to the fringes of society. These people are attracted to marginal ideologies like National Socialism because they have marginal personality types.

      The Daily Stormer 1.0 was mix of both groups. Anglin in his “ironic Neo-Nazi phase” attracted people who are sincere believers in the ideology as well as people from the troll infested sewers of the internet.

      • “they have extreme views but normal personalities” yes i agree with you, also they live and see politics as a means to improve society and not as an outlet for their rages or mental problems. Instead marginalized personality people want attention or violence and not improve society

  3. I do think he does have something off a point. Even Jesus had disciples that were rather messed up at times. but they had a role in the big plan of the divine. Some people are really messed up. And should avoided. But the Right has been attacking their own side for decades. Sam Francis, Buchanan, etc. come to mind, along with others. Either you take some risks, or just give up the whole idea. You aren’t going to find anybody so pure of heart they don’t have trash in their closet. Dreher basically just wants to complain. Like the kid who gets beat up on the playground. Until somebody he might not consider a friend busts the bullies nose. Usually somebody who is not quite as elegant in manners as the victim is.

    • Dreher basically just wants to complain.

      That’s bullshit. Dreher is telling you straight up he is not pro-white. He rejects pro-white ideology. His refusal to take even the minimal step of being actively anti-anti-white – in the midst of an outrageously anti-white environment – makes him a contemptible cuck faggot, but still, he is taking a principled stand. He’s not complaining just for the sake of it.

  4. My brother published a reference work with Achord and attests to his good character. Achord educated Dreher’s children while Dreher was mostly absent. Dreher now insists that Achord’s anonymous comments threatened the future of the school where his estranged wife works. If local folks discovered that the headmaster there didn’t particularly care for blacks and Jews they’d refuse to allow their children to attend. Let alone that those anonymous comments certainly weren’t shocking – does this seem likely ? Dreher knows enough not to dox a man with five children – the New Testament suggests approaching a brother you want to reprove privately, and, if unsuccessful, with acquaintances. I, like you, have read him for years – he is a coward with the sensibilities of a little girl,,,,

  5. It’s naive to think monuments came down because of Roof, or that Unite the Right got bad coverage because of Fields.

    Is the strategy: “don’t give liberals a reason to hate white people”?

    If so, it’s a losing strategy. Liberals are going to hate white people no matter what. It’s not Dylan Roof’s fault liberals hate white people. It’s not James Fields’ fault.

    Moreover – you should only attack people (to the left or right) if you genuinely disagree with them (that is: if they genuinely deserve attacking).

    Stop all this nonsense machiavellian strategizing. It never works. Just be honest and forthright and deal with people in a genuine manner. If you disagree with someone, tell them you disagree and lay out a case as to why.

    Simple as.

    Playing to the cool-kid cliques is for the Drehers, Spencers, and ridiculous, powder-puff modernists out there, prancing around in our public spaces.

    • I’m not playing to any clique.

      It is just obvious to me now based on experience that being associated with those toxic people was incredibly damaging to us and our cause. At the time, we were in a “No Enemies To The Right” mindset and time and again the result of that was enabling dysfunctional, marginal people to cover us in their own shit by proximity.

      You can say it was unfair. If we had never been at that event with Richard Spencer and James Fields, we would be better off today.

      • Only if by “we” you mean some specific organization…otherwise, like you keep pointing out, white people in general are trending towards better and better position points.

        The takeaway shouldn’t be higher organizational vetting standards. The takeaway should be to do away with organizations.

        On Shark Tank the sharks often criticize ventures by saying: “you’re too early…” That is: they’ve got a good idea but haven’t grown it enough yet to warrant investors. We, comparatively, have good ideas but aren’t ready yet for organizing and political action. We’re too early for think tanks and political parties.

        We need to go back to golden age alt right, where ideas and creative passion ranged freely across many venues. This comes from freedom and competition.

  6. Leftists never apologize for their screamers, thugs, sexual perverts and anarchists. The only thing that matters is hating the Right.

  7. The Alt Right only failed because they were trying to do radical politics during a time of relative prosperity when lemmings don’t have their basic needs threatened. As this society continues to breakdown through out this decade they’ll become more open to radical ideals. Simple as.

  8. Dreher highlights the significant differences between the Southerner and the Irish. Dreher is willing to critize his own kind where in no such quality exists in the Irish. Pat Bushanan has not said one word on the downfall of Cardinal McCarrick. And here is what Bill O’Reilly had to say——-

    “….a fear that was deepened when in 2002 Bill O’Reilly of Fox News, off-camera after I had filmed a segment with him on priestly sex abuse, told me that they were investigating a leading American Cardinal for sexually inappropriate behavior with adults. I said to him “You mean McCarrick.” He just grinned from ear to ear, leaned back in his chair and replied, “have a safe trip home Dr. Chapp.” But nothing ever came of their investigation….”

    Do you see the difference?

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