Poll Watch: Ron DeSantis Is Now Crushing Donald Trump Among GOP Primary Voters

Ron DeSanctimonious is now crushing Our King.

The Hill:

“Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) leads former President Trump by 23 points among Republicans in a hypothetical GOP presidential primary, according to a poll released Tuesday. 

The USA Today-Suffolk University poll found that 56 percent of Republican and Republican-leaning voters prefer DeSantis, while only 33 percent would support Trump. More than 60 percent said they want a nominee who will continue Trump’s policies but is not Trump, while 31 percent want the former president to run. 

“Republicans and conservative independents increasingly want Trumpism without Trump,” said David Paleologos, the director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center.  …”

I don’t care.

I don’t have a dog in this fight.

I got off the Trump Train five years ago.

I’m somewhat surprised that Trump’s act is finally fizzling with his base after all of this time. I had given up any hope that we could move on from him until 2028 at the earliest. I’m guessing that Republican voters are tired of losing and having to vote for people like Dr. Oz and Herschel Walker.


  1. Josh Hawley is how you get Trumpism (plus) without the Trump.

    I’ve already made my thoughts clear. Ron DeSantis is too much in the influence of Florida’s Jewish donors to be a genuine Trump style kiddie pool Fisher Price toy civic nationalist, much less the real deal.

    • Dear Countenance, if you dislike governor DeSantis for the reasons you stated, then you must discount Senator Hawley, as well, for his foreign policy ideas are just as globalist as are Senator Tom Cotton’s.

      No, if you want a viable alternative to President Trump for the next presidential candidate, I believe you have no choice but to accept those like Hawley or Desantis.

      That said, I sincerely doubt that The United States’ Government ever again intends on allowing a non-RINO Republican to hold the Oval Office.

      One only needs see how midterm elections are administered in places like Arizona and Michigan to see how impossible it will be for a sincere GOP candidate.

  2. Everybody is gonna coalesce around Desantis as a compromise candidate. Think what you like about him, but he’s light years better than, McCain, Romney, or Bush and alot better than Trump in as many ways as he is worse.

    We could do far worse than Desantis. I’d still rather he stayed in Florida, that the Republicans phoned itnin in 2024 and let Biden stay president.

  3. American voters are childish, chumps.

    They don’t require politicians to sign performance contracts.
    If they fail to meet specific goals by a certain date they will resign.

  4. This is consistent with what middle-of-the-road people like myself feel. If the nominee is Trump, I’d vote against him and vote straight D for insurance in case this guy is working with the Kremlin. Taking documents from work home with him is highly suspect, given Dump is notorious for not reading them. The other stuff Dems bloviated over for four years was bs, and even Jan 6th is comically overblown, but not this.

    If it is DuhSantis, I’m staying home; I agree with the Dems on a majority of issues but I’m not rewarding them for wokeness.

    • @Some Dude…

      Yes, I agree with the Democrats on a number of issues, particularly economic, but, their attitude about Whites, Christianity, or this country’s heritage is so godawful hateful, I just cannot vote for them, either

      • For White libtards, sperging out and fedora tipping about Christianity is what defines their politics. They are fine with open borders. They are fine with all the anti-White stuff. They are fine with homosexuality and transgenderism and so forth, but they have a big problem with Christianity.

        • @Brad Griffin

          Yes, Sir, ‘White-Libtards’ as you refer to them, are a very very dangerous lot, because they are perpetually stuck in adolescent rebellion stages where NOTHING that is not from them, of them, or decided by them, is acceptable to them.

          I would say that nearly 30% of the White Population is this way – self-hating narcissistic nihilists who would rather be anything BUT themselves.

          I was watching a Christian lady on Babylon Bee last night, and she said that the challenge they find evangelizing to the Millennials is that Millennials, unlike the generations before them, actually think that they are fundamentally good, and, that, to be better, all they have to do is accept what is inside of them and just proudly proclaim it (their unique specialness) to the world.

          A dangerous delusion that is taking down our whole society and country.

          Best wishes to Miss Rene!

          • I work with a white millennial guy born in the 90s whose life strategy is playing the victim card. He actually thinks it’s OK to pick up and go home in the middle of the day because “my anxiety is just too much, I have to leave.” I joked about how he exactly like the coward in the movie Patton with the shell shock who Patton slaps around. Everyone laughed when I played that clip off Youtube after he pulled one of his endless woman acts and took the day off. Now he announced he can’t help us move boxes because “I can’t lift over 20 pounds, I have a bad back” but no doctor has ever found anything wrong with him. It’s all just a big Munchausen Syndrome act or something. Taking a day off because his brothers doggie is sick? Endless dumb, pathetic, unmanly excuses from him not to show up and work like any dude grabbed off a time machine from 1935 would be grateful for.

          • @Nightowl…

            Though I do know some good masculine young men, it has become very clear to me that a high percentage of young men are either whimpy heterosxual types or sexual degenerates.

            For a country that used to have no problem producing real men, and in large numbers, it is clear that this country has accepted the notion that manhood could not, nor should not, look like Charlton Heston, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, William Holden, Sam Elliott, etc, etc…

            Women are not in good shape, either – overly masculine, self-centered, unnurturing, and looking at their fellow sisters in the wrong way.

            I think we have passed the Rubicon here and I do not know if the damage we have taken is retrievable.

            That is why I have said over recent years that political organization of this country cold be more readily and easily achieved than the cultural.

            The marrow of this nation is now rotten, and we have not even touched upon the issues with substance abuse.

            We see how bad we are in the political class, because they come from us.

    • Published polling is just propaganda by a different name. I wouldn’t trust any poll commissioned by any MSM company. It doesn’t really matter anyway because most likely Trump will be convicted of some imaginary crime like conspiracy to say something mean and get thrown in the clinker for a few years, clearing the way for DeSantis and his Jewish/Wall Street backers to run. I will be sitting out 2024 so I don’t have to spend all of 2025 kicking myself for voting for yet another Stupid Party chickenhawk/corporate stooge.

      @ Some Dude- If you believe any of the MSM nonsense regarding Trumps presidential records then you are way too dense to be taken seriously. You must be one of those gullible CNN viewer drones like all of my government employed in-laws.

      At this point Trumps lawyers can’t even get an official inventory of what was taken in a raid that was an unconstitutional general warrant. They also can’t even obtain a copy of the probable cause affidavit that supposedly justified the raid or even have a special master with security clearance review seized material. How is that even remotely legal, fair or just? To top off your 3 ring circus of lamebrained concerns you apparently still believe in the preposterous Trump-Russia collusion hoax. That is just pathetic at this point.

      • @Black Pill Bill

        You’ve convinced me. Donald Trump, an aspiring legal scholar and just an overall conscientious person, made an honest mistake stealing boxes of national security documents from work.

        I don’t know how you got from me calling four years of Russian collusion stuff “bs” (see above) to calling me a “CNN viewer drone.” I suppose anyone who disagrees with you on one thing must disagree with you on everything. There is nothing cartoonish or clownish about that; it is a mark of someone who really knows what’s up.

        And Mr. Bill, now that you’ve established that Trump isn’t a scammer, please make sure you get your Trump NFTs before they run out!

  5. I do not believe this poll, or any other polls like this.

    What I do not is that there a lot of behind the scene RINO oligarchs, or those tired of Trump who would like us to think that DeSantis is the choice everyone is clamouring for.

    They must know something I do not see in Northeastern North Carolina or Southeastern Virginia, for in these places the only name I hear spoken of often and enthusiastically is that of Trump.

    As for the small percentage who are not enthusiastic about Trump, most would prefer Pence (ugh) or simply admit that, if they have no other choice, they will again vote for Trump.

    As for myself, I will remain open to what comes, for, what with the volatility of things over this coming Winter we have little idea how this all will shake out, by the time of November 2024.

  6. I think it would be very unwise for a Southern Nationalist, too commit to anyone else his early in the game, Governor Desantis, didn’t want too bother himself, with standing up for our Southern Battle flag, I will be watching J.D. Vance though, oboma spent two years in the senate and was selected by the powers that be, for the WHITE House, How bout us? You satanic elite bastards, throw a few crumbs our way, J.D.V. 2024…

    • @Terry…

      As per usual Southerners have no serious candidate to represent us, and, as per usual, we do not realize it, or, at least, not as a group.

      Those of us who are aware of this will not necessarily be apart from the voting fate of others, for most of us will be voting for the lesser of two evils.

      I’d like to blame somebody for this, and I think the right culprit is this.

      We cannot imagine anything better than this fate, nor or we willing to stand up for anything different, so, alas, here we are – again.

      Merry Xmas, by the way!

  7. linkMcConnell: “Our ability to control the primary outcome was quite limited in 2022 because of the support of the former president. Hopefully in the next cycle, we’ll have quality candidates everywhere.”

    Sounds like McConnell is trying to blame Trump for the poor showing of the GOP in the 2022 midterms — seems a stretch to me, but you can decide for yourself.

    It was always clear (to me anyway) that Trump would have to bulldoze his way to the nomination, because the GOP establishment would get in his way however they could — it appears they have now gone public with their opposition.

    More importantly: take a good look and a good listen to McConnell, this fossil who looks like death warmed over, and as a political leader and speaker is just a total zero; he has no charisma at all, and is obviously way too old — he is far from an atypical GOP politician — it’s obvious to me why Republicans do relatively poorly among educated, urban and suburban Whites — the party has a very serious image problem.

    • McConnell is partially correct.

      Trump is to blame for candidates like Doug Mastriano, Herschel Walker, Kari Lake, Don Bolduc, Dr. Oz, etc. These people all won their primaries because of their loyalty to Trump and specifically to the idea that the 2020 election was stolen from him which was repeatedly endlessly for two years. It is not a new problem. He has never been any good at 1.) personnel or 2.) endorsements. He managed to get Doug Jones elected to the U.S. Senate in Alabama. He tried and failed to take out Brian Kemp in Georgia.

      The anti-Trump vote isn’t the whole story though. A big part of it is that neither Trump or McConnell spent anywhere near enough money on these flawed Senate candidates who were all taking on incumbents. Fetterneck was the Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania. He was already familiar to voters in the state. The other major factor was a backlash among Independent women over abortion. There is also the fact that a lot of Trump voters just don’t bother to show up to vote in midterm elections. They turned out in droves for Trump in the 2020 election when Trump himself was on the ballot. They didn’t show up for Dr. Oz.

      All of this combined to produce a very uneven and bizarre midterm result. There was a Red Wave in places like California and New York where the GOP picked up House seats. The GOP won House seats in Arizona while losing the governorship, the Senate race and most statewide offices. The GOP did well in Georgia in every race except the U.S. Senate race. Trump voters didn’t show up all over the Rust Belt.

      • Well, Trump voters won a razor thin victory in the Rust Belt in 2016 and meanwhile a whole bunch of silent generation voters died off, a whole bunch of Republican Voters moved from the Rust Belt to Florida and Texas, and a whole bunch of women who waffled when the heard Trump’s music about how badly China had hurt their employment prospects went home to the Democrats when the Trump show turned into a rerun of the culture wars with an unstable blowhard at the megaphone. The ladies don’t live the way they did in 1974 when Roe shocked the nation. Now marriage is at best “common law,” and they hop from one boyfriend to another, children are mostly bastards, they work part time, minimum wage service jobs at the Dollar General. An unplanned pregnancy is an economic disaster for these people along with being a personal embarrassment where they lose face. The anti abortion hobby horse types assume we are still in the golden days and the procedure is the abomination of Wilma Flintstone aborting Pebbles. Nope, this is the era of Generation Bastard, such a bitter pill as a complete cultural realignment is a very bitter pill you impose on the populace only after obtaining total power. The GOP controlled no branch of government, and the masses of female voters made sure it stayed that way when they saw them promising not bread and circuses, but the “tough love” their old white grandfather the school systems and TV taught them to hate.

        • >>The ladies don’t live the way they did in 1974 when Roe shocked the nation. Now marriage is at best “common law,” and they hop from one boyfriend to another, children are mostly bastards,

          Ah yes, men are not involved in that equation. Those damn women!

  8. DeSantis the ultimate ziocuck. In the congress he was weak on immigration. He was a strong supporter of the globalist TPP, which Trump killed.

    But the very worst thing about that ziocuck globaliast open border Hahvid asshole is that he is dominated by his wife. His leftist wife more or less runs the show.

    • >In the congress he was weak on immigration.

      As weak as Trump? He even pardoned an Orthodox Jew in New York who employed hundreds of illegal aliens, including children, in his kosher chicken plant. The “Orthodox community” handed the request to Kushner who told Trump, who dutifully obeyed.

      In January and February 2020 Trump held FIVE televized speeches advocating for MORE immigration. Because “leaders of industry tell me we need it.”

      Trump abandoned immigration. He also invaded eastern Syria to give the oil to the Maoist Kurds who ethnically cleanse villages and burn wheat fields, because Israel wanted it.

      Ron DeSantis may have played along like people do to get ahead in politics. Now he could be different regarding mass immigration. What we DO now is that Trump caved on that. And in every other issue. And he filled his administration with Democrats and nevertrumpers and neocons.

      Ron DeSantis at least is competent. Trump is a blowhard to likes to come up with insults on Twitter. He will not win. People had hopes when he was against immigration. “He’s a clown but at least he promises to stop mass immigration.” You don’t win on that message a second time, when it wasn’t fulfilled the first time.

      Heck, Trump even begged Rod Rosenstein to stay on after the Obama administration. Rosenstein was going to leave with Obama, but Trump wanted him to stay, because he worshipped the Tribe and desperately wanted them to like him. That turned out great!

      You can either have DeSantis or Biden. There are no other choices.

  9. Who would have thunk it? The Republican Party is turning on Trump. Gosh I could write a whole book on how dirty the politics is in the Republican Party. No different on the Democrats either. The 2 Party System is nothing but a Dictatorship and corrupt beyond measure. They love you when you get them votes and money….aka power. They drop you when you no longer deliver the goods for them. No politician in American history has ever been worshiped like Trump and that’s not a good thing either. Democrats loved Obama because of his character, likeability, and speaking ability. Oh yea he was race mixed….you know they love that. Anyway Trump was like a god in the Republican Party and among Conservatives in general. Got so many Moderates and Independents to vote for him. Was gonna Make America Great Again. None of that ever happened. He fought a trade war with China that sparked a 1 in 100 year pandemic aka Covid-19. He didn’t stop Chinese Products, he didn’t stop Illegal Immigration, he didn’t build a Wall, and he sure didn’t stop Covid-19 from entering the US. His generic Civic Nationalism flopped. He let the Libertarians in the Republican Party change his mind on the pandemic aka not sending all those medical masks that would have put all Americans on alert and probably stopped Covid-19 in March here in the US. (He let the “PC” Republican establishment stuck on small limited government brainwash him into doing nothing at all while a bunch of Black Communists and Anarchist scum was burning cities all over America and taking down our beautiful Confederate Monuments.) Now the same pieces of scum who turned him against common sense regulations and safety measure on Covid-19 (including his lack of true support for Vaccines) are coming for him and the Governor of Florida is the one they have hand picked so Trump will either drop out in the Republican Primary or lose. Trump losing will take many voters with him…those new voters who supported him in 2016. Those people will likely never vote again and a few just might support Third Party candidates in the future. Donald Trump now knows how dirty the Republican Party is…..they don’t need him anymore. Perfect example why I strongly support Third Party candidates because the 2 Party System is bad for America. We need Nationalist minded people in office….Third Party and make the changes we need for the better. Like I said I could write a whole book on this subject…I’ll just leave it at that. Deo Vindice!

    • Unfortunately, Mr. Pace, everything you say is correct.

      To be fair, I think one must acknowledge that President Trump did some valuable things – from reforming the judiciary, blowing up the Overton Window, and forcing the true nature of the Jew England Yankee United States to make themselves plain to even the most disinterested viewer..

      Without this we would still be stuck in the McCain/Romney/Obama/Clinton/Bush era.

      That said, he was not prepared to govern, for there were so many areas that he had not thought of carefully, and, thus, he really did not have a rudder.

      He often seems to be bereft of any no moral guide beyond that of the expediency of the moment.

      Moreover, he had lamentable judgement about with whom he ought surround himself – hiring for his cabinet and advisors enemies, grifters, and other Hillary Clinton supporters, such as the Kushner couple.

      I am glad to see that the polls are, en masse, showing that Americans do not wish to repeat either Trump or Biden.

      Surely there has to be better leadership, even if it is not entirely to our liking.

      I think the Republican Party has a number of people who could do a better job – from Kari Lake and Rand Paul, to Josh Hawley, Ron DeSantis, Glen Youngkin, Ron Johnston, Jim Jordan, Andy Biggs, Lorraine Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene, or Tulsi Gabbard.

      As to the Democrats, now that Tulsi is gone, I see no one I would entrust with my compost pile, and that brings me to something else good Trump did, as president – he kept the Oval Office out of their hands.

      That, sad to say, had some value, and and of itself, and I say that as a born and bred Democrat.

      As to the Republican Party – they are a bad imitation of what the Democrats were, about 20 years back.

      So, yes, we desperately need other parties, but, would that occur in this system?

      Unless at least one oligarch is willing to bankroll that I can’t see it.

    • Helping his popularity is how DeSantis is mainstreaming the anti-vax position, even publicly calling for convening a grand jury to investigate ‘any and all’ vaccine wrongdoing … DeSantis having by his side his covid-narrative sceptic surgeon general, ‘based black guy’ Dr Joseph Ladapo

      Elon Musk is also allowing the anti-vax stuff back bigtime on Twitter too, Musk apparently shifting views after a vaxed healthy friend ‘mysteriously’ got myocarditis heart trouble

      Mainstream media news, especially from UK and Europe, is also starting to slowly introduce the ‘probably hurt by the vax’ stories which were previously verboten

      Almost as if they are getting ready to soon drop the big one and ballyhoo right on CNN that the vax was a deadly mistake

      • @Balticus…

        Yes, Governor DeSantis’s political savvy with this vaccine issue reminds me of some of the moves Candidate Trump made in 2015.

  10. Dump was finished on Nov.8.

    “There is also the fact that a lot of Trump voters just don’t bother to show up to vote in midterm elections. They turned out in droves for Trump in the 2020 election when Trump himself was on the ballot.”

    They’re our people, the ones that so badly need good representation, but they’re also one of the stupidest parts of the electorate.

  11. Florida needs Desantis more than the rest of America does. If Gavin Newsom ran for president in ’24 I’d vote for him but I can’t say why. I think he’s more suited to the direction this country is taking. But first he’d have to get rid of Shitpants Joe and Kween Koonmala.

  12. I’ve been super critical of Trump. Constantly, but…he’s the only choice. If he’s just another Operation Trust placeholder,


    then he’s no different from any of the other Republican candidates. They just hold off the mob coming with pitchforks until we’re totally outnumbered by the aliens. But if he’s not and he’s really pissed about them stabbing him in the back…then he could fuck them up bad. So he’s really the only one that could possibly really clean this mess up.

  13. The next election will be won by either Biden or DeSantis. Take your pick.

    DeSantis has made pro-neocon statements. Maybe he means it, maybe it’s tactical. Well, we also know that no one worships Jews more than Trump, whose children have all dated or married Jews. He gave (pro-Hillary Democrat) *Jared Kushner the office closest to the Oval Office. That’s what people voted for, right? Then he gave bank policy to Kushner and *Gary Cohn from Goldman Sachs. Remember the shouts of “Goldman Sachs!” at Cruz, whose wife got a regional manager job with them right after he was elected with GS money? Trump supporters opposed GS. Trump instead, lied at a rally and said Cohn “took a giant pay cut” to join his administration. At Kushner’s and Cohn’s request he fired Steve Bannon, the actual architect behind the MAGA agenda, from the Wall to China tariffs to infrastructure push to red hats.

    “From now on there will be good days and bad days. But the revolution we fought for, and won, is over.”
    -Steve Bannon.

    Trump filled his administration with Swamp creatures. Instead of exposing the CIA he put a torturer in charge. During his campaign he had a Julian Assange poster in his campaign HQ and said “I love this guy!” He promised to pardon Assange for posting classified information like all the media do. But when he was elected, he claimed, “I don’t know Assange.” Assange has been held in isolation for years now. Because of Trump. That is unforgivable.

    Trump pardoned an Orthodox Jew who employed hundreds of illegal aliens in his kosher chicken plant. Including children. “Under hellish conditions,” the police said. The Orthodox told Kushner, who told Trump, who pardoned him. That’s what you voted for, right?

    Trump expanded drone bombings. He supported Saudi Arabia’s starvation blockade and war against Yemen, because the de facto government there is Shia, and Iran is Shia, and Israel worshippers hate Shias now. He illegally invaded eastern Syria with the help of the Maoist Kurds, who kill Turkish businessmen who refuse to pay them money, and who ethnically cleanse Syrian villages. This guy did almost everything the neocons wanted. He brought in Sheldon Adelson’s boy John Bolton and let him sabotage peace with North Korea. He brought in Mike Pompeo and Nimrata “Nikki” Haley – all three nevertrumpers who said Trump was a Russian agent. And crazy.

    Trump signed Paul Ryan’s omnibus bill, which specifically banned ICE expansion and Wall money. “We’ll get to that later,” said Ryan. Then he just laughed and said he wasn’t running for re-election anyway. Trump, the “master negotiator,” got played.

    Later he was going to quietly sign Nancy Pelosi’s spending bill. But Ann Coulter and radio hosts sounded the alarm. So he had to pretend to do something, as usual. He promised a shutdown “for months, even years”. Then he stopped it. He said it was just an “emergency stop for fifteen days,” and the shutdown would start again if he didn’t get concessions from Pelosi. Trump lied. That was just a way to fool his voters, knowing the news cycle would move on to other things.

    In January and February 2020 Trump said FIVE TIMES in televized speeches that he wanted MORE IMMIGRATION. Because industry. “We need MORE immigration, that’s what they tell me. (shrug) And this is not what I said in the election.”

    Yet the Left hates Trump for once, long ago, being against immigration. If Trump runs, Biden wins. Biden’s failures will be irrelevant. Democrats and Independents will vote to not let the clown back into the White House. Just like many voted because they hated Hillary in 2016.

    But her party couldn’t see it then. And she was “supposed” to be the candidate, so they couldn’t oppose her.

    Trump is the new Hillary.

  14. They will run DeSantis, and Kari Lake as vice president.
    Trump’s astrological birth chart, gave him massive luck, but it all runs out now in his later years, (4th house) he will be a miserable and ruined man.
    He could never win and the people who give us the candidates, for both sides pretending they are in opposition know that, they use astrology.
    Biden will not last to run again and no one wants Kamala to be president.
    I personally believe there will not be any election or any America in 2024.

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