SPLC: White Nationalists, Other Republicans Brace For “Total War”

I’ve been around a long time.

I’m old enough to remember when this would have been treated as scandalous and an official papal bull of excommunication and loud denunciations of “racism” would have come down from the True Cons at National Review. Disavowals would have rolled in. Republican politicians would have lined up to cuck out and denounce the “extremism” of Peter Brimelow on the Sunday shows.


“We want to cross the Rubicon. We want total war. We must be prepared to do battle in every arena. In the media. In the courtroom. At the ballot box. And in the streets,” NYYRC president Gavin Wax declared to a room full of supporters at 583 Park Ave., an event venue on New York’s Upper East side.

“This is the only language the left understands. The language of pure and unadulterated power,” Wax added.

At the five-hour event, which Hatewatch reporters attended, white nationalists Peter and Lydia Brimelow of VDARE hobnobbed with Steve Bannon, a former Trump adviser and White House official. Donald Trump Jr. was also in attendance.

Republicans publicly lauded members of an Austrian political party founded by World War II-era German Nazi party members. Racist political operative Jack Posobiec shared jokes across a table with Josh Hammer, the opinion editor of Newsweek. Multiple recently elected GOP congresspeople applauded Marjorie Taylor Greene, who told the NYYRC crowd in the event’s closing remarks that the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol would have succeeded if she had planned it and that the insurrectionists would have been armed. …”


Welcome to 2022.

No one cares anymore.

Who cares about people like Peter Brimelow when Trump is having dinner with Yedolf and Nick Fuentes and praising Hitler, denying the Holocaust and naming the Jew is now the edge of rightwing politics? Trump himself hasn’t even denounced Fuentes after all he has said and done.

Matt Lewis has been reduced to doing the old “this is not who we are” shtick at leftwing rags like The Daily Beast. Immigration restriction used to be beyond the pale. The taboo is long gone now though.

The Daily Beast:

“It’s hard to imagine the opinion editor of Newsweek, in say, 2015, cavorting with such extremists (according to the report, Hammer “shared jokes” with Posobiec and said he wanted to say “hi” to Brimelow). To be sure, spending time with all sorts of unseemly people is a job requirement (if not fringe benefit) for any curious opinion journalist. But in this situation, the line between observer and collaborator seems to have been crossed.

As I write this, I wonder if I am eliciting yawns from readers who have had their outrage receptors burned out since 2016 and may think this is all no big deal.

Let’s face the facts: We have lost the ability to be shocked anymore.

Once upon a time, talk of fighting in the streets was off limits. Once upon a time, a mainstream Republican event that prominently welcomed white nationalists who mingled with members of Congress and journalists would have been met with disbelief—and outrage.

Today, it’s all been normalized. The important thing to realize is that, by definition, this was not a fringe right-wing conclave, it was a mainstream Republican gala that took place in Manhattan—not the Michigan militia trading posts on 4chan. This was also the Young Republicans, once the anodyne home of Alex P. Keaton-esque conservatives (I know because I was a YR). …

Once upon a time, talk of fighting in the streets was off limits. Once upon a time, a mainstream Republican event that prominently welcomed white nationalists who mingled with members of Congress and journalists would have been met with disbelief—and outrage.”

Of course it has been normalized.

The SPLC’s own poll shows that 2/3rds of Republican voters believe in the Great Replacement now. Nearly all Republican voters believe Whites are being discriminated against and want to restrict immigration. VDARE isn’t on the “fringe” of the Republican Party anymore. It is the center of the Republican Party in the post-Trump era. It is people like Liz Cheney who are fringe now.

Virtually all Republican voters also hate the media and see Antifa as their enemy. The SPLC also lost its legitimacy years ago. The scaremongering tactics of a decade ago don’t work anymore. People like Michael Edison Hayden and Hannah Gais are still stalking Peter Brimelow out of habit. There is nothing that I am saying anymore or Brimelow is saying that is any different from what the majority of people on the Right now believe. The Overton Window actually has shifted over the past six years.

This is why I identify as a garden variety normie now. My views aren’t shocking or extreme anymore. My views have become boring and conventional. Millions of people on the Right are ready to go straight to violence. The SPLC’s “hate map” or enemies list doesn’t make any sense anymore. The only reason that this website is still on it is because I was saying all this 10 to 20 years ago.


  1. SPLC lied for years, it’s articles are used as source to create wikipedia pages. No one care about the opinion of SPLC an organization that claim to denounce extremism but in its list of extremists there are not BLM and antifa….. hypocrisy

  2. ” SPLC’s own poll shows that 2/3rds of Republican voters believe in the Great Replacement now.”

    Only 60 years late ! The retardicans should have seen this obvious fact in the 1965 immigration act. Any fool could have seen the inevitable results just by the wording of the act. Any fool would have looked at the bill’s sponsors and smelled a skunk.

    WHITES are just too dull and indolent to protect their genetic fortune.

    • “Any fool could have seen the inevitable results just by the wording of the act.”

      This struck me the first time I read of the Act, decades after it was signed. That its proponents succeeded in denying that its result would be exactly what was obviously intended by it was a remarkable bit of gaslighting, made possible by, as you say, the widespread dullness and indolence of whites.

      Whenever I think of the signing of the Act, in October 1965, I’m reminded of words from a pop song that was released in the middle of the following year:

      Soft summer breeze and the surf rolls in
      To laughter of small children playin’
      Someone’s radio has the news tuned in
      But nobody cares what he’s sayin’

  3. Max Krah, who is part of the AfD’s contingent in the European Parliament, and Gerald Grosz, who edits the “Deutschland Kurier,” an alt/dissident right publication here, were both in attendance.

  4. I would add too HW, that Peter Brimelow isn’t gonna stab you in the head for not helping him steal baby formula to sell on ebay.

    Being amongst the normies, where you know peoples names and can learn who they are by direct interaction, keep track of their actual track records etc. has incalculable advantages over the anonymous fringe where the sociopaths lurk.

    • The only thing that matters is being a J-woke National Socialist who is redpilled on race. That’s all you need to build a successful political movement!

  5. Also note that according to the SPLC data cited above, 35% of Democrats strongly or somewhat agree that the Great Replacement is happening, along with 42% of independents.

    We would have been thrilled if even Republicans had those percentages just a few years ago. The GOP could have dominated the last election cycle — the 70 seats Gingrich was predicting — but got derailed on clown stuff like bootstraps and Christian nationalism.

  6. It’s as if Anti-Whites expected to pull off the extermination of our race without anyone making a peep about it.

  7. The Democrats aka Liberals must have forgot that Antifa and Black Lives Matter launched national race riots all over the US in 2020. All the burning, looting, and the taking down of our Confederate Monuments. That sounded like a “War” didn’t it? Sure it did and it was the radical left wing that launched it and during a Covid-19 pandemic. So what’s next for the Republican Party? An actual political war is going on in the Republican Party with the establishment supporting the Governor of Florida over Trump. Is that a bad thing for the Republican Party? Is that a bad thing in terms of “Civic Nationalism” becoming a more dominant force in the Republican Party? Is that a bad thing when the ideology “Christian Nationalism” is making waves? Sure it’s bad for all the above. Ron is nothing but a generic libertarian in the Republican Party. He should quit and join the Libertarian Party if he’s gonna be one. Stop infiltrating the Republican Party. I remember when the Republican Party was Christian and socially conservative. Had a large number of Republicans in Mississippi who supported our Mississippi Flag of 1894. Now the Republican Party is dominated by the Super Rich, Big Corporations, and Jews who hate God, the South and White People in general. Trump changed the game in the Republican Party and made some of our issues more mainstream. His now political rival “Ron” from Florida is doing nothing but pushing the GOP into a more libertarian direction and away from Trump’s civic nationalist direction. That’s the battle that’s going on right now. As for the Republican Party….they will never ever embrace Christian Nationalism, support our Southern Heritage & Culture, and sure never embrace White Nationalism. So that makes them and Democrats both my political enemy and I’ll continue the fight as always educating the public and our folk about White Nationalism and support Third Party candidates who share our views. Deo Vindice!

  8. How come I didn t get invited to this NYC gala ?

    I have a tux .

    I ve been to some VDare Christmas parties in NYC .


  9. National review back in the day before neo Con Js took over used to do fundraising cruises

    We should do fund raising train party rides going out of chicago ‘s union station

    Let s do it .

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