Elon Musk Deplatforms Multiple “Journalists”

Is it censorship? Yes.

Do I have any sympathy at all for these people? No.

If anyone should be deplatformed, it is Antifa activists and websites that dox people and the vicious mobs who used Twitter as a weapon to dogpile and cancel people for years.


“His statements clearly indicate that he sees himself as being engaged in some kind of culture war — “The woke mind virus is either defeated or nothing else matters,” as he tweeted on Monday morning. But what does the highly public censure of Twitter’s previous management team have to do with fighting the “woke mind virus”?

To understand how Musk sees the connection, it’s helpful to look at a recent tweet from Antonio García Martínez, a writer who’s very plugged into the world of right-leaning Silicon Valley founders. García Martínez describes a project that looks something like reverse class warfare: the revenge of the capitalist class against uppity woke managers at their companies.

“What Elon is doing is a revolt by entrepreneurial capital against the professional-managerial class regime that otherwise everywhere dominates (including and especially large tech companies),” García Martínez writes. …”

I hope Elon inspires more billionaires to revolt against the PMC.


  1. I hate these ‘journalists’ (corporate/state activists/propagandists) so much, they are a waste of oxygen, I wish them nothing but the absolute worst.
    They are the worst class of subhuman filth in the western world.

  2. They, the banned and suspended Jews and Irish, were tracting Musks location and threatening him with harm, that is how the Jews and Irish play. They think it is funny they think it is cute. Not so much though when they are on the receiving end of such tactcs.

  3. Liberals crying about free speech and censorship, you love to see it. I hope Hayden is next. They should all be banned.

  4. Spreading hatred, defamation and lies and promoting violence is not free speech. Also defending innocent people from defamation, misinformation and outright violence is not censorship.

    Enemy hostile propaganda is not free speech but weapon of war. Free speech is for good people with best intention, only different opinion. Spreading lies with clear intention to cause harm is not free speech and will never be.

  5. Holy sweet JESUS I love Elon Musk.

    I had my doubts for a while, but this is beautiful.

    Let me clear about my opinions about “free speech”. I’m fine with journalists or left wing activists publishing their pro-left opinions about things, as long as it doesn’t cross the most egregious moral boundaries (pedophilia for example). I’m even OK with them “talking up” such things as “drag Queen story hour”, as long as speech from opposing views isn’t met with threats of violence, and gets proportional amplification, and as long as the perverts aren’t actually molesting children. I thoroughly disagree with that nonsense, but the point is, I shouldn’t have to fear for losing my job just because I speak up for myself and my children.

    But one thing is abundantly clear, this world can’t function as long as the internet has been handed over to leftist mobs. I have a right to possess unpopular opinions and express them without fear of retaliation. And if we can’t have a world where unpopular opinion can be expressed openly without that fear, there should be protections of people’s right to anonymity.

    Pretending that we live in a “free and open” or “democratic” society where those fundamental rights are oppressed is absurd.

    • Musk and a lot of other affluent people must really be getting sick of how far to the left the nation has veered over the last few years. They either out of fear, or out of lack of control of their own organizations, have let these leftists run amok all over the corporate world. An example is all these Japanese companies doing business in the US. When the commission a TV commercial they go to the ad agencies who are “good” expecting to get Don Draper and images of some smiling white families enjoying their cars or electronics. Instead they get served up a load of steaming propaganda with all the various social dysfunctions and pet projects of the left glorified in some unwholesome 30 second spot. (I.E.) the cornrowed ghetto thug in the hospital bed asking the leave it to beaver white girl to the prom with some hi tech “virtual assistant” that was the brainchild of some nerd in Japan who watched too many Big Bang Theory reruns. The corporate bosses must be horrified at the PMC little girls and effeminate NPR voiced boys turning their business into their pet social revolution projects. Musk must have a lot of hidden support routing him on.

  6. He suspended accounts that were tweeting his and his families movements and locations in real time. That information isn’t “news” and the motivations of those tweeting it are obvious and threatening. What would you do if someone who hated you kept posting where you and your family were located? This action is not hypocritical, it’s not even controversial to a normal person.

  7. Elon Musk still has much housecleaning to do on the moderation front. The woke rot at Twitter is as thick as a decomposing beached whale. I think the Twitter moderation team is telling Elon one thing and doing another. He needs to dig deep and keep firing insubordinate employees. They’re still locking, suspending, and shadow banning unwoke accounts on the flimsiest of pretexts. Written protests to the moderation team go unanswered, like KJP getting a hardball question at a White House press conference. Just ignore it, and it goes away.

  8. Everyone should be appreciative and grateful for the efforts Mr. Musk is making.

    He is risking himself in many many regards, and not for his own sake, but, to restore some stolen and much deteriorated aspects of American life – starting with Free Speech and to reduce some vile aspects of social media journalism that amount to legal bushwhacking of those on The Right.

    Thank you, Mr. Musk.

    You are the sole Oligarch I can think of who has stepped into the fray to help this failing country out.

  9. When I think of Mr. Keith Olbermann, in a historical context, I SEE A YANKEE OFFICER IN 1864, descending on a Georgia farm with some US Government troops, and, after raping all the women (White & Black) and stealing everything not nailed down, they set fire to the main house and all the outbuildings.

    And, as they leave, the officer looks back on the blazing scene permeated by the most serene sense of self-satisfaction that he has accomplished something good for this world – his only regret not having found any Southern men to shoot in the back

    And so it is that someone who has publically yearned for the destruction of tens of millions of ordinary folk in this country has, himself, been justly removed from an important aspect of the public square.

    HIGH TIME that vitriolic Leftists, who call for the removal and destruction of those whom they say are hateful, themselves experience what they are so wont to project.

    HIGH TIME that Leftists who have made so much of us uncomfortable in our own country, that they, themselves, ought be discomforted.

    HIGH TIME That Leftists, like Olbermann, live what they have forced us to live – systemic marginalization.

    Thoughout most of my life I have been prepared to defend any man who has a point of view different than mine, but, I will no longer do that for those like Keith Olbermann, they whose sole intent is to force us out or down under.

    • Based on the look in his eye and the foam in his mouth, that sociopath is probably capable of everything in your first two paragraphs, him, and his brigading followers.

      • @LMNOP & Flaxen-headed Strumpet…

        Thank you, Gentlemen, for the affirmation!

        When I was expressing my comment in question, I did not for a minute think that I was alone.

        Murderousness is not all that hard to see, unless it is within ourselves, which is probably why Mr. Olbermann, if he read my appraisal of him, would probably be aghast and, as an unconscious defensive mechanism, attribute it all to me and my own projections.

        Merry Xmas!

  10. Watched the Jason Kessler video about the infiltration and pwnage by alphabet soup CPUSA comrades, well worth the time.
    Fire them all.

  11. Again, Mollusk is tasked with rebuilding the right, a rightwing acceptable to his superiors in Langley.

    So, some communist revolutionaries are banned, even some from top jew networks. And thousands of populist accounts are also recently banned, such as Andrew Torba, who was banned for hate speech, which was bible verses. Banned for bible verses.

    A rightwing acceptable to Langley. It will be a big club, and we won’t be in it. But I wouldn’t worry too much. The entire ZOG beast is in its death throes.

  12. If it wasnt for the lunatic extremes of the left, the right would be docile and conforming.

    Brother Elon is learning some hard lessons and will be better for it: there is no living with these people, not now, not ever.

    Elon Musk is my countryman, these people are not.

    New Nation Now.

  13. I don’t call banning people that consistently post your exact location to enable harassment and intimidation (or worse), censorship.

  14. @IronicSock…

    I agree, but, then again, the way The Modern Left uses semantics, it is shaped in such a way as to paint those who disagree with them as monsters, the implication being that they, The Left, are, and, indeed, would be, justified in any steps they might take against those who disagree with them – no matter what.

    One see this tactic in history – The Grand Inquisitors referring to those they tortured, and sought to torture as, ‘Heretics’, Soviet NKVD referring to those who disagreed with them as ‘Counter-Revolutionaries’, the German Security State of WWII referring to Slavs and Jews as ‘Subhumans’.

    One see this tactic in US Government propaganda, for whenever they want us to but okay with them ‘couping’ someone or bombing someone, the leader of the target country is the object of demonization in our press.

    We all have to be careful we do not fall into dehumanizing people, even when, no, particularly, when, we very much disagree with someone.

    It’s a path fraught with danger for our mortal souls.

  15. The communists have NEVER been able to take what they dish out. I have said this for decades and I thought that was common knowledge. All the marxists in this country-antifa, blm, lgbtq groups, etc. are guilty of treason and deserve to be rounded up, arrested, imprisoned, brought to trial and summarily mass executed. So sorry if I sugar coated how I feel about this issue.

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