Elon Musk Embraces “Bossism” While Other Tech Executives Envy Him

Do you know who is not upset that the likes of Donie O’Sullivan and Aaron Rupar have been banned from Twitter?

New York Times:

“He says the things many C.E.O.s wish they could say, and then he actually does them,” said Roy Bahat, a venture capitalist with Bloomberg Beta.

Mr. Bahat, who has criticized some of Mr. Musk’s moves, characterized his Twitter tenure as a “living natural experiment” — a divisive but illuminating window into what other executives might be able to get away with, if they tried.

“He’s giving people a lot more knowledge of what’s possible,” he said.

Tech elites don’t simply support Mr. Musk because they like him personally or because they agree with his anti-woke political crusades. (Although a number do.)

Rather, they view him as the standard-bearer of an emergent worldview they hope catches on more broadly in Silicon Valley.

The writer John Ganz has called this worldview “bossism” — a belief that the people who build and run important tech companies have ceded too much power to the entitled, lazy, overly woke people who work for them and need to start clawing it back.

In Mr. Ganz’s telling, Silicon Valley’s leading proponents of bossism — including Mr. Musk and the financiers Marc Andreessen and Peter Thiel — are seizing an opportunity to tug the tech industry’s culture sharply to the right, taking leftist workers and worker-sympathizers down a peg while reinstating themselves and their fellow bosses to their rightful places atop the totem pole. …”


  1. If enough billionaires and millionaires took charge like this, we’d see a cultural shift to the right that would play out in our politics. Cultural and political change is driven by the elites. A successful right wing movement will need a certain amount of these people if it wants to succeed. Hopefully more of them will step up like Elon has.

    • American Reactionary, agreed….It was the planter class, that provided my people the were withal, too see that we could do it, I would not be surprised at all, too learn Elon, is quite familiar with Occidental dissent

  2. >“bossism”

    linkThe rejection or embrace of hierarchy (i.e. inequality) is the fundamental difference between Left- and Right-Wing worldviews. Right-Wingers believe that hierarchy is inherent to reality and part of the natural order, while Leftists claim to believe that all men are fundamentally “equal”.

    So Musk is embracing (operational) hierarchy: he’s in charge.

    Superficially, it appears Jack Dorsey was less a fan or practitioner of ‘bossism’, admitting that a lot of the ‘woke’ nonsense became entrenched at Twitter while he was nominally in charge.

    I imagine people like Musk also take a very utilitarian approach to a workforce:

    Twitter targeted women for layoffs under Elon Musk, lawsuit says

    >banned from Twitter

    I don’t know exactly who was ‘banned’, but it appears most if not all of the prominent accounts were ‘suspended’ because they in some way shared info from the account that tracks Musk’s private plane (also ‘banned’), which violates the new policy against doxxing — if that’s the case, then it appears the ban is actually only a 7 day suspension.

    • Sounds like he is getting rid of this “work from home” farce that the little ladies have slid into using the scamdemic as an excuse. The gall that women and slacker dude’s from Generation Bastard now expect to not even have to show up for work and still get their regular paycheck!!! When the alarm goes off a minute before their shift they just reach over to their night stand and log into some “app” and are now on the clock. Then pajamas, netflix and chill. The little ladies playing with their kids with the soaps on the boob tube. And they are supposed to pay you a huge middle class wage for this crap that can get done remotely in Bombay for a pittance? Not to mention where I work we had women doing multiple full time “remote” jobs at the same time. Really, they were logged into two different companies time clocks simultaneously at home. What a scam, I hope all the cunts who thought they’d chill at home for the rest of their life get pink slipped. I don’t even want them back in the office the way they didn’t want Winthorpe back in Trading Places after he showed up as a drunken Santa Claus suited bum. If you couldn’t figure out the affront your little “work from home” scam was to civilization for the past 30 months you deserve to be down at the welfare office with Kaneesha with your residence downsized to living next to Jamal in the projects.

  3. So, the great war between Brats and The Swamp is about to begin. Trump supporters are safely far away.

    My bet is on brats. They are young, aggressive and with nothing to lose. And have no problems using violence.

    Thanks to The Donald wise leadership, enemy will destroy itself by civil war.

  4. I couldn’t tell you the number of times that when I pick up a phone call from my boss the first thing he says is “you fucked up”. Then we figure out why and how to not repeat the error and then I fix it.

    Getting your ass chewed for screwing up is a refreshing difference between the real world and the faggoty corporate world of passive aggression where you get stabbed in the back if people don’t like what you do, right or wrong.

    I for one, am a fan of bosses being no nonsense. The way fathers are.

    • @Ironic,
      What gets up my nose are white, nutless knobs who marry little polite and compliant Asian women because they can’t handle white women spelling things out to them. Without feedback and communication, you don’t know to improve as an individual. One needs to deal with the reality when they’re not up to par.
      I know a 65 to white man whose married to a Filipino one third his age. He said the marriage is great. Despite being pot bellied, lazy and overweight, she only ever tells him how ‘wonderful’ he is. It’s very hard to watch….
      Give me a curvy white woman any day. I need feedback.

  5. @Juri…

    “…The great war between Brats and The Swamp is about to begin…”

    Excellent and hilarious commentary.

    All romances must come to an end, at which point true friends or enemies will arise in it’s place.


  6. OT

    Every now and then you see something on social media that reinforces how deep the divide in the US is, including the contempt with which the media/political PMC views the unwashed masses (and how this contempt seems to be taken up by NPCs):

    Twitter/Scott MacFarlaneALERT: Calling him a leader of riot, Judge sentences Jan 6 defendant Doug Jensen of Iowa to five years in prison. Judge slams Jensen for lack of remorse and for emboldening attack on Officer Eugene Goodman and Capitol on Jan 6

    While it’s always true that the reaction/replies to this reflect both the account/its followers and how it’s shared, here they can only be described gloating, even rabid — no sentence would have been too long.

    Another tweet from the same account:

    linkREAD that police inspector’s letter to the court. It’s powerful

    Some drama queen Capitol police inspector (a do-nothing job), a grown man, tells the court about his essentially harmless encounter with the defendant and how traumatic it allegedly was (‘it changed my life forever’) — he includes casual lies, e.g. ‘Two Capitol police officers perished as a result of the riot’, one of them a suicide days later; he even blames that on Jan 06 — the whole thing is a ridiculously melodramatic joke, something you’d condemn even if it came from a woman, yet it’s described as ‘powerful’.

    People have heard the phrase ‘physiognomy is real’ — for men, one aspect of this is that modern civilization has created large numbers of weak cowards who seek safety and status via allegiance to the state.

  7. Why can’t I respond to Ms Browning Mr Wallace?
    Will his feelings get hurt?
    He’s such a Pussy.
    Know this mrs or ms Browning, you have no friends among my group.

    • Joe Biden, Miley, and Sullivan are going to start WW3 and bring nuclear destruction to America and your blood is going to be held to account. Chew on that mouth.

      • They aren’t my “blood” you brown hued Anglo-Zionist.
        I agree they will cause what you say.
        Please identify yourself after it happens so we’ll know the appropriate action to take. No quarter for you. Dick Lip.

    • Relax — I think most people here have a realistic view of Musk — regarding biased and just plain dumb, arbitrary censorship, the situation at Twitter has improved since he took over, so he deserves some credit for that.

  8. While Trump was marginally better than a Bush or Biden at best, he was a big letdown, I’m not investing much, if anything in anyone, especially some billionaire, a techy one at that, Musk has said and done some alright things but he’s also flip flopped, we’ll see where he’s at like 10 years from now, I mean the guy was a democrat just a few minutes ago.

  9. Elon Musk, like Trump has always been a Democrat. He is turning everyone Blue with his BS. Just as planned.

    My gosh, how easily fooled we are.

    Ye for President? How about Elon for POTUS?

  10. “The writer John Ganz has called this worldview “bossism” — a belief that the people who build and run important tech companies have ceded too much power to the entitled, lazy, overly woke people who work for them and need to start clawing it back.”

    This is a bad misreading of the situation. The people who run important tech companies, and the boards of directors who own them, are the vanguard of “overly woke” everything. Theyre the people who created and fund the ideology. John Ganz here presents the standard conservative myth that the rich and powerful are actually secretly on their side, but that they are held back by the “entitled, lazy” masses.

    • I agree with Ganz.

      In most cases, it is the employees who are woke, not the owners. It is middle management. PMCs rant about the rich and powerful, but hate the working class and middle class for cultural reasons.

      • No, it’s the owners. As a boomercon, of course you believe this boomercon mythology of the conservative rich, but it just isn’t the case. We have over a century of evidence showing otherwise (the richest have been the vanguard of socially liberal culture and policies since at least the beginning of the 20th century). Ganz is apparently a radlib, which is the other group aside from boomercons who believes this myth.

        • 1.) My parents are Boomers.

          2.) White college educated professionals who are irreligious or atheists who live in big cities, inner ring suburbs and college towns are the vanguard of social liberalism.

          3.) Education and atheism are far more predictive of social liberalism than income.

          4.) PMCs who have worst cultural views rail the most against “the billionaire class.” It is their downwardly mobile kids who join Antifa and support Bernie Sanders.

          5.) The vast majority of progressives are not particularly well off. They are very irreligious and indoctrinated. College professors and HR managers are the core constituency

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