The MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT didn’t go over so well, but we have press release on social media censorship from the Department of Situation Monitoring.

BTW, everyone was banned when Blumpf was president and he did nothing about it except boast about MAGA (Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Apple) stocks hitting record highs. Blumpf’s final act was getting banned from every internet platform and pardoning a bunch of black rappers and Jewish criminals.

Only $99!




  1. Oh brother. Trump as a superhero? Please no. My eyes rolling back in my head are so far back now, they hurt……

  2. Good example about real political power. Donald superhero stunt is major news, some other guy even most reasonable statement is getting zero attention.

    Now regime media will spend many hours discussing what was the purpose of this troll post. Without understanding that forcing regime media put The Donald on the front page again was probably the only reason for this major announcement.

    Good example about psychological warfare. After 7 years, The Donald can still manipulate media. They know that they need Donald fade away and become irrelevant former celebrity like brown Jesus Obama but they cant ignore Donald even if they want.

    • >Good example about psychological warfare.

      This interpretation is as accurate as Richard Spencer orgiastically claiming that Kanye West taps into primal world-historical energies with Nazi imagery. It’s just not how Middle America sees things.

      I personally feel bad for Trump and also feel guilty for trashing him. So let’s be positive and commemorate his many achievements:

      * increased funding for Holocaust education
      * pardoning Israelis who spied on America
      * using our military to assassinate the Iranian Secretary of Defense, for Israel
      * bombing Syria for Israel
      * moving the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem
      * pushing through billions of free money annually for Israel
      * recognition of the Golan Heights
      * his signature accomplishment, much more important than immigration: massive tax cuts for you-know-who. (He even bragged at Mar-a-Lago how rich he made them.)

      Trump heroically moves heaven and earth to help his base. White gentiles are not his base.

  3. His big Jew donors cut him off in order to support their new Sabboth Goy DeSantis. And now look at this. This is what he is without them.

  4. Very strange.

    Clearly I’m no fan of Trump; I regularly trash him — but this is so bizarre that I actually feel a bit sorry for him, and wonder what is going on behind the scenes — ? — why is he making a fool of himself like this? — does he really need the money that badly? — is it some kind of joke? — is he trying to torpedo his 2024 chances?

    So much for those who claimed Trump would be better off without Jared and Ivanka around.

    • You feel sorry for a billionaire who was once the president of the U.S…

      …you ought to reevaluate your opinion of yourself. You’re the guy thinking he knows more about the landscape than a man who has been in a hot air balloon…

      • >You feel sorry for a billionaire who was once the president of the U.S.

        Perhaps a bit, yes, because this is so inappropriate coming from someone who wants to be president (again).

        Honestly, I also had some sympathy for Trump when he was president due to the way he was constantly attacked; I’d never seen a president treated with such disrespect — to be effective, a president needs a modicum of moral authority, but Trump was unfairly robbed of that by the constant name-calling and bogus investigations.

        When he was dying of pancreatic cancer, I had sympathy for Steve Jobs (another billionaire) too, even though he was someone whose persona I never cared for, and I knew people who worked at Apple who weren’t big fans of him either.

        >you ought to reevaluate your opinion of yourself

        Why should I do that?

        Your comment is pretty much a non-sequitur — there seems to be no real coherent point (worth making), just a weak attempt at an ad hominem remark over something as banal as me saying I had a bit of sympathy for Trump because he’s making a fool of himself.

        Like most people, the image I have of myself does change; it is something I think about.

    • yes it is sad

      am sticking with the idea that they drugged him up over time and he is not who he was

      this cringe stuff they have him doing is prime mass demoralisation

  5. This would be laughable if, sadly, there would not be so many White Blumpf fans who will rush to spend what little money they have on this trash. Blumpf will only be lining his pocket and laughing all the way to the bank. Portraying an overweight, mid-70’s Blumpf as a bodybuilder in superhero tights is ridiculous.

  6. I do not see how digital trading cards can turn around the lamentably bad past month he has had.

    On the other hand, they will raise money in what augers to be a neverending boondoggle.

  7. A superhero is exactly NOT what this country needs. Personally I would be satisfied with a major opposition party that isn’t a three ring circus of conniving idiots and mealy mouthed frauds and actually cares about it’s voting base.

  8. He could have and should have been a great White hero; the Andrew Jackson of the 21st century. But he decided to become the ultimate jew-whore assclown instead.

  9. @Brad If Trump shovels some money over to you, will you take it?

    I’m sick of hearing from the stooges who work for Rona Romney calling asking for money. She’s just another cultist. Not that Punjab Harmeed Dhillon will be any better. I would like to see a combative White man take that job.

    • @Orange…

      They stopped sending requests for money from my wife and me, because I kept writing the following :

      When y’all put up a wall, begin the deportations, stop unlimited warrantless government spying, passively supporting the homosexualification of America, and endless regime-change wars abroad, bring back manufacturing, uphold free speech – whilst arresting and prosecuting those who violently demonstrate, then I will send y’all some money.

      Not before then.

  10. The carnival of right wing politics seems never ending.

    The political class, needs to be utterly purged.

  11. Would Trump have accomplished anything if he rejected the right wing libertarian nuts in the Republican Party while he was President? Sure because he could have took the Republican Party forward with Civic Nationalism and Populism. Think about it he would have stopped Covid-19 in China…Nationalist solutions. He would have got better Free Trade Agreements that helped American Workers….Nationalist solutions. He would have Closed The Border and deported all Illegal Immigrants….Nationalist solutions. He would have stopped Antifa and Black Lives Matter from carrying out race riots and violence all over America…Nationalist solutions. He would have actually defended our Confederate and American Monuments with the National Guard….Nationalist solutions. He would have did something about censorship against White Americans on Social Media….Nationalist solutions. If he would have supported a National Health Care System that covered every single American…Nationalist solutions. Supported Unions for all workers. The list goes on and on and on. He failed because he was afraid of the right wing libertarian nuts like that idiot Governor of Florida and the rest of the goons that should quit the Republican Party and join the Weed Gays in the Libertarian Party. It’s pathetic. The Republican Party has always been a lost cause…every Southerner with a Confederate ancestor should know that. So look for “Third Party” opinions and vote for those candidates. If you don’t see one on the ballot….skip voting….it’s better than voting for the enemy. Deo Vindice!

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