2022 Predictions and Hedges

It has been nearly a year.

How did my predictions and hedges play out over the course of 2022?

1. Republicans Win 2022 Midterms

The 2022 midterms will be a red wave election and the latest round of backlash politics. This is the norm in American politics. George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump all saw their party lose control of at least one chamber of Congress in 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018. The Republicans will take the House and probably the Senate although their margin of victory will depend on how inflation, gas prices, violent crime, illegal immigration and COVID go over the course of the next year.


The 2022 midterms were a modest red wave election and the latest round of backlash politics. Republicans won the popular vote and flipped the House. The GOP failed to take the Senate and dropped a seat. There were a number of reasons for this that I didn’t anticipate, but abortion becoming a more salient issue was my biggest miss. I thought the Supreme Court would uphold Roe v. Wade.

2. Rise of the Cultural Tea Party

Powered by the revolutionary platform “Let’s Go Brandon,” the Republican Party will continue its evolution into a vessel of backlash politics and performative lib owning and will be animated by the rejection of vanguard cultural liberalism. The mark of a good statesman in the new GOP will be measured by the ability of a politician to trigger and own the libs, not by passing successful legislation. In 2017, Trump was an outlier in the GOP, but by 2024 he will have successfully purged the haters and the losers like Liz Cheney and will be well on his way to rebuilding the party in his own image with more MAGA Squad members like Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene proliferating in Congress and at the state level. The story of 2022 will be the Trumpification of the GOP by a sort of culture war Tea Party.


This more or less happened.

Trump succeeded in purging the haters and losers from the GOP. Liz Cheney was soundly defeated in her primary in Wyoming. Most of the Republicans who voted for Trump’s impeachment lost their primaries or retired. Adam Kinzinger just delivered his farewell address to Congress. The problem for the GOP remains its lack of a positive agenda. Running on lib owning and backlash politics and the conventional Republican economic platform and foreign policy flopped with Independent voters in state after state. Lauren Boebert who is the face of the “culture war Tea Party” nearly lost her election in Colorado. “Let’s Go Brandon” drove up Republican turnout, but Democrats were able to narrowly persuade the middle.

3. “Latinx” Voters Shift Right

The Republican Party will become more Hispanic in 2022 as “Latinx” voters continue to shift Right like the White working class Obama-Trump voters before them in between 2012 and 2016. The Democratic Party will continue to bleed these Democratic Leaning Working Class (DLWC) voters whose values and priorities are out of sync with its dominant woke professional wing. This influx of “Latinx” voters which is sure to be complemented by higher levels of support among White rural voters will continue to push the Republican Party in a more moderate direction on economics. Even if this trend is not reflected in policy, the median Republican voter will become more populist, but not socialist, on economics.


In Florida, this definitely happened. Ron DeSantimonious won Miami-Dade County and crushed Democrats statewide. He also won the Puerto Rican vote in Florida. Greg Abbott also won more “Latinx” voters in Texas. Mayra Flores lost her race in South Texas, but Monica de la Cruz won a different seat. South Texas is now a swing region because Republicans are increasingly competitive with Tejano voters. Nationwide, however, the Hispanic vote broke more like 60/40 for Democrats than splitting 50/50 as many analysts had expected. Republicans are definitely winning more Hispanic men, but abortion drove Hispanic women to the polls. There is a growing gender gap among Hispanic voters.

4. Red Dogs Come Home Temporarily

At least in this election cycle without Trump on the ballot, more of the traditional Mitt Romney-style Republicans who are unhappy with Joe Biden will continue to swing between the parties and will come home in the suburbs. Basically, the pattern that we saw in Virginia and New Jersey and other states will be replicated on a national scale – high margins among White rural voters, “Latinx” voters shifting Right and traditional suburban Republicans swinging back to the GOP.


The Red Dogs stuck with Joe Biden and Democrats. They were the decisive swing voters who were responsible for the results in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

5. COVID Fades For Real

The COVID pandemic will end in 2022. The Omicron variant heralds the inevitable transition into the COVID endemic in which the virus weakens into just another strain of the common cold. COVID will never go away, but Americans are exhausted with it after two years and ready to move on with their lives. It is likely that another new COVID variant will emerge in 2022, but I think we have seen the worst of the pandemic and doubt that another nasty variant like Delta will emerge in the future. The bitterness and division of COVID politics, however, is a different story and the backlash against Joe Biden’s COVID policies will play a powerful role in driving up Republican turnout in the 2022 midterms.


I nailed this one.

Omicron was the end and spread so much natural immunity that the pandemic faded.

6. Gas Prices, Illegal Immigration and Violent Crime Remain Stubbornly High

I don’t think we have seen the worst on these fronts under Joe Biden. I think gas prices and illegal immigration will be higher next summer and violent crime will remain elevated and a major issue in the big cities. All three of these issues will suppress Joe Biden’s approval rating with Independent voters.


The violent crime issue in New York is why Republicans took the House.

7. Polarization Will Increase In 2022

This is an easy call.

The country will become more polarized and radicalized in 2022 which is an election year. The issue that is most likely to ratchet up polarization to the next level is abortion which the Supreme Court will rule on before the 2022 midterms. Regardless of what happens to Roe v. Wade, the Republican base is animated by dozens of culture war grievances now and the gap between the two sides will only grow.


The Dark Brandon speech is the best example of this.

8. Supreme Court Weakens Roe v. Wade

I’m skeptical that the Supreme Court will outright overturn Roe v. Wade. I doubt that Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett and Neil Gorsuch will rise to the occasion. I think they will throw the evangelicals a bone and weaken abortion while maintaining the status quo.


I was too cynical about the Supreme Court.

If the Supreme Court had not struck down Roe v. Wade over the summer, I think the election would have played out as I expected. Instead, the Democrats were handed a culture war issue that fired up their base and which played well for them with Independent voters in the middle of the electorate and were able to use that to blunt the red wave in states where there are fewer White evangelical voters.

9. Stephen Breyer Retires and Joe Biden Replaces Him With a Black Woman

In light of the fact that Democrats will likely lose the Senate in the 2022 midterms, Stephen Breyer will retire and Joe Biden will make good on his promise to Jim Clyburn and will nominate a black woman to replace him. The confirmation hearings for this black woman will also be full of charges of “racism” and “white supremacy” against Republicans.


Ketanji Brown Jackson now sits on the Supreme Court.

10. Inflation Will Persist Into Early 2022

Honestly, I don’t know if the supply chain issues will be sorted out by the 2022 midterms. I assume that inflation will persist at least for the next few months. If I was forced to guess, I would assume that inflation will ebb somewhat before the midterms as the world recovers from COVID and that will take some wind out of the Republican sails. I underestimated inflation though in 2021.


Inflation remained high through early 2022.

Inflation also faded somewhat before the midterms because gas prices have come down since August.

11. Donald Trump Announces His 2024 Revenge Tour

Your Favorite President will announce he is running for president to dethrone Sleepy Joe shortly after the massive Republican victory in the 2022 midterms for which he will take tremendous credit.


As expected, Trump announced the Revenge Tour shortly after the midterms although it occurred in the backdrop of the most disappointing pyrrhic victory ever in the midterms.

12. Merrick Garland Indicts Donald Trump

I assume that the ultimate outcome of the January 6 committee will be finding some excuse for Merrick Garland to press criminal charges against Trump – most likely due to all the shameless Stop the Steal grifting – to disqualify him from running for president in 2024. This will be massively polarizing, but the Democrats will do it anyway.


Instead of outright indicting Trump on criminal charges for 1/6, Merrick Garland appointed Jack Smith as Special Counsel to investigate Trump.

13. Media Continues Breathless Coverage of “January 6 Insurrection”

The media hasn’t broken away from their breathless coverage of the “January 6 insurrection” for a solid year now which has become the new Russiagate for the shitlibs who watch CNN and MSNBC. The “journalists” will continue to cover the story through the 2022 midterms and even more furiously after Trump is indicted by Garland. Once again, shitlibs will be on the edge of their seats to see if Trump goes to prison like they were over the release of the Mueller Report.


The 1/6 Committee dominated the news cycle for months.

14. Counter-Extremism Grift Continues

The counter-extremism and disinformation grift will continue as the ADL and SPLC and the Atlantic Council’s “Digital Forensic Research Lab” and the “Global Project Against Hate and Extremism” continue to release new reports and push for technocratic solutions to America’s long term social disintegration, but Americans will continue to become more polarized and radicalized in spite of all their censorship, doxxing and lawfare. As social media balkanizes due to censorship and “journalists” abandon their ostensible neutrality in favor of moral clarity, “extremists” will continue to blur with the “mainstream” as trust in “mainstream” sources approaches zero and more of our ideas and narratives spread through the Right and become more prevalent without the moderation on sites like Facebook and Twitter.


These people were and remain ineffective.

The latest example of this is Michael Edison Hayden and Hannah Gais attending the NYYRC Gala and trying and failing to push the narrative that Peter Brimelow is an “extremist” in the contemporary Republican Party where virtually everyone now supports with immigration restriction.

15. Build Back Better Will Pass In Some Form

The Democrats will come out of the gates in 2022 with an even more watered down and stripped down version of Build Back Better in the hope satisfying Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema. They will eventually pass something through budget reconciliation to save face and declare victory and House Progressives will cave to Manchin like they always do. Although BBB 2.0 will eventually pass Congress, it will prove as exciting and transformative as BIF. It will be another dud and the last legislative hurrah of the Biden presidency.


In the end, they called it the Inflation Reduction Act and it boosted spirits among the Democratic base ahead of the midterms.

16. “Our Democracy” Will Die In 2022

“Our Democracy” will die in 2022 when the woke professional class which is concentrated in coastal metro areas and has lost its legitimacy is repudiated by voters at the ballot box.


“Our Democracy” was on the verge of death ahead of the midterms, but it was saved by voters at the ballot box when the GOP won a narrow victory in the House and failed to meet expectations. Once again, if the Supreme Court had not struck down Roe v. Wade, this is likely what would have happened.

As for my hedges, I thought several things might happen in 2022, but wasn’t confident enough to predict that they would happen.

1. Joe Biden Gets Lucky Again

Low Probability. In this scenario, Joe Biden gets lucky and everything breaks his way in 2022. Gas prices, inflation, violent crime and illegal immigration come down. COVID finally fades as I expect it will in 2022. Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema have a change of heart and vote for a larger than expected Build Back Better bill. Biden forgives student loan debt. The Supreme Court stirs up the Democratic base. Joe Biden has a Sister Souljah moment and triangulates against progressive activists and Trumpism like Bill Clinton. As a result, Democrats hold the Senate and suffer minimal losses in the House.


Democrats held the Senate and suffered minimal losses in the House. Abortion was the biggest reason followed by the familiar 5% of anti-Trump Republicans voting for Democrat Senate candidates.

2. Supreme Court Strikes Down Roe v. Wade

Moderate Probability. Maybe I am underestimating Neil Gorsuch, Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh and Roe v. Wade is struck down this summer in an intensely polarizing 5-4 decision. Evangelicals win a major culture war victory and abortion ignites the culture war at the state level and drives up Democratic turnout among college educated White women in the 2022 midterms.


I definitely thought this could happen.

I didn’t think it would happen, but when it did it played out like I expected it would.

5. Foreign Policy Crisis

Moderate Probability. Afghanistan was one of my biggest misses in 2021. I expected it to be a win for Joe Biden who I overestimated on both inflation, getting credit from swing voters for policies like the child tax credit and handling the economy. Perhaps Sleepy Joe finds himself in a real crisis – something like Russia invading Ukraine or China invading Taiwan or Iran and Israel going to war – and it goes even worse for him and American prestige than Afghanistan before the 2022 midterms.



8. Violent Accelerationists Return

Moderate Probability. Fortunately, there have been no accelerationist mass shootings over the past year and we have kept a low profile while gaining lots of political ground, but who knows how long our luck will last before the next idiot thinks he can unilaterally ignite the race war and lashes out? Perhaps a violent outburst in 2022 comes from some other quarter like the anti-vaxxers or the Patriot movement? While I don’t think it is likely to happen, it is a real possibility.



9. New Movement Variant Drops

Moderate Probability. The rise of the Alt-Right occurred in the context of the late Obama years. The movement imploded in 2017 and has been in disarray since that time, but conditions are ripe for a new variant of White Nationalism to emerge on the back end of the Biden presidency. Millions of Trumpers have been radicalized under the Brandon administration, a major backlash is brewing against progressive activists, trust in “journalism” is at an all time low and there is now a mass audience for radical change with ideas like the Great Replacement, White Genocide and secession going mainstream. You would think we would be able to take advantage of that and catch the next wave.


Yedolf and Nick Fuentes teaming up is more or less the end of the America First arc which began after Charlottesville. The movement is definitely headed toward more turbulence as this shakes out in 2023.


  1. >1. Republicans Win 2022 Midterms

    That’s funny — considering what the outcome could or even should have been, i.e. given the economic situation, inflation etc, the result was a disaster — at best it was a very badly missed opportunity — not even close to a ‘hit’.

    No wonder the GOP is full of fossils and losers; if it was a for-profit operation, it would have gone out of business long ago — there is simply not nearly enough popular pressure on them to renew and improve coming from their constituency — but then other than a few ‘culture war’ type issues, their voting patterns show they represent their donors more than their voters.

    Because non-whites typically vote overwhelming for Democrats (Blacks and Jews usually at least 4:1, Hispanics and Asians usually 2.5:1, sometimes closer to 2:1; exceptions to this are very uncommon and typically local rather than national), with every passing year it becomes demographically more and more difficult for Republicans — only Whites vote for them in significant numbers.

    You better hope things worsen heading into 2024.

    • Hard disagree.

      The GOP won the House which paralyzes the Biden administration for the next two years. Democrats won the House, but failed to take the Senate in 2018. Winning the Senate would have been nice, but wouldn’t have changed much except for judicial nominations.

      Non-Whites are also wildly exaggerated by White Nationalists. Half of blacks live in the South where Republicans are dominant. A third of Hispanics live here too and the GOP won them in Florida.

      Shitlib Whites are the real problem. See the West Coast. A majority of Whites there vote for awful Democrat politicians. Oregon and Washington aren’t a disaster because of black voters.

      Look at the Upper Midwest, Pennsylvania and the Northeast. Shitlib Whites reelected all of their awful governors. Every House seat in New England is held by a Democrat. The Whites who live there have the type of government that they want.

      • >Hard disagree.

        Like I suggested, it’s easy to see why the GOP is perennially ineffective: there is not enough pressure on them.

        And to return to a theme I’ve addressed before, namely the fact Republicans underperform among educated Whites: many of those people are professionals who work in jobs/careers that demand results and performance — there is an underlying contempt among them for the GOP, which they see as an incompetent and poorly run organization.

        >The GOP won the House

        Last I heard, the margin was less than 10 seats — given how often, and how many, Republicans vote with Democrats, it remains to be seen how ‘paralyzed’ the House will be for the next two years — just looking at the numbers, I don’t think that will be enough to e.g. stop funding Ukraine — it would not have been nearly enough to stop the Respect for Marriage Act (link) — we’ll see I suppose.

        Scenes from a celebration of the same-sex marriage law — at Mar-a-Lago

        “We are fighting for the gay community, and we are fighting and fighting hard,” Donald Trump told a Log Cabin Republicans gala. …Hundreds of guests in tuxedos of all styles — sequined, quilted, velvet — and colorful gowns sipped on Trump-branded champagne and martinis. Between courses of steak and bite-sized Key lime pie, they danced to “YMCA” and “Macho Man,” the disco anthems at Trump rallies. … Thursday night’s Log Cabin Republicans’ “Spirit of Lincoln” gala in the main ballroom of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago beachfront club was a joyous celebration of gay rights and — in a case of ironic timing — the historic same-sex marriage law signed by President Joe Biden days earlier.

        I have a question: if Trump is ‘fighting for the gay community’, against whom is he fighting? — virtually the entirety of the political, media, and corporate establishments are already on the side of the ‘gay community’.

        Anyway, it sounds like it was a fun party — not to be a scrooge, but even the MAGA crowd seems a bit out of touch with its base — and perhaps it’s a mistake to see the GOP as reliable on ‘culture war’ issues.

        To be fair:

        The long-planned event in honor of the conservative LGBTQ organization’s 45th anniversary …

      • >The GOP won the House

        Might be of interest, for a number of reasons:

        A Newly Elected Congressman Seems to Have Made Up His Whole Life Story

        But he’s Hispanic — that must count for something.

        Should the accusations prove true (they’re already pretty funny), while I’m not sure what the legal situation is vis-a-vis taking his seat in January, I’m fairly certain what the ethical situation is, meaning what he ought to do: not assume his seat.

        Also seems somehow relevant:

        >… the GOP, which they see as an incompetent and poorly run organization.

    • @eah:

      Okay, you can call my opinion counter-intuitive, but IMNSHO the marginalization of White Americans began when the Dixiecrats left the DNC and became the Republicans. When they left, they and Democrat populists all over the country were pushed out of the DNC in favor of the Marxist progressives.

      Prior to the success of the Nixon Southern Strategy, I lived in Texas when it was completely Democrat-controlled and a Republican couldn’t even be elected dogcatcher. But, there were two factions battling for supremacy; the Progressives like Ronnie Earle and the Populists like Bob Bullock who, unlike the Republican True Conservatives, didn’t hesitate to engage in bare-knuckled brawls with the Progressives and wrestle in the mud with them.

      Texas was much better run. It was majority White. Mexicans came to work, but they were men who rented a house where every room looked more like dormitories full of bunk beds and worked many hours. They left their wives and children behind in Mexico. The common goal of many of them back then was to make enough money to cash out a house/ranchero and/or buy a cantina/shop back in Mexico and then leave the USA, never to return.

      That all changed once “Compassionate Conservative,” George “Dubya” Bush became governor and then later President of the USA. I honestly think that the Bushes were behind unofficially opening the borders and pushing amnesty, because Jeb! had married a Mexican (who never bothered to learn English) and they wanted to create a built-in Hispanic constituency for future political candidates with brown skin but named Bush.

      IOW, unlike the Republicans who loathe being seen as the party of White people and only dog whistle to them to con them into voting for them and then never hesitate to throw them under the bus to court the Black, Asian and “Latinx” vote, the Democrats don’t give a damn where they get their votes as long as they get them.

      Moreover, the excesses of BLM and Antifa turned off enough other Non-Whites (not enough to be a huge factor in the Mid-terms) but enough to cause enough alarm when Hispanics and Asians voted in competent Republicans instead of corrupt, incompetent Democrats just to spite YT.

      Not only that but Kanye aka YEdolf West and David Chappelle sounding off and calling attention to Jewish Supremacy in this country has exposed the long-growing fissures between the old Black-Jewish alliance (and may be the reason why the country is being flooded with Hispanics (who don’t have a problem about rumbling with Blacks).

      Yes, Jonathan “Noseferatu” Greenblatt et al made a big public point about crushing Mr. West and reducing him from Billionaire to Millionaire because he pointed out their enormous power and influence, but I think Greenblatt et al’s antics were more about intimidating any potential White “Anti-Semites” from noticing (commenting or doing anything) about Jewish Supremacy. But that didn’t stop Ye from doubling down or make Chappelle back down and apologize for his SNL monologue.

      There is a lot of dissatisfaction going on with the Republican leadership, i.e. Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy, especially when it became obvious that these two leaders withheld crucial financing from viable Republican populist candidates in favor of backing cronies who would vote for them as leaders. McConnell and McCarthy may feel that they successfully pulled a fast one (with plenty of plausible deniability on their parts) but no one is fooled.

      I also seriously believe that the Republicans don’t want to win the Senate or pull a major sweep of the House, because they know the country is headed for a crack-up and they don’t want to be the party left holding the bag when it does. A slim margin in the House was allowed to appease Republican voters into funding new campaigns in 2024 but nothing is being done to stop this lame duck session with McConnell, Schumer and Pelosi checking off every item on the Democrat wish list.

      In any case, I strongly suspect that the Democrats will win the 2024 elections and the Republicans will no longer be much more than a rump party or exist at all by 2028. Any “True Conservative” Republicans will take the money and run (i.e. retire to become full time lobbyists) and the Populists who tried to take the Republican Party from its Checked Pants Conservative roots will run as Democrats, but push more of a populist platform.

      Stephen Miller’s ad about Anti-White discrimination was much more obvious and in your face than the usual Republican dog-whistle. However, many “True Conservative” Republicans ran away from that ad like scalded dogs, terrified of being accused of “racism.” Democrats won’t be that timid. Once enough White candidates that win office are Populist, White Democrats won’t be afraid to ask why it’s okay to have a Jewish Caucus, an Arab Caucus,an Hispanic Caucus, a Black Caucus, an Indian Caucus, and an Asian Caucus, but not a White Caucus in Congress.

      Eventually, though there is nominally One-Party rule, a 100 percent Democrat House and Senate will function like a European Parliament with different racial factions or caucuses allying temporarily to form coalitions to get bills which best represent their own ethno-racial interests pushed through.

      • >a Republican couldn’t even be elected dogcatcher

        The historical swings in which party dominates in different regions are interesting, but not something I know much about; you and OD no doubt know a lot more — in my experience and lifetime, it has been primarily due to demographic change.

        >“Compassionate Conservative,” George “Dubya” Bush became governor

        He epitomizes Conservative Inc — if RINO did not exist, it would have been invented for him — should go down as the worst president in history; DHS, the absurd ‘War on Terror’, the Patriot Act, and vast expansion of the national security state (Snowden) ought to be enough to guarantee that.

        >the Democrats don’t give a damn where they get their votes

        As I’ve said a number of times, the Democrats are much better at electioneering and have a stronger will to acquire power — they are more utilitarian and less ideological.

        >There is a lot of dissatisfaction going on with the Republican leadership

        I don’t see how anyone but corporate lobbyists could be satisfied with them.

        >I strongly suspect that the Democrats will win the 2024 elections

        As I said to OD, he ought to hope things get worse, because if the GOP could not do better in 2022, it is very difficult to be optimistic about 2024.

        Not that I believe voting matters a lot — point of no return-wise, I mostly think an electoral remedy is no longer possible.

  2. OT

    Since it’s occasionally mentioned here (e.g. the recent congressional bill to codify homosexual marriage):

    Miscegenation & The Suffering It Causes

    The above article contains links to many studies (it’s a rather lengthy list) related to miscegenation and its effects/consequences.

    Why should we remain silent if the knowledge we hold can prevent needless pain and suffering? Should we not at least attempt to educate others to the deleterious effects of miscegenation?

  3. Good calls Hunter

    It s the end of the year time for White traitor of the year nominations.

    Last year Amren didn t name a specific traitor of the year choosing instead to name an entire conservative inc organization CPAC . How lame was that?

    The point of naming a specific traitor of the year is to punish him /her and his supporters and enablers .

    We have to stop just complaining about supposedly all powerful enemy , traitor organizations.

    Our enemies and traitors are real flesh and blood humans that live amongst us – they breathe the same air we breathe .

    Doxing works

  4. Not much has changed.
    Two neoliberal crony capitalist parties, one flirts with cultural Marxism and technofeudalism while the other flirts with Christian nationalism without committing.
    Barring economic and geopolitical collapse, which could be around the corner, I don’t see much happening other than illusory or minor change.

    For me geopolitics has become more interesting than domestic.
    The rise of BRICS could eventually destroy the current world order, as more and more nations abandon the petrodollar/US protection/extortion for BRICS.
    This would have a devastating impact on the US economy, and the western world as a whole.
    And China invading Taiwan may be the next shoe to drop in the ‘rules based international order’ i.e. Schlomerica doing whatever the hell it pleases to whomever.

    The bursting of the by far biggest financial bubble ever created by the covid bailouts is also one to watch.

    • Strongly disagree. The Empire is stacking wins right now. Any competitor to its hegemony has been taken out this year.

      Russia: cratered in Ukraine.

      EU: cucked for good. Germany will be occupied by the USA for the next 50 years, if not until the end of this century; meaning forever, until it’s demographically gone, culturally it largely is. France on its own is not strong enough to liberate Europe. Both the option for Macronian E(U)mpire or Le Pen/de Gaulle Europe of the fatherlands have drowned for good with Russia going into Ukraine.
      The Euro-Right of the future will be pro-Zionist, trans-Atlanticist and aligned with the gender, climate change and immigration agenda of the Western elites. Just like Meloni who was my last foolish hope. If there is ever going to be an electoral win for the radical right, it will be aligned with people like Itamar Ben-Gvir and the heirs of Baruch Goldstein.

      China: isn’t going to invade Taiwan after Russia’s abominable performance and the unity of the collective West. So there remains a ring of countries and islands aligned with/vassalized by Murica from Taiwan to Japan and above. China will thus be contained to the Mainland and Eurasian unity has been rendered impossible by Russia. In fact, China is already deescalating and seeking new inroads with the US establishment, especially after Iran got a color-revolution. If there will be escalation, it will be on America’s terms.

      Bitcoin: Sh*tcoin. Oh, and its billionaires have meetings with CIA, Mossad and ‘pedo-elite’ before “drowning” now.

      GOP: stands for gay-marriage, legal open borders and Zionism. “White Genocide? Yes, but more monitoring and law&order”. I supported Trump, because he was a chance. In the end it was Ted Cruz who drafted the sanctions on Nordstream 2 and Trump who applied them. – A Christian-Conservative American south as an greater Orbania would have been great and an actual solution to many problems we all face, but I don’t really see it coming.

      The so called anti-establishment left is even worse controlled opposition than the faux right. The Squad? Got the call. The anti-war left? Politically dead. Contained to a few figures like Max Blumenthal or Jimmy Dore.

      All in all, it has been an absolutely amazing year for Neocons and their servants. There is not majority support for the great GAE’s transkids agenda, but in terms of pure power politics it hasn’t been this strong in a long, long time. And the idea that America, THE by far strongest, most advanced economy in the world is going to collapse is ludicrous. Yet neither the people whom it will bomb, or the people murdered by those who it will import have a future. I had and have to live with both realities.

      There’s just two fundamental realities: with Europe, America is the global hegemon. Without Europe, it would be reduced to pre-WW1 levels. NOONE, absolutely noone who rules the empire will ever, ever let that happen. Secondly, the US (and EU) elites have decided that the US needs near 1 billion Americans to defeat China in the struggle for global dominance and the EU half a million of replacement migration every year. There is not one political party in power who actually is going to stop it. Not one. All that you hear and vote for is just to ease you into accepting it. “No, darling you are not a racist Nazi, no; now be a good boy and go to work, pay your taxes and fund your replacement.” And the idea that the free internet could substantially change that reality has been very effectively falsified, I believe.

      The end.

      • Interesting points, I’ll try to keep my response brief.

        The fact is there are far more challenges both domestically, and geopolitically to the woke neocon establishment now than there were even several years ago, let alone several decades ago, whether it be national conservatives on the right, or admittedly to a far lesser extent leftwing populists on the left, whether it be Russia invading Ukraine, or China threatening to invade Taiwan.
        In living memory the masses have never been more disillusioned with establishment media, politics, their socioeconomic prospects or lack thereof and the general direction the west is heading, right across the board, left, right and center are disillusioned.

        Sure, the powers that be/ruling class have fought some battles, and won some, but the fact is they had to fight far fewer and less intense battles just less than a decade ago to maintain hegemony.
        At this rate within the coming years they will have to whack more and more moles until there may be too many to keep up with and the system collapses, including the bursting of this seismic financial bubble, the expansion of BRICS and growing ties between BRICS and OPEC.

        Now I’m not an optimist, I’m not saying the system is guaranteed to collapse anytime soon and be replaced by something better, just saying that at the very least we appear to be approaching crossroads, where there’ll be opportunities to meaningful change things both for the better, and for the worse, depending on which sets of interests, values and nations prevail, and which ones fail.

        World reserve currencies tend to not last that long, about 100 years, and the US has been the world’s primary reserve since 1920, loads of mainstream economists are predicting it’ll be supplanted by the Euro or Yuan soon.
        Empires tend to not last much longer than about 250 years, the US is approaching its 250th birthday and we are overdue for civil and (cold) world war.

        National politics doesn’t change in a vacuum, external factors, economic pitfalls, as well as opportunities, new techs/frontiers, environmental degradation, help precipitate change, that’s why I’ve been studying these things as of late, I don’t expect much change without economic, environmental and geopolitical catalysts.

        Year by year China is catching up with the US for better or worse by multiple metrics, fiscally, militarily, technologically, long term it just doesn’t look good for US hegemony.

      • >Russia cratered in Ukraine

        What a load of shit you’re spouting. The war hasn’t even lasted a year yet, and Russia has easily withstood sanctions and got NATO and Ukraine to waste countless pieces of equipment. The final outcome of this war isn’t even close to being decided and is still in Russia’s favor. You’re a pessimist who needs to take time off from American propaganda.

      • Arminius


        I have to sadly agree with everything you said.

        But despair is not something a stoic White man should do. In Jen Respail’s incredibly accurate end of the White Western European world there were around 10 Whites that fought to the end and one card Hindu Indian that went with the White side like that Gurkha character in Kipling’s “The Man Who Would Be King”.

        AH said “sooner would a camel fit through the eye of a needle than a great man get found in an election”.

        (words to that effect).

        We should look to separatist, escapist groups like the Amish, the Amish population numbers have doubled since the 1970s. Because of their pacifism. the anti White Left J media has pretty much given them a pass. Don’t think that’s going to last the anti White Left is now really targeting BYU LDS Mormons.

        Anybody here of a more pro White, Turkish form of Islam? I did see certain Arab principalities like Jordan had their Kings marrying very high class, Nordic American, British wives. That’s what the ancient Egyptians and Turks used to do, with the Muslim Turks it wasn’t consensual marriages, more like stealing White girls as concubine slaves.

        • Mr. Ryan,

          I like you a lot. But Islam? They are the infidel. Do you realize what they would do to a girl like me and did? They can and will go to hell where they belong.

          I spit upon Islam. They are evil and have murdered, raped, and cost white christians much suffering. I will fight Islam with my last breath.

      • A couple more things.
        Moscow may have many more cards to play.
        For instance it may bring Belarussian and other CSTO troops into Ukraine.

        Also, China may attack Taiwan now, dividing the west’s resources.
        Imagine what that would do to the global economy?
        Multiplying inflation, which’s already bad, and shortages?
        On top of that covid bailouts created the biggest financial bubble the world has ever seen.

        Are ordinary Americans and westerners willing to pay such a massive toll just to protect two appendages of Russia and China they can’t even locate on the map?
        America may have overextended itself, like all empires, a dramatic scaling back of the empire may be in the cards.

        America and the west have grown massively decadent, and corrupt, yet our ruling class is quintupling down on the corruption.
        They are insane, the woke neocons are hard at work building a technofeudal dystopia where boys and girls are being encouraged to sexually mutilate themselves.
        Such decadence, corruption and rot are difficult to sustain.

        Our civilization has gone down the shitter, everybody knows it, we are a husk of what we were, look what happened in the past, from the French revolution to the fall of the Soviet Union, great corruption leads to rebellion, the more removed the elite gets from the masses, the more difficult it will be to maintain their contentious reign.
        Great decadence and degeneration makes you weak while your enemies take note, plotting your demise.

  5. 90% hits is definitely the most accurate year 2022 prophecy I have read. And I read a lot.

    “””….If the Supreme Court had not struck down Roe v. Wade over the summer, I think the election would have played out as I expected….”””

    Abortion was probaby easiest excuse for those people when someone asked their voting preferences. Real cause was that those people felt that social and world order changing fast and felt endangered so they freaked out.

    Comfort conservative life purpouse is be the good company bad boy. When things turn ugly, they freak out and turn liberal to defend their comfortably lifestyle.

    We saw it in the end of Soviet Union. A lot of people liked to trash Soviet absurd and decadency. But when Soviet Union begun collapse, they figured out that this absurd and degenerate system guaranteed them comfortable living as respected critic, also attention, travel and lot of else. Without Soviet system, they would be just random guys with no job and dark future ahead

    So in the very last moment those people made 180 and begun defending the system what they criticised entire life.

    This is why fear mongering works so well. Nobody can be sure that new social and world order will be better than current one. So a lot of people also on our side are afraid of real changes.But they don’t want to admit this and bring forward easy excuse, abortion, Trump Putin or whatever.

    For us this is good sign. When millions of people are afraid because they feel that this time is really different

  6. OT

    Court Rules Against Biological Females Over Connecticut Transgender Athlete Policy“Today’s ruling is a critical victory for fairness, equality, and inclusion,” said ACLU attorney Joshua Block.

    Block is a Jew (link) with pronouns in his Twitter bio (link) — while you may not see this as especially significant, you’d be amazed at how often it’s the case that Jews are prime actors in these kinds of disgusting, corrosive undertakings, like here making sure HS girls have to compete against males pretending to be females.

    • @eah——Jews are in breeders and inbreeding produces mental illness and sexual deviants, of which there is an abundance in the Jew community. The Jews just want fair treatment for their own, like the Irish or any other peoples. What most interests me is the link between sexual deviancy and the desire for political power. It seems the two go hand in hand. Did you Sean Hannity bought a house a 5 minute drive from Mar a Lago?


      It is a gated community and Hannity has got those 16 gun safes on premises and all those krav maga lessons to defend himself, if the jihadis, or chinese or Russians or white supremacists get any stupid ideas.

  7. The biggest surprises of 2022 for me were the quiet mainstreaming of the manosphere, and Peter Zeihan’s predictions coming true Peter Turchin-style.

    The manosphere parallels how white nationalism was ruined by its success. Even normie popular culture channels with millions of viewers like The Critical Drinker and Nerdrotic mention simping and misandry; fiction such as Galadriel the Perfect Feminist in Amazon’s Tolkien IP apparently was just too on-the-nose for anyone to not notice. (I didn’t see it.) So… most manosphere hangouts on the internet are now ghost towns because they’re redundant, though there are a few content creators like Taylor the Fiend and Better Bachelor still holding the fort.

    Manosphere issues ought to be important in these circles since women using social media to play the field in the their 20s and 30s with men out of their league is the direct cause of declining white birth rates. The laughable and insulting conservative Jordan Peterson solution is to lecture, not women, but men, to get their hearts right with Jesus. We’re not the problem. You’d think Christians would put Christianity into practice, regulate social media, and put an end to the cancer, but the American God evidently is a God of Liberty as well as a God of Childlessness.

    Meanwhile, Peter Zeihan has been predicting the collapse of globalization. If he’s right, nationalist economic views will prevail whether anyone likes it or not. His argument involves material factors, such as declining birth rates, changing capital structures, natural resources, and the nuts and bolts of making things. He also details how empire is the historical norm. It is often strategically better to do some things in-house imperially — autarky — than be dependent on a hostile power, e.g. Germany’s energy arrangement with the Muscovites. Zeihan concludes that the American-led global order, where small countries can specialize without harm under our security umbrella, has too many points of failure and is unlikely to persist. This means global fragmentation into regional power centers, scarcity and inflation around the world, and more opportunistic wars where big countries attempt to digest the smaller countries on their borders. That’s not good for ethnic and racial nationalists. The bigger blackpill is that the decline will be absolute but not relative — America and Mexico will be harmed far less than the storm most other countries with imploding populations, especially China, will face. I once believed arguments from the likes of Bruno Maçães about the rise of Asia; now it looks like Zeihan is correct and we’re sadly in for a second American century.

    Amazon announcing a Warhammer 40K Cinematic Universe with Henry Cavill was an interesting turn of events. If they don’t screw it up they can cheerfully take my money. It is the right time to do this; it fits the mood of the Current Year.

    An Introduction to Warhammer 40k

  8. The Biden Policy 2023: For every Mexican/Latino alien who immigrates to the US legally or illegally, we should deport two Irish Roman Catholics. Call it the Biden Policy. If we run out of Irish we can deport Italians and Polish persons. None will be missed.

  9. @HW You are quite the clairvoyant! Either that or you secretly are running the show. I wish! You certainly would have made a great President! But yeah I went back and read your December 2021 predictions post recently and it was SPOT on!

    I look forward to your 2023 predictions. Let’s see it happen.

  10. I’m very naive about how high end scams work so I must say I am left almost speechless by the audacity of Trump’s electronic digital trading cards scheme!

    So what exactly happened? Trump tweets that he is going to make an important announcement the next day and it turns out to be nothing but a sales pitch for those cards, which are not even real cards, just digital images of that scoundrel dressed as a soldier, lawman, NFL player, etc. His own company buys up most of them at $99 each and within 24 hours they’re sold out. Then his company resells them for thousands of dollars each, claiming they are now “collectors items”. The #MAGA boomers get all excited and gladly fork over their disposable income to buy the cards, thus depriving their kids and grandchildren of any inheritance. Trump and his cronies are then spotted laughing all the way to the bank. Is that pretty much how it worked?

  11. Great job on the predictions!
    I will say I feel like the mainstreaming of anti Semitism and White despondency is going to become more and more commonly discussed. When it gets loose it’s hard to corral.

  12. And Ukraine’s ‘Nazi’ Azov regiment…….

    Visits Israel:



    This is for every intellectual pion in the Dissident Sector who supports Ukraine because they think they’re real ‘Nazis’.

    Azov was founded by a Ukrainian Jewish oligarch and no real ‘Nazi’ would sacrifice their life/blood for a Jewish Thug Regime in service of NATO/US Empire.

    Hopefully, in 2023 people who are supposed to be awake already WTFU.

  13. You relied on polls to come to the erroneous conclusion that there would be a ‘Red Wave’. The opinion polls are as rigged as the elections. Live and learn.

    The uniparty just passed 45 billion more for the Zionist project in Khazaria/Ukraine. As you can see, you were wrong about the Reds opposing that project. They are on board 100%. Hopefully you are learning how it works in Washington.

    In the meantime, we literally have no Southern border. After we estalish a new Texas Republic, comprised of about 14 current States, we can give the invaders three choices. Go north into Zog, back South where they came from, or die.

    • But why have Texas Whites ,Texas GOP been so terrible ?

      Jim Wight
      The Bush family

      Ron and Ayn Rand Paul are from Texas . They say treasonous things, insane things about mass 3rd world immigration and Black murder and mayhem

      And White Texas traitors never pay a price

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