Joe Biden Meets With Zelensky In DC

Zelensky has reportedly told Joe Biden that even this isn’t good enough.

Note: The Biden administration has announced a separate $1.85 billion in military assistance for Ukraine.


    • It’s probably been months since Jewlensky has set foot inside of the Ukraine. He goes to a DOD or CIA run studio in Warsaw and stands in front of green-screen backdrops with images of Kiev electronically superimposed on them. And he wears olive drab clothing to give the impression he’s a wartime leader who spends most of his time at the front.

  1. “We paid your crackhead, stripper-fucking son all that bribe money for a reason, goy… now I’m here to collect the $45 billion.”

  2. Zelensky is the the bagman, doing the collections for Kolomoyskyi.
    It’s payback time for all the bribes hunter took for the ‘big guy’.

  3. The war in the Ukraine is symptomatic of the collective panic and madness that has gripped Western elites. In the age of the internet and social media, social control, public consensus building, social engineering and building a common narrative will become increasingly difficult. Hiding corruption, malfeasance, hidden interests will become impossible.

    In the last war the main belligerents were Germany, Britain, France and Italy. Nations where the vast majority of Americans at the time drew their ancestry. America is now atleast 35% non-white. Why should a Guatemalan or a Haitian care about the Donbass? Infact why should anyone not of Eastern European extraction care about these nonsensical tribal wars in the marshes of places our ancestors imagined were populated by polar bears?

  4. D.C. is enemy occupied territory.

    This is a hostile foreign entity stealing our slave wages while implementing our genocide/replacement.

    Those who join its military are the enemy as well.

    Any and all measures to defeat this hostile enemy are welcome from wherever and whatever sector they emerge.

    You owe this hideous beast nothing but resistance, rebellion, contempt, and disgust.

  5. Spending endless billions on behalf of Ukraine borders while leaving our borders wide open. Our “representatives” don’t represent us. We are in the grip of a cabal of traitors.

  6. Would it not be better in the long run for Ukraine to turn into another Afghanistan? Otherwise, if Ukraine wins it empowers the poisonous Neo-conservative faction and regime change and endless war ensue globally until the United States finally triggers WW III and nuclear war. Such a war will take place in the northern hemisphere and as Nixon said a war between Russia and America will destroy white race and leave only the Black, the Brown, and the Yellow. (I am sure by now You Tube has probably removed Nixon’s comments from the airways.)

  7. Money-laundering in plain sight. And Bankman-Fried would still be banking that cash if is wasn’t for those meddling kids!

  8. If only Putin could nuke DC & jew Yawk without destroying the whole world.

    We’ll have to just hope that the vaunted winter offensive finally wins the war, and hopefully kills that insufferable kike runt.

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