The Federalist: GOP Can’t Be Successful Until McConnell Is Gone

I co-sign every word of this article.

This is why I was so eager to get people like J.D. Vance and Blake Masters elected to the Senate. Voting for Democrats isn’t an option given their 100% support for funding an endless war in Ukraine. Whining also accomplishes nothing and helps McConnell maintain his grip on power. The only way to realistically get rid of McConnell is to gradually change the composition of the Senate over time.

The Federalist:

“Comments Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell made on Tuesday show why he has become the single biggest obstacle to GOP success.

The Kentucky Republican claimed giving more money to Ukraine is “the No. 1 priority for the United States right now, according to most Republicans.” The new $1.7 trillion Democrat spending bill he enthusiastically supports would give Ukraine another roughly $45 billion in assistance, bringing the total over the past eight months to more than $100 billion, a staggering figure even if it weren’t happening during a time of inflation, looming recession, and other serious domestic problems. …

Over $100 billion for Ukraine!

Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans went to the mat when Trump was president though to block spending on the border wall. It was too expensive!

“Republicans care deeply about borders and national sovereignty, but they rank the protection of their own open border far above the protection of the borders of other countries. It is worth remembering that the longest government shutdown in U.S. history occurred in 2019 over a fight between Congress and President Donald Trump over whether to commit a relatively paltry $5 billion to protect our country’s southern border, which Congress had refused to fund. …

Budgets are policy documents, and the only leverage Republicans have is to wait a few weeks for when they will have a much stronger hand to weigh in on every issue that matters. By ramming through the $1.7 trillion package during the lame-duck session, Republicans will have significantly less ability over the next year to fight against Democrats’ destruction of rule of law in the Department of Justice, the failure to protect American borders, the destruction of the military, and Democrat collusion with Big Tech to suppress conservatives and their ideas.

The spending bill McConnell asserted was good for all of his priorities rewards the FBI with brand new headquarters and ups the funding for the DOJ to enable it to go after even more of its political opponents while protecting its political allies. …

The politically toxic McConnell has continuously ranked as the country’s least popular politician, well behind Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. He is so disliked by Americans that he is underwater by an average of 35.3 points in polls gauging his favorability. …”

At least we have Juneteenth now.

It would have been better for Democrats to have won the House in the midterms than to have a neutered Republican House which has ceded all real leverage and power to Democrats, but will be a useful foil and scapegoat for Joe Biden which he can blame for his failure to pass his agenda.


  1. Yes, there is some truth to this.

    That said, to credit the senior senator from Kentucky for why The Republican Party is largely a stick in the eye of the people who support it, is so wild as to beg disbelief.

    The whole party has a culture, up top, that is not interested in ‘conserving’ anything, except the interests of a few.

    Let’s be real – The Right has no real institutional voice in this country, and it’s been this way, more or less, since somewhere in between the time Ronald Regan and Jesse Helms left office.

  2. IVAN TURGENEV “The right has no real institutional voice in this country,” don’t under estimate yourself Ivan, This Southern site, is the unfiltered, uncensored, True institutional voice of the Republic……..

  3. The secular moral absolutism of the West, which for a while has portrayed Putin as equivalent to the devil, or the next Hitler, has now reached insane levels of extremism — it was always destined to do so.

    I said before that the Russian retreat to the east bank of the Dnieper seemed to offer a chance for negotiations — but it looks like positions have hardened and talks are unlikely — it was reported today that Russia raised the age of conscription to 30 and will boost troop strength by several hundred thousand — Putin also reiterated that all goals of the SMO will be achieved — it would seem this means endless war unless the regime in Kiev is ousted — surely Putin (finally) understands this — and toppling the regime in Kiev means further confrontation with the West.

    >Over $100 billion for Ukraine!

    At this point, only Putin can put an end to this — for the sake of Russian soldiers fighting and dying on his orders (not to mention Ukrainians and the destruction in Ukraine), he has to call the West’s bluff and attempt to shorten the war by disrupting weapons shipments, including by destroying the runways of the airport in Rzeszow Poland:

    Rzeszow, the Polish base from which military aid to Ukraine comes and whose airport is full of planes

    Weeks before the Russian attack on Ukraine, several governments of NATO member countries, such as the British, the Estonian or the Polish, sent weapons to Ukraine. So it was a simple operation. The British press had details of how military cargo planes they flew from a base south of London to Kiev, unloaded and returned. … As of February 24, it was impossible to ship directly to Ukraine by plane, so that material began to land in Poland.

    Russia has precision weapons capable of this — the rationale for such a strike is clear and could easily be explained in an address to the world afterward, during which Putin must say that ANY retaliation against Russia for this defensive action will mean the immediate launch of a full nuclear strike against targets (including cities) in the West — the West would then have to choose: stop the flow of weapons and force Kiev to negotiate, or face a nuclear WWIII — I think they would choose the former.

    • >surely Putin (finally) understands this


      linkJust learned a new fact: In the “Declaration of State Sovereignty of Ukraine” (adopted 1990) it is enshrined that Ukraine, newly extricated from the Soviet Union, “solemnly declares its intention of becoming a permanently neutral state that does not participate in military blocs”

      So not only did the West, including specifically Secy of State James Baker, promise Russia that NATO would not expand to include former Eastern Bloc nations, but in its own sovereignty declaration, which for all practical purposes can be seen as Ukraine’s Declaration of Independence, Ukraine promised to remain neutral.

      Obviously, those promises weren’t kept.

  4. Been reading articles from American zogbots. Sats show the Russians have dug in incredibly deep in the South. Russians playing defense in the South. Zog is expecting the offensive to come from Belarus, right where the Russian divisions are massed. I believe that is what they will do. They could seriously disrupt the Ukranian logistics if they drive deep into the center.

    Turtle is right that funding the new Khazaria project is the top priority of Republicans in Washington. It is the top priority of their Jew and Deep State masters. So all the pols just follow that. There is no hope in voting. Relief will come from other directions.

  5. An attack on Poland by Russia triggers section 5 of NATO where an attack on one is an attack on all and thus WW III ensures for the West, a white Western coalition of nations that have a negative birthrate. The only winner if it goes nuclear is….China! You would think brain dead White Americans would be full of revolutionary discontent by now but no, they have to post blue and yellow flags everywhere for a nation most could not find on a blank map if their lives depended upon it. America really is an insane nation. Welcome to the Insane States of America!

  6. Combined age of McConnell and Schumer: 152 (80 + 72) — combined time in the Senate: 60 years (37 + 23) — think of how much damage to America these two have helped do in that time.

  7. “GOP Can’t Be Successful Until McConnell Is Gone”.

    True. It is also true that the GOP can’t be successful after that scumbag McConnel is gone. The rot is so deep now that replacing McConnel is just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. The Republican Party is the fundamental problem, it has always been controlled opposition.

    As long as the Republican Party exists there can be no effective opposition to the Democrats and their menagerie of communists, anarchists, lunatics, homos, perverts, minorities and freaks of nature. Democrats’ unifying point is a vicious anti-White animus which the Republican Party goes along with although in a more subdued manner than the Democrats.

    The Republicans are the party of business and therefore are in opposition to the interests of the diminishing White population of the U.S. Business hates competition and paying above starvation wages so the Republicans are happy to accommodate business’ desire for immigration and fostering legal monopolies. This of course is the key to the obscene fortunes of most of the oligarchs, controlling monopolies, especially on Wall Street. To the Republican Party, their voters are a necessary evil, nothing else.

    • Yes! The inherent problem of the Republican Party is that it has always been the party of big business, since the 1850’s. Dishonest Abe got rich lawyering for clients like the Illinois Central Railroad. You can’t get anywhere in the Stupid War Party without being a corporate shill, especially in the District of Corruption. The odious Turtleman is just a suppurating symptom of the disease, which is chronic and systemic.

      Plus, let’s be honest, it’s a goddamn, carpetbagging, money grubbing, lyin’ ass Yankee party.

  8. That lipless turd will continue to clog the national toilet at the behest of its kike/MIC massas. Being a rice-grinding race traitor, it no doubt loves thwarting the clear will of the “white trash” voters of Kentucky & around the country,

  9. @12AX7…

    “It is also true that the GOP can’t be successful after that scumbag McConnell is gone. The rot is so deep now that replacing McConnell is just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.”

    Very true.

    I can say that Southerners, as a whole, are far from coming to grips with this truth.

    You have had the courage to try to see things for what they are, and, indeed, be honest with yourself and others what that is.

    Unfortunately, this inner act of yours is not yet common in this country.

    People talk about the economic displacement, the war, inflation, cultural and racial tension, but, they leave out the one key point about what will determine the future of this country – and that is when we reach the tipping point of being a place where many people have done what you have done.

    Of course, we have to be realistic and admit that there is the possibility exists that this day might never come; that the spiritual nature of the citizenry is so degenerate and degraded that nothing can move them to see what this situation really is.

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