Zelensky Addresses Joint Session of Congress

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  1. There’s only two explanations for this.
    Either the majority of people are retarded, or the elections are fixed.
    There’s ain’t no three ways about it, lest it’s some combination of the two.
    What sort of people continue to ‘vote’ for country club republicans like Mitch?
    Only retards, and upperclass people without real problems vote for them.
    You’re better off voting for an ant eater, or a termite colony named Louis than guys like Kasich, Romney or Rubio.
    They may as well give us Matt Damon, Sean Penn or hell Snooki, a bunch of celebritards from Hollywood and reality TV, like Dump, so we can get this charade over with.
    Give us some actual clowns, because that’s all this has ever been and in all likelihood ever will be, a clown show.

  2. Fettermen 2024, let the world know Americans know they’re not a serious country, and that the oval office isn’t a serious one, they just put a clown in there and the corporate deep state make all the important decisions.

  3. A key Russian goal was to capture the Donbas region, consisting of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. Luhansk has already been captured. Bakhmut and it surroundings are areas of the Donbass Russia wants but has yet to take. The fall of Bakhmut and it surroundings would mean the Russians have met their war goals. The flag Zelensky gave to Pelosi was from Ukraine fighters in Bakhmut. What will be the point of Russia fighting once it has reached its goals?

  4. This attempt to establish a huge 2nd Jewish State including Crimea, giving the yids strategic power on the Black Sea, is alienating Zog’s Islamic vassals. Meaning Saudis. And the Emirates.

    It will be the end of the petrodollar. It might be the end of NATO.

    But this is still the little war. As the clever yid Churchill said, first the little war, then the big war.

    If your assets are in dollars, you have a big problem.

  5. I think I am liking this Lauren Boebert a lot, and I know her past , which really isn’t too bad. So it is actually true, Boebert and Gaetz, those two, did not stand for the Jew Zelensky, or applaud.

    Gaetz is totally Alpha. The antithesis of that maggot DeSantis. And that turncoat traitor Fat Margie.

  6. And thus the myth of the two party system shatters like glass. The Uniparty speaks with one voice in support of Ukraine!

  7. Mexico’s foreign debt stands at around $456B (2019 figures) which is about 30% of it’s GDP of $1.5T. This is a moderately healthy level of debt compared to other Western nations.

    Last I read (on an older article from 2018 so this may be different now), about 37% of that debt was held by the US (private and public). So assume $168B.

    On the other hand, Mexico holds about $34B of US debt. So if we were to make a balance, Mexico owes the US $134B, more or less, or about 8% of what it makes in a year.

    And it pays fixed interest on this debt, at whatever the interest the bonds had at the time of issuance.

    This research done by David Martinez.

    So Los Estados Unidos owns us and we repay you by dong your bidding and flowing our human resources into your land. So the USA is our pimp and we are your…….

    • @Cristina

      Take those numbers with a grain of salt.
      the cash flow in drugs and undocumented remittances dwarfs those official figures.

  8. Bill Kristol, the (((neocon scum))) is trying to police the Right…

    The anti-Ukraine Right is an anti-American Right.

    — Bill Kristol (@BillKristol) December 22, 2022

    • “Bill Kristol, the (((neocon scum))) is trying to police the Right”

      Include ben shapiro and his hired toady, jordan Peterson.

  9. MCCONNELL: “Providing assistance for Ukrainians to defeat the Russians is the number one priority for the United States”

    Getting gentiles to kill gentiles, while jwz make bank.

    “Such a deal, such a deal, Murray !”

  10. This is how it’s done: link

    Highlight: the unmasked chad rips the mask off the soyboy Ukraine flag holder at the end.

    So ‘toxic masculinity’ does have its advantages.

    >Stop with the Churchill comparisons already!

    Not gonna happen — the WWII analogy is absolutely fundamental and essential to all of this Ukraine hysteria: unless Putin is stopped, he’ll overrun all of Europe next.

    As I said before (link), I think only Putin can stop this now — the secular moral absolutism of the West is like a runaway train: it has no brakes.

    Regarding the political situation generally today, I’ve been known to say ‘I now understand better why, after the French Revolution, they brought out the guillotine’ — now I might add ‘I now understand better why they used to burn witches’.

    • “So ‘toxic masculinity’ does have”

      ‘toxic masculinity’ , another kosher slander used to negate a real virtue, resolution.

      ‘toxic feminism’ is the real concept. A kosher concoction than has been used to poison western minds, especially women’s.

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