National Review: Republicans Failed to Secure Red Wave in 2022 Midterms for Four Key Reasons

This was interesting.

The truth about the midterms came out at National Review of all places.

National Review:

“The party in power should should feel the consequences in a significant manner,” he said. “They did not.”

A majority of respondents trusted Republicans over Democrats to handle three key issues: the economy, immigration, and crime. A majority of independents also trusted Republicans over Democrats to handle the three issues.

But Anderson said Republicans lost voters by offering “no plan, no agenda, no hint of what they will do.”

“In fact, in the Senate they bragged about not having such a thing,” he said.

The poll found 27 percent of independents did not know what the Republican message was, compared to 17 percent who said the same of the Democrats. ….”

That’s right.

Donald Trump has rightly taken a lot of the blame for pushing flawed candidates like Herschel Walker and Dr. Oz through the Republican primaries, but the larger problem was that the GOP wasn’t running on anything but backlash politics. The GOP whined about inflation, immigration, crime and so forth, but didn’t even bother to try to formulate a plausible plan to address these issues. A pivotal group of swing voters dismissed GOP messaging on these issues due to their lack of any solutions.

Who was it who insisted on running on pure backlash politics? It was Senate minority leader Turtle, of course, who believed this was the best strategy to retake the Senate in the midterms. Offer voters nothing except the opportunity to remove the Democrats from power. Surely, they will vote for us!

Note: The other key issues were abortion and getting massively outspent in all the key Senate races. McConnell spent much of the Senate Leadership Fund war chest fighting to reelect Lisa Murkowski in Alaska and on defeating Mo Brooks in Alabama.


    • @Afterthought….

      Oh, how I wish what you said was even remotely accurate.

      The sad reality is that I know untold people who, though, Conservative, have not the vaguest idea of what you have said.

      You must not confuse your own heightened awareness, and that of some fri4ends, for a larger phenomenon, for it is not.

      Though the Internet has changed things, the reality is that decades and decades of MI6/CIA/State Department psyops on the American public has yielded results, for, in my view, we are the most gullible and misguided people in the Western World.

      Not by accident, not by a longshot

      Merry Xmas!

      • “decades of MI6/CIA/State Department psyops”

        Hell……. just the drumbeat of endless TV repetition is enough to fool over 90% of the voters.

        “Throwing babies on floors…..
        ……Niger yellowcake uranium….etc.”

    • “Everybody knows they’re fake.”

      Deeply compromised.

      These geezer Retardicans often have a thing for young boys.
      Epstein wasn’t the only blackmailing pimp with video cameras

      • Judging from his wife I’d say Mitch “Turtlehead” McConnell probably has a thing for Oriental boys. Everyone in DC has dirt on everyone else; Mutually Assured Destruction.

  1. One reason really. Both sides of the uniparty were trusting Dominion to re-elect all the incumbants. Which is what happened.

  2. The lynchpin for all this is the small cabal of RINOS at the top of the GOP – the McDaniels, Romneys, Chemeys, Kinzingers,and McConnells.

    These people saw a MAGA wave coming in 2022, and they colluded with The Democrats for 2 years to tamp down on it.

    It’s all very very clear : these people have decided that, to protect the Uni-party, The MAGA Movement must be quashed, or, failing that, kept in the minority.

    The only question, to my mind, is this : will Americans on The Right accept this?

    • 97% of Republicans are RINOS, so it’s absurd to call them anything other than what they are, “Republicans”.

      • Agreed. The RINO term means very little to me, because so called “real” Republicans stand for barely anything of true value.

  3. And the beats go on. Nothing seems to change. However this is the Christmas season and the main event is the following–.

    I wish I could sing good but even in the shower my voice is not good.

  4. U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi compares Zelensky’s visit to Winston Churchill’s visit to Congress in 1941 where he asked U.S. to join Europe in war against the Nazis

    The elites are conditioning the masses for a direct conflict with Russia. Henry Kissinger just wrote an oped warning the Ukraine war is likely to escalate into a world war. Biden, Congress and the neocons are sending billions to Ukraine with hardly any opposition.

    • ” sending billions to Ukraine with hardly any opposition.”

      Yet the border is wide open and homeless camps multiply.

    • Another World War in Europe is the dagger for White Man, if it hasn’t been thrust in already.

  5. Lots of Americans were sick of all these trashy, dysfunctional families and didn’t want abortion bans that would only create more.

  6. The party of ” lincoln” is not a friend, of the Southern Republic, as history has demonstrated, any Southern nationalist/Soldier, should know this, yes I know, reality suck’s, but don’t despair, The Truth shall set you free.. This goes out too J.D. Vance, you would do yourself a favor, by going independent or New/Third party, the only way you can get anywhere in the party of lincoln, I’d too supplicate yourself, too SATANIC Mitch/bitch……

    • “The party of ” Lincoln” is not a friend, of the Southern Republic”

      Of course it is not, Dear Terry, but, sad to say, lacking the kind of courage we once had, the best unconscious response we could find to losing our Democrat Party was to go somewhere else.

      Of course, we were courted by Nixon and Reagan, so it is not without some justification.

      That said, the Republican Party remains the party of New England Yankeedom.

      I think our fellow Southerners think that they will change that.

      I hope they are right, though, I am not sure they are, for was it not just yesterday they were hosting President Biden’s Ukrainian puppet, this as President Trump was hosting ‘gay Republicans’ and promising to fight ‘even more’ for them?

      No, the GOP is NOT a Southern party, that is for sure.

  7. Sooner or later perhaps you will come to the conclusion that any political party for which it is repeatedly necessary to do election postmortems in order to analyze what went wrong is actually a failed political party, one that ought to be replaced — sooner would be better than later.

    >the larger problem

    Hint: the larger problem is the GOP itself; that’s the one key reason — the party as an institution, as well as the people running it, are simply not capable of anything better — the GOP ‘jumped the shark’ long ago — stop clinging to it — embrace acceleration.

    • linkOn Page 753 of the 4,155-page “omnibus” spending bill is a short but damning provision—DHS gets $1.9 billion dollars for “border management”, BUT they are explicitly prohibited from using it for border security.

      Of course very few of the people who vote on these spending bills actually read even a small fraction of what’s in them; in fact, I think these bills are kept huge to discourage people from reading them — however someone does write each and every page.

      Congress has various committees roughly corresponding to particular spending categories, but every member of Congress is nominally expected to knowledgeably vote on every dollar being spent across all of these categories — it’s a dumb, corrupt system, one designed to allow ‘pork’ to be passed unexamined and unquestioned.

      linkMitch McConnell says that his top priority is giving money to the Military Industrial Complex so they can kill women and children in the Donbas. Meanwhile, no money for the invasion from the south. … Anyone voting Republican should be shot.

      Just let the GOP die.

  8. Well, the voters already knew what the agenda would be, more Paul Ryan libertarian crap like privatizing social security and medicare. Handing you the $60K the average working class person paid into it over 40 years at 65 so you can be broke, bankrupt, and living on the street with the junkies in Oakland style tent camps at 67 after that pittance runs out. Social Security is not supposed to be a private savings account, it’s a national pension paid disproportionately by wealthy tax dollars as a reward to the masses for tolerating their crooked system that allows them to get fantastically wealthy while paying us ridiculously low wages without the peasants showing up at the gates of their mansions with pitchforks like the villagers in Frankenstein.

  9. The immigrant vote is starting to do nationally what it did in California. So, four key reasons? Immigration, immigration, immigration and immigration. Still the GOP and most of its voters support mass immigration, they’re gas-lit and self-loathing on racial issues. If they weren’t grossly limiting or eliminating immigration would be their top third-rail issue, above even gun control. First and Second Amendments will die because of immigration.

    Remember when the GOP was touting the Great Hispanic Conversion to Republicanism? Not talking it much about lately. Same shit for the last 30 years, and it will be back for the next election cycle. Conservatism, the Right, and white America in general have been losing for half-a-century because they had to fight with the rotting corpse of the Republican Party chained to their backs, with no seeming way to cut it loose.

    • You can’t oppose immigration or the Deep State and Media bring out all stops against you. This is the main reason for their freakout over Trump in 2016. The Jewish program to give America a non-white majority in the 21st century is the most important of all their priorities. All the white women and liberals were easily given the brainwashed message from watching these people have temper tantrums that Trump was “so beyond the pale” not really understanding why but just assuming these people are correct and their attitudes are to be imitated as the legitimate way to think.

  10. For too many years I held my nose and voted Retardpublican as the lesser of two evils. When the stench became too putrid I protest voted for Libertardians which is like not voting at all. But as the saying goes “The lesser of two evils is still evil”. I can’t stomach voting for the Stupid Party any more. A republic that only gives voters a choice between stupid and evil is doomed to fail, if it hasn’t already.

    Maybe it won’t matter in the long run since both parties are determined to get us nuked over the Ukraine swindle.

  11. Wasn’t the main factor leading to the Dem’s improbably good showing was their move from a model based on voter turnout to one based on ballot collection? But this wasn’t enough to defeat the likes of the GOP incumbent spineless c*nt governor of Georgia.

    • No, it was ticket splitting.

      In Georgia, the GOP won everything but the Senate race. In Arizona, the Republicans won some House seats. The same 5% of voters who sunk Trump in 2020 chose not to vote for Herschel Walker, Kari Lake, Oz, etc.

  12. I pay no attention to what the National Review says anymore. They have revealed themselves as neocons like the majority of Republicans in the Senate.
    They consistently bashed the Jew loving Trump. Say what you will about him, he was a whole lot better than the pants crapping, demented fool Biden who is leading this country to total destruction.

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