Poll Watch: Republican Voters Believe White People and Christians Face Discrimination

Merry Christmas!

I have a new poll to share with you which more or less sums up my current take on American politics which is that White Christian Nationalism is simmering in the Republican base.


“Voters in the two parties are divided, for example, over whether Black or white Americans face the bigger problems with discrimination. Some 59% of Republicans in the Journal survey said that white people face discrimination or prejudice, compared with 21% of Democrats who said so. By contrast, 88% of Democrats said Black people face discrimination or prejudice, compared with 49% of Republicans who said so.

In the Journal survey, a large share of Republicans—some 61%—said discrimination is a problem for Christians in America, while only 25% of Democrats agreed. At the same time, 85% of Democrats, but 38% of Republicans, said gay and lesbian Americans face discrimination. …

The two parties also had different views of the extent of prejudice against Jews. Some 81% of Democrats said prejudice against Jews is a problem in the country, including 50% who called it a major problem. Among Republicans, 49% saw a problem, including 18% who called it a major problem. …”

Most Republican voters believe that Whites and Christians are under attack in “mainstream” culture and see this as a bigger problem than anti-Semitism, anti-black racism, homophobia and so on. 8 out of 10 Republican voters are White Christians. White evangelical Protestants are the core group that believes this. Democrats are also far more concerned about anti-Semitism than Republicans.

This is why it is important to distinguish between the voters and politicians. In poll after poll, we can see that our views have gained a lot of traction with Republican voters, especially on subjects like immigration and the Great Replacement. Most Republican voters are alarmed by rising anti-Whiteism. These sentiments and priorities which are now deeply mainstream (the cuck wing is only around 15%), however, are not reflected in the Senate gerontocracy that is running the party into the ground.

Note: Go look at Mitch McConnell’s replies on Twitter.

It is a glimpse into how deeply disconnected the most powerful Republican politician in Washington is from the base under his feet even on a subject like Ukraine.


  1. Interesting thing today. I always watch “Passion of the Christ” on Christmas. Every other year it’s simple to get it. Not today. YouTube has basically made it hard to access.

    • Ron, I saw the ” The passion of CHRIST “, when it was first released in theatres years ago, vowed I would never watch it again and I haven’t, once is suffient for ever, Mel Gibson has made a movie about the second coming, I saw the trailer for it a couple years ago, but they still haven’t set a release date yet, I wonder who could possibly be holding that up ?…….

  2. Unfortunately, White Gentiles are in the process of learning a very painful lesson.

    That lesson is?

    Allowing the government, that claims to be yours, to give your house away, in order to be virtuous, will not earn you brownie points with others tribes, nor will it change their nature, or human nature.

    The choices left on the menu for White Christian Gentiles?

    #1. Accept being a belittled and disenfranchised minority in the very country that was built by White Gentiles.

    #2. Raise the Confederate flag and straighten out anyone who does not like that.

    Don’t be angry with me for listing no other choices, for those who designed this situation have made sure that they are not there.

    2 choices – pick one, and be aapprized that you will not be allowed to come back from there.

    • Ivan Turgenev, I am all for your number # 2, It’s.too dangerous too do it around here, There is an element around here that would catch a man gone and attack his house by ecause of our colorsl, if I caught someone messing around……… Ivan, my Family and the Southern Republic need me free, working…..like a working man does, prepared too Soldier up for the cause, I have an antifa man, lives right across the street from me, him and his black friends and their trampy girl friends, have made some less than flattering remarks about the battle flag, I have hanging in my shed, where I keep my bike, but that is far as their bravery goes, but I aim too return too Kentucky with my family , hopefully very soon, when I get back too the Southern Republic, I vow too publically fly our colors every minute of the rest of my life, but little if any honor too be found around here period…….but I don’t despair, because I know a better day and a better country is coming and coming soon…..

      • Yes, Dear Terry – I know you are ready and am very very glad you are with us.

        If you get tired of being a stranger in a strange land, up yonder, you know there will always be a place for your down here – come what may.

        One advantage of living in The Rural South is that you do not have to see signs of LGBT and Antifa, because there are few of them here, and, those who are, have the good sense to keep it to themselves.

        God bless you, Dear Terry!

      • Good to hear you’re moving to KY. Born and bred Kentuckian. We’re not free of the radical agenda (Beshear took down the statue of Jefferson Davis at the Capitol, only this year to be replaced by a large menorah).
        But the good news is we’ve been receiving refugees from all over the states. In my little county alone I’ve met people who fled Colorado and Portland, Oregon. At my church we’ve met migrants from California, New York, and many other states. These are white folks, many with large families, that will tell you why they left these other states. The reasons always include the leftist assaults of 2020. I’ve heard Tennessee is also having an influx of white refugees.
        There are still little havens of sanity left in KY. Recall the armed men who surrounded the Todd County Jefferson Davis monument and refused to let it be vandalized.
        Let us know when you arrive.

    • I’ll take #2. And that’s how I am raising my daughter. The “United” “states” is our enemy. And I have to use for GOP civnat cucks. National review had a story about the removal of any reference to General Lee from West Point. I’d say a good 70% were “well he was a traitor.”

      Those people are worse than useless. They are as bad as the supporters of the US that wear the rainbow and ukie flags side by side. The Confederacy is the only legitimate American nation. Civnats can start backing for the white ghettos in Wakanda for all I care.

    • “…2 choices – pick one, and be aapprized that you will not be allowed to come back from there….”

      You’re wrong. You’re 100% totally wrong, that there is only two choices. The way they took power was to slowly infiltrate wedge issues and power centers. We can do exactly the same. It’s foolish to say we should beg and scrape, or that we HAVE to have a civil war and burn the country to the ground. If we can’t get a few legislations passed, how are we going to win a civil war? We won’t.

      The ONLY reason they rule is the Supreme court made an illegal ruling that did away with regional based Senates in all the States.

      Without this, they would have no power. The legislature can change the voting rules with JUST a majority vote they could rule out voting for immigrants, people under 25, people on welfare and others that would vote against us. Instead of crying, we should be gaming how to RULE them. Make them do as we please, just like they do to us.

      Exhaustive comments on this here,


      I’m against both hopinium, “someone will save us”, and defeatism, “we are doomed”. Neither is true.

      There’s also other methods that we could us, but I will not name them. Use your imagination.

    • “ Unfortunately, White Gentiles are in the process of learning a very painful lesson.”

      I would say this is correct. Having grown up in the “George Floyd land “arena, there was a tacit understanding – or else it was made tacit by economics… But that understanding was – blacks lived in their own areas, and we lived in ours, and only rarely would the two of us intersect.

      When the Mall of America opened, it was a marvelous architectural and commercial feat. When the city fathers of Minneapolis decided to put the Trolley through the worst of the ghetto areas, that’s when the thievery, solicitation, F@ckery, and all the other crap began to happen in Minnesota. Yes I’m speaking over the course of 25 years, but it seems like yesterday.

      I moved to the south about a decade ago. Having been in an isolated pocket, I had no idea how bad things had gotten. This week for Christmas vacation my family decided to go down to Atlanta. I have been dumbstruck!

      In an upscale mall with a cheesecake factory and a P.F. Chang’s and Macy’s and other stores of like nature, I am surrounded by Niggers.

      Oh yes, they’re well dressed, coiffed, and look like they are pretending they’re white people. But they’re not! I cannot abide this incursion in my country! And I’ll say it as honestly as I can – they do not deserve this! They also do not deserve to be in my homeland!

      If we do not actively, aggressively, and eternally fight this Negrification of the United States, our country as we know it will disappear within 20 years!!!

      If nothing else has caused me to realize the necessity of joining a group such as the NJP-national justice party, this one vacation has done it. Oh yes, of course Biden‘s coup government and all of the perverts in it have already awoken me to the J-question, but the N-word question? I had no idea!

      Brad, how the hell do you live in this muddy swamp of non-whites?

        • Does that apply to me? Because your response didn’t sound conciliatory….

          And you know what they say… Familiarity breeds contempt.

          • @Fr. John…

            “Familiarity breeds contempt”

            It does for those who find what they don’t like about somebody and focus on it to the exclusion of what they do like.

            Our blog host is a very even-tempered and affable host, someone who will interlocute locquaciously with those, even after they have spit verbally all over him.

            He’s very commendable in this regard.

            As for myself, I am happy to have you here.

            You are as good a Copperhead as ever existed, which means, to my mind, you are in a position elevated to most Southerners; they who either hate their own kind, or who will not stick their necks out for anyone, anytime.

            You have stuck your neck out, in your life, and I very much respect that.

            Also ,you have written many excellent comments, blending your feelings with history and Orthodoxy, something which has elucidated me.

            Have a happy year and feel accepted here.

      • @Fr. John…

        “If we do not actively, aggressively, and eternally fight this Negrification of the United States, our country as we know it will disappear within 20 years!!!”

        If I am to be honest with myself, as I am wont to be, I have to admit that the country I knew is gone.

        If it were not this way, my wife and I would not have been daily studying Hungarian for the last several years.

  3. ” deeply disconnected the most powerful Republican politician in Washington is from the base .”

    They are well connected to those who cross their palm.

    How much of that 100 billion in aid to Ukraine is returned in kickbacks ? Even 0.1 % is a 100 million.

    Mcconnell has a very lavish bank account, somewhere.

  4. “Some 81% of Democrats said prejudice against Jews is a problem in the country, including 50% who called it a major problem.”

    Do they live in the vacuum of deep space ?

    There’s certainly a vacuum between their ears.

    • “Equal but total segregation of all races”

      Segregation doesn’t work, there’ll be some degree of interaction, Which spreads in time.
      Only total separation works, preferably by oceans.

  5. The WSj (Wall Street jews) deliberately and with malice aforethought capitalized Black but not White. That is clearly a MICRO-AGGRESSION™.

    • We did.

      It busted anyway.

      Fortunately, it seems like it will be easy to fix as it busted only in one place which is easily accessible. I could be wrong though.

      My mother-in-law was down here for Christmas and her pipes busted and it flooded her house. A total disaster is waiting for her back home.

        • I’m looking forward to it this week.

          I know our ducks are looking forward to global warming. They are sick of their water being frozen in the morning.

      • So sorry to hear this, Brad. I wish you the best in fixing this issue. You may have read that TVA did some rolling blackouts on Christmas Eve in all of their coverage area, including north Alabama. Today was the first time I left my house since last Wednesday.

          • Not yet. Still have not washed a load of clothes since the arctic bomb. My washing machine is in my utility room. I bought a cheap, plastic China made space heater to blow on the the pipes connected to it. Will probably try it out later today.

      • As cold as it has been in the Upper Confederacy, we got lucky.

        That said, we helped out by doing what the Yankee suggested – letting our pipes drip, and by, ‘letting our pipes drip’, I mean all of them – in the house, including the showers and including the garden hose spickets!

          • Yes, Sir – it only takes one area, which is why we went full-on New England Yankee and kept every spicket rolling.

            This means we lost $20 in water cost but saved $1,000 in plumbing cost.

            We also did the Southern thang, as well, and prayed to the Lord Jesus Christ for his pity on our pipes!

            Have a Happy New Year!

        • If millions of people had lost power for a couple of days during this arctic cyclone, I think a ton of people would have literally frozen to death in their own homes, including those in the Deep South. I have an unholy hatred of cold.

  6. Do you have to take a poll when the law of the land requires discrimination against whites? Do we also need to take a poll on whether or not the sun is in the sky during the day?

  7. You are not going to be treated fairly in this life by all you meet no matter what you do or say. It is just reality, So why the push and what is the purpose of it? Is it meant to do harm?

  8. >Republican Voters

    Perhaps it’s a bit more important what Republican politicians think, since they are the ones who, at least nominally or theoretically, have the power to do something about any discrimination faced by Whites and Christians — not that they ever would do anything about it of course.

    Generally, white people and white identity are like kryptonite to the GOP, which condemns ‘white supremacy’ and White Nationalism at any and every opportunity:

    Senate approves resolution condemning white supremacist groups

    The Senate easily passed a resolution on Monday condemning white supremacist organizations and urging President Trump to speak out against hate groups. …The resolution — introduced last week by Sens. Mark Warner (D-Va.), Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.), Tim Kaine (D-Va.) and Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) — cleared the upper chamber by unanimous consent. … The Senate measure formally condemns “the violence and domestic terrorist attack” that occurred last month around a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va.

    Don’t bother searching for a similar resolution condemning the BLM rioting and destruction that took place all over the country during the summer of 2020.

    I did happen to come across this though:

    Senate Unanimously Passes Resolution Condemning Violence And Threats Of Violence Against The FBI

    In a speech on the Senate floor, U.S. Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL), Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, today spoke about the increased violence and threats of violence Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) employees have faced since the August 8 search executed at former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort — and the need for swift Senate action condemning such behavior and the rhetoric that contributes to it.

    What ‘violence’ FBI agents experienced isn’t stated.

  9. GOP number one priority now is Ukraine, but not the border.Back to Bush years Iraq and Afghanistan are a threat to freedumb and Democracy and not the border.

    • Of course not.
      Retardicans love that cheap labor. They don’t want to pay a WHITE person a living wage.
      They want Maria to clean their house for $150 a week, while her kids deal dope and terrorize working class kids.
      They don’t care.

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