Happy New Year 2023!

Happy New Year!

A year ago, I called into Jared Holt’s New Year’s show to boast about how our views – things like White advocacy, Christian nationalism, National Divorce, opposition to the Great Replacement, etc. – are increasingly mainstream in spite of four years of internet censorship. I followed up on that by writing an article celebrating political climate change and the demise of old taboos. None of this was on the horizon as late as the 2020 election. These trends have only surfaced under Joe Biden.

In spite of the happy narrative that now prevails among liberals about 2022, these trends have only intensified. Donald Trump has faded over the past year, but that is because his base has become much more radicalized and less enamored with him. While Trump celebrated the codification of gay marriage at Mar-a-Lago, rightwing activists spent the year protesting groomers at drag events. Trump spent his presidency normalizing homosexuality on the Right, but that trend appears to be over.

Donald Trump’s act feels stale now in 2023. Blumpf really isn’t driving what is going on in the conservative base these days whether it is the backlash against “trans” or anti-Whiteism or Ukraine. Trump’s announcement speech landed with a shrug because his own base has changed over the past two years. It will be fun to watch how these currents surface in the 2024 Republican presidential primary.

There is no path back to the “normal” pre-Trump Republican Party. There is no path back to the Trump era Republican Party either though. Abolishing the FBI is mainstream on the Right now. I’m largely pleased with these developments and looking forward to following their trajectory.


  1. I usually do not look at TV in the USA but my father likes American college football. Well we were supporting TCU in an exciting game but we had to watch non stop commercials. They made me gag.

    Yes your enemies obviously wish to replace you. In commercials with blacks/mulattoes etc. Whites sort of exist in commercials and latins? We outnumber blacks but are mostly non existent in commercials.

    Watching American commercials is penance for my sins.

    I have to admit that college football is more exciting than soccer.

    • I sometimes watch NFL games through hispanic TV livestreams. Normally, I never watch ads and minimize the game screen and read something else while they’re running. But I did pay attention for while to check out the racial composition of the ads on the hispanic channels. Ironically, hispanic TV is whiter – or at least waaay less black – than traditional TV.

      • Silver,

        Is that not strange? I have told the white nationalists on this website again and again that someone like me is the best you can hope for. I do not grovel and I identify as white.

        The Southwest is ours or soon will be. What the Anglo does about that should be interesting.

        I bow and kneel to God not political correctness.

        • Good morning Miss Christina – I hope you had a fun but safe New Year’s eve and the New Year is starting off good. I always enjoy your perspective.

          How come Hispanic majority LA just elected a typical, horrible BLM Black Lib Leftist mayor who’s announced she’s putting up all the cities drug addicted, crazy homeless in hotels and motels. LA’s Black % population has been going way way down in recent decades – Dissent Right LA born and bred writer David Cole predicted that Black BLM Libs Leftists and their Antifa enablers were pretty much finished in LA with Hispanic working class majority and immigrants from Armenia and the former Soviet Union. What happened?

          Also, are you familiar with USA’s most beloved Cowboy actor John Wayne? John Wayne married (I believe) 3 wives all pretty Latinas like you. And look how beautiful/White John Wayne’s grand daughter is. If you marry an older White Anglo guy (how about me?) your children and grand children get look and act like John Wayne’s Grand daughter – here’s her photo:


          Wishing you all the best for 2023.

          Jaye Ryan

          • Mr. Ryan,

            Yes I had a fun New Years Eve and very safe.

            I am not sure what happened in Los Angeles. I think that money determines who wins the Democrat Primary and then Latins vote overwhelmingly Democrat compared to Republican no matter who runs for office.

            I can not see that state of affairs lasting indefinitely. Numbers will tell sooner or later.

            Yes. Everyone has heard of John Wayne. American movies are big in Mexico and I have spent most of the last few years in California and Texas.

            I will read the link you sent me. Other girls and myself are fiercely competing for male attention at school. We are many and they are few.

            Sounds like the plot of a movie.

          • Mr. Ryan,

            I put in another thread research on how Mexicans identify ourselves.

            The research was found on Mexican demographics-Wiki. Something I was already aware of.

            Well in Mexico:

            47% white
            22% Indio
            1% black
            30% Mestizo

            The white and Indian population is less than that with the mixed population being higher but people wish to identify as a God made people not an artificial creation.

          • Mr. Ryan,

            Thank you for the compliment. Yes I am pretty but not special. A couple of girls beat me hands down. Why?

            Well number one is slender but heavy up top. Number 2 is a natural blonde. Yes there are a few blondes in Mexico and I can not compete with them.

            Everyone loves gold and there are no secrets in the girls locker room.

            And that is that.

    • “we had to watch non stop commercials. They made me gag.”

      It’s obvious who controls Madison avenue.

      • Arrian,

        Yes. It is obvious not someone like me. I would have wholesome commercials that stress the beauty and innocence of everyone. Being in los estados unidos is difficult.

        In Mexico I can relax despite the problems yet in the USA I am always tense.

        That is no way to live. No wonder Americans are so angry all the time.

      • @Robert Browning:-
        Offering cheap labour we can’t compete with, overfishing in poorer nations waters, buying out our farms, real estate and infrastructure, importing fentanyl ingredients, breeding out whites everywhere we are via mixed marriages, committing genocide against Uyghurs, moving to every white nation on earth, unfair trade practices, spreading a virus that has killed millions outside China, a shocking animal welfare and environmental record, copying everything we do and ignoring copyright laws, intellectual property theft…………I just can’t imagine why some are a little sick of them!
        Being pro Asian is NOT being pro white.
        Granted, they’re often assisted by white traitors in some of these practices, but they’re still doing it to us.
        You often accuse the Irish of being too liberal. Now you’re accusing this one kid of being too racist?
        Are you Jewish? Please just be honest about who and what you are………. please!

        • You hate innocent Christ killer. You want loyalty from whites so you can persecute the innocent, take a hike you rotten dirty fuck.

          • @RB

            Oh, shut your “mouth”, you fake. You have no soul — you are a New England Yankee Jew created bot troll, puppeted by degenerates out of the ADL/SPLC giving your different/multiple personalities a turn at insulting Whites trying to divert hatred off the Jews onto Whites — in this case the Irish.

            Now, go to hell you ignorant liar. The president of the League of the South is part Irish, I and millions of others here in the South are part Irish. If you hate the Irish then you hate the South — Dixie. NOW SHUT YOUR LYING TROLL YANKEE-JEW BOT “MOUTH” UP FOREVER!!! AND GET LOST!!!

  2. There is no path back to the “normal” pre-Trump Republican Party. There is no path back to the Trump era Republican Party either though.

    Well, that’s good, but who do you see to the right of Trump among GOP leaders? Without such people, it really will be back to normal – the conservative pro-white base getting conned with backlash performance art politics.

  3. A happy and healthy New Year 2023 to you Brad and your family and all readers of Occidental Dissent.

  4. He is sabotaging his own campaign for the Ye/Izzo 2024 Fundamental Transformation? (HONK!)
    Donnie Shekels should dress up in drag for the kiddies and read Debbie Does Dallas or some other legendary Every Single Time masterpiece of high culture and art.

  5. Flax,

    You did do your research on John Wayne. By my standards they would all be considered white.

  6. Mr, Ryan,

    I just noticed you said what about me for marriage. I am flattered beyond words. Any children would have to be Catholic. Some of the people on here will not like you wanting to marry a Mexican girl.

    I look good but there is not mistaking that even in the winter i look like a white girl with a tan.

    Anyway I leave within a couple of hours. I return I think in a few months. As always I give you my sweetness for the non stop kindness you always show to me.

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