Kevin McCarthy Fails To Become House Speaker on First Ballot

UPDATE: McCarthy goes down a third time.

UPDATE: McCarthy went down a second time.

When I was at the Amren conference, I was struck by how much Steve King hates Kevin McCarthy and sees him as a Swamp creature. I don’t really have a position on this, but I am impressed that House Republicans aren’t going to roll over for Kevin McCarthy like Democrats with Nancy Pelosi.

New York Times:

“WASHINGTON — Only hours before the vote, Representative Kevin McCarthy of California was still laboring on Tuesday to lock down the support he needed to be elected speaker, with ultraconservative holdouts showing no signs of backing down from what could become a chaotic floor fight at the dawn of the new House Republican majority.

The standoff hung over what was supposed to be a day of jubilation for Republicans, exposing deep divisions within the party as it embarks on its first week in power. It all but guaranteed that even if Mr. McCarthy eked out a victory, he would be a diminished speaker beholden to an empowered right flank.

In a vote planned for around midday Tuesday, when the new Congress convenes, Mr. McCarthy must win a majority of those present and voting — 218 if every member of the House were to attend and cast a vote — to become speaker. Republicans are to control 222 seats and Democrats are all but certain to oppose Mr. McCarthy en masse, leaving him little room for defections from his own party. …”

Do you remember #ForceTheVote?

House Progressives didn’t even try to drive a hard bargain in exchange for their support for Nancy Pelosi.


  1. With all my heart I THANK CONGRESSMAN GAETZ for standing so strong in this matter that some others who, otherwise, might now have resisted.

    Nothing against former Speaker McCarthy, as a person, but, to me his brand of Republican Conservatism is best illustrated by his being married to a woman, while living for years in sodomitic adultery with a man.

    While I know more than a few, on The Right, will strenuously disagree with me, I have the cheek to think they are wrong..

    Any man such as this could not even remotely possess the character to lead us.

    If McCarthy wants to be a part of The Right, okay, but, lead us? No.

    Congressman Gaetz is totally right in insisting we must have someone else.

    At least with someone else there is a chance things could be better.

    Former Speaker Gingrich is completely mistaken in thinking that Gaetz is undermining the Republican Party.

    Why is Speaker Gingrich wrong?

    Because you cannot undermine a structure so rotten it is laying on the ground, unable to even support it’s own weight.

    • We’d to focus on racial realities , survival not personal morals

      Who won the streets of Red Munich and J Red Berlin 100 years ago?

      Ernst Rohm s SA

      • I totally agree with you, Dear Jaye, that we cannot remove people from our movement, just because they are not perfect. That said, maybe you are missing my point, which is…

        How can a man who has a conservative haircut, but is not Conservative, head the Conservatives?

        How can you trust a man who marries a woman, promises to be faithful ’till death do they part, yet spends his night sodomizing/being sodomized and fellating, being fellated by a man?

        Would this man not be totally compromised, right from the get-go?

        Moreover, is it not clear that Congressman McCarthy is exactly that – compromised, which is why Populist candidates were either eliminated by a lack of funding, spy-vs. spy techniques, or cheated out at the polls cheating; which is why the border is open, (with no end in sight) their is not congressional oversight, we’re at war and spending hundreds of billions, whilst being 32 trillion dollars in debt?

        Is there anywhere Speaker McCarthy has demonstrated he is morally equipped to be our leader?

        As to Ernst Rohm, he would be better to be speaker, for not only was he not a hypocrite, in his degeneracy, he actually risked his life for Germany, over and over again.

        Is there anything Speaker McCarthy would risk himself for, other than his own advancement?

        Thank you for your reply!

      • Jaye Ryan, so are you saying, congressman mcCarthy.and his ilk, given a free pass, because he is white, like some suggest should be given too antifa, simply because they are White?

        • Thank you, Dear Terry, for chiming in, when I was receiving incoming.

          Though I agree with Mr. Ryan that we cannot be on the search for Mother Teresas to lead; if the European Races are to survive, I also very much agree with you that preservation of flesh, for flesh’s sake is a total waste of time.

          What motivates me to wish to defend White Races are the culture that they, we, produce – from technological and artistic advances to the advocation of Christendom.

          In the end, what makes a Collective Whiteness worthy is what arises from it.

          Also, thank you for being a faithful friend.

          There is nothing as valuable in this Human world.

    • Hello Ivan;

      ” . . . his being married to a woman, while living for years in sodomitic adultery with a man.”

      I’ve never read this before, it is a complete surprise. I’m sure you are correct but could you please explain or link to something for details?


      • @12AX7….

        To my knowledge this is a very public secret, to the point where those who follow Congress know about it, but, many Ordinary Americans do not.

        That said, I have not been over to the McArthy dwellings for dinner, so, let me leave you to do the research, come up with your own conclusions, while I withdraw my argument to this…

        The wall was never built, the borders are wide open, and Whites continued to be replaced at astounding rates.

        Populists were cheated at not given proper support at the polls, in the recent midterms.

        The US Government colluded with media and corporations to try and force untried vaccines upon us.

        The GOP is actively soliciting support from gays organizations.

        Endless billions are being, and heave been, spent, in a war in the Ukraine, and for the benefit of whom?

        Unelected federal bureaucracies receive no oversight from Congress. The FBI’s involvement in election engineering is but one example.

        Parents are being attacked because they do not want their children to be schooled in Woke tyranny.

        Professional soldiers are being driven from the military because they do not want to be forced to take a dangerous vaccine.

        American industry remains abroad, while small towns continue to fall apart.

        Inflation runs rampant, as the national debt skyrockets way over $30,000,000,000,000

        In Congress, huge bills are introduced and no time is given for study or debate.

        In all of this, and so much more, where is Congressman McCarthy?

        If you have seen him, anywhere on the battlefield, I have not.

        Even McCarthy’s mentor, Congress Bill Thomas, says that McCarthy lies, and that he changes his lies’.

        In the end, however, I think Congressman Matt Gaetz said it best.

        All the best to you and yours!

      • Kevin McCarthy was ‘roommates during covid’ with political figure Frank Luntz, sometimes said to be gay … the McCarthy – Luntz roomie story was on Tucker, Fox etc

        Just friends LOL … six figure salary and instead of getting your own pad you move in with a maybe-gay roomie, nothing to see here

        This pops up sometimes, married men in US politics having a bi-gay side

        Like with Paul Pelosi and David DePape reportedly both in their undies when cops arrived in that scene

        Or when President George W Bush gave a White House press pass to an almost-unknown blogger, James Guckert aka Jeff Gannon … reported by Salon as being a gay escort on sites like MilitaryStud etc

        ‘Hard-working blogger’ Guckert used to ‘sleep over’ often at the White House per Secret Service logs, one night when Tony Blair was there … video with hilarious splicing of Bush and Blair voicing the lyrics to ‘I want to take you to the gay bar’ by Electric Six

        • Yikes!

          Between balticus and Ivan I learned some new things today. TMI, I shouldn’t have asked. It just reinforces the widely held belief that they are all rotten. Why not make Matt Gaetz or Lauren Boebert speaker?

          I think Kevin McCarthy must have his eyes on the White House. The Speaker of the House is third in line for the presidency. With the decrepit Dementia Joe as Mr. President, Cackling Kamala as dumb as a stump and obviously unsuitable for the office, anything is possible if Dementia Joe ends up face down in his breakfast.

          • @12AX7…

            Yes, I would be enthused about Boebert being the speaker, and, even more so, Gaetz.

            Jim Jordan is excellent, too.

            That said, I do not think we have arrived when the GOP is going to allow people like these to rise to the top. That they even have a voice is quite stunning.

            Yes, things are rotten at the core, but, there still are people with honour in service – not just the ones I mentioned.

            Thanks for being open-minded about hearing disturbing stuff.

            Even if Mr. McCarthy is not degenerate, the fact rmeans that it is difficult to find any justification for him being a leader.

            Being well-spoken, well-mannered, and well-coiffed are all things to recommend him, but, alas, in the end, those are things external, which is not so important as what lies within.

  2. The Uke flag is beginning to have the same effect on me as the gay or trans flag. It’s always the same type of POS who sports them. They’ve become interchangeable.

  3. McCarthy has gone down 3 times so far. The Speakership is Jimmy Jordan’s for the taking. Get your best hold on Jim.

  4. Failing to win on the first ballot just means he hasn’t played his hole card yet. He just needs to sweeten the pot with juicier bribes to the holdouts.

    If the holdouts persist McCarthy could always seek votes from “moderate” DemocRats if such creatures actually still exist in DC. One can only wonder what he would have to offer them in return for their support, maybe a floor vote on amnesty?

    Oh well, it probably doesn’t make any difference which Retardpublican is Speaker since The Stupid Party will still sell us out, wet their diapers and grovel pathetically before their globalist overlords.

    • I don’t understand what the drama is all about.

      There isn’t realistically going to be anything going on in the House but investigations and McCarthy has already agreed to do that.

      • @Mr. Griffin…

        I think the drama is coming mostly from the Republican elites, they who are shock to see that, in spite of their efforts, the Republican opposition is still strong enough to throw a wrench in their works, so to speak.

        As for myself, I get your point, because this nation is way too gone to make a change with just a different speaker.

        I tell you where it is important, however, and why I support Congressman Gaetz – Whites have got to get back in the habit of staying engaged, while not going along.

        We’re out of practice with that, and even over a small issue, it takes on importance.

        Southerners have not really resisted anything for around 60 years, and you see what that has got.

        So, I’m very thankful to Congressman Gaetz, and those other now 18 Congressmen who joined him.

        And, yes, Jim Jordan is a much much better choice – anyone from the Freedom Coalition, but, he is the best.

        All the best to you and Miss Renee!

  5. Watch, the Irish Republicans, Republicans of Irish blood, are going to betray their own party and form an alliance with the Democrats. You just watch. Mick Mulvaney said as much.

  6. Some of you younger bucks might not know, Gingrich was Speaker, a Speaker who talked conservative but governed far left. Finally a rump of conservatives agreed to turn against him and he was rousted out of being Speaker.

    So this Gingrich, the 33rd degree Freemason, was the McCarthy of the 90’s.

  7. I see a third party as being the main way that working and middle class white people will have some kind of voice in this society. I’ve yet to see the GOP do much except fund wars and cut taxes for the rich. The fact that they aren’t even trying to stop the invasion at the southern border is a disgrace. The Texas governor hasn’t done anything except ship a few illegals to big cities in blue area. The hordes keep showing up.

  8. Pelosi’s pick is a cinch and Katie Hobbs bursts out laughing.
    Trump has a card up the sleeve called third party run.
    How about that Grand Old Politburo fellow traveler traitor rats!

  9. Regarding muh investigations from the GOP wing of the Uniparty bird, there is a dank meme of the Goodfellas laughing at the table scene because that is pure comedy gold.
    The average drooling dullard kwannie will eat it up, the Kabuki of LOL faux investigations.

  10. With a divided congress there is nothing that can be done by Republicans in the house, assuming they wanted to, which they don’t.

    The best outcome here would be to push the establishment Republicans to join the Dems and elect Hakeem Jeffries, which MTG has already floated as a trial balloon trying to concern troll the freedom caucus into cucking out on a McCarthy vote.

    There’s nothing to lose that we aren’t gonna lose anyway under the current Republican leadership.

    Making sure people never fall back into thinking national politics is anything but hopelessly rigged should be our only goal at the national level.

    Make the establishment shills go on record supporting the other party, rather than heed their base.

  11. Remember, Dennis Hastert was a supposedly “conservative” SOTH, and he kiddy diddled boys as a high school wrestling coach.

    Republicans have a history of this nonsense. It’s no wonder they don’t conserve shit.

  12. Ivan Turgenev

    Ivan Turgenev says”we have to have SECESSION” there’s nothing else we can do. I ask isn’t this something else? The reason the outliers are giving is the deep State, is it not? Notice they so far are able to keep together. What if even more join them? What if some of the things I say to do like controlling voting pass? THIS, what they are doing, is the way to go. The Jews have slowly creeped and creviced themselves into top spots controlling the government. Kick them out of power. They have advise and consent. Do not consent to the evil ass Jews. We can just as easily root them out and cast them into the dirt. The reason they keep doing this is the aggressive psychopath Jews at the top do what ever they damn well please and no one ever stops them. Congress could declare that these specific evil fucks not get one damn cent of funding. That they be expelled from Washington. We can slowly harass and decimate their power, inch by inch, rule by rule, and amendment by amendment.

    Never forget that it was one Man, Senator Sessions, that stopped mass citizenship for illegal immigrants. He refused to bow down and enough eventually joined him and it died. It doesn’t take everyone, just a few percent who refuse to bend. This is EXACTLY how the Jews work their magic. They wrench themselves in a position and then refuse to budge and gab every single ounce of power they can. We can do the same.

    What if the Congress named all the people persecuting the people on Jan. 6 and who are illegally holding them and said that no funds will be used to hold them, no funds will be paid to any of the “named” employees of the federal government that had anything to do with their arrest and jailing, and any funds paid to them by the government or contractors will immediately stop all further funding to the heads of that organization. What if they held the heads of these organizations financially liable for any funds paid to them or for any illegal acts? What if they stopped funding specific people who are attacking us? What if they stopped the funds for all the specific people in the FBI that censored people? What if they asked for an itemized account of all funds paid to internet media and then taxed it all back? What if they stopped funding for all the people who have been going after Trump illegally? Even if what they did was not illegal, nothing says they have to fund anyone. I see no reason they could not do this. Even if it failed it would make ALL of them take notice and if it failed once, it might not the second or third or the fourth time or the fifth or the sixth… Constant, unrelenting irritation for the deep State. Constantly looking for any rule, law, wedge to kick their ass.

    Congress could raise a militia to break them out of jail and shoot anyone involved that tried to stop them. Congress could cancel all funds to Ukraine. There’s so much trouble they could start, and after they get started, and this is a start, it will embolden them. They will see THEY are the ones with the key to the purse.

    SECESSION is for losers. This country is mine, and I want every single damn square inch of it.

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