Tucker Carlson: Kevin McCarthy Needs To Give Concessions


McCarthy goes down a fifth time.

UPDATE: McCarthy goes down on fourth ballot.

I have the same take on this as Tucker Carlson:

1. It is surprising and encouraging that House Republicans simply didn’t roll over and meekly fall in line behind Kevin McCarthy. That’s what The Squad did with #ForceTheVote. We saw how that worked out for progressives. We should get something in return in exchange for our support. By the end of the last Congress, House Progressives were apologizing to the establishment and retracting their letter which meekly criticized the unwavering support of Democrats for the war in Ukraine.

2. I have no sympathy for Kevin McCarthy after what he did to Steve King. The people who know him best all seem to hate him. They all have the same take on him which is that he is a Swamp creature. Still, he will probably end up becoming Speaker of the House at the end of the day.

3. We need a new Church Committee to go after the FBI and the “intelligence community.” Over the past several election cycles, we have grown accustomed to major changes in state election laws, the Deep State interfering in our elections and mass censorship. Investigate that. Then abolish the FBI.

4. Cut off Ukraine after the +$100 billion that was passed by the last Congress.


  1. Lives six years alone in an apartment with a homosexual. What are we supposed to think? He’s a fag. At least try to hide it, like Hastert did.

  2. To those who wish to make a deal with Speaker McCarthy, I can only say this – you can watch the sincere attempts by Vladimir Putin to comes to some honourable agreement with those who run Washington over Ukraine

    The result?

    One lie after another.

    One bushwhack after another.

    The moral?

    YOU CANNOT MAKE DEALS WITH DISHONOURABLE MEN, – it’s a total waste of time.

    At the seat of every problem we have, in this country, is a matter of dishonour..

    Having come up in an Honour Culture, I can tell you that, nowadays, the stock on honour is down – way down, and not just in the political realm

    Speaker McCarthy does not have the honour to lead, and that is no trivial matter.

  3. The US Constitution is nearly defunct because the leadership of the Republicans are agents of the people who control the Democratic Party. Republican voters don’t have representation, and if anyone in elected office makes the slightest protest about it, they are punished by the party.

  4. McCarthy has now secured a full throated endorsement from Trump. In spite of the efforts these elected congressmen have made to enforce some reform in the new term.

    The man is a totally useless, cuckolded orange boomer faggot and its time people quit carrying water for him.

    Make the establishment vote for the Dem speaker. Force their hand or allow nothing to move forward.

    The freedom caucus has nothing to lose but its only leverage.

  5. The “Freedom Committee” is now talking about replacing McCarthy with a darkie. LOL. A choice between an Irish Roman Catholic and a spook, now that’s a tough one in today’s political climate.

    This could go on for 6 months.

  6. 201 votes for the fag on fourth rollcall. All the whores are whoring for McCarthy, Trump, Carlson, Crenshaw, Pompeo, Greene, Romney Too bad Limbaugh died and went to hell, McCarthy would have had a strong support from that hog.

    Meanwhile Marcos remains in Bejing, signing 14 major agreements with his best friend Xi. It really looks like the Philippines is changing sides. And who can blame them?

    The Empire is collapsing. Long live the empire!

  7. Nor does he have the honor to step aside. An honorable person would run, but if he didn’t have the votes he would step aside and work with the group to find some one the majority can support. Mcarthy thinks he is entitled to the position, he said so himself, but no one is entitled to be Speaker of the House. It isn’t 20 reps holding up the process, it is one man. His vanity is holding up the Congress. He’s a puke and this country will only benefit if he never becomes speaker.

    • Kevin McCarthy doesn’t have an ounce of honor in him, never did, else he would have been kicked out of the Republican Party or resigned.

      If he really wants to become Speaker (3rd in line for the Presidency) without “reaching across the aisle” (i.e. giving away the store to the Democrats), McCarthy could promise the moon to Republicans who oppose him, get elected Speaker then stab his supporters in the back, SOP for Republicans.

      There would be howling from dissident Republicans like Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert but they wouldn’t have the numbers to oppose McCarthy at that point. All would be forgotten by the Republicans who were betrayed by Kevin McCarthy in a few days and it would be back to business as usual with Democrats laughing all the way to the bank.

      • @12AX7…

        Unfortunately, you are right – Speaker McCarthy is honour-lite.

        That said, because he has no other cause than himself, it can be useful, if he can be bent to our will.

        Happy to say that Congressman Gaetz, Perry, Boebert, Donalds, Biggs, and some others have been doing that work.

  8. One has to wonder why McCarthy hasn’t made concessions to dissidents in his caucus in order to secure their support. Maybe some of them simply can’t be compromised but the whole thing suggests McCarthy’s end game is to get elected with votes from Democrats. That would mean making some ugly concessions to them but McCarthy is quite obviously an unprincipled weasel who wants power for it’s own sake.

    In the mean time it is all very entertaining political circus that will do nothing to prevent the imminent destruction of what is left of The Republic. At this point we would be better off if we were lead by 435 people picked at random in a lottery.

    PS- Don’t forget that Mitch McConnell just helped DemocRats pass an omnibus spending bill that cuts House Republicans out of any budget authority until September. With “friends” like this who needs enemies?

    PSS- 8 months on and we still don’t know who leaked the SCOTUS Dobbs decision, despite the fact that it almost caused the assassination of a Supreme Court Justice! If there is a more worthless and feckless organization on the planet than The Stupid Party please inform me as to who that might be.

  9. Did you see that miserable Irish prick Sean Hannity, attack little Lauren Boebert? Boebert is getting the Muslim treatment now. Lauren you can not reason with the Irish, don’t waste your time.

    • @RB — the Jew

      One may take you degenerate Jews out of hell but you will never take the hell out of them.

      You Jews are so clever/deceitful attacking Whites as if we Whites can’t take care of our Whites in our own way. You want to kill/slander ALL for the sins of a few and claim you are one of us — what a sick joke you are.

      Go to hell and take your own hell with you, Jew…

      • Whose side are you on? Boebert is standing up against dictatorial Irish rule in the form of McCarthy, Hannity, Mick Mulvaney and the like….

        Are you blind to the kind of comtempt your kind hold for the American people??

        • Which side are you on? Satan’s side, that’s whose side you are on. Who cares about the Republican party — the party of Lincoln — only Jew perverts like you who hate the Irish many who want to secede from the Dems/Repubs, the whole demonic mess and you demons want to destroy the Irish, especially one who is leading an organization to secede from the Yankee Empire. Go to hell you Jew demon! The sooner the better!

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      • Hey why don’t you complain about me to that fat bitch, Heidi Beirich? I check the SPLC website from time to time for Irish haters and they do not seen to give a crap. I am a hater. I am in need on condemation just like the rest of the haters. So why is there no condemnation for me?

        • Aw, Robbie, I ain’t complainin’. You misunderstand. Just givin’ fair warnin’…

          I remember a deacon in my church when I asked him concerning someone who had stolen something from the church about what he was going to do about it in the future. He looked at me as if I was the bad guy and he had now become a spirit being and said, “Today, we are going to go sky diving (without a parachute I presume)…”

    • I am assuming she doesn’t watch these shows, otherwise she’d know what the sonavabitch is like, and would not have gone on there.

  10. The problem is the media has pretty successfully put the “X-Files Conspiracy Theory” aura onto the whole 2020 election and January 6th thing that even if anything is there, the spectacle of looking into it would be damaging. Could also be that the degenerate majority that loves twerking, weed, and having bastard children just doesn’t like their old grey haired elders and want all this crap the media has suggested they should have. The media has turned the majority into the Menendez Brothers and the few decent elders standing in their way are the unfortunate Menendez Parents.

  11. RepMattGaetz: “Everything I heard hardened my resolve that this town desperately needs change, and if it’s a few of us who have to stand in the breach to force it, we are willing to do so for as long as it takes.”

    THAT’S THE SPIRIT! Drive them nuts. Attack them and irritate them until every morning when they get up they dread the coming day. STOP funding for THE specific people who were responsible for altering elections. So the head of the FBI, end all funding for that person. End all funding for the FBI agents that participated. Sure they follow orders but that will end immediately when you throw 10 or 20 of them out on their asses and refuse anyone, in any capacity, including contractors, to pay them one dime. Make whoever gives funding to anyone Congress says not to fund liable for all funding they give them.

    I’ve been telling you defeatist that if we can only get a handful of people who just refuse to go along and constantly push every single rule, regulation, law, to gum up the works and specifically attack the people at the head of agencies who are breaking the law then things will turn around. Who says Congress has to fund anyone? There is such a thing as amendments. “IF” they can make it personal and specific for people who are screwing us. It becomes very difficult for Congressmen to beg off punishing them because”budget passed for whole agency”, blah, blah, blah, that can be changed. They have lots of earmarks then they can have un-earmarks, right? If they can have one then they can also have the other.

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