Breitbart: Rep. Barry Moore: FBI, DOJ Think They Know Better Than The Voters

My top three priorities in voting for a Republican Congress were 1.) defunding the war in Ukraine, 2.) addressing the weaponization of the FBI and DOJ and 3.) the border which has spiraled out of control under Joe Biden. These concerns are all broadly shared in the Republican base.


“Moore stated, “When is it — since when do we have a government agency that’s 100 years old now that thinks they know better than…the American people what our leader and who our president should be than the American people themselves? The arrogance coming out of the Department of Justice, the FBI, those agencies, that’s one of the things we’ve got to hold people accountable for in those agencies. When we talk about draining the swamp, Chris, that’s where we need to pull the plug and start looking.”

He added that “with the purse strings and with oversight, [those are] the two areas we can start working. That’s why I said it’s very unfortunate that McConnell left us in this position going forward for the next few months where we don’t actually have control of the budget, where we can cut the budget of those agencies that are out of control and give the voice, again, back to the taxpayer and to the American people.”

Rep. Barry Moore is my congressman.

Thanks to Mitch McConnell and 17 other Senate Republicans, Ukraine gets another $45 billion to continue the war, the FBI gets a new headquarters, the DOJ got a budget increase to continue to “counter domestic extremism” and hundreds of millions of dollars was allocated toward border security in foreign countries. The incoming Republican House can do nothing about any of these problems until September.

Naturally, I am pissed off about it, but as far as I can tell I am not alone. Pretty much everyone is still pissed off about it. This wasn’t a defeat for me as some lonely, isolated “extremist.”

The Daily Beast:

“In one of their final moves before they relinquish control of the U.S. House, Democratic lawmakers made sure to do something Republicans almost certainly never would: significantly expand the federal government’s resources to prosecute Jan. 6 rioters and counter domestic extremism. …

It specifies that federal U.S. attorneys will get a $2.63 billion overall budget, an increase of $212 million—or 9 percent—from fiscal year 2022, in order to “further support prosecutions related to the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol and domestic terrorism cases,” according to a House Democratic fact sheet.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, meanwhile, will get an $11.3 billion budget for the coming year. That’s an increase of $570 million, or 5 percent, from last year, which House Democrats say is “for efforts to investigate extremist violence and domestic terrorism.” The figure is also a 5 percent increase from what Biden had asked for in his own 2023 budget request to Congress.

Overall, the omnibus increases the budget for the Department of Justice by 10 percent over fiscal year 2022. …”

If there is any silver lining to this, it is that it has fractured the party, angered the base and highlighted the real problem which is Mitch McConnell’s unpopular Senate leadership. The problem isn’t the voters anymore or the House or much of the Senate or conservative media influencers like Charlie Kirk or even powerful institutions like the Heritage Foundation. Specifically, it is the gerontocracy in the Senate around McConnell which has their own priorities which flies in the face of what their own voters want.

FOX News:

“Just before jetting off to enjoy his Christmas holiday, Mitch McConnell left a nice lump of coal for America with his $1.7 trillion (or more!) omnibus spending package. There’s a lot to hate in this package, between millions for LGBTQ museums in New York or extra funding for the House Diversity and Inclusion office.

But the most galling thing about the omnibus is this juxtaposition: More than $400 million is dished out to American “allies” (one cannot put enough quotes around that word) like Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and Tunisia to assist them in their “border security.” Meanwhile, back in America, the millions allocated to our own border patrol are not allowed “to acquire, maintain, or extend border security technology and capabilities, except for technology and capabilities to improve Border Patrol processing.” Put another way, extra funding for Customs and Border Protection is only allowed to assist the escalating human flood at the border, while no new spending is allowed to stop it. …”

McConnell is making history today as the longest serving Senate party leader.


“Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell plans to mark his tenure as the chamber’s longest-serving party leader with a speech on Tuesday afternoon paying tribute to the previous record holder: former Sen. Mike Mansfield, a Democrat from Montana.

Driving the news: The senior senator from Kentucky, 80, will eclipse Mansfield’s 16 years as party leader on Tuesday. Along the way, McConnell has delighted supporters and bedeviled opponents through crafty procedural maneuvers and — to some critics — brazen power grabs. …’

“But the second-greatest honor is the trust that my fellow Republican Senators have placed in me to lead our diverse Conference and help them achieve their goals,” McConnell will say, according to prepared remarks. …”

McConnell is a throwback to the George W. Bush era.

He needs to retire like Richard Shelby and Roy Blunt. Nancy Pelosi is retiring, but McConnell is clinging to power long past his time and screwing his party in the process.


  1. The FBI is NOT the cause of problems, but, merely a symptom.

    I so dearly wish my fellow Southerners would stop pointing the fingers at certain parts of the Jew England Yankee United States’ Government, or coming up with terms to describe certain parts of it, ‘such as, ‘The Deep State’, so as in order to salvage the whole of the current political edifice in their minds.

    The whole thing is rotten out at the core.

    Yes, let us have the courage to face it – elections are gone, privacy is gone, borders are gone, freedom of speech is gone, courts are gone, and the academic institutions are merely now centres to create those obedient to this state of things.

    We have to begin again, not merely hold hearings, say bold words, and then fire a few department heads from unelected bureaucracies.

    SECESSION – not just poltically, both culturally, is what must be.


    Does that word scare you?

    If it does, then prepare to live in an neverending nightmare of tyranny.

    Can you not already feel it upon you?

    • @Ivan “The whole thing is rotten out at the core.”

      You are absolutely right there. What most (including myself) don’t realize is for how long it’s been completely rotten AND evil. Case in point is a recent Revolver News link to an article which is quite significant in my mind.

      We’ve all read the history of how the Frankfurt School transplanted itself to the USA from Germany during the Hitler time. As the story goes, these mainly Jewish degenerates took up posts in universities throughout the USA and raised up a new generation with the same degenerate outlook, eventually becoming movers and shakers in our society and culture. What the article examines (link below) is that the “sexual revolution” was nurtured and supported not just by university department heads but significantly, also by the same Jew England Yankee Puritan DC government.

      The Jewish degenerates “determined” that a strong family headed by a father is a precursor or seedbed for fascism. The DC government setup and supported these “German” refugees in psychoanalysis clinics throughout the USA specifically to overturn the nuclear family and defined male/female roles. This was done also in Germany post WWII to “deprogram” Germans.

      A government can be called “rotten” if its politicians continuously line their pockets by selling influence. But if a government turns against its people, as described in the following article, it is more than rotten; it is evil. The author doesn’t mentions Jews, only central European refugees, but we know what that means.

      “Was the sexual revolution a government psy-op?”

      • Thank you for your reply and confirmation, Dear Caspar.

        Yes, the true extent of it, the rotten to the core stuff, probably no one knows, but, if you care to look at such things, the stench is strong enough to be not easy to ignore.

        And, yes, it all comes down to Jewish influence and Gentile corruption and treachery.

        Remove any one of those two things from the equation and this might still be a good nation.

      • “The Jewish degenerates “determined” that a strong family headed by a father is a precursor or seedbed for fascism.”

        What a twisted outlook on normalcy? More likely “a strong family headed by a father is a precursor or seedbed for”…Civilization.

        • “a strong family headed by a father is a precursor or seedbed for”…Civilization.”

          Absolutely !

          They want to destroy what’s left of our civilization and replace it with Judeo-tyranny.

          FBI is under DOJ which is under Garfinkle.

    • “…We have to begin again, not merely hold hearings, say bold words, and then fire a few department heads from unelected bureaucracies.

      SECESSION – not just poltically, both culturally, is what must be….”

      This is not true. I have shown with numerous examples how changing laws and tightening up rules and in turn expelling people from government and the country can have far-reaching consequences.

      I might ask if you think we can’t change a few rules or expel some of the “deep State” then how the fuck are you going to succeed? That would be far, far harder to do than just getting a majority vote to change voting rules in the House and Senate. It’s theoretically possible right now for the House to change voting rules to stop almost every single bit of the voting fraud. Maybe not the Senate, yet, but if the House changed their rules the Senate would be under GREAT pressure to stop the steal also. Breaking the country up is nothing but a prelude to a Ukrainian style war, exactly what we see there now, where the Jews murder as many of us as they can and accomplish nothing. Nothing at all. I say we change the rules and then rule THEM. I say we refuse to try and beg our way out. Let’s persecute THEM. I go over all of this in excruciating detail in the following links.

      I’m against both hopinium, “someone will save us”, and defeatism, “we are doomed”. Neither is true.

      I’ve explained in fairly good detail how to turn things around, why don’t all you SECESSION people explain just exactly how you plan to do this. What military assets do you have to make this stick? Where will you get the money? What will you do about being cut off from oil, coal, all sorts of supplies? SECESSION talk without any sort of understanding of these things is for babbling fools.

    • 1.) defunding the war in Ukraine,

      Do ppl realize that the funding to Ukraine has already cost the average tax payer over 800$ ?

    • I thought his wife had roots in Taiwan? Until the last 25 years I never saw any foreigners in America from mainland China…you know, the ones with the names like X. Wing Fighter or Qing Ding Zhueng with the mainland style spellings. Before that we had Peking and Chang Kai Shek, most Chinese had been here a long time and were Cantonese with Cantonese spellings that had been in use since the 19th century.

    • I heard Trudeau just banned foreign real estate ownership in Canada. The Chinese and Hindus were buying up all the homes in speculative investment schemes making home ownership unaffordable for working class people. (As if it hadn’t already become quite a while ago.) Seems a consequence of globalization, neo-liberal economics that don’t prioritize and protect citizenship, Asia becoming more prosperous and the west fading to resource providing economies in a reverse of the former situation, and Xi making moves to stop Chinese from speculating in their own real estate that was making property too expensive for the average Chinese. Seems the people over there also have a bit more sense than to invest in digital nonsense like FTX and want to put their money in real assets like land (must have watched Lex Luthor’s speech in Superman 1978.)

      I remember a bunch of retired GIs living in SE Asia a generation back complaining that they were not allowed to purchase land and homes as non citizens. This Reaganomics, Clintonomics, laize faire mindset back then failed to understand that if a lot of these nations had the same foolish policies we do, the NYC plutocrats and investment funds would come in and buy up all the land in these nations and the average farmer wouldn’t own anything, not even the land under their feet their family had previously held for generations. Sounds like a good idea we need to implement soon before the Chinese (and Wall Street) own every last acre in the US. The whole thing about “federal lands” is overblown, just as long as we don’t have the green environmental wacko nutcases making policy, they belong to everyone and are there to help us all become wealthy by providing affordable resources into our economy.

      • Yep, foreigners can’t own land in Philippines or Thailand.
        Governments that protect their citizens.
        America is acting as a safe haven for CCP/mobsters to stash their cash and educate their children.

        We have a traitor government !

      • invest in digital nonsense like FTX

        This is an old jwzish trick,
        to sell worthless schlock to the goy while buying up essentials of real value.

        Alex Linder pointed this out, jwz sell trash pop art to goys while buying up old masters. They praise the pop art, while discouraging purchases of real art. They are pros at market manipulation, all markets.

  2. It seems the harsh lessons of history are never learned because they’re always repeated. At this point the only thing that matters is not the survival of America but the survival of our race.

    • but the survival of our race.

      Yet the WHITE race seems to have the least racial loyalty of any race, by a wide margin.

      • Yes, that is exactly the problem and it didn’t happen by accident. We’ve been subjected to Anti-White propaganda and psychological warfare for many years. It’s all had the intended effect.

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