Judge Slashes Damages Owed In Unite The Right Trial

I always enjoy sharing good news.

In 2023, we can finally put the ordeal that was Charlottesville behind us and move forward.

Washington Post:

“A federal judge has cut by millions of dollars the damages that some of the nation’s most prominent white supremacists and hate groups owe for their role in 2017’s deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.

Judge Norman K. Moon ordered last week that the $24 million awarded in punitive damages be reduced to $350,000, the limit imposed by a 1988 Virginia law. Moon also affirmed the jury-ordered compensatory damages of more than $2 million, bringing the total awarded damages to $2.35 million — a fraction of the $26 million a jury ordered in November 2021.

The 1988 law stipulates that juries should not be told of the $350,000 limitation and that if a jury returns a verdict over that limit, the judge will reduce it, according to court records. …”

The core idea of the League of the South has always been secession.

We need to focus our attention on securing a National Divorce. At the time of Charlottesville, millions of our people were on the Trump Train and their minds were still closed to the idea, but after COVID, the George Floyd riots, Trump losing the 2020 election and the Biden presidency our message is now resonating with our target audience. The outcome of the 2022 midterms which played out so differently in the South have likely pushed things further along although I haven’t seen any recent polling.

Sines v. Kessler has been an albatross around the neck of the League of the South and Southern Nationalism for five years. Fighting enervating legal battles has prevented us from taking advantage of this shift in public sentiment. As an activist group, we need to be stoking the fires of secession under the feet of Southern state legislators. That’s where power in the South is located, not in street battles with Antifa. There is nothing we can do to make those people more discredited and hated in our region.

Note: I will be contributing to the legal fund to put this matter in the rearview mirror.


  1. This is good, even because the League of the south is the only organization from Charlottesville that is still fighting. National Socialist Movement after Schoep is nothing, Traditional Worker party is extinct and its members have become National Bolshevik, Identity Europa or Spencer’s fans have become something that i cannot describe….. I remember those years…. between 2010 and 2019….. wokism, global immigration, economic crisis, the Isis threat, all these things helped the rise of alt-right/far-right/identitarian/nationalist movement in Europe and USA. We were all enthusiastic, a family, a squad . People born between 50’s and 90’s that saw the new era as a threat to our traditions and lifestyle. The left got pissed off because the more wokism emerged the more people joined our cause. Then the dream was broken… after 2019 some people left the cause, especially in USA but other people joined the it; Covid changed the world even if i have never given a fuck about Covid; the enthusiasm for me ended on 2019. BUT i appreciate all people who are still here, first of all League of the south and also Brad and a lot of other people that have been fighting for our cause for 30/40 years.

  2. I just watched a movie called “The Killer Bees or The Deadly Bees” from 1977. Here and there throughout the movie during Mardi Gras bands were playing Dixie and whites and blacks were dancing to it.

    Even Hollywood in the late 1970’s did not view the song or the Flag of the South as horrible or even controversial.

    This movie had Michael Parks, Gretchen Corbet.

    • From Lynryd Skynyrd to Smokey and the Bandit Southern culture was very popular in 1970s America, Miss Christina. Now we have turned into a country (I never use the word “nation” when referring to the USA) of neurotic fags.

      • Spahnranch,

        Thank you for the information. Yes, I do understand the distinction between a nation and a country.

  3. Attorneys Roberta Kaplan and Karen Dunn said they are “carefully considering” an appeal to the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on the punitive damages cap ..

    ……Sounds weak coming from a couple of bull dykes.

    • @RB — the Jew.

      You are no better than Kaplan or Dunn. I am sure you are pulling against the League of the South/the South in general since they are pro Irish.

      If anything you want to infiltrate and form a 5th column to undermine Whites, you worthless Irish basher, White hater.

      • You are entitled to your opinion and I have fully admitted to and explain my reason for hating your fucking guts. I am a hater and I am very proud of my hatred for you and your kind. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Mick.

          • No! YOU, yes YOU, persecuted my innocent relatives whom YOU lied against falsely calling them sex perverts YOU demonic low-down sexual deviant who puts up links to child porn.

            Now, go to hell (Tartarus), demon!

      • When did the Irish become important in the South? The Scots-Irish, but, not the “Irish”. You must be a Roman Cathoic New Yawker. LOL.

        Fuck the Irish Catholics, and Kevin McCarthy in particular.

        • I am neither Catholic or Protestant — my mother was a Catholic and my father a Protestant. Both religions have problems as most worldly organizations do. If you think one is better than the other then you better think again. When Christ returns neither will be around anymore. The Kingdom of God will be on this earth administered top down from God through Christ down thru the resurrected Saints. God speed that day!

          And guess what, when Christ returns He will allow regathered Israel to take and possess servants (slaves) once again! No more wild-eyed liberal fanatics running loose with their false religion condemning everyone for now bowing down to their religion of anti-racism and abolition. God speed that day!

  4. Will anyone here be attending the Florida LOS meeting in Lake City this weekend? A show of hands, please.

  5. Once the dust has settled, HW, I’d like to know more about what the league is doing going forward.

    This outcome is good news and an end, hopefully, to a painful lesson for all dissidents going forward. If you question the legitimacy of the Empire, don’t expect the Empire’s court to give you a fair trial.

    Someone wise said that in the past I’m sure but i couldn’t tell you who.

  6. Around 2005, the LOS had a negro who was almost a mascot. He would parade roads in Alabama with a Confederate battle flag. They loved him. He quit it after I was told by a LOS member (a secret hard core racist to them) that “his life had been threatened by members of his community”. Loved it.

    • H.K. Edgerton?

      He was still around a few years ago doing events with the SCV. I got involved with the League in 2011 and never saw him. That was over a decade ago.

      • If it was Mr. Edgerton, he is a North Carolinian, and, far as I can tell, still active around here.

        There are some other Southern Negro patriots, like Miss Eileen Barnum.

  7. O/T-Just read about a Manhattan Beach property in L.A. that was given to the descendants of the black couple who originally owned it around 100 years ago, selling it back to CA for $20 million.

  8. Secession is stupid when we could have the whole country. “…under the feet of Southern state legislators. That’s where power in the South is located…”

    What if instead 50% of the House members of the South caused constant, unrelenting turmoil in the House. Banning all pay to anyone who persecutes us? What if they banned any pay to any FBI agent that spied on anyone without a warrant. What if they cut funds to the individuals who use the Federal government’s powers as lawyers to declare lawfare on us. Cut their pay to zero. What if they, etc. etc….

    If the only answer you people have is to run away, how has that been working out for you? Not too damn good. Personalize and attack those directly that attack us.

  9. I hope and pray for our sake as White Nationalist and Southern Nationalists that this issue can be put to rest but this Jewdiciary System always seems to creep back up to attack our side. I hope the victory is for real!

  10. The funny thing about the Left is that they will now have to confess that they actually lost the case in order to get back in the fight and try to get more money. They are still living in their make-believe world that everything went as they had planned. Their “participation trophies” for wasting tens of millions of dollars don’t look so shiny now.

    The Left caused the violence at Charlottesville. Dr Hill and the League of the South, etc were merely defending themselves from the leftist minions of antifa, black lives matter, etc demons who were turned loose with full backing of every level of government to crush the Right’s attempt to honor Robert E. Lee and peacefully give speeches in the park the city of Charlottesville had first given then denied their permit for only to be trumped/overruled by the help of the ACLU.

    Anne Wilson Smith’s (daughter of Dr. Clyde Wilson) book: Charlottesville Untold: Inside the Unite the Right Rally will lay bare the truth of what really happened at Charlottesville. You can download an eBook version for only $5.00 at the publisher’s website:


    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

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