Glenn Greenwald & Jimmy Dore Talk McCarthy Speakership & #ForceTheVote

Jimmy Dore was right.

The funniest part of this episode has been watching the Left boast about how smart they were to cave to Nancy Pelosi and get nothing in return in exchange for voting for her as Speaker of the House. Meanwhile, Kevin McCarthy is caving and giving his critics everything they want.

Note: Do you remember Medicare for All or student loan debt forgiveness ever getting a House vote? Me neither.


  1. Extract every single drop of blood you can squeeze from these potatoes. I doubt anything can come of it, but it only hurts to never try.

    Good on them for drawing a sharp division between themselves and Trump. He’s an albatross they can now fully rid themselves of.

    MTG can suck an egg.

  2. You are witnessing the death of Rhinoism and it is a slow torturous death indeed. And make no mistake, A Rhino, a socially moderate Republican is an Irish dDemocrat that snuck his way into the republican tent to serve his own interests. Kind of like a never Trumper neocon Jew….subversives both.

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