1. This seems like our “Democracy Wall” moment where the regime allows a spurt of freedom of speech to draw out the inner most thoughts of dissident intellectuals in the USA prior to the huge crackdown and mass arrests of opponents to the Deep State in an American version of Tieneman Square or the Killing Fields in Cambodia under the Pol Pot regime.

  2. “Note: Conspiracy theorists have been totally vindicated about the Deep State.”

    That’s the reason they try to poison the well with nonsense like, ‘trust the plan’, flat earth, ‘trump is still president’, etc. to discredit all independent inquiry.

    • You have misdiagnosed the national disease. The patient isn’t terminally ill from Communism, it’s actually dying from a weird new, highly virulent form of Fascism. Instead of a dictatorial one party state telling capitalists what to do the capitalists now own the politicians and tell them what to do.

      It turns out that the most successful capitalists actually hate free markets and economic competition every bit as much as they hate their customers. They still love all of the perks that come with power, money and influence of course.

  3. full blown (((Communism)).

    All, absolutely all, jwz systems contian these same elements of tyranny.

    You will never find a jwzish construct that allows free inquiry, skeptical examination or contrary opinions.

    This is how The US Constitution is contrary to every jwzish principle.

  4. Any “communications” found out there yet between the feds with leaders of anitfa, blm, etc in preparation for Charlottesville?

    We need a whistle-blower to blow the cover off this setup against the Right at Charlottesville because it was real — all levels of government/law enforcement just allowed the Left to go after the Unite the Right people who came to peacefully protest in a park they supposedly had a permit for — there was no separation setup to keep these two groups apart. We need to turn this argument around that there are good people on both sides. No, there are no good people on the Left — they are all woke Communists trying to destroy everyone of us on the Right.

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