Joe Biden: Mitch McConnell Is “a Man of His Word”

Mitch McConnell blocked what should have been an easy victory for Trump on infrastructure in 2017-2018. He also refused to fund Trump’s border wall. Unlike Ukraine and the $1.7 trillion Omnibus, it was too expensive.

McConnell ran circles around Trump and is more responsible than anyone for how the Trump presidency played out. He got his tax cuts, military spending and judges and blocked everything else.

Sucking up to Joe Biden after giving him a bunch of pivotal victories (infrastructure, climate change, gun control, gay marriage, Electoral Count Act, Ukraine, etc.) that rescued his presidency and demoralized Republican voters is classic McConnell.


  1. The inconvenient truth of that matter is that, if you have listened to Senator McConnell’s interviews long enough, you realize that his personal friendships & senatorial milieu mean far more to him than does the welfare of the constituency that votes him in.

    While I agree with the senator that there is much honor in putting family and friends first, I am surprised that he does not understand that his life as a public official is separate from that of his personhood – in that his collegial relationship must take a backseat to his public obligations to both Kentucky, and, indeed, the whole South.

    As such, it is clear that Senator McConnell’s understanding of our honour code is badly flawed.

    Kentucky first, The South second, then The United States.

    • Ivan Turgenev, Ivan I updated ” Richy.mitch’$ ” priority list, hope you don’t mind……….Satan first, Dragon lady second, then the United States of Mystery Babylon….

      • You know, Dear Terry – after writing that comment I kind of thought along your lines!

        That is how it is with the senior senator from Kentucky, sad to think or say.

        • Hello Ivan,

          Not just Mitch, reprehensible as he is. The whole damned bunch in the Senate and for that matter, most of the U.S. Government and the 50 state governments too are also scumbags. Don’t speak of honor within 10 miles of the Capitol either, they won’t know what you are talking about. Being fundamentally whores they do know the price of their votes on various pieces of legislation though.

          • Hey there, 12!.

            I totally agree with you.

            When I think about our two senators, Burr & Tillis, I wonder how we ever got from Jesse Helms to that.

            If I started about those two guys, I’d still be writing about them.

            Suffice it to say that Burr is corrupt and cowardly, and Tillis is a Scalawag whose idea of the South is non-White and homosexual.

            Yet, he’s a ‘Conservative’.

            ‘Conservative’, my ass.

            Senator Tillis couldn’t conserve a jar of pickles in the frig’, if you ask me!

            The only senator I really like is Rand Paul.

            No, being a Pennsylvania Yankee he badmouths our Southern flag, on occasion, but, most of the rest of what we are he gets and tries to defend.

            I did like Jeff Sessions, as a senator, Marsha Blackburn and and Tim Scott is pretty good, too.

            I like how Ted Cruz moves his mouth, but, I often wonder if there is more to him than that.

            In any case, that’s only a few.

            As to Northern Senators, the only one I used to respect was Bernie Sanders, but, after he let the Democrats roll all over him and his voters, I do not have time for him.

            He’s Chicken L’il.

            I’m so tired of do-nuthin’ blowhards.

            Bet you are, too!

  2. Kentucky, needs too step up and recall the senator, it’s high time he was put out too pasture, Senator mcConnell, the russell moore of kentucky, another one following the footsteps and traditions of all Republicans of yesteryear, john brown, freddy douglass and last but not least, the Republic killer himself,……….

  3. I’m sure China Mitch is a man of his word. He always makes good on his promises to corporate lobbyists, the military-industrial complex, Israel, fellow RINO’s, DemocRats, his Deep State handlers and money grubbing Ukrainian grifters.

    • Black pill bill last but not least, the Chinese commie party, ole honey trap Mitch…..who would win this cat fight, Mitch the itch vs. lindsay ” The Divine Miss g” Graham ?………… The “g” is for goony…

    • McConnell’s wife is from Taiwan. And the Taiwan people are the ones that Mao drover off the mainland by force. The whole reason for Mao’s revolution was resistance against the unfair treatment of the poor by the rich. America backed Taiwan. America back the rich in their oppression of the poor. Are you a great American? Have you been Hannotized?

          • @RB

            But you’re NOT White, Brownstein! Go to hell you White-basher and take you demonic anti-White hate with you! Comprehend? / ¿Comprender? / Comprendre? / Begreifen? / etc …

          • DOWNLOW, BROWNLOW, it’s high time, you turned in your Southern membership card, any Irish blood I might have is orange in color, that being said, the orange and green are coming together, you talk about the green, you talking about the orange as well and give versa, I do want to offer my thanks and gratitude too you, for all the ” Comedic relief ” your sorry, silly self, provides to the IRISH people and.others as well, whether you know this or not, your assinine post’s are read quite regularly in IRUSH pub’s thru out this great land, time is set aside for you every night, They call it ” NANCY BOY on the news” you have brought much mirth and glee, to the lad’s as we enjoy our pint’s, you have done much too bring, the ORANGE and GREEN, ever closer, with our mutual pity, for your pathetic self… you take care NANCY….

            It’s been real.

      • @RB

        And just where is your wife/husband from, Brownstein? Like you “it” probably is not from around here, you race-mixing diversity freak!

  4. Only the inbred mongoloids of KY would keep voting for it and the dam that isn’t completed after 30 plus years.

    • I wouldn’t call the good people of Kentucky “inbred mongoloids.” They are everyday working class folk who are just trying to get by. Kentucky is a Republican state and no matter how bad the Republicans are, the Dems will always lose.

      • I agree, Mr. Confederate Man..

        That the good people of Kentucky have been hoodwinked and swindled, over and over again, is an accusation you could level at every state, for which state has not been host to godawful anti-American politicians?

      • Same here in Hoosierland – honest, hard-working Indiana people voting for traitorous Repubes because the false opposition is so flagrantly anti-White. Then, the elected traitors do the opposite of what their constituents want. Isn’t Our Democracy grand??

  5. Always uncivil, “Inbred mongoloids of KY”, you sir, seem too have us mixed up with your mother’s side of your family, them and your transexual daddy’s long line of Bone smoker’s….so take a long walk, always ass holy, before your late for you “Ass Waxing” appointment… CREEP……

  6. I can’t think of two a-holes who could possibly care less about putting America’s interests first.

  7. McConnell is irish just like Biden and just like McCarthy. And do not tell me McConnell is not Irish. McConnells family were morticians and that is a very very Irish business.

    McConnell was born on February 20, 1942, to Julia Odene “Dean” (née Shockley; 1919–1993) and Addison Mitchell “A.M.” McConnell II (1917–1990).[6] McConnell was born in Sheffield, Alabama, and grew up in nearby Athens, Alabama, where his grandfather, Robert Hayes McConnell Sr. and his great uncle Addison Mitchell McConnell, owned McConnell Funeral Home.

    “Milton Irvin founded McConnell Funeral Home in Athens, Alabama, in 1830. Since that time, we have provided funeral and cremation services to the Limestone County community…..”

    The Irish did not migrate to the south until the industrial era of the late 1800’s. They were not there pre-civil war.

    • As usual, Bob, you’re full of shit, you ignorant bastard. The Irish have been in Colonial America English Civil War. My own Irish ancestor arrived in Virginia around 1650.

      • My point was in reference to Mitch Mcconnell being an Irishmen, being one of your very own, and being a traitor to God and country. And YOUR failure to condemn your very own for his treasonous conduct. Why is that Mick? Why is it always me and never your own? Do you see yourself and hatred you have for whites who dare to critize Irish conduct? Do you see yourself? And how you are and how you are so so deserving of Gods scorn.


          • McConnell, McCarthy, Biden, three Irishmen all leading their respective branches of government. Kavanaugh, Coney-Barrett and Roberts are Irish. I do not want to have power over others. I just want to livew my life in peace. Do you see the difference? The Jews have given your kind what you crave and must have. It will be your blood held responsible by the people for the failings of the American government, not the Lutherans. Where are the Lutherans by the way, they are not white either right Mick, they just want to mind their own business and live their lives in peace like me.

          • @RB

            But still you are NOT WHITE (note that again you did not address this point), you are illegitimate and definitely you are NOT one of us, period! You loathe White people.You are pro-diversity on steroids. You hate the old South and the Confederacy (most liberals do). You mock the Whites you reply to. You hate the South in general. You hate the English and probably hate the Germans and French all because they are White. You are pro Arab/Muslim and accuse Whites of mistreating them. You hate the Irish for bad blood but your explanations and mental ability indicate you are an mentally off whose own “blood” is inferior to those you are attacking.

    • @RB

      And just who were your parents, bastard? If you fall into a tank of sh*t, we need to know how much you weigh to dip you out.

      Quit implying that you are White and one of “us” whatever that really means, you damnable liar!

  8. RB: “The Irish did not migrate to the south until the industrial era of the late 1800’s. They were not there pre-civil war.”

    That is just utter stupidity.

    1790 population of Irish origin by state

    Estimated Irish American population in the Continental United States as of the 1790 Census

    State or Territory
    Ireland Ireland Irish
    Ulster Irish Free State Free State
    # % # % # %
    Connecticut 4,180 1.80% 2,555 1.10% 6,735 2.90%
    Delaware 2,918 6.30% 2,501 5.40% 5,419 11.70%
    Georgia 6,082 11.50% 2,010 3.80% 8,092 15.30%
    Kentucky & Tennessee Tenn. 6,513 7.00% 4,838 5.20% 11,351 12.20%
    Maine 7,689 8.00% 3,556 3.70% 11,245 11.70%
    Maryland 12,102 5.80% 13,562 6.50% 25,664 12.30%
    Massachusetts 9,703 2.60% 4,851 1.30% 14,554 3.90%
    New Hampshire 6,491 4.60% 4,092 2.90% 10,583 7.50%
    New Jersey 10,707 6.30% 5,439 3.20% 16,146 9.50%
    New York 16,033 5.10% 9,431 3.00% 25,464 8.10%
    North Carolina 16,483 5.70% 15,616 5.40% 32,099 11.10%
    Pennsylvania 46,571 11.00% 14,818 3.50% 61,389 14.50%
    Rhode Island 1,293 2.00% 517 0.80% 1,810 2.80%
    South Carolina 13,177 9.40% 6,168 4.40% 19,345 13.80%
    Vermont 2,722 3.20% 1,616 1.90% 4,338 5.10%
    Virginia 27,411 6.20% 24,316 5.50% 51,727 11.70%
    Thirteen Colonies 1790 Census Area 190,075 5.99% 115,886 3.65% 305,961 9.64%
    Ohio Northwest Territory 307 2.92% 190 1.81% 497 4.73%
    New France French America 220 1.10% 135 0.68% 355 1.78%
    Spanish Empire Spanish America 60 0.25% 37 0.15% 97 0.40%
    United States 190,662 5.91% 116,248 3.60% 306,910 9.51%

    • …my point being McConnell is Irish and the Irish seek out and live among their very own NOT others whites no matter the stripe.

      Athens alabama—— Mcconnells home town——Robert Beaty was one of the original founders of Athens. An Irish immigrant who settled in Virginia, Beaty and his associates purchased 160 acres (65 ha) around a spring, and began subdividing the land for sale in 1818.

      You want to dissect and pick over every word but you fail to address my point time and time again. Is it your blood?

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