John Bolton Is Running For President

According to Mitch McConnell, Ukraine is the top priority of Republican voters. If that is true, maybe John Bolton has a chance to win the Republican nomination in 2024.

Daily Mail:

Donald Trump‘s ex-national security adviser John Bolton has revealed he will stand against his former boss in the 2024 election.

The veteran foreign policy hawk, who was branded Mr Tough Guy by Trump, said his White House campaign will focus on being tougher on China and Russia.

The 74-year-old already has his Republican ticket rival in his sights, saying support for his MAGA policies is in ‘terminal decline’.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain today, Bolton said: ‘I would get in to win the nomination and I would do it primarily on the basis that we need a much stronger foreign policy. …”

Lindsey Graham didn’t crack 1% in the 2016 primary.

I’m not sure why he is running as a Republican. Neocons are all Democrats now. 100% of Democrats in Congress have repeatedly voted to support the war in Ukraine.


  1. “I’m not sure why he is running as a Republican. Neocons are Democrats now. 100% of Democrats in Congress have repeatedly voted to support the war in Ukraine.”

    That’s why. Being pro-Ukraine doesn’t set you apart in a Democratic primary. He wouldn’t get much media coverage running as a Democrat. But being on the stage with Trump arguing about Ukraine is sure to get him tons of attention from both the pro and anti Ukraine camps.

  2. Interesting but I would think no one would vote for him. What are his views on the economy, illegal immigration, and a host of other issues.

    Due to racial changes in the United States I find it hard to understand how a Republican can win the presidency too much longer. Only the Electoral College and redistricting keeps the Republicans in the game.

    That and possibly the raw hatred that oozes from the Democrats.

    Of course the game is crooked so it might not matter too much who runs for office and who wins the office of the president . Maybe the powers that be wish to continue the illusion and ping pong the presidency back and forth to each party.

      • Hunter Wallace,

        Dante’s Inferno has a place in Hell for the mass mindless shedding of blood.

        • I agree with that Dear Cristina.

          Pastor Fink, of The League of the South, has many times said : ‘the authors of sin have it much worse than sinners, in the eyes of the Lord.’.

      • Terry Smith,

        Maybe I should know what Epstein’s island is but I do not recall reading or at least retaining such knowledge.

        • Christina Roman’s Alva. Epstein’s Island, a lot to be said about that place, all I know to say about it is, from what I’ve heard and read, Powerful connected people, are said too have found safe haven there too engage in unlawful behavior, they were catered too, quite perfidiously, I was attempting to say, all those evil men of power, control and war, they all know each other………

          • Terry,

            Indeed they do. Their power is embedded and impossible to root out with the system they control.

    • “Due to racial changes in the United States I find it hard to understand how a Republican can win the presidency too much longer.”

      Congratulations…you have proven yourself to be more intelligent than most Republicans.

      • Tikkun,

        I might add that if I were eligible to vote that I would not vote Republican. They, if I remember correctly were formed from a merger of the abolitionist Party and the anti-Catholic Know Nothing Party.

        They seem to be stupid or paid to lose.

        If I am wrong on any of this please correct me.

        I would not vote Democrat either. They are evil and I suspect they really have no use for someone like myself though they might pretend for awhile.

        • The abolitionists were the only white men in America, Cristina. They took a stand and prevailed. The only thing they destroyed were moneymakers, whose disappearance is never a loss to the world.

          • I daresay abolitionist mem, were the worst type of zealot who spewed forth ,the delusional, confusional tripe, that has inspired such men as fidel castro, pol pot, justin trudeau and barack obama and yes gretchen whitmer, they are of the same class of men that murdered the Czar and his family, good king charles and yes , the ” abolitionist” hissed and spit, just like those Viper’s, that cried out “Crucify him, Crucify him” and that is the nature and character of the men, known as “abolitionist men”……The kind of men who hungrily, greedily and lustfully, lapped at the starving, orphan, Southern babies milk…..

          • John,

            The anti-Catholic stance of the historical roots of the Republican party’s origin was the main event by my standards.

            It is difficult for me to get involved emotionally about a war that did not affect me and ended 158 years ago.

          • Off the pathway, Dear Cristina – whatever anti-Catholicism existed in my youth I can find no more.

            But then, given that the Catholic Church really does not stand against anything anymore, except for White Nationalism, cannabilism, and V-8 engines, it’s hard for any party to ‘oppose the Vatican.

          • @Terry…

            “I daresay abolitionist men, were the worst type of zealot who spewed forth ,”

            The reality of the Abolitionist, Dear Terry, was that they freed the Southern Negro from having what many Whites did not have in The South during those days – a guaranteed Godly labour, a guaranteed roof, guaranteed clothing, guaranteed food, guaranteed medical care, and a respected place in society.

            What they do not want you to know is that the White Master of the Southern Negro regularly spent considerable money and effort developing him in manifold trades that corresponded to the individual Negro’s abilities and disposition.

            Another reality of the New England Abolitionist was that, once the Southern White was freed from having to care for his servant, his former servants were freed to live in a penury, as were so many New England Whites.

            Another reality of The Northeastern Abolitionist, Dear Terry, was that the Southern Negro was free to consider himself free, and, that so, he could go up to The Northeast and be a servant for Whites, though, the hard reality was that once he did that, he often found himself in White communities that did not want him there.

            In fact, once it dawned on Northeasterners that an avalanche of Southern Negroes were descending upon them, in the summer of 1865, they quickly fashioned a set of laws that would restrain The Negro – from limiting his freedom of movement to where he could live.

            As this occurred, The South was watching carefully, and, following in suit, began to fashion the same laws that would be then known as ‘Southern Jim Crow’.

            Jim Crow was not a Southern invention, but, it suits Northeasterners to think it is so, because they cannot reconcile their racial feelings with the ideal world they wish to establish.

            What many Northeasterners, either the White Nationalist or the liberal Republican type, cannot get through their heads is that many many Southern Whites and Blacks were on good terms with each other, many Negro and White families intimately bound to each other in the processes of life.

            I grew up in this old Southern society, and, though I saw it’s imperfections, I also saw it’s many virtues.

            And if you ask old Rural Southern Negroes which society they though better – the old Southern one or the new Yankee one, they either tell you that they think the old Southern one better, or they say nothing at all, which means that they think the old Southern Society better, but, that they do not wish to defy their own sentiment in telling you that Jim Crow was better for the Negro than is this one.

            And so the Abolitionist Union League mentality continues today, as does it’s inability to grasp the basic reality that a certain component of the human psyche is tribal, and, that so, there is never going to be an integrated America.

            The era of forced integration is a failure, and it is soon to be thrown of the legal spectrum.

            People are tired of unworkable hypocrisies.

            Be well, My Friend!

  3. Anyone who votes for John Bolton to be president is someone who wants to continue to drop bombs on millions and millions of women, children, and the elderly.

    To say the man is a bully is to belabour the obvious.

    Sadly, he is something far worse than that.

    The man never served a day in his life, yet, he seems to never slake his bloodlust or his megalomania.

    That President Trump hired this man to run his (our) foreign policy was the most stupid case of bad judgement I think I have ever seen – even worse than hiring John Kelly to be his chief of staff or Mike Pompeo to run the state department.

    Well, okay, maybe not worse than allowing Mr. Kushner to run the White House.

    Happily, however, Mr. Bolton does not stand a snowball’s chance in hell of being president, anymore than does Vice-President Pence.

    In fact, I do not think that, what with the election system as it is, even God himself could run as a Republican candidate for The Oval Office, and beat President Biden.

    Live, comatose, or dead, I believe President Biden is in office until at least 2029.

    And in the case of a nuclear exchange with Russia, I believe the Biden presidency will out live even the cockroaches.

    • President Biden is one of the cockroaches. So is Herr Bolton who never met a war he didn’t like except the Vietnam War which he assiduously avoided.

      • I won’t argue with you, Dear 12.

        Speaking of Bolton, when I served, I always had no good feeling for those officers who, when we were deployed, stayed in fancy-dancy tents warmin’ their tushies by the oven fire, while the rest of us were out in it – hours by hours, day by day, week by week.

        To me that is Bolton.

        Considering how many civilian populations he has advocated bombing, I’d hate to be him when steps up to meet Saint Pete.

        Come to think of it, I doubt he’ll get that far.

        Be well!

    • The way the prospect of endless war and flushing billions of taxpayer dollars down the drain leaves the nut jobs in DC panting with excitement makes me think the anti-Americans are right: the only hope for world peace may be to dismember the United States. (And I had always been a patriot).

      • And we still are patriots, Dear Kolya.

        When something has been stolen from you and dismembered, you ought not chide yourself for not continuing to be excited about what that entity is.

        You, we, did nothing wrong.

        On the contrary, we were wronged, are still being wronged, and, one way or the other, we will right this ship.

        It can be no other way because tens of millions of people think this way, and, no matter how good one is at misinformation and misdirection, controlling tens of millions of people, who will not be controlled, is beyond the ken of anyone but God.

        Never forget that what the United States is today reflects the wills and interests of a few tens of thousands of persons, many of whom are alien to us in every way, and, thus, this nation and it’s assets are in no way emblematic of who we are, have been, nor will be.

        Things will get right – one way or the other, so help us God.

    • Ivan,

      You recently wrote that I was a chirpy girl. That was nice. So I went to the youtube and found a chirpy song from long ago. Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep.

      Yes. That is funny. Americans from the 1970’s were very fun and interesting.

      • As I watched this video, Cristina, I was thinking, “This group can’t be American.”

        Accordingly, I went to Wikipedia, where I learned they were from Scotland. Though the record went to Number One in Britain, it seems not even to have entered the Top 100 in the U.S.—which is probably why I have no memory of it.

        It turns out to have been released in early 1971, my final semester of high school. At that time, I was listening to a record that was also from Britain—but wasn’t exactly chirpy …

      • PS When I posted that link, Cristina, to the Rolling Stones’ “Brown Sugar,” I was simply amusing myself with the contrast its raucousness presented to “Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep.” I hadn’t given a thought to its lyrics, which, as I hope you’ll have been too innocent even to have noticed, are, well, not genteel. You just stay the way you are.

  4. Who am I going to vote for in ’24? John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, Mike Pence, Nikki Hayley…..I JUST CAN’T MAKE UP MY MIND!

  5. At some point they start declaring that in the case of winning a war, Russia demands unconditional capitulation.

    So now average Western man must fight as Nazi Germany to avoid occupation and Russian prison camps

    Total war sounds absurd but as we see with vaccination rates, average Joe believes even most absurd warmongering.

      • @More…

        Though there is a lot of truth to what you say, controlling and successfully aiming propaganda has become much more difficult for those manufacturing and aiming it, in the 21st century.

        Never forget – every American Revolution was done with only a determined 30-40% of the populace – for the rest were either against it or did not care one way or the other.

        Happy New Year

        • Happy New Year Ivan. Yes, the majority tends to go along with whatever is happening. The prevailing propaganda has not a little to do with this. Dedicated individuals or minorities make history.

  6. Neo con, neo con ooooh, ahhh, neo con neo con ooh ahh.

    Who are the the worst Yid Neo Cons like Max Boot, David Frum, David Podhoretz, Jonah Goldberg backing, what puppet will the puppet masters use?

    My feeling is this subset of the J tribe somehow still in Conservative Inc, the Military Industrialist, Christian Zionist world like to use handsome clean cut LDS Mormons like Jeff Flake, Mitt Romney or C- bomb goys like Dan Quayle – remember that guy, Bush Sr. picked him as his VP to make him the President look smart.

  7. You raise an interesting question, Hunter. Why is it that Republicans these days are so unwilling to stand up against Russa? I know how you think about this subject, but you have always been opposed to military action abroad. In the Cold War, however, the same deep Red states that are now so pro-Trump were willing to stand up against potential Russian agression.

    Even in the post 9/11 world they were the strongest supporter of military action in the Middle East, pointless though it was against simple goat herders and the pathetic Hussein. But now that a real threat has emerged, the reason why NATO was founded, they are surprisingly unwilling to offer support.

    • It is because we are sick of imperialism.

      We are sick of endless adventures in far flung parts of Eurasia that cost us trillions of dollars: Iraq twice, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and now Ukraine. We’ve been at war for my entire adult lifetime in places no one here cares about. Washington is obsessed with its imperial border with Russia and China. It has dissolved our own borders.

      This country was created as a rejection of the British Empire and everything it stood for in the world, but after World War II we replaced it and assumed responsibility for maintaining and perpetually expanding the liberal world order. The original rationale for doing this was containing communism, but the Soviet Union ceased to exist a long time ago. The EU is now more than a match for Russia and should assume responsibility for its own security and borders

      • Mr. Wallace,

        It was just given to my attention that there is a movie called –Dr. Strangelove that covers the cold war. I will have to watch it. I was told it is funny and bizarre. Kind of like how I view Americans.

        I was already told the end–A cowboy rides a bomb into the Soviet Union? Were the writers and actors on drugs while filming this movie or did they hit upon some truths?

        • My comment on Americans being strange and funny was meant lightly but it might not go over well so I withdraw it.

          I am aware that the Mexican mentality and many of our characteristics are bizarre from the American viewpoint. Like the fact that some Mexicans actually eat scorpions, that there is a lot of witchcraft under the surface, and many Mexicans mix paganism with christianity.

          I could go on and on.

          For the record I do not eat scorpions. Any scorpion I see will die.

    • Russia doesn’t have military bases and forces ringing the United States, moron.

    • Mt Bolton is, as far as I can tell – a White Southerner.

      That said, whether he has Jewish blood or not, to a significant degree, is not so important as that he would bomb the world for his Jewish friends, which is why he is one of the few that that nation ever awarded a dual citizenship to.

      Unfortunately, his brained was pickled by the same brine we were all subjected to, only his brain took it worse.

      He is a case in point for White Southern baby boomers who were convinced that everything in their interest was unworthy and everything not was a sacrament.

      I know, I came through this incredible mind control system, but, I thank the Good Lord He got me out of it to see the truth, or, at least, as much of it as a man can stand.

    • Trump didn’t stop the neo-cons. He bombed Syria the first chance he got, after falling for the “Assad gassed his own people” lies, like the big dummy he is.

      • @Tikkun…

        Unfortunately, you are 100% right.

        It’s a big reason why it was so hard for me to vote for President Trump again – though there were 20 other reasons, as well.

        Thanks for the comment. Be well!

      • Thank you, Dear Sunburn.

        Yes, you are right to urge me to stay focused.

        In my case it’s easy6 to do because I am ornery.

        I’ve told my wife that I want us to live to be 125 years of age just to make sure we see all these demons, currently at the top of The West, take a hard fall.

        Of course, what I’d really love to see is a resurgent South, but, alas, I do not know if enough of my fellow Southerners have it in them anymore.

        We’ll see.

        God bless you and yours!

  8. The Walrus should trim his mustache down to just a small patch beneath the nose.
    The demoralization campaign has failed as the clown horns blast outside the Walls of Jericho.

  9. All of these wretched neo-cons should be para-dropped right onto the front line in Ukraine. Get a taste for what they foist upon everyone else.

    • @Tikkun…

      Of course, everyone with a heart for justice feels as you do.

      Let me remind you, however, nobody gets away with anything in this life – for what you do catches up to you, in this world or the next.

      You and I may not be around to see it, be, rest assured : it, justice, will happen.

  10. I always though John Bolton looked like an evil Mark Twain. Probably the reason for his “candidacy” is two-fold: another way to dump on Trump and keep his creds with the deep state, even though this is a waving his hand in the back ‘me-too-I -hate- Trump’ response, but also because he probably has a new book, and when you’re a presidential candidate, you get more publicity and air time. Think of all the losers you see on the tube who get their few minutes because they once ran for president. Jesse Jackson,’former presidential candidate’, was always on instead of Jackson the professional hustler/bitching about whitey. Sort of like giving a cabbage dignity.
    74? Damn, another old fossil that just won’t go away. Can’t they just die off? I’m 70 myself, but these guys…where is our young blood?
    Cristina, here’s your chance. Run for office when you get some more age and experience under your belt. “Cristina Romana: Senator for Texas. She’s on BOTH sides of the Alamo!” Think about it. Hunter et al will gladly give you a platform. Look what he did for Yang.

    • dargason,

      That is so sweet. I also did like Hunter Wallace’s answer above on Ukraine where he was not a cheerleader for the war but simply wanted the USA to solve it’s own problems.

      Texas has grown on me I have to admit.

      • “he was not a cheerleader for the war but simply wanted the USA to solve it’s own problems.”

        It’s called ‘good sense’.

  11. Too the leadership of the party of lincoln, we have no further use, for MR.TRUMP and certainly not, pence, j. Bush, m.rubio, t.cruz, n. Haley,gov.desantis, j.bolton…….that being said, their ain’t no forgetting what you people done 1861 – 1865, but you have a couple of men in the senate, we are checking out, we would like for Senator Vance and Senator Hawley, too make themselves available for political examination, on the ” Political Cesspool” program, by our Southern Intellectual braintrust, quite frankly the party of Lincoln, haven’t anyone else period, I would say, that this is your last chance, before you people are totally irrelevant,any consideration shown Me.Vance and Mr. Hawley, would be appreciated…….

  12. It’s hard to get excited about Bolton. He’s simply a tool of the real brokers and, like most journalists, talking heads or TV ‘experts’ …he’s there to espouse the current establishment (inaccurate) truth. Trump showed an extraordinary sense of humor in hiring him…most probably unintentional.The Donald probably saw the recommendation sheet Kushner pushed in front of him and said “Okay…good man. Good man. John’s on the team.”

    Cristina Romana: Dr. Strangelove was made as satire to get more mileage. Like Adam West said when he was cast as Batman. “Originally, they wanted to make my character and the plots serious, but I told them if they made it tongue-in-cheek, it would last longer.”
    As Anthony Burgess wrote of Dr. Strangelove: “Dr. Strangelove was very acerbic satire on the nuclear destruction we all were awaiting…the masochistic reality of dreading a thing while secretly longing for it.”
    I don’t care for it, and Fail Safe, a film on the same subject, was better. I wrote a review of it in countercurrents. Look it up. Interesting that Fail Safe has Henry Fonda as the president trying to stop a nuclear war. Imagine Biden doing that. Like I said before, I see a wrestling match over getting control of the nuclear codes…like Dr. Strangelove?
    Maybe satire is more real…at least now, as America goes down…not in flames but farce.

    I thought of your past comments on Texas and Anglos as I recalled The High Chaparral,
    a TV series in the 60’s. It was about a rancher and his Mexican wife, and they fought off the Apaches but were allied with her family, whose vaqueros often came to the rescue. They always talked of ‘the alliance’ between both peoples, and was an interesting example of Anglo-Mexican cooperation. Her brother was played by Henry Darrow, a real Latin American heartthrob at the time. The show took place in Arizona, but could easily translate to Texas. Darrow, by the way, was P.R. The wife was played by Linda Cristal, an Argentinian, but you could overlook that, no?
    Darrow was also in a PBS special about Juan Sequin, the Mexican-Texas leader, showing a unique perspective of Mexicans who were against Santa Anna but allied with the anglos, eventually to their regret. It was made about 1982, when PBS actually had a little money to make drama, and not just import the BBC flavor of the year.

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