“Bolsonaro Supporters” Storm Congress In Brazil

Brazil would also benefit from secession.

Daily Mail:

“Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has branded protestors who stormed Congress as ‘vandals and fascists’ – with the scenes being similar to that of Trump supporters January 6 take-over. 

The supporters of far-right ex-President Jair Bolsonaro invaded the Congress building, the Supreme Court, presidential palace and are calling for the military to overthrow current President Luiz Inacio.

Left-wing veteran Inacio has only been in power for a week, after being inaugurated a week ago as supporters of the former president claim the election was stolen.

Footage from the scenes strike an eerie similarity to those who stormed the Capitol building on January 6th after claims from former President Trump that the election was stolen. …”

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but this genuinely makes me wonder whether this is some kind of CIA op that will be used to justify a crackdown on Bolsonaro supporters.


  1. “Brazil would also benefit from secession.”

    I think that most every multicultural/multi racial society devolves to civil strife then civil war. It can only be artificially maintained by an iron fist, Yugoslavia.

  2. “Brazil would also benefit from secession.”

    I think all multiracial societies devolve to chaotic social strife and civil war, eventually.

    • As the late Bob Whitaker put it, there never was a stable multiracial democracy and never will be.

      • @More…

        Well, what Bob Whitaker said is a safe bet, because history shows us that tribes do not get along.

        Someone is always in charge and someone else is always complaining.

  3. I hear so many expats say how happy they are that they left USZOG.
    I just don’t think any have the courage or candor to admit that racial difficulties are a major reason. Even blks say they fear police and racial oppression, which is complete BS, they’re scared of being gunned down by their own kind.

    • I hear Panama is now very popular with American expats. I’m thinking of visiting that country to see if it’s a place worth moving to. America is not going to be saved.

      • Yes, many gringos seem to like Panama. Good infrastructure, roads, low crime. They use the US dollar…….AND IT DOESN’T SNOW !

      • The key to your experience in Latin America, Dear Spahn, will be your control of the language.

        Start studying seriously, now, and daily.

        Lots of free courses at YouTube, and from beginner to very advanced.

        If you need any help understanding the technique of teaching yourself a foreign language, just let me know.

    • @Arrian…

      Though I am deeply disturbed by White Replacement, other races have nothing to do with my unhappiness in this country, but, the behavior of our fellow Whites – from those who comprise the political class to those who support those Blackguards.

      As erstwhile Texas Grand Dragon Louis Bream said – – there is no Black Power or Jewish dominion – only White Weakness and submission.

      It is that which is at the basis of every problem we have – too many Whites either are treacherous, alienated, cowardly, or just plain corrupt.

      Shocking to see what has happened in my lifetime.

      I grew up in the American century, and I never thought it would end.

  4. At the very least, even if nothing good comes out of it, the 2020s have been a more entertaining decade than the 2010s and 2000s, which themselves were more entertaining than the 90s and 80s *munches popcorn*.
    At the very least millions of woke shit heads out there are getting offended, that’s a victory in my book.

  5. The collapse and Bosnia x Rwanda conflict that is coming doesn’t have to be so serious.
    You can have fun while the walls come down.
    Just read that they are going to turn the joker character homo in an attempt to demoralize and as part of the everything totally gay in Chiquitastan by 2060.

  6. Over the next decade or two, these kinds of events will continue everywhere in The West, until there is a division between those who wish a traditional nationalist existence and those who wish a futuristic globalist existence are permanently segregated.

    In the end, this will be the only way, because neither side is not going to heed each other

    The days of power sharing within countries are through, the reason being that you can only share power with someone who, though you may disagree on policy implementation, agrees with you on the fundamental values, and that is something that no longer exists in The West.

    • You might be right in the long term, but let’s not forget in the short term neocons still largely control the GOP and other mainstream rightwing parties in the west with few exceptions like Fidesz in Hungary.
      Even with a Trump, DeSantis or Bolsonaro in the executive, it’s difficult for them to accomplish much when much or most of their party is against them.
      It remains to be seen whether national populists can wrestle the right from neocons.

      Of course neocons don’t want a traditionalist society, the only thing they care about is propping up the bigs, big brother, big business, big pharma and the military at the expense of the people, they differ very little from the woke left and are at best centrist on sociocultural issues.
      In the end woke neocons may win the west unfortunately, they’ve already been winning for decades.

      All we can say for sure is there appears to be some degree of struggle over where the mainstream right is headed, does the mainstream right merely represent the bigs?
      Or can civil liberties, nationalism and traditional values become important to it again?
      Could take years or even decades for this question to be answered decisively, we just don’t know for sure, can only speculate.

      • I agree, Dear Karl, that, in the shortrun the Globalist Neocons hold most of the levers of power.

        That said, I do agree with Hungarian academic, Dr. Janos Drabik, that their power is slipping.

        Here I post a comment I just made on another page at Mr. Griffin’s blog…

        THE PROBLEM ARISES FROM TWO WORLD-VIEWS, and the desire of specific governments, in The West, to maintain control over all, come what may.

        When I was a kid, the futuristic Globalist/Internationalist countries were clearly dilineated from the Traditionalist Nationalist countries – the former largely in the east and the latter mostly in the west.

        Since 1989, two things have occurred to create the problem – the old delineation between the two systemic approaches collapsed, and then the Corporate-Globalist (The Jew England Yankee World Order), which had headquartered itself in the Gentile West, decided it was going to attempt to force a one size fits all system over all.


        And, just like the earlier attempts, it will not work.

        Meanwhile, here we go again – having to go through the pain or finding a way to resegregate ourselves (Traditionalist European types) from the rest of the futuristic sci-fi West.

        Segregation will happen, no matter what, because, in the end, it is not possible in life to force oil and water to integrate with each other and live peaceably.

        No one has that power – though some think they do.

        • Yea it’s funny how the west and east reversed roles.
          The west became more ‘progressive’ and the east more conservative.
          I agree this sort of runaway progressivism that wants to do away with tradition, spirituality, nature and nationality is doomed, and that conservatives will find ways to segregate themselves from these psychos, the question is how much upheaval will they cause before their project ends in failure?
          Eastern Europe is in far better shape than us this time, how much of the west will be lost to radical progressivism?
          Hopefully a good chunk of the west will be able to remove itself from this cancer.

          • @Karl…

            “Yea it’s funny how the west and east reversed roles.”

            Yes, I tend to think of this as a classroom – one set of kids gets the virus at the end of the room, and, by the time they are recovering the kids on the other side of the room are getting it.

            Also, a dear friend of mine, formerly a rabbi in this life before he went to be with The Lord, was fond to say something along the lines of : ‘An idea is like a life that conforms to Buddhist idealogy, it surfacing here, disappearing there, and on it goes, throughout history.

            Yes, Eastern Europe is in better shape, and though I cannot entirely explain it, I would say this : Eastern Europe has never been a particularly tolerant place, or, at least, not like the western part of The West.

            That’s one thing.

            Another is that were sheltered behind the Judeo-Bolshevik wall of the Iron Curtain, something which, ironically, has kept them out of the out and out hedonism that has come here with so much wealth.

            In the end I agree with you – this most virulent and malignant form of Leftism, now gripping The West, will lessen and die.

            To survive, it does not have the right moorings – the most obvious being that those who are this way despise having children, and, as well, that the negativity is too great to continue to grow it.
            Thanks for your interesting and deeply thought reply!

    • I agree, the cohesion is gone. And that is probably for the best in the long run. No more forced interactions under a false pretense.

      • Thank you for your having chimed in, Dear Ron.

        Right – no more forced interactions under a false pretense!

  7. Problem with secession in Brazil is that the two main cities, Rio and Sau Paulo, are about 50/50 left-right. Perhaps it should be divided in three, a white South Brazil, a mullato North Brazil, and a still-mixed Central Republic containing Rio and Sau Paulo.

  8. I’m with you, HW. It would be nice to think this was a revolt of the sane people, but it looks too much like J6.
    When the protesters show up with pitchforks and guns, and actually begin hanging politicians, we can probably assume that is real. Until then, just another psy op.

    • At first, I thought it might be a real spontaneous riot, but then I saw there was a Brazilian version of the Q Shaman and literally the same scenes from 1/6 were reenacted in Brazil. Now, it makes me wonder if both riots were orchestrated by the “intelligence community.”

      • They pulled it off once – just like the November 2020 election fraud – why wouldn’t they do it again?

  9. We have only dreamed of doing it.

    Our kinsmen in Brazil and Chile…

    Did it.

    Plus their women are so much sexier than ours.

  10. Brazil is nothing more than a caricature of the United States, these invasions ONLY took place because americans invaded their congress two years ago. Bolsonaro is caricature of Donald Trump
    I live in the Southern part and pretty much everything in Brazil is a ridiculous and pathetic imitation of the United States, laws, judicial system, police, politics, “education,” “artists,” media, music, politics, culture, propaganda, narratives, talking points, etc everything.
    Hispanic people on the rest of Latin America despite the mediocrity stil possess a somewhat independent mind, but the Portuguese folk is all about imitation. That’s one of the reasons I seriously doubt the existence of any free will at all.

    Mediocrity, that’s the biggest threat to the United States.
    When Latinos become the majority in the USA there won’t be persecution, targeting, “oppression,” etc towards the eventual white minority, but everything slowly will descend into awful mediocrity and lethargy
    There will be no islands of excellency, nothing.
    In the southern part of Brazil the majority is still white European yet the cultural level is also dreadful.

    • “There will be no islands of excellency, nothing.”

      Again, my same thought.
      If the USZOG goes into a deep decline, high skilled people will leave to better countries, a very rapid exit, leaving most of USZOG in a quagmire of poverty and failed infrastructure. I’m already seeing a trickle of of people doing it. Seepage before the dam burst ?

    • Anshul Das

      Give us your thoughts on Brazil.
      Some folks seem very happy to expat, even in the nggr north.
      Gringo bucks seem to go very far and medical care is passable.
      I’ve heard that Argentina is also good, cheap and citizenship (passport) after 2 years.

  11. These things look like they come out of a fed kit, probably because they do.

    You’d think that after seeing the experience of the ‘Murcan MAGAtards, they’d all have had the sense to at least wear masks. Well, they’re going to get the same dungeoning for their performance.

    But seeing that pig being pulled off his horse and roughed up was as sweet as Tupelo honey. I loathe (((System))) bully boys who’ll do ANYthing for Muh Pension.

  12. The Q Shaman is just a glaring parallel between this and our Jan. 6th insurrection. The emerging media narrative, who this benefits, that Bolsonaro is in Florida (where Trump is), at a time they are doing everything they can to forestall a White positive presidential candidate from emerging for 2024, its all connected.

    Anybody that thought Jan. 6th was just dumb boomers getting outside the tour ropes at the capital, this makes it clear it was a gayop, and more likely than not, heavily involves the CIA putting its finger on the scale for the leftist candidate in Brazil by discrediting Bolsonaro with this gayop.

    While I’d like to think the new Church committee that is supposed to be formed by congress can address this, there is no way a handful of congressman with no institutional backing can match the resources ZOG can put up to carry something like this out.

    The CIA and the FBI are untouchable right now.

  13. Rather than secession, Brazil would be better off banning American neocons like Steve Bannon from organizing riots like this in their country.

  14. Yes it looks to be a copy of Jan 6


    ZOG , Homotern will persecute White Right win Brazilians in Miami

  15. Lula is going to take bra il deeper into BRICS, and that means more trade and good relations with both Russia and China. This smells like a shot across the bow of the new Brazilian regime by US-ZOG.

    • @November…

      It kind of does smell like that, Dear November.

      Yet, at the same time, I am suspicious of how we are smelling things, because I cannot really tell how Bolsonaro or Lula are aligned, vis-a-vis the powers that be.

    • Let me amend yesterday’s comment, Dear November.

      Given that Vladimir Putin is very publically supporting Lula, that seems to be a strong point in favor of your analysis.

      Well done, My Friend!

  16. All the world’s a stage!

    The point is, as November and Ivan point out, Brazil will intensify its BRICS connections, which puts further longer term pressure on the US dollar.

    Also, Brazil is a major exporter of agricultural products. Given the ongoing amplification of global food shortages, social disruption in Brazil could negatively affect their exports.

    The Brazilian agricultural sector is already suffering (along with other Southern hemisphere producers) from the ongoing effects of the Hunga Tonga volcanic eruption in January 2022.

    Food shortages are coming. Prepare accordingly.

    • Thank you for you comment, Dear Tom..

      It is clear that they are engineering food shortages for Europe.

      I wonder if they, the WEF, will dare that here – given that, if our populace, more armed than Russian and American army combined, gets to feeling any more grumpy than it already is.

      While I have mentioned to you that I do NOT see a long violent civil war in the offing, with serious food shortages, all bets are off.

      A more likely problem for us is food pricing – eggs having gone from 3 pounds last year to now 6.

      As to Brazil, I acknowledge that they are a country of import more than most of my countrymen suspect, I have no idea how their politics will play out.

      Happy New Year!

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