Brion McClanahan: Secession in the 21st Century

“Acceleration” isn’t a solution.

“Destroying the GOP” isn’t a solution either.

In the American context, accelerationism simply means throwing elections to the Democrats in the hope that Americans will become more polarized. It is White people who are bitterly polarized though. The only thing that accelerationism accomplishes is ensuring that the culture war between Whites intensifies and White libtards are confirmed in their beliefs and become even more extreme. The result is elections like the 2022 midterms where the stakes are too high for both sides not to turnout. The GOP isn’t “destroyed” by this. Both parties settle down into endless gridlock and partisan trench warfare.

A National Divorce is the only real solution. In this scenario, the Northeast would become an independent Libtardia and the West Coast would become an independent Shitlibia. An independent South would be culturally homogeneous enough for the national government to function again. This is already the case at the state level where the GOP wields near absolute power in the South due to cultural polarization with other regions and is constrained here only by Congress and the federal courts.

The real problem has always been the power of White libtards in other regions of the country to interfere in our internal affairs through national institutions like Congress and the Supreme Court. Secession eliminates that problem in one stroke. We could write our own Constitution without all of the awful “progressive” amendments that have been added to it since the War Between the States. We would be liberated from all the awful Supreme Court decisions of the 20th century. We would be liberated from all federal civil rights laws which have metastasized like a cancer into the present anti-White system. More than anything else, we would be liberated from the people who want to drag our culture even further down. They would be liberated from us who act as the brakes on their worst delusions.

As for race, a National Divorce would have massive implications. We wouldn’t be sharing the same government with people in the Northeast and West Coast who fundamentally believe in open borders and favoring immigrants and illegal aliens over natives. We wouldn’t be sharing the same government with people whose social justice religion commands them to favor non-Whites over Whites. Firm national borders would be swiftly reestablished in an independent South. Illegal aliens would be rapidly deported. Civil rights laws would crumble overnight. Americans would sort themselves into their preferred nation as shitlibs and libtards in the South self deport to the Northeast and West Coast. Non-Whites would be attracted to the anti-White “progressive” utopia that would be built there where the First Amendment and Second Amendment would be immediately repealed to tackle “hate speech” and “gun violence.” Wealth would be redistributed from Whites to non-Whites in the name of social justice which would encourage a new Great Migration. California is already poised to do this and other Blue States will follow.


  1. THE PROBLEM ARISES FROM TWO WORLD-VIEWS, and the desire of specific governments, in The West, to maintain control over all, come what may.

    When I was a kid, the futuristic Globalist/Internationalist countries were clearly dilineated from the Traditionalist Nationalist countries – the former largely in the east and the latter mostly in the west.

    Since 1989, two things have occurred to create the problem – the old delineation between the two systemic approaches collapsed, and then the Corporate-Globalist (The Jew England Yankee World Order), which had headquartered itself in the Gentile West, decided it was going to attempt to force a one size fits all system over all.


    And, just like the earlier attempts, it will not work.

    Meanwhile, here we go again – having to go through the pain or finding a way to RESEGREGATE OURSELVES (Traditionalist European types) from the rest of the futuristic sci-fi West.

    Segregation will happen, no matter what, because, in the end, it is not possible in life to force oil and water to integrate with each other and live peaceably.

    No one has that power – though some think they do.

    I doubt, however, that they have thought it though, or that they know history.

  2. “””…as shitlibs and libtards in the South self deport…”””

    They will not. Opposite, they will immigrate by large numbers. We see that today even in Hungary where European communists immigrating in horrific numbers. Approximately 95% from Hungary foreigners are hardcore left.

  3. One of the things that endeared me to the former alt right was the you did a great job of showing how the federal government forced so many changes onto regular working people, things that the people really didn’t want or vote for. The big case in point was the forced school integration, when it required military force to get it started. The rich people in the northeast didn’t have to deal with it. They sent their kids to private school. They still are, and I see it in front of my face here in my home state of California.

    I feel like you are blaming me, a victim, when I never wanted any of what you referenced in your article. We in California voted for prop 187. A federal judge overturned it. The federal government is in charge of the borders, not the states. California has always had its share of loonies, but we are finished because the federal government fucked us. Arizona is being forced to take down its wall, thanks to the federal government.

    The things that are happening now were resisted when the chance was there. I always hoped we would unite and try to help each other out, but I can now clearly see it’s every man for himself.

    • I’m not blaming you.

      The awful people who live in that coastal strip are responsible. They have too much power in the House, Senate and Electoral College for us to ever reform the system. California has 53 representatives in the House and 55 electoral votes. Alabama has 7 and 9 respectively. Thus, it doesn’t matter what we want here. We’re locked in a perpetual stalemate under a president who is committed to open borders because that is what the people who live on the coasts vote for in every election.

      If they had no influence or power over the national government, we would have a national government like our state governments. Instead, state governments pass laws and then get sued by the Biden administration or pass some law that gets struck down in a federal court by a Democratic judge. The existence of the Union pulls the type of government that we get dramatically to the Left from what would otherwise be the norm here. It is people in the Northeast and West Coast who relentlessly push the whole country in that direction.

  4. My redpilling started back in 2008 when they bailed out the banks, or rather transferred money from the poor to the rich…for the sins of the rich!!

    It really is “the people vs. the powerful”. Everything else is divisive and esoteric. Of course you should want to secede. Why wouldn’t you? I want to repudiate the debt. Well guess what, Brad? We actually have the same problem, you see. If we are allowed to have our way, we cut off an income stream to the parasitic rich. It’s not about values in the end, it’s about the value of money. The need a goose to lay the golden egg for them, and you and I are it.

  5. After that endless reading about the left’s capture of virtually every institution in this country it’s more and more apparent to me that some form of separation or secession is the only way forward to preserving anything.

    However some way will have to be found to keep leftists out. I seriously doubt they’ll “self segregate” themselves— although I think they’ll be less likely to relocate to less glamorous flyover states.

  6. Eventually, sooner or later, a red state Governor is going tell the federal government “NO” about something. And then we’ll see that that Washington, really doesn’t have the power it thinks it has. All it will take is once, and watch what happens. A state like Texas, simply is too big to force to do anything, if it doesn’t want to.

  7. It didn’t matter what the south wanted when they seceded the first time. That was my point. The merits of secession are plain to see.

  8. This is why I hope for reparations. To see if there is ANYTHING white people will physically resist. They have been accepting “civil rights” since at least 1948, when Truman integrated the military. Brown vs. Board in 1954. Civil Rights Act of 1964. Hart-Cellar Immigration Act of !965. Fair Housing Act of 1968. And on and on.

    • @TW,
      Reparations may occur in a manner the public could be unaware of. The tax system could be adjusted to include it………who knows?!
      Question is:- who will pay reps, and who will receive them? There’s a LLLOT of grey (brown) areas to consider. Does a Negro whose 30% black fund one whose 55% black? The logistics will be a nightmare. I just can’t see them ever devising a model that works.

    • They will accept them. All the government has to do is make them another automatic deduction from your paycheck, or refuse tax refunds to the self-employed if they refuse to pay them.

  9. Whilst I understand your sentiments, I cannot believe the federal government would willingly allow any state to secede.

    As the great American genius Frank Herbert wrote, power will go to any lengths to maintain itself.

    Like the previous attempt, wouldn’t it be more likely to kickstart a long and nasty bloodletting?

    I can foresee the attempts, especially as individual states seek to distance themselves from the massive and growing federal debt, but I dont believe it would be an easy transition.

    This type of situation would also probably break the US military, in echoes of the Russian army in 1917.

    • @English Tom…

      “Whilst I understand your sentiments, I cannot believe the federal government would willingly allow any state to secede.”

      I get your point, but, it is unclear what the context will be, whether this would be the case.

      A case in point would be this : what if, which is most likely, that secession comes from a set of Blue States?

  10. @Ivan

    I think the break up of the USA is inevitable, I just know it will be accompanied by a lot of blood and pain.

    • @English Tom…

      I agree with you – our separation is inevitable, because we no longer have common values.

      Blue States want a Soviet style constitution, while Red States would probably prefer some variant of the original constitution, or, even, the Articles of Confederation.

      As to blood and pain, it may be, but, it is much more likely that it will be gradual falling away, with pain, but, without much blood.

      Why do I think it highly likely that there will be little blood?

      Because such would require a lot of sacrifice and effort, for something other than our individual selves.

      We are so spoiled, impatient, depressed, anxious, substance dependent, out of shape, I cannot see such an effort, unless it is made by a small percentage of the populace that is operating out of these norms.

      We used to be warlike because we were an adventurous honour culture, but that community reality has died.

      All the best to you and yours, in Cheshire – or any other shire where y’all live.

  11. “…A National Divorce is the only real solution…”

    Wrong. You people have no imagination at all. In fact we can change the rules to suit ourselves instead of them. Look at what you said,

    “…The real problem has always been the power of White libtards in other regions of the country to interfere in our internal affairs…”

    Do you not see that if they can do this, we can do the same? How is it that you people keep missing this simple, basic fact? Why is it that you will suffer such abuse and not see that we can turn the tables on them?

    I have mentioned, ad infinitium, that the rules in the house allow them to set the conditions for electing the House and the same goes for the Senate. Here it is,

    The Constitution provides that…

    Article I, Section 5, which provides “Each House shall be the Judge of the Elections, Returns and Qualifications of its own Members …”

    So the House could say no one could vote under the age of 25, have to own a house and not be on welfare and in one big swoop the whole entire electorate of the Democrats would disappear. Now maybe the courts would try to overrule but it would be blatantly illegal and in fact the Congress can rule on what subjects the courts can decide on.

    “…In all the other cases before mentioned, the Supreme Court shall have appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact, with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make…”

    “…with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make…” The important part.

    If they ever lose the House and the Senate, the Courts could be stuck only deciding water right rules between the States and other such minutia. After we pass these laws, we should publically and frequently remind the Courts of that fact, and that if they piss us off, we could enact these severely diminished roles for them. Now as soon as we torpedo the Democrat rent a mob election and election stealing through election rules, all written right into the Constitution, then we would be the majority and ALL legislation would be controlled by us. Not a damn thing would be done without us. I wrote about some of the things we could do in the link below.

    I have said we are not lost. Here’s a long, ridiculously long, comment on taking over the elections using existing Constitutional provisions.

    And I have come up with an even more irratational scheme. It’s really good. One of my best ideas ever.

    You all have seen how just a few people just damn well refusing to go along has tied the House into knots. And you have all seen this group has now garnered power for all of us to stop the insiders from abusing us. Not perfect, but a good start, and well within the ideas that I espouse, using Alinsky tactics on the left. We can take this further. Now I’ve come up with a new scheme that is nothing but pure abrasive irritation. Saul Alinsky squared. I note the severe heartbreak with choosing a speaker of the House. What if they did this all the time?

    Here’s my evil scheme.

    Most of you have heard of “earmarks”. What about “un-earmarks”? If they can have an earmark then there should be no legal reason they can’t have an un-earmark,(this is so wicked). What to do with this? How about specifically by name and position picking out all these FBI agents that were interfering with elections, spying on people illegally, what about the Justice department officials that were working outside the law to entrap and illegally jail the people on Jan, 6, (there’s lots we could include but I’ll stop here).

    Let Congress pass a law that no one in the US government shall spend one dime of taxpayers money to pay them anything, nor shall any contractors of any sort that receive taxpayers money shall do so either. And anyone who does, the responsible official shall pay all the funds personally and they in turn will be blackballed and not paid.

    Now this is a beautiful thing. Right now they can say,”well we can’t do anything because we would have to shut down the whole FBI” but with un-earmarks they can confine it to the most odious. This takes away the excuse Congressmen have that they are powerless to do anything. And here’s the REAL KICKER. These people follow orders because they will be protected and suffer no consequences. But if they were fired and had no prospect for employment in any of the things they were used to, when they were told to, ”just follow orders”, they would say, ”hell no, I don’t want to be un-earmarked”. It’s a beautiful thing. There’s also precedent. The Democrats have been doing this sort of thing a lot. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    And think of the irritation. Every vote on anything, you have a pack of 20 or 30 Congressmen that un-earmark these evil bastards that are tormenting us. These un-earmarks could be tacked onto bills coming out of committees that we control, so we would be ramming things down their throats, just like they do to us. Let them shut down the government to protect their evil ass FBI criminals who are breaking the law. Let them shut down the government to protect their evil ass minions that are stealing votes. Let them defend these criminals.

    This could also be used at the State level. Any prosecutor that continuously lets criminals go that kill others could be un-earmarked. The same goes for people doing nothing about illegal elections. When they knowingly violate State election laws and then refuse to convict or do anything about it, un-earmark! Maybe they can’t be immediately punished, because they are State, but all these people want to move up to the more lucrative Federal level. It would influence them, mightily.

    This is got to be one of the best ideas I’ve ever had. All it would take would be a few dozen hard core legislators to cause no end of nashing of the teeth and turmoil. The irritation factor and the highlighting of those un-earmarked would cause havoc.

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