MSNBC: How the Populist Left Has Become Vulnerable To the Populist Right

There is no such thing as the “Populist Left.”

Two years ago, I was open to the idea that we shared some common ground with the “Populist Left” on issues like civil liberties, trade policy, social democracy and foreign policy, but over the last year I have been disabused of that notion. There is no difference between shitlibs and those people.


“Since the mid-2010s, the rise of the populist left and the populist right has shaken up the American political spectrum. Both movements have maneuvered to pressure and persuade the political establishment to adopt their objectives. But in recent years something unusual has been happening. We’re seeing the formation of a pipeline that circumvents the center altogether — and directly connects left-wing to right-wing populism. 

A group of journalists and media personalities who once were at home on the far left has formed a niche but influential political subculture that encourages leftists to abandon leftism for the populist right. Its most recognizable faces are former icons of leftist discourse who have millions of diehard fans: Glenn Greenwald, a co-founder of The Intercept, known as one of the most powerful critics of the “war on terror” in the Bush era. Matt Taibbi, a former Rolling Stone writer, who was famous for excoriating defenders of neoliberalism and likening Goldman Sachs to a “great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity.” Tulsi Gabbard, formerly a Democratic House member and 2020 presidential candidate, was aligned with the Bernie Sanders wing of the party. …”

What is the “Populist Left”?

Every single Democrat in Congress, especially House Progressives, have loudly supported the war in Ukraine. They have voted to spend over $100 billion dollars in less than 12 months to entangle us in a war with Russia which is worse than Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan combined. 100% of the opposition to the war in Ukraine has come from the Populist Right. The Squad doesn’t even criticize the war. Bernie Sanders has voted for every bill to fuel the war and has completely surrendered to Joe Biden.

Behold the spectacle of the Left whining about “fascism” while uncritically celebrating a parade of FBI agents and former CIA directors on CNN and MSNBC. They celebrated the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago. They are eagerly awaiting the DOJ to indict Trump. They hate Matt Taibbi for his work on the Twitter Files which exposed how the Deep State and Big Tech have coordinated censorship of the internet which is the textbook definition of fascism. Meanwhile, it is House Republicans who are setting up a new Church Committee to investigate abuses of government power by the FBI and the CIA. “Fascism” is now wanting increased oversight or the abolition of powerful government agencies like the FBI while “antifascism” is doxing powerless citizens with dissident views and getting them fired from their jobs. The Populist Left also supported forced vaccinations and Justin Trudeau’s crackdown on the Canadian truckers.

Increasingly, the “Populist Left” seems to be people who have degenerate cultural views which they prioritize over any effort to advance peace or social democracy. The Squad capitulated on #ForceTheVote. The Squad capitulated on Ukraine. The Squad now attacks the Populist Right for successfully using #ForceTheVote to win concessions from their leadership on subjects like going after the FBI.


  1. “There is no such thing as the “Populist Left.””

    Yes, I not only agree, I would take it further : there is no Left left in this country.

    Why do I think that?

    Because any real Left is anti-war, big Pharma, and, in general, corporate sceptic, and willing to ally with those on The Right over worker’s issues.

    While some are clearly that, like Glenn Greenwald, RFK Jr., Joy Briahna Grey, Abby Martin, or Jimmy Dore, the reality is that none of these people hold office, and, as well, most of these people are now a small minority of those who consider themselves, ‘Left’.

    As I had said, the collapse of the real Left, and, as well, The Democrat Party, is a tragedy for this country.

    Though this is a complex socio-political phenomenon, I trace it’s heredity to the Clinton Administration.

  2. Republicans need to start running more populist campaigns

    Run against filthy rich war mongers . Show homeless veterans that lost limbs in Neo Con wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and disliked Democrats whining and dining with military industrialist lobbyists .

    Show fat, swarthy Saudi and Kuwait Arabs sitting by the pool with Unhappy White slave prostitutes with the Arabs grinning and telling the American audience to:

    “ Send more money”

  3. This is why I’ve said for years that we only harm our cause when we complain about normies saying “Democrats are the real fascists”.

    There are some very autistic people in our circles who literally pull their own hair out when someone doesn’t use textbook definitions for the various flavors of authoritarianism.

    Getting upset when Obama or Biden are compared to Hitler is equally silly. Relitigating WW2 is silly. It is easy enough to only say “my grandparents didn’t die for “Drag Queen Story Hour”, and leave it at that.

    It doesn’t matter if our current predicament is more Stalinesque or more Hitleresque. Nobody gains anything from splitting those hairs. I’ll be the first to say that I wish people were more educated on the crimes of the Bolsheviks and Stalin, and I wish people would make some kind of attempt to see nuance in the causes of war, but I don’t really think we gain anything by trying to rehabilitate long dead political events or figures.

    • Who are the people who want power over us? What is their predigree? Who is this guy who went to 15 votes to get this speaker job? Is he a Lutheran? Are any of them Lutherans? No they are Irish and the irish are perfectly willing to use lies and force to maintain their power of us up to and including killing. They are openly lying to our faces over Ukraine and killing in our name…….but they are white, and they are just like us, and they are hungry, and their potatos are no good, and they are just to fucking stupid to go fishing….please, please, please.

      They are not just like us.They do not know how to mind their own Goddamned business. They got to put their two cents into to every differnce of opinion and weigh the scales to their favor. The Hanman is not going to apologise to Lauren Boebert, he is Irish. And the standard Irish response to any accusation of wrong doing is a denial, never an admission and apology. It is the blood.

    • I still love Huey Long.

      My wife actually drives around with Huey Long stickers on her car like he is a presidential candidate. We stayed in Winfield, LA on our trip out West last summer to check out more Huey Long sites.

      The so-called “Populist Left” are nothing more than coastal urbanite cultural liberals though. Those who are not have all drifted our way in disgust like Jimmy Dore, Tulsi, Taibbi, etc.

      I quit watching their content last year after Dobbs when 90% of it became about abortion and feminism or how pornography is awesome or how much they hate Christianity or how they support transgenderism, gun control, gay marriage and interracial marriage, etc.

      The final straw for me though was Ukraine and sucking up to the FBI and DOJ. There was a time when some of those people like Kyle Kulinski didn’t sound like Vaush or Sam Seder or Cenk Yogurt of the Young Turks. Gradually, there came a point when they began to sound like all the other shitlibs out there whose content I don’t watch

    • @Roblurter Brownstein,
      Sigh …….. I’m so tired of being dragged into the sewer with you.
      The Uyghurs are living in their own part of the world, so should be left alone. East Turkistan is not China.
      Being Jewish whose married to a Chinese, I understand why you love Chinese and hate Muslims, but when Muslims are living where they’re supposed to, they should be left in peace so they’re not encouraged to become our new refugees.
      Hope that helps…….

  4. “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” — Benito Mussolini

  5. There is no political left to speak of…the reality is that corporatocracy controls the majority of members of both parties…

    • Not lurking, neither party is worth a SHIT, all they offer are wallet’s looking to be filled, in speaker mcCarthy’s case, that would be a purse, to be filled and an ass to he greased….

      • As Mr. Griffin was talking of his wife’s love of Huey Long, and because of your remark, I thought you would appreciate this little clip…

    • @notlurking…

      “There is no political left to speak of…the reality is that corporatocracy controls the majority of members of both parties…”

      Yes, of course, who could argue with this?

      Yet, something lies deeper than this, which is : that which is controlling this country is a demonic corruptibility.

      These politicians love their material surroundings more than they do their own souls.

  6. The right has been moving in a populist direction after Trump won and the left an elitist direction after Bernie lost in 2016.
    Both sides are still largely ran by elitists, but the right has gained some populists while the left neutralized, and excommunicated the few populists they had.
    It’s unfortunate, I was hoping both the right and left would move in a populist direction, but nope, the left has never been more elitist than it is now.
    This isn’t the left I grew up with when the left was cool and the right lame, this is a new, psychotic left that’s totally alien to me and the working class, that’s why I’ve ditched it for the populist right.

  7. Far left are Satanic Statist when in power,.Anti-CHRIST malcontents when they are not, till they repent and are cleansed, they need to be restrained, kept quiet and on a tight leash, I don’t care if they are White or not, till they repent and submit themselves too the WHITE MALE Patriarchy, they are not too be trusted..

  8. I really can’t say, what is more disgusting, the Congress critter’s stupid name ” Tlaib” , .stupid personality, I would insult her physical unattractiveness, but I don’t want too be a bully, so I will have insult her political hatred of Christian’s and white people in general, which complements her overall homely physical visage…….

  9. Are you going to write about the passing of Lynette Hardaway aka Diamond from Diamond and Silk duo? She was the heart of MAGA

  10. I’m sure some of us here, myself included, are true leftists on some issues. We love the environment and support animal welfare. We oppose war and interfering with non whites who live where they’re actually suppose to live.
    Then you have those other leftists who are just…………utter fucking hypocrites! They try to unite society by dividing it with all kinds of rubbish that will obviously alienate whites.
    How many coastal libtards give lectures on ‘global warming’ whilst owning three Tesla’s, a mansion and jetting overseas five times a year?
    Most EV’s, solar panels and wind turbines that they push…………are made in a dirty Chinese factory by slave labour! All in one fell swoop, they’re supporting polluting factories with no environmental regulations, cheap labour and zero safety standards, whilst having trade with a nation that also harvests organs, opposes free speech and commits genocide! I couldn’t imagine them supporting trade and dialogue with aparteid era South Africa.
    And did they ever speak out against these useless wars in the Middle East? Weren’t they for world peace at one point? When the Right became the group for peace, the left decided to support war. Maybe it was now our job to babysit Muslims or sumpthin.
    For my part, I support what’s good, not what’s left because it’s left or right because it’s right.

    • Solar panels,

      “…Most EV’s, solar panels and wind turbines that they push…………are made in a dirty Chinese factory by slave labour!…”

      I can’t say if they use slave labor or not but on the other subjects even if solar is made with a huge amount of polluting coal it’s a good thing. The reason is a solar panel puts out FAR MORE power than the coal burned t make it. So it’s not a losing proposition. Now I’m a BIG fan of solar, hydro and “small wind”, not the big ones, but it’s for national and personal energy autonomy, not because I believe we will all be flooded out by the ocean rising. Still, I don’t want all this coal ash floating around or even put in landfills.

  11. It’s not that there is no populist left. It’s just that the populist left that exists have prove over and over again that they’re cheap dates with no real integrity or self-respect. Which means throw them a few pronouns and they’ll forget all about economic populism and income inequality.

  12. “…There is no such thing as the “Populist Left.”

    …but over the last year I have been disabused of that notion. There is no difference between shitlibs and those people…”

    I don’t believe this at all. I’ve known plenty of people who voted Democrat that were not for any of the hard left stuff. I think they are forcing the candidates left in the primaries, with massive cash and if that fails with stealing the vote and at the extreme like the Congressmen from Ohio James Traficant, killing them.

    I think may people hate Republicans so bad because of their incessant obedience to the rich that they hold their nises and vote for Democrats who at the least say some of the right things even if they don’t do them.

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