Counter-Currents: White Nationalism vs. Racially Conscious Ethnonationalisms

Over at Counter-Currents, White Nationalists are arguing about whether there should be a single federal White empire that spans the globe or numerous independent racially conscious White ethnostates. Greg Johnson and the ethnonationalists are arguing against imperialism. Asier Abadroa and the unionists have been making the case against petty nationalism.


“This is intended as a response to Dr. Greg Johnson’s essay, “Against Imperialism.” However, it in no way implies that this is the only possible answer, nor does it pretend to speak for all supporters of a single white nation, who cannot be represented by only one author, just as not all ethnonationalists will identify with the same current as the one expressed in Dr. Johnson’s essay.

Although I start from a contrary position, I am convinced that the differences between the two sides are not as insurmountable as it may seem, and that we can consider ourselves one movement rather than two. In fact, I will also specify where there may be a bridge of understanding between the two positions, which is why this type of debate does not have to be divisive.

Before getting into the subject, there are several terms that will be used in this discussion that might be misleading given their various meanings, so it is worth clarifying them.

First, we must categorically reject the term “imperialist” as a designation for someone who wants a single white nation. …

Yet another example would be the United States, where the political unity of various white peoples has long since been achieved, fortuitously and unconsciously. The latter is an additional argument because, if in the United States a united white nation was achieved inadvertently among those from all European backgrounds, long before White Nationalism was formulated as a doctrine, then it can certainly be achieved in a conscious, directed, planned, and peaceful way, especially after having learned from historical experience about mistakes that should not be repeated. …”

I’m obviously in the “racially conscious White ethnonationalism” camp.

The practical effect of merging the United States with, say, Canada would be to strengthen liberalism and pull our politics even further to the Left. Merging the United States and Canada with Australia, New Zealand and the European Union would only create a government even more centralized, powerful, remote and hostile to our interests. It would be a Klaus Schwab globalist nightmare on steroids.

This debate also strikes me as being detached from political and cultural reality:

The real divide in the United States and all Western countries is between White ethnomasochists and White reactionaries or between GoodWhites and BadWhites. White imperialists and White ethnonationalists both fall into the reactionary camp at the far end of the spectrum. Most White reactionaries aren’t even willing to go so far as to embrace ethnonationalism.

The elephant in the room is negative White identity. Millions of Whites are drunk on antiracism and modernism and hate their race and passionately identify with non-Whites. They identify their own cultural and demographic destruction with progress. Unlike White imperialism, White ethnomasochism has a global footprint and significant support from our liberal elites. These people run Canada and the European Union. They are running the United States into the ground now under Joe Biden.

This, of course, is where I part ways with White Nationalists.

I don’t have a romanticized view of White people. There are White people who have a positive White identity and a negative White identity. Looking at race alone doesn’t tell us much about culture, IDENTITY, ideology, beliefs, values, affinities, loyalties, etc. The anti-Whites are committed to our destruction. It is precisely these things, which are learned and not inherited, that are decisive.

My objection to White unionism is that I don’t want my people to go down with a suicide cult. Those who want to survive and escape from the grips of the cult should be encouraged to do so wherever they live. Arguing over whether there should be a single White empire or multiple ethnostates is a distraction from the central question of what should be done to challenge our anti-White elites.

“By not contemplating these questions, American “ethnonationalism” responds more to (dying) emotional motivations tied to particular personal histories than to rational motives based on genetics, or even culture. It is simply a rehashing of old disunionisms that have done so much harm to our race as a whole, and is an obstacle to white liberation. …

Sorelian myths may serve to convince the masses, but the elite should not be guided by emotional issues — either “the Roman Empire was glorious” or “some of my ancestors came to America in the seventeenth century.” Both of these non sequiturs are wrong on several levels. Nor should we draw boundary lines that are clearly arbitrary.”

This is the central flaw in the whole idea.

The idea that you can base a global superstate solely on biological race and ignore the emotional core at the heart of identity as it exists in the real world is a recipe for disaster. Few things are more important for the survival of any race or tribe or family than affinities and loyalties which are ultimately emotional. These are things which have to be cultivated and ordered toward the survival of the group.

I could go on and on, but this is a major reason why the United States has gone down the drain. Letting anyone in who was White or who could pass as White – people who didn’t necessarily have any emotional commitment or loyalty to their race – led straight to the present disaster.

Note: This is their religion which gives meaning and purpose to their lives. They are telling you what they consider sacred.


  1. I want also to add that there are a lot of non white with good values, like the sense of family (hetero family), the sense of what is man or woman, anti-drug users, respect for white culture even if they’re not white. On the contrary there are a lot of whites that are: against family (pro Lgbtq garbage), don’t know what is man or woman, pro-drug users and dealers, don’t respect their own white western culture and want to destroy it.
    And before someone accuse me to be against our people….. No i like our people and our culture BUT IT’S A FACT that a lot of whites are against their original culture and their history. Wokism is only possible because leftists whites allow it and spread it in our countries.

    • “IT’S A FACT that a lot of whites are against their original culture and their history.”

      I think that’s mostly due to media brainwashing , by (((those)) who control the media.

      I’d like to see what happens after a couple of generations of pro-WHITE media control. I think the results would amaze us all.

      Marcel , you underestimate the power of media over the minds of most people.

      • Man……..even me, you and all people on this website are under the blows of the media feeding us left-wing/woke liberal movies, advertisements, news and propaganda, but I see that all the propaganda they have been implementing for the past 15 years is not working on us, why??? Because for some people is brainwashing but for the majority is their voluntary choice to join the stupid woke side. Say that is because of media brainwashing is correct in a sense but is underestimate the evil behaviour of woke lefty white that create this propaganda and try to brainwash the weak minds.
        I don’t want to justify the white that join the global left side, because they have all the tools and opportunities (like us on this website) to understand globalist deception and liberal lies….. If they don’t understand is because they’re evil and also stupid.

      • Northern Europeans are by nature individualistic, open-minded and curious about people who are different from themselves. That’s why many American Whites are relatively indifferent to their own identity.

        Brainwashing doesn’t even exist.

      • 100 percent, Arrian. Brainwashing DOES exist, and the media is in the hands of a hostile tribe.

  2. As point out by Asier Abadroa: “Let’s not forget that the term nationalist in our milieu is always accompanied by the adjective referring to that which the individual considers his or her nation. I consider the white race to be my nation, and therefore, I am a White Nationalist…

    …But, if someone considers his nation to be that of a particular ethnicity, in what sense can he call himself a White Nationalist? To say “I am a White Nationalist and I want independence for my ethnicity” is as contradictory as saying “I am a Spanish nationalist and I want independence for my Basque Country,” or for a Scot to say “I am a British nationalist and I want independence for my Scotland.” It just doesn’t make sense.”

    This is because these various ethno’s consider their own ethnos as the Sacral Locus and not any imperium, even the so called goal of a “White National” imperium!!

    In contrast, [to universalism, aka “white nationalism”] “the primary sacral locus of most folk and their own folk religion’s, including the various Indo-European folk religion’s, is the folk community itself.

    The sacrality of the community is expressed in ritual ceremonies that celebrate its relationship with its own exclusive ethno’s and it’s own gods that ‘promote a strong sense of in-group identification and loyalty’”.

    To wit: The folk are the locus of the Sacral/Sacred contra any universalist political programme masquerading as “religion” or even the racial foreigner’s “messianic” political programme masquerading as “religion” with it’s primary goal of global imperium and monarchy with said monarch claiming “man-god” sacral locus for himself, … ALONE!!!

    Assimilation into any imperium or globalist political programme even if regarded as “religion” will in the final analysis as history has shown (eg. Rome, British, American Empire’s), be the destruction of the various ethno’s culture’s and heritage and even it’s core racial heritage!

  3. “He is infected with a mental version of this physical virus”

    That ain’t a virus. It’s a fungal fruiting body, cordyceps in all likelihood.

    • Good catch. If it were a virus it would be a few millionths of an inch in length, invisible to the eye and optical microscope, requiring an electron microscope to see it.

  4. Where to begin…

    Hunter, recognizing Race Traitors as Enemy No. 1 is not a grand revelation. You may not like him but Dr. Pierce wrote in his Turner Diaries book about the Day of the Rope against White Traitors in the 70s….No White Nationalist thinks we are going to unite EVERY White person. This is a strawman.

    Secondly, You can’t be an Ethnonationalist and a Multiracialist at the same time. You’ve said before you are okay with Based Blacks and Hispanics in your South, You seem closer to a “Race Realist” Civic Nationalist based on your statements, same with many of your commenters like Marcellus.

    Thirdly, uniting with Canada would entail as a Prerequisite that both us and they had Pro-Whites in charge. There is no reason to support a merger otherwise. Notice I said “with Canada”, which leads me to my final point…

    Whites can and should unite along Ethnic and Racial lines, with the former obviously being more tight-knit than the latter, but both are important. USA and Canada are both primarily Celtic, Anglo, and Germanic people by blood, with a common culture and heritage as British colonies in the New World. We belong in the same realm. Ethnic groups should be United (Anglos with Anglos, Germanics together, Slavs together, etc.) and we need some method of collaboration with ALL Whites, whether that be an Empire or some kind of Confederation or even a set of alliances and treaties to ensure we don’t have a suicidal repeat of the World Wars. Cultures and Languages of White Nations would be respected, nobody that I’ve talked to has ever advocated a giant White global melting pot.

    I believe in Pan-Ethnic Nationalism, and Global Cooperation of the White Race, whatever form that takes.

  5. It is not exactly either/ or. White solidarity must be cultivated world wide. White nations must be built, or re-built I should say. These nations should possess a people conscious of their European heritage, these countries need not unite if solidarity exists. A very loose confederation will do.

  6. I believe in the “Southern Republic” all the other White people, have too figure things out for them themselves, the smart ones, will get with our program…..

  7. A race is not a nation. White may refer to the Caucasian sub-species. Caucasians are a biological race. All Caucasians are clearly not members of the same nation. White may refer to Europeans. Europeans are simply a geographical categorization of Caucasians as Caucasians exist outside of Europe.

    White Imperialists, if we use that term, desire to transform the nations of Europe, both in Europe and the diaspora, into a single European nation. This is a nation-building project that will fail. This project seeks to displace the identities of distinct European nations. Europeans themselves are quite diverse in every conceivable category.

    Visit Western Ukraine. There are Hungarians, Ukrainians, Poles, and Russians. Each speak a different language and possess distinct bloodlines and histories. Hungarians organize themselves efficiently while Ukrainians do not. The White Imperialist would seek to erase these groups and to level them. All Europeans are not made equally. An average Dane will achieve more cultural sophistication than an average Romanian. I am unsure why White Imperialists seek to force their leveling project upon Europe and the Diaspora. It appears to be a left-wing proposition.

    In the U.S., we have many distinct nations. The U.S. empire has only been able to keep these nations together through violence or the threat of violence. The White Imperialists would only be able to accomplish their ends through a similar level of bloodshed. The Imperium would be bloodier than the ethnostates.

  8. It’s hard for me to distill anything CC publishes from their stance on Ukraine. I have always felt one should seperate the art from the artist so to speak, but I just can’t with anything connected to Greg Johnson anymore.

  9. This argument is moot. To know why all you gotta do is cede the point of the White Imperialists in the hypothetical and say “ok Peckerwood, you got it, we have a White empire now… who gets to be emperor?” And watch them knife eachother for power like the bunch of craven faggots we know they are.

    I have zero trust or faith for this futurist hyper urbanite strain of elitist vanguard SWPL’s that seem to assume they have a right to rule me because I’m White and don’t want to be lorded over by niggers and Jews and queers. The one doesn’t follow from the other. The ancestors of almost all Whites in North America fled or were persecuted/displaced from their last White ethnostates in Europe by aristocratic fuckers with exactly the same mentality, who systematically starved and killed us then indentured us when we got to the new world, drafted us into both sides of a civil war fought for the interests of two more factions of White aristocrats with different ideas of what constituted an appropriate economic model, neither of which included us as anything more than labor then sold us out for cheap nigger votes, cheaper chinese labor and jewish financial interests.

    We are where we are today because of people like them, not in spite of any effort people like them have managed.

    These folks have zero appeal, have demolished every semblance of organized advocacy with their autistic infighting and haven’t earned my trust.

    I want White independence to choose those from my community that have EARNED my loyalty through demonstrated consideration of my interests.

    White Feudalism is far closer to what I’m interested in. Its local, organic, scalable and accountable.

    We need decentralized governance. Whitey needs no Emperor, no king. That relationship cannot be kept in balance. Its beyond our means as social animals to do so. History has all the evidence of this anybody needs.

    Modern information technology, infrastructure and trade do not necessitate centralization of power, they facilitate decentralization if utilized to that end. We have the means to decentralize, and coordinate our relations with neighboring local feifdoms as well as those who are farther abroad to secure commerce and industry.

    The existing power structure must be disolved, not coopted by a new generation of “White Nationalists” who will just accrete power to themselves and their buddies like every ruling class always does.

    Whiteness isn’t enough to unite people to any common cause. It takes blood AND soil to make a nation/ethnos. I share neither with them.

    I reject the notion of centralized global White Imperialism unequivocally.

  10. Neither of these will ever happen, but in the future “White” will matter much more than 18th-19th century national identities will. The same process of White homogenization that occurred in the USA, due to everpresent contact with non-european peoples, is already happening in Europe right now. Language is being homogenized in Europe, with English becoming dominant everywhere. Pretty much all young Europeans know English and use it every day, and the other languages will go the same way as Irish and other dead/dying languages that were replaced by English. Europeans will become minorities pretty much everywhere too, so race will be the more salient factor in identity than the old European national cultures that are already dead and gone even now. It stands to reason that old national identities will become obsolete, just as more granular ethnic and regional identities in Europe became obsolete after being conquered by nationalist identities.

    • Further proof of this:

      Any hope of European independence is gone. Europe has officially become a puppet of the American empire, militarily and economically, rather than just being de facto puppets they were before. This means that Europe’s Africanization is set in stone. There will be no White empire or European pan-nationalism. The one shot Europeans had to reverse course was to divorce themselves from the American empire and gain strategic autonomy, but that moment has passed.

      Enjoy becoming minorites in your ancient homelands, Euros. It’s the future you chose.

  11. The decline of every great Occidental civilization in history has accompanied by a short period of cancerous imperial growth.

    There is natural balance, enforced by biology, on the closest of social systems (the family) through mutual interests, that keeps the rulers of that relationship (parents and grandparents) accountable to the governed (children and youth).

    At the other extreme, the most distant of social systems is empire, which has no organic balance and grows beyond all decent restraint and without regard for resources, ecology or mutual interests in long term survival of the people that comprise it.

    Empire is unnatural, evil and toxic.

    The further along the continuum defined above you get with a system, the less healthy it can be.

    Governance must be as close to home as possible.

  12. I just want to live in a country that is at least 85% White. They don’t have to all be WASPs, we can have pollocks, guineas and even a few micks. As long as they’re White and want to keep their communities that way.

  13. “I could go on and on, but this is a major reason why the United States has gone down the drain. Letting anyone in who was White or who could pass as White – people who didn’t necessarily have any emotional commitment or loyalty to their race – led straight to the present disaster.”

    I agree. Northern and Southern Euros aren’t the same. Eastern and Western Euros aren’t the same. Protestants and Catholics aren’t the same. The country was founded by Northern European Protestants, and it should have been maintained as such. The more different groups you have, the more potential(or certainty), for strife and conflict. Imperialism, which is what this country eventually embraced, is a fool’s game.

    • Tikkum Olam

      Really? The USA was overwhelmingly Anglo and Scotch-Irish Celt when it had its bloodiest war with each other.

      Blaming other Europeans Gentiles that migrated to America for its present condition is historically ridiculous.

      It was the WASP elites and their entanglements with jewish financiers both foreign and domestic that caused America’s undoing.

      • >It was the WASP elites and their entanglements with jewish financiers both foreign and domestic that caused America’s undoing.


  14. The union of Canada and the USA may never be but a nation formed out of red heartland states could very well merge with Western Canada who have some animosity towards Eastern Canada.

  15. 1) If you had actually read the essay, you would know that it does not refer to a union BEFORE the countries are White Nationalist, but AFTER.

    2) No, it is not things learned, rather than things inherited, that are decisive. Otherwise, Blacks would behave like Whites after such a long, long time.

    3) The emotional core is created by the media. The day the media changes hands, the WN will be educated and people will feel a very deep emotion towards their racial identity, above any other criteria, just as they have now diverted it towards civic nationalism.

    • 1.) We’ve already ran this experiment in federalism and racial nationalism. It was called the United States. The last two centuries of American history show why it is a terrible idea. We’re now stuck in such a union long after millions of Whites have abandoned our original national identity in favor of anti-White liberalism.

      2.) If Whites had a strong sense of racial identity and loyalty to their race and identified with their race, then dealing with blacks and other minorities would not be a problem. The populations of Western countries woudldn’t be aging and collapsing. We wouldn’t be replaced by a tidal wave of Third World immigrants. Instead, we are where we are today because of our sick liberal culture. Whites are taught to glorify selfishness and to despise their own race and to feel guilty about their history. Whites are bombarded by this propaganda and take it to heart.

      3.) In the U.S., the media is already hated and “journalists” are widely despised and discredited, but if what you say is true then affinities and loyalties are not simply inherited and have to be cultivated and your entire project hinges on creating a culture that can reorient White people toward racial nationalism. Today, they identify with non-Whites or they are sunk in a culture of narcissism.

      • “If Whites had a strong sense of racial identity and loyalty to their race and identified with their race, then dealing with blacks and other minorities would not be a problem. The populations of Western countries woudldn’t be aging and collapsing.”

        The last part of this is not true. Population collapse is caused by female rights, regardless of racial identity. Groups with strong sense of loyalty to their own kind, such as east Asians and eastern Europeans, are still facing population collapse because they have feminism and allow females to make decisions. When females are allowed to make decisions, they near-universally decide to never have kids and to go extinct. That is true across the entire world. The only groups that buck this trend are groups like Orthodox Jews, who do not allow their females to make decisions and use cult/mafia-like tactics to keep them in line.

        • Good point.

          Feminism is nothing more than liberalism and modernism applied to women and the family. It is a different branch of the same tree. LGBTQIA rights is another example. The same people who did antiracism and civil rights also fought for feminism, no fault divorce, abortion, birth control, etc. It was just another one of their many progressive crusades. Liberalism is based on radical individualism and modernism is based on a romanticization of the Self.

          • I am very late to the party and I dropped out of politics until I have finalized moving from West-Germany, but this the critical article defining our struggle:

            “The elephant in the room is negative White identity. … They identify their own cultural and demographic destruction with progress.”

            Nailed the Jonestown tier racial death cult of our civilization perfectly. And even though in Germany in particular the politic is framed in an especially monstrous way such as “Bomber Harris do it again”, “Dead German babies in Dresden were Nazis and had it coming” and so on, the fundamental premise and day to day consequences remain the same for all of us from New Zealand, over France and Germany, to Murica: engineered demographic transformation beyond recognition, race riots, surges in non-white on white crime, a perverse and sometimes openly Satanic culture, all cheered on and celebrated by a highly ideological, fanatical and evil political movement that stretches from the War against the South by Greater Yankeedom to the Empire siding with literal Bolshevism against European traditionalists and ethno-nationalists, because that IS ultimately what Hitler, Codreanu, Mussolini and Franco represented, to now Woke War 3. And today only held together by an ever increasing authoritarian, even totalitarian state and its fanatical ideologues.

            There is no God and George Floyd is their prophet. They all recite the Imperial Truth:
            “In this house we believe:
            No human being is illegal,
            love is love,
            science is real,
            there is no planet B,
            hate has no home here,
            punch a Nazi.”
            So receive your holy sacrament of the shot and kiss Pope Fauci’s ring.

            We live in the same empire. Our government and media is a 100% extension of the US deep-state and it is full to the brim with anti-Germans and literal antifa members like the current head of the social democrats or the “queer appointee”; but also pantsuit girlboss warmongers who will never see combat but love to send men to die for feminist foreign policy and the empire of the great replacement regime. If the faceless enemy we fight against like mist has a definition, it’s the trans-national collective of the “intelligence community”, NGOs, journofa, PMCs and apparatschiks, brought to you by Blackrock and its global social credit score; all worsened by the hard power security state that was built post 9/11 with the Patriot Act and DHS. And what all of these first degree democrats and defenders of our democracy in a rules based international order have in common is: they were never voted into office, but selected and pre-selected in committees, parties and councils. The real big lie is that we live in a democracy – our very existence as a demos is denied! -, and the people of the woke politburo who manage us like ants are running us into the ground. And the sad reality white nationalists cannot face is, that the majority of these people are still white. Even the JQ doesn’t change this fact.

            This is how my Germany was transformed from a moderately social Christian conservative, 95% white federal republic with mixed market economics into the absolute nightmare of totalitarian neo-liberalism and authoritarian western Marxism of open borders it is today. Maybe the democracy had always been an illusion, maybe we were always managed deep down, but at least our politicians didn’t advocate for Morgenthau-ing their own country back then.

            Remains the genetic heredity of social traits and personal qualities: color-blind people deny the reality of biology between racial sub-groups which leads to great problems. But white nationalists ignore the great genetic variety WITHIN the racial sub-group, who also pass on their traits.

            Jared Taylor wrote we should never make the mistake of the left-liberals and seem them as evil, we should not give into emotions of revenge, because we were unjustly blamed for things we didn’t do. Understandable: white nationalism can’t work, if we reject a great part or majority of “our own people”. But that’s not remotely reflecting reality. People who “identify their own cultural and demographic destruction with progress.” are not my people but by enemy. And Taylor also has to pretend that our enemies are generic color-blind liberals a little bit too high on their own goody-goodness and altruism. I get along fine with these all too nice white people. But nothing could be further from the truth of who our political opponents are! Our political enemies, especially in Germany, Britain and America, have a totalitarian will of annihilation of their opposition, a radical transformation of their nations by any means necessary. And their members DO assault politicians of the opposition with sledgehammers, as the radical communist assault squad with attacked a young NPD politician in East Germany did, they DO try to kill their declared enemies like Michael Reinoehl did, or the antifa Dayton shooter, or the cyclist who tried to shoot someone hanging up election posters for the AfD, they DO campaign with election posters such as “Nazis töten! = Kill Nazis!”. AND they weaponize the state security apparatus in an unprecedented manner to crack-down and intimidate their political enemies like Nancy Faeser did. They ARE the Bolsheviks of today and I am tired of having to pretend otherwise for the sake of a racial unity which they are the first to reject.

            I also don’t want to live like this, or have to fight a war with them, to in turn force my believes on them. I want as far away from them as humanly possible. Some argue white identity becomes more important the higher the pressure gets. The exact opposite is true: over the last year my experiences with Ausländers have never been better and my hate for my fellow German men of the left who want me dead, gone and gulaged never greater. Thank God there are still some laws in place which prevent them from doing so, but are they forever? A lily white, socially conservative ethno-state with mixed market economics and a sense of social unity would have been great. But the majority of “my own” people in West Germany are the first to oppose me.

            So you, free men of the Deep South, and we, East-Germans and the persecuted minority of right-wing dissidents in West-Germany and rural Bavaria, have the same goal: political, social and demographic autonomy from the Wokesheviks and fan girls of the Great Replacement. Whose slogan like that of Annalena Baerbock is basically: “Woow…I would have been Morgenthau’s top girl! Okay. I’ll do it! I’m going back for you Morgenthau! I’m going back!” Well, she and Habeck, actually DID say that in an interview in the communist Jungle World magazine, that because of Adolf Nazi and the Six Million, Germany should be divided between France and Polan, but because that is unrealistic, it is necessary to get as many foreigners into Germany and de-industrialize the country. That’s a step up from Martin Schulz’s: “For me the new Germany only exists for the sake of the state of Israel and the safety of the Jewish people.”

            And over 70% of German men and over 90% of German wahmen do not vote against it. What to even say at this point? Well, nothing; but vote with my feet.

          • ” And the sad reality white nationalists cannot face is, that the majority of these people are still white. Even the JQ doesn’t change this fact. …”

            I truly despise these people.

            “Jared Taylor wrote we should never make the mistake of the left-liberals and seem them as evil, we should not give into emotions of revenge, because we were unjustly blamed for things we didn’t do. Understandable: white nationalism can’t work, if we reject a great part or majority of “our own people”.

            I agree with Sam Dickson on this issue.

            There isn’t a greater example of treachery in all of human history. Treachery of this magnitude ought to be punished.

      • The media (and not federalism) is to blame for anti-White liberalism. Switzerland shows that federalism is perfectly possible and desirable for different White peoples. On the other hand, US internal states don’t coincide with ethnicities, so it’s not a valid example for racial federalism based on ethnic federated states. Again, this is stated in the essay quite explicitly.

        Heredity is more important than what is learned. Science has shown that personality is made up of about 65-80% genetics and 35-20% environment. Whether Whites are more naturally individualistic and their racial consciousness has always been much weaker than that of Jews, that’s a different issue. Psychological manipulation works to a large extent with the innate personality of people.

        It’s likely that we Whites must go through the same evolutionary bottleneck that the Jews had to go through to survive as a distinct race in the midst of other more populous races. Those individuals who were less racially conscious would interbreed and cease to have Jewish children, which favored a strong genetic racial consciousness among the Jews who remained as such. We Whites are now going through a similar process that will make our race (those Whites who do not interbreed) replicate genes related with a greater sense of racial belonging.

  16. Here is my $.002 worth:

    One side of my paternal French line was actually Swiss-French. They managed to live together peacefully with the Swiss-Italians and Swiss-Germans as well as a smaller minority, Romansh. They recognize established borders, language and culture to the point where each one has their own official language.

    The Iroquois established a Confederacy (composed of five and later, six nations) called the Iroquois League.

    We could establish an unofficial Indo-European Confederacy using the symbol of the Indo-European language tree:

    Where we celebrate all ethno-nation/states and their regions, provinces, and cantons and show proper respect to their traditions.

    In doing so, we lay the groundwork to end these fratricidal White wars.

    We also start both an intelligence network and a support network which we build by showing benevolence both to our own and our cousins where we can. We establish charities and scholarships for our own. We form investment clubs and workshops to increase our financial clout.

    And we do so unapologetically by pointing out that no one faults the Jews for benevolence to their own.

    And in the USA we get involved in local politics to groom and vet candidates by organizing a voting bloc of our own. We ballot-harvest and ballot-cure where we can legally so that we can bring a candidate to a victorious primary over another candidate who has sold us out. And we don’t discriminate between the parties.

    As far as the virtue-signaling morons who like to flash John Brown imagery, don’t bother arguing with them; let them reap the dubious benefits when their pets turn on them and nothing is ever enough. Pay the Dane geld and all you get is more Danes. The more “reparations” the libtards and shit-libs throw at them, the more they will want.

    If you sign a promissory note for a debt you mistakenly thought was yours, the creditors will still come after you for payment even though it was generated by someone who did NOT put their signature on it.

    WE need to insist that any libtard or shit-lib White who feels they owe Blacks something for slavery need to sign a promissory note and pay an added income tax for reparations.
    They should be entered into a computer and be billed an additional sales tax for everything they buy and sell to pay off their debt. And that, upon their deaths, their property is sold to pay the rest of their reparations. Regardless if it hurts their children.

    We’ll see how quickly they change their tunes especially after eight years of Biden and his intersectional cabinet of clowns like Pothole Pete Buttigieg.

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