Poll Watch: Democrats Identification As Liberal At New High

This isn’t surprising.

Among Democrats, White libtards have more extreme views than non-Whites who are the more moderate voters in the party these days. The “progressive” wing of the party are White college educated urbanite atheists. The most extreme Democrats are the whitest faction in the party.

The Hill:

“The poll released Thursday showed 54 percent of Democrats identify as liberal, a 4-point increase from the level recorded in 2021. Only 10 percent said they are conservative, continuing a downward trend from the start of the century, while 36 percent identify as moderate, which has been standard over the past decade.  …

While more than six in 10 white Democrats identify as liberal, only 39 percent of Black Democrats and 41 percent of Hispanic Democrats also do so. Both figures for the latter two groups still represent almost 20-point increases since 1994. …” 

See Portland.

See Seattle.

See San Francisco.

See every urbanite punk who joins Antifa.

Do you want to be “united” with these people? Let me think about it … no.


  1. Whites Democrats are the most uninformed, idiotic, self-destructive, conflicted, and confused people in all of human history.

    The reasons for this are long and numerous, but, suffice it to say that, if you are against Freedom of Speech, for anyone who disagrees with you, you cannot be kind, and, if you are not kind, you cannot consider yourself ‘Liberal’.

    Moreover, very little of what has been traditionally considered ‘Liberal’ is today such.

    Today, Liberals are about oppression, not about Liberation, unless developing a system whereby younguns are encouraged to hack themselves apart, both physically and spiritually, can be considered, ‘a liberation’.

    Worse yet, Liberals consider themselves to be ‘in the know’.

    Far from that, what they really are is ‘in the conditioning,’ because conditioned to be controlled by a corporate oligarchy is what they have become.

  2. I repeat…. who opened the door to welcome the Trojan horse (Immigrant, Black that blame white/Lgbtq)???
    White leftists…….. they started in the 60’s and continue today with their ideologies.

  3. This is actually very good process. We need enemy cut off from possible supporters and isolated. Self isolation by extreme radicalism works fine and we must encourage it.

    Even if darkies don’t come over to our side , when they remain neutral is good enough.

  4. It is no accident this liberal study came out on the same day as the anti-shem study. Liberalism or this perverse distortion of liberalism was created to protect the Jews from the inevitabe rising tide of anti-semitism.

    Pst kykes, it is going to fail, we are just waiting on the anti-Jew pogroms to hit in Seattle, and San Francisco. A curse is a curse in Gods book and you have not done what is required of you to lift the curse.

  5. I am just thankful that these people have religiously kept updated on their vaccines. I’d like to see the results of this survey being repeated next year,

  6. That is a perfect NPC meme template in the photo of true believers.
    A peaceful divorce from statist utopians is best case scenario.

    • In Montgomery, bums and panhandlers are now strategically placed at every major intersection and shopping center and approach cars 24/7/365 to ask for money.

      • @Brad Griffin…

        More and more we see this kind of activity in the Virginia Beach and Chesapeake areas – particularly near the shopping malls.

        Also, it is now occurring in Raleigh – one of the richest places in the world.

        The only time I can remember such a thing in Raleigh, in my whole lifetime, was in the 1970s – an awespiringly beautiful transsexual Negress prostitute, who used to hang out in the wee hours of the morning by the art museum,. when it was located downtown, not far from the police station!

        Of course, this is all the result of White Southern Liberals – both with their support of the Jew England Yankee World order’s globalization of our industry, and, as well, their permissive attitudes toward unacceptable behavior.

        It’s totally unnacceptable, and I look forward to a reckoning of all this, though, when that comes we know not.

  7. It’s the presence of non-liberal, minority Democrats that allow white liberals complete power. In a 80-90% white country, white liberals would be contained. West Virginia coal miners and the Boston Irish would swing to a Republican if the looney left was too out of control. Minority “natural conservatives” will put up with all types of looney white left programs rather than make common cause with white conservatives.

    • If that were the case, Alabama and Florida would be ruled by these nutcases, not Oregon and Vermont. The relative number of White libtard atheists in the population better explains the politics of any given state or country.

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