House Republicans Approves New Select Committee On “Weaponization” of Government Agencies

This is a major improvement over the 1/6 Committee.

If Congress is going to investigate something, it ought to investigate how these little nests and networks of progressive activists embedded deep in the federal bureaucracy, the FBI, DOJ, DHS and the “intelligence community” have gotten away with everything from censoring the internet to spying on Trump’s presidential campaign to subverting our foreign policy through leaks to the press to infiltrating and disrupting our so-called “extremist” groups to having the DOJ indict their political opponents and how the people who rioted at Trump’s inauguration and who burned down cities like Portland for months and who laid siege to the White House got away with it. How did all of that happen?

New York Times:

“WASHINGTON — A divided House voted on Tuesday to launch a wide-ranging investigation into federal law enforcement and national security agencies, as Republicans promised to use their new power in Congress to scrutinize what they said was a concerted effort by the government to silence and punish conservatives at all levels, from protesters at school board meetings to former President Donald J. Trump.

On a party-line vote of 221 to 211 with all Democrats opposed, the House approved the formation of the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, which is to be chaired by Representative Jim Jordan, Republican of Ohio, the incoming chairman of the Judiciary Committee and a staunch ally of Mr. Trump. …

The subcommittee will have open-ended jurisdiction to scrutinize any issue related to civil liberties or to examine how any agency of the federal government has collected, analyzed and used information about Americans. It also has authority to obtain some of the most sensitive secrets in the government, including information about covert actions that is usually the exclusive territory of the congressional intelligence committees. …”

It would be nice to know.

It would be even better to just skip ahead right now to abolishing the FBI and the “intelligence community” and impeaching Merrick Garland and Alejandro Mayorkas.

Note: If House Republicans drag this out for two years like the 1/6 Committee, I am fine with that.


  1. Though it’s an excellent idea, it was done before, by the Church Committee, a half century before, and nothing came of it, because they did not have the balls to do anything about it.

    And if they did not have the balls, back then, they have even less now.

    That said, I do respect Jim Jordan as a man who will try to do right.

    It’s just the swamp is so big, and the creatures in it so menacing, I cannot see any reform as possible.

    Reform is not possible – that is The League of The South’s position.

    Give The League, and above all Dr. Hill, credit for being willing to face a long time ago what the vast majority of Americans, especially White Southerners, still will not.

  2. I’m sure you saw yesterday that the WaPo had an article about research that proved that “Russian collusion” on social media had zero effect on the outcome in 2016.

    You already know my long time worldview, that mainstream social media have zero effect on elections, that even now, it all comes down to old fashioned factors. I’ll link below to my longer reasoning.

    When I read this WaPo thing yesterday, I was celebrating. I was thinking that they’re finally coming around to my way of thinking, i.e. the truth.

    But then I had to curb my enthusiasm today. They’re not doing it out of a sense of the altruistic pursuit of the truth. They’re doing it to cover their asses. It’s because of the Twitter Files, and similar revelations about other mainstream social media networks. I think that they anticipate either long term political blowback, or constitutional lawsuits, or criminal charges, against deep state agencies and agents. So now they’re admitting to what I believe to be the truth as a cynical means to pre-manufacture a defense. It would go like this: “It has no effect anyway, so why do you care so much?”

    To put it another way, they didn’t engage in unconstitutional censorship by any other means because they honestly thought at the time that it didn’t matter and it was just people with too much time on their hands dicking around. They did it because they seriously believed at the time that it did matter and would have an effect.

    We are now four calendar years away from what could be a similar set of circumstances. 2027 is the year that Martin Luther King’s secret files are supposed to pop open. Unless they find way to do another delay, then we’ll finally find out, and I think it’s what we’ve been thinking all along. If they can’t stop it, then in the immediate months leading up to release date, you’re going to start to hear the media and establishment start spouting the line which I just so happen to believe, that Martin Luther King really didn’t matter to the civil rights movement, that it would have happened even if he never had existed. Again, the motivation won’t be that they’re suddenly seeing things my way, it will be to blunt the damage ahead of time and get out ahead of a story.

    • I’d be shocked if the King files and tapes were not “lost” a very long time ago.Except for the non-incriminating stuff perhaps.

    • King died at a time when Negro civil rights was giving way to Black Power. Would he have faded into obscurity or rebranded himself to become a leading voice against the Vietnam War and supporter of the PLO? Apparently ZOG believed the latter would happen and so they eliminated him.

    • Everyone who pays attention knows now and knew back when JFK was Mr. President that MLK was a loathsome scumbag and fraud, the useful idiot of The Usual Suspects, disrupting and destroying the country by sowing chaos, first in Dixie, then the rest of the country. Public opponents of so-called “Civil Rights” had their lives and reputations destroyed by the Lügenpresse which helped quell public opposition. The propaganda from the Lügenpresse combined with the might of the Federal courts crushed opposition to the so-called “Civil Rights” agenda especially criticism of that loathsome fraud, the Rev., Sainted, “Doctor” MLK Jr.

      If the sainted “doctor” had been exposed and defrocked for his plagiarism and whoring in 1958 The Usual Suspects would have selected another “reverend” to do their dirty work, there is an endless supply of these creatures. JFK had to deal with the so-called “Civil Rights” people but he is on record as having a low opinion of the sainted, reverend “doctor” MLK because, amongst other things of the risk the guy would blow up publicly by getting caught putting a beating on one of his $2 whores while drunk. He would rather have kept the so-called “Civil Rights” people bottled up while he dealt with foreign policy but they had the Supreme Court and the Lügenpresse on their side.

      The FBI had a dossier on the good “doctor” King including tape recordings from illegal wiretaps, that’s is how JFK and other politicians knew the score. Some of the scandal has leaked out over the years, such as his plagiarized dissertation and ironically when Trump declassified some JFK documents. Included in the declassified documents were records from the FBI recording the saint’s whoring, drinking and drug use, sort of a Hunter Biden with a good tan.

      • My dialectic is that the American civil rights movement was won when only two things happened: (1) Organized activist Jewish interests won control over major American institutions through the 1930s, and (2) The outcome of World War II. From there, everything was just a matter of filling in names, dates and proper nouns. “Martin Luther King” was just one of those names. But for him, it would have been another name.

        • @Counte4nance…

          Yes, without Jewish help, Dr. King would not have been successful.

          Every applicable asset of Organized Jewry was deployed behind Dr. King.


          Because, on one hand, Jews saw what they regarded as Black suffering in this land as something emblematic of what they had undergone, in a many century long diaspora, and, as well, because civil rights was yet another way to diminish White Gentile power, in this land.

          As usual, human motivations are complex, both in the individual and collective tribal sense.

          In the end, I will continue to quote former Texas Grand Dragon Louis Beam : ‘There is no such thing as Black Power, but, only White Weakness, and there is no such thing as Jewish Dominion, only White Submission…’

      • “…Everyone who pays attention knows now and knew back when JFK was Mr. President that MLK was a loathsome scumbag and fraud…”

        That doesn’t mean we should allow intelligence agencies to murder him.

      • @12AX7…

        Yes, your comment is exactly the kind of perspicacious and thoughtful remark that many in this society, particularly those who like to think they control it, would not like to see.

  3. Yeah, we went from the Gulf of Tonkin, to weapons of mass destruction, with Iran Contra, and, the hapless Serbs in between.

    We will see what Jim Jordan can do, and at least he will document the lies and corruption.

  4. Obviously none of those proposals to defund the IRS or make the FBI and intelligence community more accountable are going to really happen. It’s all just boob-bait for us red state, Fox News watching Bubbas. But it is amusing to see the shitlibs in the Regime media get big mad about it.

  5. Scott Greer noticed that the Paul Ryan Tea Party is back as evinced by the house speaker fight over fiscal matters. The Populist moment is over everywhere. Democrats are wrapped up in nothing but cultural nihilism whereas the GOP is reverting back to market nihilism. I fear that the 2022 Christian focus was a death spasm.

    We are going back to Cuckservatism. The GOP’s abandonment of cultural matters and swift dive back into “economics” is proof of their failure in the culture war. It was the failure of Tea Party money cucking that roused 2016 in the first place. They are going to go right back to cucking on race, immigration, everything, and they are going to get massacred even worse than they were before Trump. They are finished.

    Democrats will just get more toxic and nihilistic. We all know where that race to the bottom leads, and it ain’t the Ubermensch.

    I am now extremely bearish on American politics post Trump. It’s true that the electorate has shifted but it’s all for nought if they are misled anyway. That is the speciality of the GOP. There’s simply not enough whites left, and one whole party is based around worshipping blacks. Too much damage has been done. It’s all remorselessly demoralizing.

    • This is a meme which is going around.

      In reality, people like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger are gone. The state legislatures have never been more focused on cultural issues. House Republicans have turned against the FBI and the upcoming investigation will further erode its credibility. Support for Ukraine is way down. When Trump was president, these people refused to do things like fund the border wall and focused on passing tax cuts and repealing Obamacare. They were doing plenty of Tea Party stuff when Trump was president. That’s really all that they did and he went along with it, but now the House Freedom Caucus talks more about immigration than Trump. Trump himself never really cared much about immigration. Scott Greer is just sad that Trump has faded.

    • “…There’s simply not enough whites left…”

      This is not true. We can use what power we have left to put people in that will use un-earmarks, see my earlier comment, and use the laws in the Constitution to change the voters that vote. We can only do this in the House right now but making sure elections are real we could soon take the Senate and do the same. We could make voting laws that refused to have any immigrants vote at all. We could deport any immigrants that took so much as one penny of government funding, which would likely be all of them. can do the same.

      Why is it that people despair so much when the Jews with such a small population can run so much, we can do the same.

  6. I think MLK will be “Me’Tooed,” because he is no longer useful to the Anti-White 1619 Reparations Project. Especially after the BLM successfully Mau-Maued even the Whites who should know better with their BAMN (by any means necessary) intimidation.

    That “content of our character rather than the color of our skins” was simply a way Marching, Looting, Killing operated to con naive, idealistic Boomer Whites to give up all their own rights in the name of equality.

    Frankly, I’m glad. I had grown to really despise the way True “Democrats R The Real Racists” always slobber over that low-life. What a pity that whoever assassinated him did so rather than leaving him alive so that he could ultimately expose himself as just another Black racial grievance hustler like Reverend Jesse Jackass.

    They probably had to martyr his sleazy behind. I guess they figured out he was worth much more to their Anti-White cause dead than alive.

    As far as the new “Church” investigation of the FBI, perhaps, if we’re lucky, we’ll see those dumb enough to already get caught/exposed like Ray Epps and Elvis Chan and Jim Baker of the Twitter files be thrown under the bus. Probably get a quiet payoff to cut a plea for a slap on the wrist at Club Fed. I don’t see this “Church” committee uncovering that much. I imagine that the Intelligence Committee has blackmail files on everybody. And any skeleton they can’t find in someone’s closet, they’ll put there.

    Even after this dog and pony show section of the Political Kabuki Theater is over, it is never wrong to assume that someone posting on this board is either a Hasbarat or some federal informer. Just mentally red flag anyone trying to rile people up into doing anything stupid or counterproductive and ignore any advice that sounds fishy. That’s what I do. Mainly because I have boundless faith in the hubris and arrogance of TMFIIC of the District of Corruption and other Western capitals. Unlike Donald Trump, I don’t believe in getting in the way of My Enemy when he is in the process of hanging himself. But the Trumpster seems to suffer terribly from Middle Child Syndrome and obviously believes that bad attention is better than no attention where he is concerned.

    In any case, I imagine with the Let’s Go Brandon administration with its intersectional screw-ups like Pothole Pete Buttegieg creating mass shortages and ineptitude at the Depart of Transportation that even the dumbest Libtards and Shitlibs of the GoodWhites are going to have a rude awakening about how comfortable it is in the back of the short bus before the the truth about MLK comes out and will seize on his “Me Tooing” for their red-pilled moment.

    As a BadWhite, I’m used to this nonsense and never stop thinking of ways to insulate myself from all that wonderful Vibrancy that FEDGOV keeps imposing on me. I still have to shake my head over the number of people in my area who live so carelessly. During the Yule Season, some Grinch decided to take his reparations by burglarizing a vehicle full of presents. It was parked in the driveway of one of my neighbors. Who had a Biden-Harris yard sign a few years back and one for Robert “Beto the Burglar” O’Rourke.

    Might add that, recently, up the road, we got some new apartments built a few blocks down. I guess some planner thought my immediate area was too disgustingly White and needed to be enriched by some diversity – the more vibrant the better!

  7. The very oldest Boomers (born 1946) could not vote, at at the time, until 1967. They had no political power during the civil rights revolution. Blame The Greatest (Worst) Generation.

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