Hideous New MLK Monument Unveiled In Boston

The Lincoln “Emancipation” monument was too politically incorrect for Boston because it had a submissive freed slave kneeling at Lincoln’s feet. The GoodWhite libtards who live there have erected this new more progressive Negro Worship shrine on Boston Common.


    • In the French Revolution, c1790, the statues of French monarchs were melted to make weapons, may our future be the same.

  1. When I was a young man destiny often took me to Boston and I loved that city.

    These days, I’m so wary of New England-itus to such an extent that I’d rather go somewhere, just about anywhere, else.

    That said, I respect their right to be mad.

    Even though they never hesitate, collectively, to tell us in Dixie how to be, I will not mirror that back to them.

    New England is none of my business.

  2. Such new are actually good. First antiwhite hate law proposal, now this. Such actions demonstrate that enemy is braindead.

    What they really need is stamping out Trumpism, win in Ukraine and basically return and consolidate power what they had pre Trump era.

    Instead of returning to power, they have sum of all crises and no ideas how to get out from self made disaster.

    Hard to believe that barely 10 years ago, Obama started his second term and communists in the whole world celebrated that final victory is at hand. Even in Hungary was panic. Viktor Orban own friends recommended him to step down before Orban will end up like Slobodan Milosevic.


    Yes, for whatever it is worth o0ur great general used to have his birthday celebrated in this day, until we were reeducated to forget who were are.

    Stonewall Jackson was born around this time, too.

    Sorry they are not around, for, with as numerous as we are now, we would straighten out this mess in a hurry.

  4. Yes, the statue is fugly but I like it. It looks like some of the bruthas just did a smash-and-grab from a nearby 7 Eleven and now they’re fighting over the loot. What could be more appropriate on Saint MLK Day, patron saint of whore mongers, grifters, and criminals?

    Prediction: The local White punks will graffiti the thing up before too long.

  5. Really a piece of kitsch and far too massive. Turds and roaming hands forever come to mind. How is this possible in Boston? In James Howard Kunstler’s The City in Mind, he explains that Boston, while an intellectual citadel, also has a lot of pretentious types there, architects who are able to get their junk built. City Hall is an example, built by a New York firm of Kallman, McKinnell and Knowles. Kunstler describes it as “the back office of Darth Vadar’s Death Star, a brutalist trapezoidal heap of stained beige concrete on a despotic brick podium…” A blank, rich desert where Scolley Square once stood; we called it the plain of bricks. The interior of city hall is cramped and offices small, and when I lived there, it always reeked of urine because bums camped out by the side and no one chased them off. There was a lot of crap modern junk like this, but was nestled among stately, sturdy, historical buildings as well. A few blocks away is Beacon Hill, where I lived, and that was always refreshing just to walk through.
    I lived there seven years, and am thankful I don’t have to see the turd, or the inevitable, obligatory gushing over it.
    Behind City Hall is the Holocaust monument, a pair of smokestacks that are forever billowing smoked, symbolic, burned ashes of Jews AS A REMINDER. God, what dreck.
    But again, you get away from that garbage to Fanquiel Hall and Quincey Market, whose food stalls and solid brick are well attended. It actually has more visitors than Disneyworld.
    Boston is always a place where you can walk away from crap and find beauty a couple of blocks away.

  6. So that ugly thing was just dumped on the pavement like a giant dog turd (which it
    strongly resembles) as a total surprise to everyone? No one bothered to look at it first before giving their approval?

    Ironically, liberal Yankee Boston was one of the most segregated cities in the country at one time. And they had notoriously strict laws about pornography and opening businesses on Sunday.

  7. The giant bronze nigturd couldn’t be more fitting for Bahston: the “progressive” jew England capitol of everything anti-White & anti-South in American history.

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