San Francisco Proposes Paying $5 Million In Reparations To Each Longtime Black Resident

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is also pushing for this in Congress.

She currently has 52 House Democrats co-sponsoring her latest reparations bill.

FOX News:

“Dozens of House Democrats this week renewed their push for reparations and a national apology for slavery by reintroducing legislation that would set up a commission to consider these steps as way to address the “cruelty, brutality, and inhumanity of slavery” in the U.S.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, and 52 House Democrats proposed the legislation this week in an effort to keep the issue alive. Her legislation, which was considered by the House Judiciary Committee in the last Congress when Democrats were in charge, is unlikely to taken up in the 118th Congress led by Republicans. …”

Once again, this will go nowhere in the Republican House, but reparations is gaining traction at the local level in progressive enclaves like San Francisco where the current proposal is to give $5 million dollars to every longtime “Black” resident, not for slavery, but due to the War on Drugs. Why shouldn’t every crackhead in San Francisco win the lottery just for being born Black on San Francisco soil?

FOX News:

San Francisco’s reparations committee has proposed paying each Black longtime resident $5 million and granting total debt forgiveness due to the decades of “systematic repression” faced by the local Black community. …

“While neither San Francisco, nor California, formally adopted the institution of chattel slavery, the tenets of segregation, white supremacy and systematic repression and exclusion of Black people were codified through legal and extralegal actions, social codes, and judicial enforcement,” the draft states. …

The draft plan includes a long list of financial recommendations for Black San Francisco residents, including a one-time, lump sum payment of $5 million to each eligible individual. …

They must also prove at least two of eight additional criteria, choosing from a list that includes, “Born in San Francisco between 1940 and 1996 and has proof of residency in San Francisco for at least 13 years,” and/or, “Personally, or the direct descendant of someone, incarcerated by the failed War on Drugs.” …”

BTW, it is worth noting here on MLK Day who will be taxed to pay for this nonsense since there is a debate going on about whether supporting the IRS is “populist.” Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee wants to couple reparations for slavery with creating an anti-White totalitarian police state.

Note: PBS Frontline has a new documentary on reparations called “The Big Payback.”


  1. Just out of curiosity, where do they say they’ll be getting the vast sums of fake money to “pay” for all of this madness? Perhaps a few more feet of rain and some additional mudslides (what an appropriate thing to be happening with this particular issue) will raise the price even more – to heights rivaling that of Country 404. Not that any of the hopelessly brainwashed white shitlibs who inhabit the God-forsaken shithole will ever change their ways or even reconsider their solemn religious devotion to their Golden Dindu (for this they will never do). And to think that some regard Muslims are religious fanatics. Move over Mohammed, Whitey Wokester III puts you to shame.

    It will nevertheless be curious to see the ultimate reaction of the resident Asians and Mexicans once the bill comes due for all those loans from the (((smartest folks on the planet))). One could almost foresee an Asian-Mexican alliance form to cleanse the place of its black plague altogether if the interest were to come out of their own hides. No doubt the ghost of St. Martin the Adulterer will be playing a tiny violin with his penis somewhere in the bowels of hell – perhaps the theme from Swindler’s List. Whites are now 38% of the CA population and dropping. The vast majority of those remaining are described above. Literally not worth the powder to blow them straight to hell.

  2. I support reparations for black people. Policies of the Democrat Party have largely destroyed the black family, thereby weakening blacks’ economic progress. Therefore, that party should pay reparations. Maybe the Dems can use some of their laundered Ukraine money to do it.

    • Why make it about political parties? I would vastly prefer reparations to be deducted from the paycheck of working white families. If Johnny has to go hungry for a few weeks to pay for the sins of his ancestors, I consider it a just and equitable punishment. B1. Black First.

      • @Black Rep,
        I bet you’re very attractive for a black woman.
        I’d love to feel your hair.
        Oh……….and white lives matter. 😉

      • blackies, ” JOHNY’S ” only obligation is too the living GOD, himself and his own kind, which obviously is not you or your kind, that being said blackie, they say port-au-prince is nice, perhaps you would feel, more st home there, your not happy here and you don’t fit in, is it fair, that everyone else , has too be miserable and unhappy, just because you are, blackie?……

      • @Black Reparationist…

        “If Johnny has to go hungry for a few weeks to pay for the sins of his ancestors”

        Your ancestors were already compensated in many ways, all of which would, in today’s parlance, would be referred to as socialism.

        What are these compensations?

        Housing, food, medical care, on the job training and a godly labour.

        These your ancestors received when many White Working Class Folks, both North & South, would never know what it was like to always have these things – much less have them guaranteed till death.

  3. Like a forest fire that will not finish, until every tree is black and or down, this won’t stop until every White is gathered in the forest naked, nameless, and homeless.

    Yet, as these very same Whites rail on about recompensing Negroes for the work that their Southern forefathers were already paid for, in training, equipment, food, board, clothing, and medical care – at a time when many Whites all over this land could not get that – these Whites seem to have no problem that most every product they buy is from 3rd World Sweatshoppe/Slave labour.

    Too, they seem to have no problem with the fact that much of their food is raised by slave labourers, renamed ‘migrants’, or that every stitch on their back has been manufactured by those earning 25 cents per hour.

    Want to ante up in the moral department?

    Put an end to those policies that have our country unable to produce for itself, while we are forcet to consume these ill-gotten goods, like hostage ticks with their heads held down into the veins of fresh blood.

  4. The percentage of black residents in SF is 5.3 percent. You may be wondering how a black woman, London Breed, was able to get herself elected mayor in such a place.

    From wikipedia——–

    Progressive Supervisor Hillary Ronen delivered a speech accusing Breed of being supported by “white, rich men” and billionaires such as Ron Conway.

    Conway is an Irish name.

    Do you see what I see?

    There are also 4 mulattos with Irish last names on the SF Reparations committee.

    Shakeyla O’Cain?? WTF??

    • @RB

      Come on Robbie Rothschild Brownstein, we know you Jews are responsible for everything going crazy especially out there in crazy Sodom Franpissco. You’ve got to pass the buck and crucify someone else don’t you. And you didn’t learn this from your fellow Jews at the SPLC. It is just part of your nature you were just naturally born with that now you are totally obsessed/possessed with.

      Even that devil South-destroyer Sherman would name the Jew.

      “Individuals may prosper in a failing community such as San Francisco, but they must be Jews, without pity, soul, heart or bowels of compassion; but in a rising, growing, industrious, community like St. Louis, all patient, prudent, honest men can thrive.”
      — William T Sherman, Leavenworth City, September 18, 1858, Home Letters of General Sherman, p. 155.

  5. There’s gonna have to be a war, the printing press is overheating.
    It’s on fire!
    Quick, call CCP for a replacement.
    Fun trivia-The MLK shrine in the Bog of Eternal Stench (DC) is sort of hecho en China as it was made by…ancient Chinese secret.

  6. The Mexicans have driven blacks out of LA to a large degree, SF too. No one can stand to live with Mexicans and their friends from south of the border. Their violence and general lawlessness is off the charts. They are destroyers of civilization just like other Third World types.

    The whole state of California and the U.S. in general are living off the past: past accumulated military capital, industrial/economic capital and most of all, social capital. The string is just about played out now because of the Left’s March Through the Institutions which has destroyed everything it touched. This was the Left’s goal, burn everything down and start over without White people.

    There is a fatal contradiction in the Left’s plan to destroy the old and bring in the new. The Left expects to have a high functioning, wealthy country but without the hated White man. What they will get instead is the slums of S. America with the Voodoo of Haiti. See the Moslems in Hamtramck, Mich. and their animal sacrifices for a peek at the future, such as it is.

    This is apparent in California where a wealthy elite of woke Whites and The Usual Suspects live in luxury, insulated by money from the angry, stupid, teeming, violent
    brown hordes outside the gates. Everything is expensive resulting in a thriving off-the-books market beyond taxation for many things. The electric grid is unreliable requiring expensive generators for the wealthy. Everything is overcrowded and overused while falling in to disrepair. Government teems with woke idiots who make everything worse as brown people steal everything.

    This is the future for Der Heimat as the GloboHomo Shopping Mall and its never ending wars for wonderful “democracy” run into a brick wall at 1,000 MPH. GloboHomo will learn the hard way there are consequences that follow the destruction of civilization. China will be the long term beneficiary.

  7. Again, there’s a question mark as to who qualifies, and who doesn’t. Does a Negro qualify to receive, or pay, reparations if he’s 10% black? How about 25, 50 or 75%? There’s too many variances. And those that don’t get a payout will resent those who do.
    How do you you rollout such a program without creating yet more division and turmoil?
    As I keep saying, the left, and professional ‘victim’ groups, love division.
    Most black Americans are descended from white plantation owners who got their black female slaves pregnant. It was a widespread practice.

    • “Reparations” (sic) is just another scam in the myriad of scams that are part of the U.S. political and financial system. If “reparations” (sic) legislation passes it will be another giant transfer of wealth from Whites to a few well connected blacks at the top of the filthy racket that is wonderful “Democracy” we enjoy now. Most blacks will get token payments while The Usual Suspects will rake in most of the money through convoluted, obtuse but legal means when the dust settles.

      That’s just how the system works, it is thoroughly corrupt and it cannot be reformed. It has nothing to do with justice or compensation for wrongs done to a group of people. It’s just legal theft, plain and simple, there is nothing complex about it. There isn’t an ounce of sincerity in any of the scumbags’ proposals for “justice”, they just want the money and they don’t care how they get it.

      Look for the Republicans to oppose “reparations” (sic) legislation, then agree to study it, then argue the amount is too high, then pass “reparations” (sic) legislation while brazenly saying the electorate should thank them for limiting the amount of the robbery. The “reparations” (sic) crowd will then come back for another bite of the apple, because they can. It will only end when the current system fails because of inflation wrecking the currency which will destroy the legitimacy of the whole rotten system.

  8. The reparations will never end. Just imagine what happens when they send out the checks to be squandered and then the next batch of morons is born? They will feel cheated and demand yet another round of reparations. And at a level that will make the Covid debt borrowing look thrifty by comparison. Pretty much the end of the country should this crap begin.

    • Inflation is eating away at the currency now, it cannot be hidden by dishonest U.S. Government statistics and the LĂźgenpresse’s best attempts. Once inflation starts really galloping away and day to day survival comes to the forefront for Whites it’s game over for GloboHomo Shopping Mall. Reparations won’t mean a damn thing when a Lb. of beef, a gallon of gasoline and a quart of milk costs $50 or more, if available. It has happened before, just look up 1923, Weimar Germany when the communists made everything go from bad to worse after WWI.

      Hyperinflation, it’s what’s for breakfast.

    • @Nightowl,
      That’s correct. If this generation receives it, the next will have to as well, and all the ones after that……….money they did nothing to earn themselves. Where will it stop? A Jeanie that must remain in the bottle. And this is on top of all the programs and welfare they’ve received for decades.
      And something else to consider:- had Africans been left in Africa, most black Americans alive today wouldn’t have been born, as most have about 10% to 25% European ancestry.
      And they’ve had the privilege of living in a developed, rather than third world country.
      America is far from perfect, but for the sake of just this argument, let’s just say it’s far better than most of Africa.

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