Recent Downtime

If you were wondering what happened to the site, it went down because I forgot to pay the bill and it was offline for two days because I am sick of paying so much per month for our current hosting plan. We’re either going to switch to a different plan or move over to Substack.

I’m currently on the fence about moving to Substack:

  • I’m kind of tired of WordPress which I have been using for the last 14 years to maintain this website. I’m open to moving to Substack because it would be a new challenge.
  • I don’t want to lose our huge archive even though it takes up so much space. There are few sites that are still around which span the entire 2010s and bridge the 2000s and 2020s.
  • I didn’t jump over to Substack because of censorship and deplatforming concerns, but after two years I am less worried about progressive activists destroying the site.
  • Pretty much everyone is using Substack these days. It is the platform of the 2020s. WordPress was the platform of the 2000s. It feels ancient like vBulletin forums.
  • Lots of people hate change though.
  • Even if I did move over to Substack, I wouldn’t paywall content because I find it so annoying on other sites that I read. I’m just interested in trying out a new platform.

At the moment, I have decided to renew the site for another month while I mull this over and make up my mind about what I want to do. I will probably end up keeping the WordPress here on a smaller plan while I explore Substack to see if that is where I want to go in the future.


    • Probably not.

      I have no idea how I ended up on the most expensive plan in the first place. I have kicked the can down the road for the past three months because I didn’t have time to deal with it.

  1. Just do both for two months and then decide. Gives people an opportunity to migrate while they get used to it. Can put “check out my Substack” at the bottom of each article in the first month, and just a link to the sub-stack in the second month.

  2. You should do podcasts and videos on Rumble or Odysee, too. And start publishing books like I’ve been bugging you for years. If the CatLady can do it, why not you? I’d pay a fee to access your content. You could offer some extras to paying subscribers like a biweekly chat on Zoom or Team, etc. Or some content could be behind a paywall. You could make this a more lucrative venture if you showed more entrepreneurship.

    • “You should do podcasts and videos on Rumble or Odysee, too.”

      He’s one human being, how much can he do !

  3. Go ahead move to it and try it. Substack works well. It is the New hip thing, so to speak. Lots of well known people using it, WordPress feels old, because it IS old

  4. “I don’t want to lose our huge archive even though it takes up so much space. ”
    Do you have your site backed to several HDs ? How big is the site, in GBs ?

    • Unz runs his own platform, as does Vox Day – who even likes to use a ‘build your own platform’ slogan. I doubt either WordPress or Substack are owned by anyone sympathetic, yet all too many continue to be blind to the reality of woke kapital and (((who))) owns nearly everything. The direct assets alone of (((Blackrock))) are at 7 trillion. (((Fink))) recently held meeting with (((Zelensky))) about investing in Jewkraine.

      HW should consider writing some books. Self-publishing is pretty simple these days.

  5. I only heard about censorship at substack within the past three months. I do most of my reading there. A couple bloggers who write on vaccines and the covid tyranny have said their posts have not appeared or posted then disappeared, but only recently. Inquiries yield no replies. So they are just wondering, is it a glitz or censorship.

    Rumors swirling that Alon/Elon Musk will be buying substack. If he does, you can forget it. You will be purged.

    The name Alon and the variant Elon are Ashkenazi names. Might be good to find out first if the homo who runs it will be selling to Alon. Yeah, but right now substack is the best thing going.

  6. I wonder if a move to Substack will improve the quality of the comment discussions, or if we’ll still have to wade through schizoposts about Irishmen and the Moshiach.

    • I doubt anything will change. For all his good qualities, Hunter has always been an absolute shit-tier moderator. Say what you want about Greg Johnson, but he runs a tight ship. Hunter is just pathetic when it comes to moderating. Remember a few months ago Hunter talked (yet again) about cleaning up the comments? So what changed? Absolutely nothing. You have to figure that nothing ever will.

    • ” wade through schizoposts about Irishmen and the Moshiach.”

      Moshiach is the key element in judaism.
      It caused the hideous slaughters of 100,000s of gentiles in the Kitos massacres.

  7. Just took a look at Epik com web hosting, those are the people who rescued Gab from oblivion and this site is far tamer than a lot of Gab

    162 a year for 1 terabyte monthly bandwidth to 378 a year for 4 terabytes

    Would hesitate on substack, it’s not so attractive, and annoys with the pop-ups, they have been temporarily hot but have a feeling that phase will pass

    Have seen on 4chan /pol/ people asked for cheap web hosting ideas for rightoid web causes and got lots of ideas and help, sorry I didn’t take notes

    • “162 a year for 1 terabyte monthly bandwidth to 378 a year for 4 terabytes”

      What sort of traffic does a website generate ?
      Graphics would be most of the load, I suspect.

  8. @Mr. Griffin..

    Sir, if you move, it may seem financially advantageous and without censorship, though a change of one policy, and or the own (one and the same, your new situation could crumble under you.

    Here you are about as unassailable as anyone could be, in this country, at this time.

    If I were you I would only leave here under great duress.

    Otherwise, let’s stay here and await the return of The Confederacy in relative comfort

  9. How about working harder at effective fund raising like Vdare and Counter Currents have done?

    We can’t give away our great content – that’s not a winning business model.

  10. How much $ is needed/month to stay here?

    Put a donation tracker on the site showing x/total has been received this month so we know how much more you need.

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