Poll Watch: Majority of Republican Voters OPPOSE MLK Day

As I have been trying to explain for two years now, we have gone mainstream. We’ve moved out of the edgy vanguard stage as a number of our old ideas – the Great Replacement, National Divorce, White Christian Nationalism, opposing anti-Whiteism, opposing continuing to fund the stupid war in Ukraine, abolishing the FBI – have reached a new threshold of support since the George Floyd riots.

We need to get rid of MLK Day. We need to get rid of Juneteenth. We need to get rid of PRIDE Month. We need to get of “Happy Holidays.” We need to get rid of the whole stupid woke calendar and all of these fake multicultural holidays and progressive heroes. We need to celebrate White Christian heroes like, say, Robert E. Lee and Andrew Jackson and Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter.


    • I didn’t used to believe people when they said the United States was a Racist country, but now I think I do after reading this blog.

  1. We don’t do negro worship in Canada as much, here it’s more about ‘indigenous’ (native) worship, makes me sick.

    • @Karl,
      Every white country must have a minority victim group to sob over. Some countries even have several. In the meantime, most non white victims of crime or murder, are victims of other non whites.

  2. Just because the voters get it that doesn’t mean that the Grand Old Politburo cares or works for them.
    One good thing about the Latino peoples is they laugh out loud at any kind of guilt over da ebil slabery.

    • No one ever points out that 85% of the slaves from Africa were sent to Brazil and the Caribbean, the remaining 15% went to some of the American colonies.

  3. MLK day is just another opportunity to instill more White guilt and to stir up more Anti-White hatred.

  4. MLK: Muggers, Looters, Killers Day is almost over. What are the crime stats for today? Early returns? Did 2023 break any all time records? How many victims were White?

    Good thing that it comes in the dead of winter in the northern hemisphere…

  5. Martin Luther King day does not make a difference to me, one way or the other.

    Blacks deserve their heroes, no matter what we think of those picks.

    That said, I am put off about how they chose to plug it in the very place where Southern heroes (R.E. Lee & Stonewall Jackson) used to be, and, what with all the attempts to destroy our statues and monuments, I am feeling less charitable.

    To me the destruction of South Africa, the establishment of MLK day is just a continuance of the campaign the New Englanders launched in 1865, though, unfortunately, we do not have the fortitude of our Confederate forefathers to put a lid on it.

    I remember skipping school. long ago, and spending my time on the Oakwood cemetery of Raleigh, or the governor’s mansion’s lawn feeding the pigeons, I happily by the monuments of our brave fallen grey.

    That there would ever be a day when they would be reviled and we would be reviled for not reviling them, I could not imagine.

    Living in this country in 2023 is like one of those bad sci-fi novels I used to chide my wife for reading, decades ago.

  6. Mad Dog Musings 16Jan 2023 — Hey ZOGling whigger ass-clowns , Itz Nigger Looter Kang Whelping Day-360p


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    Pastor Martin “Mad Dog” Lindstedt
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    • @Pastor Lindstedt…

      “Eventually ZOG will run out of whiggers who will put up with this shit…”

      I do not know how you do it, Pastor, but, in spite of the endless stream of negative verbiage you put up, you have maintained the optimism of your youth.

  7. Who is this immature faggot Kylie Cucklinski? And is it really true that 39% of Republicans support MLK day, which is just another three day weekend off with pay for ZOG bureaucrats and bankers?

    • 25% support boots on the ground in Ukraine.

      30% don’t believe in the Great Replacement

      For the last two years, this 2/3rds breakdown has shown up in lots of polls

  8. Isn’t it true that the FBI still hasn’t released any of its files on King, a man they claim to be one of the greatest Americans who ever lived?

    • As you probably guess, Dear Spahn, it is not for the sake of Dr. King that the FBI does not release his file on him, but, for the sake of preventing the kind of black eye they would receive, IF … Liberal Whites and Negroes saw how the FBI was spying on the civil rights leader in his cornflakes.and eavesdropping on his chamberpot

      Why, releasing such would set off a firestorm of conditioned righteous indignation they, the Bureau, never see the end of.

  9. Don’t forget to ramp up Columbus Day as well. I work with some products of the Chicago public school system and they get their heads filled up with anti Columbus propaganda there. They all have this vitriol against the man that must come from the curricula, a way of attacking white achievement.

  10. “We need to get rid of MLK Day. We need to get rid of Juneteenth. We need to get rid of PRIDE Month. We need to get of “Happy Holidays.””

    If you vote for ANY Republican then you are voting for all of the above.

  11. “We need to celebrate White Christian heroes like, say, Robert E. Lee and Andrew Jackson and Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter.”

    Robert E. Lee is not a “White Christian” hero, Mr. W. He’s a hero of Southern Nationalists, neo-Confederates, or whatever might be the term you prefer. Your effort to make the Confederates’ warriors into “white” heroes is offensive. On a side note, it also complicates pro-white politics, in that it continues the South’s two-centuries-old conflating of pro-white with pro-slavery. Every pro-white is well-advised to eschew entanglement with Southern Nationalism.

    Maybe you will believe that it does not please me to have to make this point, which I have made many a time here, at Occidental Dissent. You personally, a Southern Nationalist, and several other Southerners here are good to me and are persons of whom I’m fond and whose views on many subjects I share, as I think you know.

    If I myself were in search of a “white” hero of the antebellum, well, it would, in the first place, not be a military figure, since military virtues are not within my range of appreciation. What is more important is that it would not be a Confederate figure, military or otherwise, as you know. It might be, say, William Lloyd Garrison, but I’d be surprised if you or any other Southern Nationalist were to embrace him as a “white Christian” hero.

    This is a divide that can not be bridged. You will recall that I more-or-less stated as much here, at Occidental Dissent, in the period leading up to the ill-fated Unite the Right rally. I pointed out that any non-Southerner who were to attend that rally would, in effect, be endorsing slavery. That the rally turned out to be a Southern-fried fiasco shouldn’t have surprised me, but that fact has nothing to do with the matter either way.

    • Hey, John!

      Look, what you are is a Northeastern/Yankee Nationalist.

      Of course, being that, one of your traits is that you do not call it that, but, instead, by some name that, more innocuous, that would seem to include us all.

      Of course, in this unified vision of this land, that y’all feel that y’all have, y’all, and y’all’s ideas, are always at the top, because, in y’alls’ minds, y’all are the only ones fit for command, because, being consistent in this, y’all think y’all are the only ones who have ever been bright enough to comprehend what this nation ever was about.

      And, of course, y’all are certainly entitled to that, as no man should tell another man how he ought think, or so most of us down here, in Dixie, tend to think.

      In y’all’s defense, y’all have had some success with all this, particularly in a century when most of us, down here, seemed unable to fathom that we were reading and listening to a controlled press that, advancing y’all’s ideas, y’all so desperately wanted us to buy in to.

      Well, maybe this will continue to be, or maybe not.

      One thing is very clear to many of us down here : if we continue to buy into y’all’s idea of a country, it will continue to become even more of something that, already, many of us dunderheads down here, are having a hard time recognizing.

      That’s really the long and the short of it.

      As always, your mama is in our prayers, as is you happiness and welfare!

    • The whites in early Virginia who purchased black slaves from (((Portuguese))) slave-traders were much like the Chamber of Commerce cucks of today who basically want endless cheap labor. Slaves were an expense, but less expensive than even indentured whites (who were typically treated far worse). They had to be fed, housed and basic medical care provided to keep them working but the housing and food was produced by the slaves themselves. Like the CoC cucks, may of these 17th century ‘entrepreneurs’ were already in debt to the (((usual suspects))), who were operating out of Amsterdam until they landed in England in the wake of the 1688 ‘glorious revolution’ which enabled the establishment of the (((Bank of England))) shortly thereafter.

      There was nothing uniquely evil about slavery and the issue was much more complicated than the cartoon narratives from the likes of (((Howard Zinn))). The number of blacks sent to Brazil’s northeast dwarfed the number sent to North America, yet all of Latin America managed to outlaw the practice without a devastating civil war. Even Brazil (not known as a paragon of non-violence) managed to abolish it by 1888. Nevertheless, as Vox Day has noted: Pick your own damned cotton.

      Lee and Grant were oddly parallel vis-a-vis the slavery issue. Grant came from an abolitionist family but was personally ambivalent but ended up marrying the daughter of a Missouri plantation owner and thus owned slaves – resulting in estrangement from his father and siblings. Lee, who inherited a few slaves from his mother, was far more interested in his military career (a fairly distinguished one) but likewise was married to the daughter of a plantation owner and ambivalent about the issue. Neither had much to do with the management of the slaves they owned (with Lee having more management as executor of his father-in-law’s will which included nearly 200 slaves), and were glad to free those remaining when the war was over. Some of Grant’s slaves (really his wife’s) stayed on as personal paid servants as I recall. Lee was essentially pro-white but not very fond of the ‘peculiar institution’.

  12. To be honest, Ivan, I think what I am is a racist who thinks slavery was objectionable.

    Pro-white, anti-slavery. Call me Hinton Helper.

    • Fair enough, Dear John.

      I think I am like you, for, too, believe that race is an undeniable part of the human experience, like it or not.

      As to slavery, I do not know. We have always had it.
      I think like every other system, it comes down to the individual slave and master, whether that was a good or bad thing.

      The Bilble talks about that a lot.

      That said, what I object to is the Slave Empire we live in, you know, that America which calls its slave system ‘Free Trade’ and it’s slaves, ‘Illegals’ or ‘Migrant Labor’.

      This is why I think Southern Slavery was superior – because it was not two-faced, and because the consumer of the slavery, the master and mistress, were confronted with their slave every day, and forced to take care of that person, because if they did not, they, too suffered.

      The current Jew England Yankee system has no such mortal qualities, which is why Southerners took exception with Yankee complaints about our system, way back when..

      Thank you for your thoughtful reply.

      The very best to you on this day!

      • Thanks in return, Ivan, for your reply; and thanks, too, for your warm words about my late mother and me. You know, I think, that I always have warm wishes for everyone at your end.

        • Thank you, Dear John, for your warmth, intelligence and civility.

          It’s always a pleasure to exchange with you – no matter what happens!

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