Tucker Carlson: Sheila Jackson Lee’s War On White People

This whole chain of events was set in motion by the National Conservative website.

Note: This bill isn’t going anywhere (she introduced it in the last Congress), but we are using it to raise awareness about antiwhiteism.


  1. Thank you Sheila Jackson Lee, you get the ‘White Advocate of the Year Award’ for your harebrained, anti-White legislation scheme. Sheila is like Hunter’s herpes; the gift that keeps on giving. Give her the megaphone, let her have the stage 24/7.

  2. If it is so racist then how did she get where she is and enjoy a high standard of living?
    The same for Oprah, Obama, insert any athlete, entertainer, record company mogul, business ceo, sportsball coach and more.

    • Bingo. For a negress who stood up to the great Schlomo-shlong, see Cynthia ‘Jihad’ McKinney. I note that Murika’s most famous Nazi has now been married off to some white ho no doubt in the employ of da Kosher Nosetra.

  3. Just think, how our nation, civilization, is being pulled backwards by these chimp antics. If instead of this she ape we had some WHITE guy in her place, advocating scholarships for all bright young WHITES, national high speed fiber, e-learning systems for home schooling, etc., how we could be advancing.


    For those who are not sure about why there is a Sheila Jacskon Lee, and who is supporting it, we need only go back to a movie from a century ago.

    Not long after a Tarheel preacher’s novel, ‘The Klansman’, became a national best seller, Kentucky born and son of a Confederate officer director D.W. Griffith bought the rights to the book and made the film he titled, ”The Birth of A Nation’.

    In it, he tells the story that White Northeasterners did not want anyone to hear – how they designed the US government to deal with White Southerners, when we had no representation.

    The film was an unheard of sensation and launched the careers of those Jewish nickelodeon owners who would become the establishing moguls of Hollywood – from Jesse Lasky and Carl Laemmle to Louis B. Meyer.

    Though the film is derided by those fans of The Jew England Yankee US government today, at the time Americans recognized it for what it was – a dramatization of history – not what many in the northeast would like you to think, but, the reality of the policies they adopted.

    For his success, and his willingness to expose the Northeastern Power Elite, D.W. Griffith would be saluted by many and many events, not the least of which he would be invited to The Oval Office, where Woodrow Wilson had him in to sip bourbon and talk turkey.

      • Thank you, Dear Arrian, for your kind words!

        Please take no offence, but, I do think a multi-ethnic society can work, as we have always been that.

        Moreover, minus the insanity of the early Soviet period, Russia has always worked , and it has scores and scores of ethnicities – and, I believe, over 200 tongues

        It’s current chief-of-staff is a Buryat-Siberian, (Shoigu) who is a patriot of the Russian empire, as is Kadyrov of the Chechens, while most of the other generals are White-Russians

        As to other races, there are Kalmyks, Tatars, Cossacks, Ingussetians, Mongols, and on and on it goes.

        That said, somebody, or some ethos, has got to be in charge, and in Russia that is the White Russian ethos – Autocracy, Orthodoxy, Criminal Elements and a Wild West style of economy.

        So, that’s how I feel about things here – we are a European Nation with minorities.

        Our ethos is Christianity, a constitutionally limited government, and our own kind of capitalism.

        Problem is : there is too much Jewish power, too much White insanity, and too much individual corruption.

        If something of that does not change soon, this nation will be resected.

        Again thank you for thinking about my comment and replying!

    • That’s my favorite scene from BoaN. And that’s exactly what Congress has turned into, a minstrel farce. DW Griffith did get a lot of flak for making that film though. So he released a pretentious and overambitious film called Intolerance shortly afterwards in attempt to mollify his critics.

      • Thank you, Dear Spahn, for chiming in.

        Fantastic that you also know about ‘Intolerance’.

        Yes, it did not quite work, but, Lilian Gish said that, in the face of resistance from his promoters, Griffith did what he had not done with Birth of a Nation and he cut the final copy it too much.

        Personally, I think Griffith was trying to make a cinematic War & Peace, and though it moved well, it was just a bit too much.

        One thing that Leftists do not get about this caricatured scene – they being so material/superficially minded, and that is this : the meaning of this scene is not about Negroes, per se. No the many Negroes whom The New Englanders put in charge of The South were Southern Free Men whose education level was higher than many Whites and whose general work ethos was good.

        No, the symbol of this scene is that the New England Society had done a regime change operation on The South, and then, as they would do so many times in the coming 20th century – they would put a minority in charge of a majority, so as to advance their own hegemony over their conquest.

        The South was the first big regime-change operation for the New England Yankee United States Government and, sadly, it did not auger well for the world.

        This scene bespeaks of what Barack Obama, Victoria Nuland, and Anthony Blinken, would do in the Ukraine, (Putting the Galicians in charge of Russo-Ukraine) starting in 2014, though their operation there is crashing down as we speak.

        So, back to this scene – it is emblematic and it will live throughout history, because of it’s deeper truths.

        All the best to you, up yonder!

  5. I suggest making this negress the speaker of the Yankee house!

    Everytime she open her cake-hole the spreading of our propaganda and cause reach a new level

  6. “Note: This bill isn’t going anywhere (she introduced it in the last Congress), but we are using it to raise awareness about antiwhiteism.”

    No quarter should be given. Principled conservative faggotry is why we are in the position we are. I’m in favor of all pearlclutching concern trolls that raise the need for White Advocacy.

    Every tool should be used to hamper their efforts at entrenching speech codes and to raise people’s awareness that they are trying.

    After the Covid fiasco, its fresh in peoples minds and we must strike while the iron is hot.

    Spread the memes.

    Raise the red flag.

  7. ESG and Blackrock’s involvement in it should be a cause of immediate concern. Its a long term scheme to undermine traditional economic strongholds of heritage Whitey. Energy, Meat, agriculture and natural resource jobs across the South, West, Midwest and Texas are jeopardized.

  8. I remember reading where Southern whites said the Civil Rights Act of 1964 wasn’t going anywhere. Or a lot of other stuff no one bats an eye at anymore.

    • Pretty much the entire South voted against it.

      It passed solely because there was overwhelming bipartisan support it in the rest of the country.

      • And yet most of the rest of the country, particularly in those days, was Lily White.

        If our granddaddies had been in full possession of their balls, they would have left this blighted thing they call ‘a union’.

        That said, whatever criticism we might throw their way – we have even less balls today.

      • “It passed solely because …..”

        The majority of WHITES are race-stupid and disloyal.

        “Ain’t happenin to me, so i don’t care.”

      • I think that Barry Goldwater, a half-Jewish Senator from Arizona who had converted to Christianity, was the only Senator outside the Deep South who voted against the Civil Rights Act is quite ironic. I think that Gore from Tennessee (Al’s daddy) might have voted for it. But I will stand corrected.

        • I wrote out a post which I kept in draft mode on the votes of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Immigration Act of 1965, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Fair Housing Act of 1968.

          • Do you have a link for that post, Brad? Not doubting your statistics. If not, I guess we could look it up on wikipedia.

          • I didn’t publish it because I got tired of arguing in circles with people who aren’t interested in history and who have no grasp of public opinion or any inclination to familiarize themselves with what White people actually think about these issues

      • “It passed solely because there was overwhelming bipartisan support it in the rest of the country.”

        The reasons to leave this sinking stinking ship keep piling up as the years pass!

  9. The coverage of this event by Tucker Carlson to a very wide audience is an important event. It’s very gratifying.

  10. If you weren’t a Y supweemist before listening to this woman, you sure as hell will be after. She purports to be against racism while doing everything possible to create it.
    They’re truly doing our work for us. We don’t need to say or do a thing.

    • “If you weren’t a Y supweemist before listening to this woman, you sure as hell will be after. ”

      You give ppl too much credit, they aren’t that intelligent.
      They will rationalize it away with some dismissive, “oh, she is just one, all the rest are good”.

      • Yep…most of them brush this aside and can’t wait to kick back with some liquid estrogen and worship their black sportsball heroes on Sunday afternoon.

    • Sheila Jackson Lee wouldn’t be in Congress were it not for the Voting Rights Act. Guess who supported that?

      • “the Voting Rights Act. Guess who supported that?”

        We are in an insidious chess game, where we are gradually being worked into a corner trap. Move by move, we are being constricted in our choices and freedom of action.

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