World Economic Forum: Americans Will Soon Have Hate Speech Laws

Little Brian has resurfaced at the World Economic Forum to discuss the impending arrival of European Union-style “hate speech” laws in the United States to criminalize “disinformation.”

UPDATE: Infowars covered this earlier today.


    • Who the Hell is this Seth Moulton guy, bitching because “his” constituents won’t get the clot shot? It’s not his job to take care of “his” constituents’ health anyway, it’s their job. They decided, correctly it turns out that the mRNA Pfizer and Moderna shots are killing people. Those shots are not vaccines BTW, they are experimental therapies designed to make money for big pharma, not prevent disease.

      How much bribery (AKA “campaign donations”) money did this Seth Moulton scumbag get from big pharma? Inquiring minds want to know.

      • “Hate speech” is any speech the regime hates. “Disinformation” is any information that contradicts the regime’s narrative.

      • @Arrian….

        Yes, Arrian, the footprint is inescapable for all but the willingly blind, and those numbers, I am afraid, are quite formidable.

  1. They ever try this then we need to arm up and as they say for the UN in New York. ALL OPTIONS INCLUDING THE UNTHINKABLE FOR THE ELITES IS ON THE TABLE.

  2. “Globalist elites are conspiring to end the First Amendment in America”

    Clearly they have to try, because they have lost control of the narrative.

    This is their reaction to a long line of things that range from Trump having been elected to Elon Musk taking over Twitter.

    In this I am not pessimistic. I do not think that they will succeed

    Yes, they will try, but, no, they will be flummoxed by the divided Confederate/Federalist form of system that our Founding Fathers installed over here.

    Even with as much deterioration as this system has taken, it still remains intact, and will remain intact.

    As Dr. Janos Drabik, Hungary’s academic specialist on The Jew England Yankee World Order, has said : ‘They’re slipping – you can feel it.’

  3. Yes, any attempt to do this, will be resisted overwhelmingly. A nation of 300+million people, whose first, and most important right, is free speech, will just ignore any such law. Nobody outside of a few blue cities would even dare try to enforce such a thing

    • Sure you won’t, like the people who said the election was rigged and did the Jan. 6. but now say they are sorry to have said and done such things. LikeTucker and Hannity who now have no problem with calling a man a woman! Sure, sure, sure; you “constituionalists” are full of it, Sooner or later you accept every woke policy they dish out! The only thing you’re principled about is going off to drop bombs on backward Muslims men,women and kids and whining if they don’t call you a hero for it..

  4. Uncanny. Just reading about comrade commissar Kemp (CCP) of Georgia getting a pat on the head from his fellow travelers in Davos for not securing elections.
    The burn it all down better not so Great Reset doesn’t include whitey.
    Please plan and act accordingly.

  5. “Little Brian has resurfaced at the World Economic Forum to discuss ”

    Jwzish privilege, there’s always a fallback safety net for the chosen.

  6. The truth is no one fears and hates open debate and democracy more than the oligarchs at Davos.
    They are autocrats, authoritarians and what’s worse?
    Hypocrites, the very things they accuse their opposition of being.
    The CCP is their admitted model for the world.

    The potato’s show couldn’t compete in a free market place of ideas, that’s just a fact any way you slice it.
    Now he wants to rig the debate in his favor, he’s a loser.

  7. Update-Lexicon,

    The New System has taken the place of the Great Reset.
    It is listed multiple times at the WEF web page.


  8. Sheila was not invited to Davos.


    But China hating Irishmen Mike Gallagher sure was. The globalist, one worlder, Moshiach lovers have got big plans for Mike.

    You just can not have Sheila Jackson-Lee using the same public restrooms as these uppity aristocractic types. Can you image the look on Hilde Schwabs face if she had to use the same bathroom as Sheila Jackson-Lee?

  9. There are a mere few thousand of these unelected, unaccountable Davos “Masters of the Universe” – these private jet billionaire globalist SCUM who fully intend to rule us all as their serfs. They & their whores like these smirking panelists need to be “corrected” in the Shining sense if they manage to render the 1st Amendment a dead letter.

    • I’m afraid Davos is a welcome distraction or last holdout of hopium in so far as it suggests that there has to be a conspiring, shadowy cabal of ultra powerful billionaires who are forced to conspire against the will and well being of the people. Ultra powerful and demonicly evil, but also far removed and far away. When Davos itself is a glorified Ted talk, the entire Western establishment and journo-political class actually thinks alike and its really just Congress, Bundestag or European Commission. Those are the people who directly screw you over, but Klaus Schwab is a welcome Bond Villain figure onto which everyone can sketch their own theory of conspiracy from ZOG to 21st century fascism, or secret transhumanist and eugenicist German Nazi cabals and world depopulation. The Schwabster even has the German accent and wears funny dresses! Not unlike Joseph Ratzinger/Pope Benedict and the Catholic Church.

      It gives you the illusion that the person trampling on your rights and future doesn’t actually sit in your own government and state apparatus. That, and because it’s more glamorous than the banality of our common shitty situation, is, why it’s so popular. Much like Q, because if there is a movie super villain like the Schwabster, or andrenochrome consuming demonic pedo-elites worshipping Satan, there HAS TO be a super hero also coming for your rescue. Whether it’s Blumpf, Hitler, Yedolf, the white hats or Captain America and Superman. What’s interesting here is how Q’s obsession with demonic pedo-elites has also kind of washed away the memory of the actual Epstein case which was an incredible flex by the deep state, don’t you think?

      • There is no secret conspiracy, just organized kikery, billionaires, and their Cultural Marxist race traitor whores in politics & media. They all gleefully rub their plans right in our powerless faces every damn day, sure they they’ll never face any consequences for their usurpation.

        Time will tell.

  10. If a suitable thermobaric weapon were landed on Davos just think of how beneficial it would be for the planet. That would be the best way to go green. All those private jets would go up in a big cloud of very hot air. Here the World Evil Forum is under way and Soros and Schwab stay away.

  11. I’m studying Dr Gundry’s The Longevity Paradox,

    The WEF is not any where near elite as given that title of people or creatures attending it in Switzerland.

    They are no where near the possibility of total anti aging,

    If so most would have full hair no baldness and 15 present body fat!

    Seriously folks get healthy and fit!


  12. Also an addendum to the conflict between white nationalism, white empire and (white) regionalism: Essentially a primary refutation of a (just) white superstate is not only the USA but also the dreadful European Union – “USA 2.0, now in pathetic! Minus all the good aspects and with all the bad!” Whether you like to admit it or not, the overwhelming majority of the politicians, bureaucrats, journalists speaking for and intellectuals backing it are white Europeans. It’s still largely a white people club – Turkey, for example, was rejected. If the argument is “now, it would be good, if it were right-wing/conservative/reactionary”: well, unfortunately the dominant ideology of a great many white Europeans IS liberalism.

    Being white is not enough. Common language, common traditions, common culture and way of life, ideally common religion are also very important. By their very nature, they CAN only be regional. If you want to universalize them, you have to be either an imperialist, which Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin and the British Empire all ultimately failed at and even Rome died. Or you reduce your identity to a vague form of liberalism, humanistic universalism, “our values”, human rights, a common market and the inter-changeability of languages, cultures, religions and traditions, finally peoples. Nothing can be normative, except the non-normative. Add to it a good splash of Herbert Marcusian repressive tolerance and Habermas all-too-hegemonic “non-hegemonic discourse” and you have arrived at the real existing European Union. We have arrived here, precisely because the West wanted to unite, at that time overwhelmingly and even now majority white. Ultimately, you should be thankful that they are nuts enough to advocate for trans-toddlers and ask you to go kill Russians for open borders, feminism and abortion. If they didn’t, maybe all-too many of us “reactionaries” would walk gently into that good night.

    The problem of white nationalism is not that it’s immoral, but that it’s a stunted universalism, stuck between race and species. It’s not attractive to discard most of your own identity in favor of one universalistic quality: your belonging to the white race. Especially when the alternative is the more fundamental universalism: you belonging to the human species. And that is why the liberal European Union is today dominant and intended to be a precursor to the unification of all of humanity in a global super-state as for example Habermas had said. It’s real challenger remain nationalism, particularism, sometimes but not necessarily illiberalism and authoritarianism. Hungarian nationalism, Southern Nationalism, German nationalism and so on. So, if you advocate for the unity of the white race one too many times, you may find yourself one day soy-facing over the EU and pretending a French Rothschild banker is the second coming of Napoleon. Like a certain someone and his metro-sexual fan-club. . .

    And sadly Germany is a perfect example of how your own first enemies can cluster genetically with you. If in East Germany every second adult male, and in many regions even more, votes for the AfD, but not even five percent of West-German women, who instead would secure a permanent red-red-green eco-communist majority, and if “your own women” are Bomber Harris fan girls, then is THIS “your people”?:

    Hm…let me think about it. NO.

    • “West-German women, who instead would secure a permanent red-red-green eco-communist majority, and if “your own women” are Bomber Harris fan girls”

      Women are fiction addicts.
      They are fatally gullible.

    • @Arminius….

      “Being white is not enough. Common language, common traditions, common culture and way of life, ideally common religion are also very important. ”

      Yes, and a common language is far more important than most will realize.

  13. The 20th century saw the Globalists consolidate power. The 21st century is seeing their power challenged.

    • More of the same

      Let s put together a real hard copy Zone Samizat – like the resistance newsletter of the early 90s

      I like something similar to the Black hundred 100 years ago in my Grandfather’s Russia

      Maybe a Black Red and White hundred who will commit to distributing 1,000 pieces of up to date Flier propaganda each month

      We ll vet and work extra hard to protect privacy . It will be voluntary non membership but co ordinated

  14. Here’s an interesting theory posted that somewhat ties into your observation. As VD notes, it will be interesting to follow events to see how it shakes out. Both Soros and Schwab didn’t appear at the World Evil Forum – at least not on opening day. Soros in particular used to work for real Nazis so another flip would be easy for him.

  15. Hunter I would like to tell you about a back up for occidental dissent. Invisible Internet Project, (I2P). There’s an encrypted network that’s been around for over 20 years. They’ve worked n this the whole time. It’s fairly fast and one of it’s great advantages is it has a built in server that you can put on your own home computer. You could place this site “except” JavaScript is out. Most people on I2P will not turn it on and block it. This cost you nothing other than what you already pay to keep your internet up. You can register a url at the project with whatever name you wish. It goes over the internet but it’s not the regular internet. Every user in it is a server, and your site would be served through encrypted hops. So you could serve it and people could read it anonymously. Now your server could be found by State actors over time, I’m fairly sure but it’s not easy. But since the address can be kept the same while changing locations, you could move it as necessary. You might want to look at this and install it. It also has a built-in BitTorrent, so it has a lot of good movies, books, music that can be anonymously downloaded. The idea being you could fool around with it and put up a basic site to see what it could do and “if” there ever comes a time they try to cut you off they would have a really hard time doing so.

    The way it works is Your computer talks to others in an encrypted manner. Tunnels are built, all encrypted, so you ask for a site and it goes through three hops or more and then the site data is asked for and then the data comes back in three more different hops. Each hop only knows about the one that sent it stuff and who it sends too. No one knows where it comes from or goes to in total. Sort of like Tor but it’s not really designed to interact with the normal internet, though it can, but to be it’s own self contained internet.

  16. Exalted Cyclops
    JANUARY 18, 2023 AT 10:09 AM
    “Both Soros and Schwab didn’t appear at the World Evil Forum – at least not on opening day. Soros in particular used to work for real Nazis so another flip would be easy for him.”

    I respond:

    That has to be the most stupid comment on OD in a long, long, long time.

    George Soros is a racial Je*, he is history’s most infamous “money changer”, he’s changed countries and speculated against national currencies as often as regular White people change their clothes.

    He uses his ill begotten money changing billions to fund cultural marxist, BLM Black criminal causes like elected DAs in American cities that basically let POC criminals get away with everything including organized mass looting.

    And you’re trying argue that he has been a White Nationalist NAZI but might soon change sides and “flip”.

    That’s really stupid.

    Say what you will about Hitler and the National Socialists that held a rather firm, non nonsense line about international Jewish bankers, financiers funding Bolshevik, Communist, Cult Marxist causes designed to destroy Western Civilization and genocide White Europeans like us.

    Really stupid comment there mate.

    It’s comments and just thinking that our worst J, homosexual cult marxists are “The real racists”, the real Fascists, the real NAZIs” – it presents the idea that our people are too stupid, or too cowardly to survive what’s happening now.

    Wow that was bad.

    • @Jaye.

      Soros and his father both collaborated with the Nazis when they occupied Hungary late in the war following their overthrow of Admiral Horthy’s regime (an ostensible ally of theirs). Horthy didn’t allow the Jews in Hungary to be deported. The Soros family fortune was built upon property looted from fellow Jews as they were deported to labor camps in Germany. That’s why he’s widely hated in Israel today. The currency shenanigans followed much later.

      That sordid history has been largely erased so now Soros is another apostle of Wokeism celebrated at places like the World Evil Forum. Elite Jews have a history of throwing non-elite Jews under the bus when things get dicey for their prospects. As for the Nazis, how many Rothschilds did the Nazis kill? I expect the number is zero. You’ll also note the considerable support for the Ukranian Nazis from Jews all over the west. Some Nazis are more equal than others, as Yedolf recently discovered. Jews also turned Marxism into a mere racket for their usual practices of looting, asset-stripping and parasitism. Stalin (a serious gangsta himself) got sick of their games and double-crossed them. Hence the Georgian thug is admired in Russia to this day.

      If there were a serious popular uprising against “liberal democracy” which to borrow Voltaire’s description of the Holy Roman Empire is neither liberal or democratic, elites like Soros and Schwab would suddenly “see the light” and become supporters of the rebel cause in order to escape the wrath they have earned so well. The general public has been dumbed down to the point where they have the memory of a gnat and will believe any lie repeated enough times.

  17. Exalted Cyclops has followed up THE most stupid OD Comment in the last 10 years, with a strong follow up – insisting that Hitler and the NAZIs were actually working with, allied with the Rothchilds and other international Jewish usury, high finance (Jacob Schiff, Max Warburg, Bernard Baruch etc).

    Do you have more trolling jems for OD today – that father Coughlin and Huey Long were both secret Jews fronting for Jewish high finance and international Jewish Communism?


    All sensible, successful European Nationalists, White Nationalists understand the JQ – they’re aren’t obsessed with it to the point that they also don’t understand the horrors of Muslim mass migrations, 9/11/01 The Muslim Moor’s conquest and occupations of Spain (700 years) Sicily and hundreds of years of Muslim Pirates taking millions of White European slaves.

    The Jews were kicked out of Spain or forced under torture to Convert to Catholic Christianity in the Inquisition (We’ve republished, updated Instauration’s classic “Spain Might have had some good reasons to expel the Js in 1492).

    “If you want to know who rules you just NOTICE who you are not allowed to criticize” French philosopher Voltaire.

    In 2023 no White American or Black entertainer “YE” is allowed to notice, criticize the Jewish media, financial elite and George Soros is one of THE Worst, is THE Worst J money changer in human history.

    John Kass the very popular, sensible political writer for the Chicago Tribune was fired, purged run out of town by the Jewish lobby for just mentioning George Soros and his political contributions, John Kass didn’t mention Soros’ Jewish ethnic heritage or mention why Soros HATES White Western European Civilization.

    Hungarian Nationalist Victor Orban now the leader of Hungary simply expelled all George Soros affiliated NGOs and banned George Soros and his evil son from ever setting foot on Hungarian soil. Hungary cities were thus safe, clean and White on New Year’s Eve, in stark contrast to German and French cities where Soros funded NGOs were inciting the Camp of the Saint alien mobs to riot, loot and sniper attack fireman.

    OK- everyone should understand who and what George Soros is and has always been – the eternal evil Jew and no George Soros was never a real NAZI, White Nationalist etc.

    So please STFU!

    Hunter can you suspend or ban this troll Exalted Cyclops or maybe suspend comments and go to a – just print the best letter to the editors policies?

    Jeees this s** gets old.

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