Brion McClanahan: Is the Weaponization of Government a Partisan Political Issue?


This is where we are at now.

100% of Democrats voted against oversight of the FBI and DOJ.

100% of Democrats have voted for the $100 billion to fund the war in Ukraine.

100% of Democrats voted to codify gay and interracial marriage into federal law.

Democrats support the vast private-public censorship apparatus and have introduced legislation in Congress to criminalize free speech as “hate speech” and “disinformation.”

Democrats are completely opposed to enforcing immigration laws.

Only Democrats support ludicrous ideas like reparations for the War on Drugs to black people.

And so on …

In the “social justice” or “racial justice” worldview, there should be different standards for different racial groups. The full power of the federal government should be used to crush “hate speech” and “white supremacy.” Some racial groups should pay taxes while others should only benefit from vast wealth transfers. Some races should be allowed to say extreme things in all institutions while others should be punished and banned from social media and discriminated against in employment. Some crimes are newsworthy and “A Story About Race In America” while others are hidden from public view.


  1. “Is the Weaponization of Government a Partisan Political Issue? ”

    Yes, when one party has so infested the government that it’s every operation seems to be an advocation of it’s point of view – instead of maintaining the constitution, or, as it were, the rules of engagement our forefathers agreed to would be the basis for our nation.

    Though I was completely inculcated in the New England Yankee way of looking at things, time has only made me too aware that I am not that, but, a Southerner. As such, I cannot escape the realization that the US Government is something making a determined effort every day to undermine me,. my family, and my community.

    Kiss it, salute it, or wax sentimental about it, if you are a Southerner, the US government is making a war on you, by every means, other than a war with gunpowder.

    As such, we are in the same bed Russia was in, until only very recently, when, after it decided it could take it no more, and it got out of bed and began to shoot back.

  2. The Knoxville two case falls into the category of being airbrushed from consciousness.

    And let’s not even go there regarding those poor little chillins stitched up by the NYPD for the Central Park rape attack.

    Yep, all those poor blacks in America, living in dread fear of the ogre of White supremacy.

  3. Don’t worry it will be turned on the true believers.
    Wasn’t it fun to see those sand nogs and towel heads get the treatment but now it isn’t so great since it is being used on legacy Americans.

  4. A true waste of time, if American citizen threatens the life of an elected official for not doing his or her job, then that person should not be thrown in jail, for people who make laws violating the 1st amendment.

    Many government officials including law enforcement need people to step up and strike them if it is in the name of justice.

  5. I don’t know if this has been widely reported, but we have yet another leftist injustice against two white first responders even more egregious than against the cops in the Floyd hoax. In Springfield Illinois (largely a ghetto) the cops were called by a 43 year old black guy’s girlfriend. He was a major alcoholic and going through serious withdrawal and was irrational and acting crazy. Evidently the two paramedics were somewhat phased by his inability to follow directions and apparent proclivity to burst into violent outbursts so pushed him face down onto the gurney, put a blanket over his back, and strapped him down to prevent him from tearing the ambulance up in transit to the hospital. Yet another crazy black in the hood, most whites would feel fairly intimated by this stuff and react the same way. Of course you know the drill, the bum died shortly after reaching the hospital and the local black rabble rousing “community organizers” demanded charges against the paramedics. The democrats running the county obliged…FIRST DEGREE MURDER CHARGES AGAINST TWO MIDDLE AGED HONORABLE WHITE PARAMEDICS!!! They are being held without bail in special custody. First Degree Murder? This is what Scott Peterson did when he plotted to bump off his wife so he could shack up with that unwed mother bimbo who taped his calls and turned him in? At most you could only argue for some low level manslaughter charges which should also be dismissed. They were simply trying to do their job in a crazy ghetto with all kinds of dysfunctional crazed negroes. You always have to give the first responders the benefit of the doubt. At most they fucked up on their job…the whole case is based on “their training was to put him on his back, therefore these devil whites plotted to lynch this innocent, saintly black by putting him on his stomach.” Of course he was fighting them and this is how he landed, plus they may have expected him to vomit and didn’t want him to choke. Most of all they wanted him secure so he didn’t wake up and tear up the ambulance en route like a grizzly bear. With this kind of injustice don’t expect any more whites to be signing up to be paramedics as well.

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