1. Though I wish Brian Stelter, and all like him, well, I am only too keenly aware that, in attempting to live in one nation with him, I, my family, and my broader community of The South, are in constant and very serious peril.

    That so, I cannot help but yearn to see an army of grey under our great banner, because, until it is so, he, and all like him, will have the power to undermine me and mine.

    Unfortunately, most of my fellow Southerners have not yet quite processed what this is.

    • “Though I wish Brian Stelter, and all like him, well”

      Only a fool would wish his mortal enemies well. Nothing good comes from being kind to someone who wishes your complete subjugation to their tyrannical and demonic worldview.
      Perhaps this is just an ill considered attempt at noblesse oblige or Christian kindness but it is remarkably inappropriate.

      Our battle for Western Civilization and what is left of The Republic isn’t just some sort of gentleman’s game to be accompanied by comity and mutual respect. Our enemies, even clownish ones like Stelter and his ilk offer us no quarter and do not recognize our humanity or our inalienable rights. This is a battle to the death, figuratively and literally, so we should act accordingly.

      • @Black Pill

        Thank you for your comment.

        If wishing to emulate George Washington and Robert E. Lee would qualify me for a fool, then I would only be to happy to accept that office.

        That said, do not mistake my civility for a lack of resolution to find against what they wish to do.

        We must beat them, and, by that, I mean, we must totally discredit their ideas in the eyes of our fellow Whites.

        It is their ideas that are the real danger, and in fighting it I will neither slcken nor be overcome by a spirit of emnity, or, if you wish, anti-Christ, as was Hitler, and many of his supporters.

      • “Only a fool would wish his mortal enemies well. Nothing good comes from being kind to someone who wishes your complete subjugation to their tyrannical and demonic worldview.”

        EXACTLY! But it’s much, much, worse. All Whites better realize that these leftists want us all dead. They didn’t hold back in 1917 and if they were to again to achieve the power they had then, they will murder all of us. They refuse to co-exist with anyone who disagrees with them. There is no intelligent discussion to be had with them because their brains are in a constant state of cognitive dissonance.

        Liberals are at war with reality. They live in a world that’s not real, a fantasy world that empowers those who would destroy order. Look at this country. It has gone from reasonable and law abiding to absolutely insane — worshiping niggers run wild — creating grotesque monuments to communist niggers that manifest liberal insanity, with psychopathic jews, women, and liberal assholes running things. They spread their craziness and degeneracy, and no sane person is allowed to question it.

        Genetic White liberals are communists who are a cancer and we can not co-exist with them. They’ve locked up honest, patriotic, people who believe in the US Constitution for years for merely demonstrating, or life sentences for self defense, while they applaud and enrich, and let loose, do-nothing niggers for robbing, murdering, raping, and looting.

        Leftists are not simply goofy or dumb. They are also extremely sadistic. They want people who disagree with them to suffer, They want to torture and murder people who disagree with them. The correct path is not to “wish them well”. The correct path is to wish them DEAD!


          The reason for that, Dear DiCarlo, is because, even though he was the greatest tank commander in history, even better than Michael Wittman, Knispel was on the Eastern Front in 1942 when he came across an SS man beating a Russian prisoner of war.

          Knispel told the SS man to stop. When the SS man would not heed him, Knispel pulled out his pistol and eventually pistol-whipped the SS man.

          When the SS man would not stop, Knispel pistol-whipped him.

          Though Knispel’s division commander went to bat for him, and his resulting penal time was short, the Nazi high command would never forgive Knispel for his gallantry towards an unknown Russian soldier.

          When Knispel’s King Tiger was blown up in the last days of the war in Czechoslovkia, he had hundreds of armoured kills to his credit, and had been a shining light of heroism for his unit.

          Unlike all the other heroes, who would have received the Knight’s cross with swords, oak leaves, and diamonds for such feats, Knispel only received the German Cross in Gold.

          Why am I telling you this?

          Because I am with Knispel.

          I will fight for my White Southern family with honour and gallantry- not with emnity and the dastardly..

  2. Oy vey. Brian Stelter along with CNN’s former Jeff Zucker might as well have been sent from Central Casting as the fat, balding, lying Je*.

    I think it is time now to “name the J” in an honest responsible way.

    But, we need good, up to date propaganda, not recycled propaganda from the 1930s.

    Propaganda is both and art and a science.

    Always remember “The Truth is the best propaganda”.

  3. Mr. Potato Head is one of the FEW (WEF), who knew.
    Why don’t these “enlightened beings” whisk away on the mothership with Heinz Odo Kerry.
    Don’t worry about external enemies, they have an internal fifth column to burn it all down better.

  4. Bottom scratching is good news. Enemy running out of quality manpower and must rely on second rank reserve like Hitler with his Volkssturm.

    In other news, enemy emptying its strategic pre positioned reserves and not somewhere in the wasteland but in most holiest place on earth.

    “””….US quietly shipping ammo to Ukraine from massive stockpile in Israel — report
    The US military is quietly shipping hundreds of thousands of artillery shells to Ukraine from a massive stockpile in Israel, according to a Tuesday report. The ammunition supply is located in Israel for the US military to use in regional conflicts…..”””


  5. I know the Times, the Post, CNN and the rest of the junk news media operate at a loss so that the corporate elites can promote their shitty “woke” agenda. But that’s not a sustainable business model. For example CNN can no longer afford that big office building on Sunset in Hollywood which served as its Los Angeles bureau for many years, so now they’re moving into a smaller, nondescript studio in Burbank.

    By the bye, have any of those Masters of the Universe become ill as a result of taking the clot-shot?

  6. O/T-Evil greasy Bolshevik enemedia slime is on a two minutes hate against kosher sucker MTG and the Grand Old Politburo turdburglar in NY who faked his whole resume in an epic troll.
    They also showed some J6 who “targeted democrats” as I was fixing some go-go juice or coffee.
    Stay safe out there, the Bolshevik Revolution 2.0 is about to go into Red Terror mode.

  7. I don’t follow Mark Dice much but when he does the Brian Stelter voice I can’t help but laugh. So the stupidest man in media has a gig at Harvard now. I guess being a fat, creepy Jew liar is the only qualification that matters these days at Ivy League schools.

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