Counter-Currents: On the Christian Question

A quick glance at American politics and public opinion on White identity should be sufficient to answer the “Christian Question” which says more about those who keep asking it.


“Does Christianity help or hinder, in the words of Sam Francis, “the efforts of the Right to defend the European-American way of life”? According to Giles Corey, that is the Christian Question (p. 2), and The Sword of Christ is his attempt to defend Christianity as not merely compatible with, but essential to, white European civilization. In his statement of “Mission,” Corey makes clear that he is writing for two audiences …

As suggested in this passage, a key part of Corey’s strategy is to distinguish between true and false Christianity, and to claim that only the latter is at odds with white interests. Whether or not he succeeds in proving his case, anyone concerned about the relationship between Christianity and the ethnonationalist Right will find much of interest in this book. …”

Over 80% of Trump voters are White Christians.

Over 3/4ths of the American Right are Christians and the “Far Right” is overwhelmingly Christian and specifically tends to be more evangelical and Protestant.

If you look at rightwing voters who are secular, irreligious, agnostic or atheist (15% to 20% of Republican voters), they are people who are much more likely to have liberal and moderate politics than other conservatives. Religious intensity makes Americans more rightwing. College degrees makes Americans more leftwing. Living in a rural area makes Americans more rightwing. Living in a dense urban coastal city makes Americans more leftwing. Christianity is strongly correlated with social conservatism.

White evangelical Protestants who live in the South are the rightwing pole in American politics. White libtard atheists who live in the East and West Coast are the leftwing pole in American politics. Thus, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Arkansas votes one way and Massachusetts votes the other way. The most rightwing states are all the places where White evangelical Protestants live and the most leftwing states – places like Vermont, Oregon and Massachusetts – are the most atheist states.

Does Christianity help or hinder “the efforts of the Right to defend the European-American way of life”?

Most people who oppose Third World immigration, who want to deport illegal aliens, who oppose miscegenation, who oppose the MLK federal holiday, who oppose the Great Replacement, who are concerned about anti-White discrimination and who have the warmest feelings toward other Whites are very conservative voters. Those people fall along the familiar spectrum with White evangelical Protestants at one end and White atheists at the other end. Sure, there are woke evangelical elites who adopt African children and preen about racism or people who are Christian Zionists who support Israel, but those people are the exception to the rule. Being a White evangelical Protestant is still strongly correlated with wanting to “defend the European-American way of life” and having the most extreme rightwing politics. This has been the case throughout all of American history and remains true in the present day.

As I have explained several times before, the question makes sense when you realize that secular, irreligious and atheist Whites are overrepresented among White Nationalists, but White people who are secular, irreligious or atheists skew hard to the progressive Left. 95% of atheists might support homosexuality in Pew surveys, but 5% do not. It is this swath of the secular White population, which clashes with the Right because of Christianity, but which doesn’t fit into the Left due its racial views that is always raising the “Christian Question.” They are really outliers among the secular White population who adopt a racial identity instead of going the more typical route into selfish individualism.

The question ought to be … why does being secular or irreligious or agnostic or atheist incline White people who have rejected Christianity to support groups like Antifa and BLM and to support liberalism and progressive politics more generally? How can those people be persuaded to reject liberalism and Wokeism and embrace even milquetoast rightwing politics? It isn’t the politics of people who live in Arkansas and Tennessee who are an anchor who are dragging down the entire country.

If only Christians were allowed to vote in the United States, American politics would shift dramatically to the Right because the Far Left would be politically wiped out. If only White evangelical Protestants were allowed to vote, the country would shift as far as it could go to the Right because only 18% of this group are libtards. If only White atheists were allowed to vote, however, the country would shift hard to the Left because 95% of the electorate would be libtards. Transgenderism would be imposed on every state. There would be draconian hate speech laws. Guns would be confiscated.

Note: Sam Francis was writing from the perspective of the 1990s before the woke Millennial Left became a major factor in American politics.


  1. HW, everything you write is accurate, however Christian theology has its fatal flaws, “the brotherhood of mankind”.

    • @Arrian…

      Well, yes,. Dear Arrian, and if you think carefully about the true nature of siblingry, then I think you can see that claim for what it is, most especially when people misuse it!

      To be clear, Christendom has been a tremendous boon for The West, as before it we were an unblessed backwater, but, there remains the fact that Secular Jews have so much power in this society they have been able to twist our faith mostly to their own interests.

      No accident, for the plot to do so goes right back to Felix Untermeyer, and the Gentile scapegrace he sought out to the Gentile American Christian mind – John Scopes, and the ensuing bible that bore his name, and which paved the way for White American Gentiles to stop thinking of Christ as the real Israel, but, instead, the soon to be claimed Palestinian lands.

      In conclusion I would say this to you – there is not system of faith that can withstand such determined attempts to subvert it.

      Yes, if American Gentiles had been fully Dark AGe pagan in 1899, then you can be sure that Organized Jewry would have rerouted their minds in all the ways it has Christianity.

      Therefore, it is not feasiible to blame the house for having been broken into.

    • Arrian, you’re not talking about Christianity, but PROTESTAN-SCHISM.

      “Does Christianity help or hinder “the efforts of the Right to defend the European-American way of life”?”

      HW, you cannot answer this question, until you phrase it correctly.

      “Does Orthodox Christianity help or hinder “the efforts of the Right to defend the European-American way of life”?

      Because therein lies all the problems.
      As I’ve said over the course of a decade, here and on other social media websites, THE TYPE of [sic] Christianity is what is the problem, NOT Christianity, itself.

      1) Non-liturgical, non-sacramental, non-Creedal Christianity is not even Christianity, IF YOU GO BY THE FORMULARIES extant at the time of the nation’s founding. How can it be? You have a group of schismatics and/or heretics presuming to be ‘of the vine’ and yet, are in actuality, ‘severed from it.’ Any Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Anglo-Catholic, and even some ‘high Church Lutherans’ would be in full agreement with the basic premise I’m iterating here. And we have both numerical superiority, and Chronological continuity on our side.

      2) Even if the cultic group under discussion is what most would consider ‘orthodox’ (say, the Methodists, for example- with bishops; (of a sort) liturgy; (of a sort) and sacraments; (of a sort) YET THEIR PELAGIAN tendencies, and the overt REBELLION of the Wesley brothers at the outset [ I Sam. 15:23] are in full conflict with the Conciliar decisions about Grace, Salvation, the Church, and eternal Life! Add to that, the continuing splits, schisms, and defections, and you have Wesleyans, Nazarenes, Holiness, Finneyite, and Unitarian LGBTQ factions, just in one of the ‘largest’ denominations in the USA.

      3) If you draw the line at that simple triad of Orthodoxy (i.e., the Anglican Scripture, Reason, Tradition) – under the rubric of apostate, every single Baptistic group, every single Presbyterian group, every single Congregationalist group is in DIRECT CONFLICT with the earliest record of Church Order, the ‘Didache’ which talks of orthodox baptism, and the Eucharistic Sacrifice by a presbytery/episcopal hierarchy, and submission to same.

      4) This does not take into account any cultic group such as the LDS, Christian ‘Science,’ Unitarians, SDA, Moonies, or Wokeism. They are literally ‘beyond the pale’ of this scenario.

      So, until and unless America can restore Biblical Worship under a valid form of Church government, this is all moot… and the Jews win, yet again.

      • FR. John+, The Southern Republic and it’s Baptistic Army, are quite fine with the principles of our faith and culture as they are………as always, I hope and trust, all is well with you, FR. John+……

  2. “How can those people be persuaded to reject liberalism and Wokeism and embrace even milquetoast rightwing politics?”

    They can’t be. They have a death wish.

    >an anchor who are dragging down the entire country

    And they are taking everything down with them.

    >Meanwhile, 52% of counties recorded no homicides in 2020, and another 16% recorded only a single killing.

    • “They can’t be. They have a death wish.”

      I don’t think so.
      Most libtards live in isolation from the policies they advocate, gated communities, WHITE suburbs, rural WHITE areas. They are free from the consequences of their lunatic ideals.

      They ignore the social decay that they cause, “it ain’t me, Haha Haha”.

  3. The “intellectuals” who write books about stuff like this are a bunch of neurotic faggots.

    If they want to help whitey, they should channel their autism into penetrating existing institutions, building more local/accountable parallel institutions or building businesses that create work and wealth for White families.

    I’m sick of reading this kind of nonsense by stupid kids with too many years of secular education and not enough years spent engaged in any kind of hard labor or creation of capital.

    At most, absolutely no good, no solidarity and no sense of common identity will come from attacking Christians. This is subversive writing.

    • “I’m sick of reading this kind of nonsense by stupid kids with too many years of secular education and not enough years spent engaged in any kind of hard labor or creation of capital.”

      Take this far enough and soon we’ll be run by Mexicans.

      “At most, absolutely no good, no solidarity and no sense of common identity will come from attacking Christians. This is subversive writing.”

      Solidarity, good, and a common identity comes from getting rid of religion, or making it a matter of private belief. When religion becomes intertwined with political power is when you get hatred, division, and religious wars. Call me a progressive if you like, but I think it’s a good thing we aren’t burning people at the stake for not believing in the trinity anymore.

      • LOL.

        Do you know what is going to save the White race, bros? Embracing liberal amd progressive politics! Those people are renowned for their love of everything White!

        • “Do you know what is going to save the White race, bros? ”

          The natural forces that rip apart multiracial nations.

      • When religion becomes intertwined with political power is when you get hatred, division, and religious wars. Call me a progressive if you like, but I think it’s a good thing we aren’t burning people at the stake for not believing in the trinity anymore.

        Well, when you imagine that you’ve derived iron laws of history about how religion must affect politics, then I think you do merit being called a good little libtard. Imagine your own reaction if people were to claim “when liberalism becomes intertwined with political power is when you get hatred, division, and culture wars.”

        I happen to agree it’s a good thing the excesses of the past have become unlikely, but look at the sorts of things that you get “burned at the stake” for in libtardism. Sure, it’s only metaphorical, for now, but it pays to remember that the same sort of crazies who’ll “cancel” you for wrongthink in America, were the same sorts of crazies who’d gulag your ass or even put a bullet in your head in communist countries. I fail to detect any worthwhile “progress” in the abandonment of Christianity.

  4. Or try this way of thinking regarding the “Christian” issue.

    In places where I have spent 3/4 of my life (big norther cities, elite universities communities) a White “Christian ” is someone who isn’t Jewish and isn’t really in to bad Lib Leftist homosexual causes.

    So when you see personal adverts WCM – that’s “White Christian Male” . WJM is White Jewish male.

    As long as other White Christians aren’t doing really stupid things like trying to covert all the Blacks in Nigeria to their branch of American Christianity and bring all the Black converts to their home town(Yeah, White LDS Latter Day Saints are now doing that virtue signaling that “We’re not racist anymore”).

    Then no need to bash Christianity.

    I would however read up on the intelligent White men and women who’s pointed out certain corruptions of Christianity like Nietzsche on St. Paul.

  5. “How can those people be persuaded to reject liberalism and wokeism and embrace even mil quetoast Rightwing politics?…….. A road too Damascus experience, saying in an american prison or american urban experience or last but not least, there sorry, brain dead, stupid.white people, find themselves, literally about 5 feet from the lake of fire, I compliment the host of this Southern Intellectual site, for writing about these people, you care more about them, than I do, I say pray for them once in a while and forget them, they are the Damm enemy…

  6. “As I have explained several times before, the question makes sense when you realize that secular, irreligious and atheist Whites are overrepresented among White Nationalists”

    There’s a reason for that. If I was the type who just blindly accepted everything my parents told me, I would be a religious person and also a mainstream “colorblind” conservative who still thinks the Iraq war was a good idea.*

    60 years ago there were a lot of people who would today be called white nationalists who were WN and Christian because it was what authority figures told them to believe. These are your kind of people, midwits unthinkingly obedient to authority. Today, to be a WN requires one to be the kind of person who questions authority. And those kinds of people often don’t stop at race. They ask questions about these religious fables. I know it sucks to hear this, Christians, but you aren’t going to live forever. You will be dead someday and there isn’t going to be anything afterwards.

    *Yes, my parents really do think that. They are good people but dumb as rocks on political questions.

    • Yep.

      For every 100 White people who reject Christianity, maybe 1 or 2 becomes a White Nationalist and embraces a positive sense of White identity. 70 to 90 become generic selfish degenerate White libtards and of those at least half become woke on race with militant anti-White progressive politics. The math isn’t promising

      Christians alone are what are stopping the slide of the United States into another UK or Germany. The vast majority of people in this country who are pro-White and oppose the Great Replacement are Christians while the most committed and fanatical supporters of it are the hordes of White Millenial atheist libtards with pronouns in their Twitter bios and the other fedora tipping faggots on Reddit

      • The most secular region of Germany(the east) is also the most right-wing. While Angela Merkel explicitly claimed her decision to go full Sweden Yes was motivated by her “Christian values.”

        What is true in one time and place is not true everywhere at all times. Christianity in America is dying out we will eventually be in a more European-type situation regardless of what you think about it.

        • What is true in one time and place is not true everywhere at all times.

          Americans have to deal with what the case is in their time and their place.

          Christianity in America is dying out we will eventually be in a more European-type situation regardless of what you think about it.

          It’s certainly being winnowed. But this in turn has raised awareness, and I wouldn’t write off a comeback. Imo, it has weathered the “new atheist” storm, and in debates I’ve followed, more often than not it’s atheists taking a battering. (Particularly in terms of the shortcomings of the atheistic worldview.)

          But even if does die out, given the point about time and place you made above, there’s little reason to think Americans will become “East Germans” rather than “Swedes.”

        • For your information: even in Germany, the fundie congregations there have often become supporters of AfD, and are in all likelihood more supportive of immigration restrictionism than the German society in general:

          “The Dresden congregation is located in a suburban area that has been called the Saxon “Bible belt”, in yet another echo of America. Both regions have a long history of Pietism, the German phenomenon closest to American Evangelicalism (but without the miracles).

          Oddly enough, Evangelicals on both sides of the Atlantic have an affinity with right-wing and anti-immigrant politics. Dresden in particular has seen its Evangelicals very visible in the ongoing anti-Muslim demonstrations. At the other end of Germany, in Bremen, an Evangelical pastor has attracted media attention by warning against the notion that Christians have anything in common with Islam or Buddhism—they should purify themselves from all this “Muslim nonsense”, and not put up statues of the Buddha, that “fat old gentleman”.”

      • I think you should drastically differentiate between East- and West-Germany, to some extent also still Bavaria and the rural regions. These are only the same nation by state formality at this point, states which partially deeply hate each other. Saxony for example is 94% ethnic German where every second male or more votes for the AfD which is implicitly ethno-nationalist and its youth organization explicitly so. And where the state branch of the CDU is closer to Southern Republicans than what Merkel made out of it on the federal level. In terms of politics its one of the most right-wing places in Europe. And yet the state is almost entirely atheist. Because communism dropped a nuke on organized religion. Yet the people share practically the same values, ideas and visions as ‘Christian Nationalists’ in the Deep South. (We’re also the only two countries which bullied vaxxcels and mask cucks!) They do differ culturally from rural religious Bavarians, but hardly in terms of conservatism and progressiveism.

        In Germany the situation is totally reverse: the official Christian churches are an unbearable shitshow of open borders advocacy, “anti-racism” and other leftist policies, including transgenderism now. And some Christian groups also operate migrant boats in the med. Here it is the atheist east which is holding the last line of German nationalism and nationalist Christians are a minority in the West. Nevertheless Cardinal Sarah gave European Christians explicit permission to be ethno-nationalist and oppose the Islamization of Europe. The Dalai Lama was even more explicit and effectively said years ago, that “they have to go back!”. Which you could kinda expect from an ethno-nationalist Godking by divine right who opposes a communist superstate. So reddit has no excuse to be open-border shitlibs for moral and spiritual reasons by default.

        I was/am a highly religious person, but when it comes to politics and looking internationally, I am becoming a strong genetic determinist: it clusters somewhat along racial lines, but is ultimately defined by the individual. Especially the personality archetypes which make up the global left: high expressions of neuroticism, narcistic and egotistic personality traits, actual LACK of empathy and high levels of sadism, malevolence and jealousy, prevalence of mental disorders and especially the negative racial in-group attitude among white shitlibs, ideological extremism and the absolute willingness to impose their values by force and state power on their opposition.

        For Dixie it makes no sense to attack Christianity or chase atheist eugenicists, because its inherent part of the culture and identity. Atheist white nationalists can’t impose their atheism on them. On the other hand, East Germany isn’t going to become Christian again anytime soon. Or Italy Protestant. White nationalism has to create a one-size-fits-all identity for ultimately very different regions and peoples and will always run into opposition in the questions of religion, culture, traditions and also historical grievances; “Nazi” and “Eternal Anglo” for example. It’s very counter-productive when we are ultimately attacked, discriminated against and even persecuted for our race. As an example you can read the outright genocidal article by our Iranian “friend” – based Iran, amirite! – which the Berliner Zeitung printed just recently and Hendrik shared. Under such conditions a battle between atheists, Catholics, Protestants or Neo-Pagans is the absolute last thing anyone needs. Our enemies know this very well and exploit it to their benefit.

        It’s another reason to favor mutually sympathetic regionalism over white universalism – which tbqh with you fam: it’s only really a thing in Murica and maybe Britain. The future confederacy of the white world has to be good neighbors, but can’t share the same house or it will ultimately lose what it wants to preserve from uniform globalism.

      • @Brad Griffin…

        Your math analysis is a bit haunting, for when I think of when I was young, and we lived in a society with a Christian ethos, even if, albeit, it was an imperfect one, Whites did not advocate nor embrace this negativity about themselves.

        Therefore, I feel compelled to say that you are making a case for a rejection of God resulting in a kind of self-loathing, that being something which might turn to surgically vivisecting itself, or in a loathing of one’s one tribe.

        Without God, nothing is ever good enough, and this is the bane of the godless – they torture themselves, and everyone else around them, with their inverted pride.

        Saint Paul has said that those who do not love The Lord he punishes by turning them over to their reprobate minds.

        Wow, what a case for this time in history, as was the Russia of the 1920s and 30s, or China of the 1960s and 70s!

        All Godless – all self-torturing and self-loathing.

    • “midwits unthinkingly obedient to authority. ”

      It’s more than that.

      Their opinions are formed by the twisted (((media))), which is universally present in all Western nations. Their perceptions are formed by a very distorted lens. There is natural herd mentality, where they conform to the perceived common opinion, albeit ((media)) contrived.


    • Today, to be a WN requires one to be the kind of person who questions authority. And those kinds of people often don’t stop at race. They ask questions about these religious fables.

      Actually, it’s overwhelmingly the other way around. They start with questioning religion and never even begin questioning race. Their “questioning authority” attitudes stop cold at that point and they warmly embrace authority on that issue. That’s because their primary motivation was always self-indulgence, and anything that makes them feel bad about it needs to go; “questioning authority” is just the cover story. The type of person who throws out the rule book on what he’s allowed to believe on anything and everything is an extreme rarity. Some of them do become WNs – or at least “pro-white” – but as Hunter pointed out to you, the math isn’t promising.

      As a former atheist, and one deeply interested in the intellectual aspects of it, I’d caution you that is not quite the open-and-shut case that it seems. Although there’s nothing like a ‘mathematical proof’ that could convince anyone, viewed from a ‘whole of life’ perspective, religion not only begins to make sense, but very good sense. I’ll grant this probably sounds like gibberish to you now. But if my own example is anything to go by, then “never say never.”

      As for midwits and morons etc, they’re going to be midwits and morons etc whether they are Christian or not. It’s exciting to think that they’re going to be “saved” from their delusions by encouraging them to “be a freethinker bro, turn your back on your own tradition, come up with your own values!” but that experiment has been tried. It’s been tried and the results are in – and they are not pretty.

  7. The local NPC lib prototype is the I love Bob Marley, Oprah, Obama, but moved 50 or more miles out as the Fundamental Transformation rolls on because that is who NIMBY’s are.
    If you start talking about religion there will be a you are speaking too much of that please change the subject.
    Worldlings don’t want to hear about anything spiritual and man was never meant to live detached from God.

    • ” moved 50 or more miles out ”

      That’s the typical libtard hypocrite !
      ” I’m so virtuous, the poorer WHITES have to learn to get along”.

  8. Show me an evangelical protestant leader speaking out in favor of white people. Ultimately I think Russel Moore is more dangerous than Sarah Silverman because he has the ability to fool conservative white people into thinking he’s one of them. And you here are contributing to his moral authority.

  9. Recently, I was struck that someone I’ve known for nearly sixty years—since elementary school—used the word “Christian” as something like an ethnic term, i.e., in the way that you mentioned and on which I commented here, at Occidental Dissent, some months ago, Mr. W. Of all my friends and acquaintances, he is the only one whose American ancestry goes way, way back, to, it seems, the Germans who founded what is now Philadelphia’s Germantown neighborhood.

    Not until I was well into adulthood did I become even vaguely aware, in things I was reading, of that use of the term; and not until you mentioned it, here, did it click in my mind. Had, in other words, the subject not come up here, at Occidental Dissent, I would have reflexively, unconsciously, thought my friend was speaking of a religious category, as, of course, he was—but a bit more than that, too.

  10. PS Re use of “Christian” as a sort of ethnic term? See 2:11 at the following …

    When I was, say, a teenager, watching “The Wizard of Oz,” on television, for maybe the fifth time, I was struck by that utterance of “Christian.” It had never before caught my ear, had never before really been heard by me.

    Maybe it struck me because I was wondering, unconsciously, whether, in the mind of the character who’d uttered it, it represented something other than or, at least, a bit more than a religious classification.

    • @John…

      Yes, you were hearing a distant echo of the spirit that hunted down the Apostles.

      That’s a complex phenomenon which Carl Gustav Jung would have been only too happy to comment upon.

      Of course, too, you were beginning, at that age, to realize that there were others outside of that cacoon in which you lived, in your case, I little doubt, that being that you were witness to the love of Christ manifesting in your mother.

      • You’re probably right on both counts, Ivan. Your latter remark has reminded me of a moment I recorded in a bit of family history I’d written, mainly for relatives. Back in the days when “long distance” meant expensive, a long-distance call from a relative in California rang the phone in my home, i.e., my childhood home. As I watched my mother speaking on the phone with her far-off brother, whose voice, of course, I could not hear, I had the strangest feeling that the outside world whence the call had come was imaginary. It seemed no more real than the outside world that contacts stage-play characters, when the telephone within the walls of their set has rung.

        • Yes, Dear John, I do so remember those days when you dare not call kin out in California, for being unable to pay the mortgage next month.

          Thank you for the affirmation!

  11. > Sure, there are woke evangelical elites who adopt African children and preen about racism or people who are Christian Zionists who support Israel, but those people are the exception to the rule.

    You’re probably right about the virtue-signalers adopting Afro-pets, but Christian Zionists who support ‘muh Israel’ are more the rule than the exception with evangelicals. Cyrus Scofield’s heretical Jew-backed bible has been poisoning the protestant well for over a century now and it shows little sign of letting up. Chuck Baldwin finally caught on to its Satanic purpose, but he’s a minority voice in evangelical circles.

    Very interesting observation from Arminius about the situation in Germany. The churches everywhere in the EUSSR are state-backed to one degree or another, and thus completely apostate. The French regime just recently hinted that the Russian Orthodox cemetery on the north end of Paris might need to be removed. Germany and the other EUSSR okrugs are basically satraps of the Empire of Lies.

    • It’s an impossibility and an absurdity to argue that people who mix or who adopt non-whites are “false” Christians, but it’s equally impossible and absurd to argue that Christianity prohibits racial self-preference or ethnonationalism. The entire history of Christian societies refutes the claim that a Christian can’t be a ‘racist’ or a nationalist. At issue is how Christians who are ‘racists’ or nationalists behave; obviously extreme biological reductionist WN “fuck everyone, race war now” attitudes are ruled out. That still leaves a lot of room to get useful things done in a way consistent with Christian ethics though.

  12. For whatever it’s worth …
    (“Christian parents of Charles Manson’s fiancée wanted her to ‘be a preacher’s wife'”)
    (“Fiancé of Charles Manson raised in a Christian home”)
    (“Charles Manson’s future mother-in-law denies bride has been brainwashed”—Afton Burton, who is marrying the mass murderer, is from a “good Christian home” but has not been “brainwashed”, her mother says)

  13. You can see these days Christian fundamentalists soon creating ties with European nativist parties as they pop up – Portugal is one of the latest European countries to get a sizable Far Right party, and predictable connections soon begin forming themselves:

    “Like other European “populist” parties of the radical right, Chega’s militant base and leadership structure is an amalgam of groups. The ideologue and first vice-president of the party, Diogo Pacheco de Amorim, has a long experience in the Portuguese far right. He was part of fascist student movements that were to the right of the Estado Novo dictatorship. He was a member of the terrorist groups MDLP, where he was part of the “Political Bureau”, and the MIRN. He was Portugal’s representative in the French neo-fascist magazine Nouvelle École and translator of Alain de Benoist’s texts into Portuguese. He was a member of the CDS-PP. He is also a member of the traditional Catholic movement Comunhão e Libertação. Second Vice President Nuno Afonso, currently Chief of Staff to André Ventura in the Assembly of the Republic, has spent his entire career in the PSD, as has its President. The party leadership also includes a president of the police union, José Dias, a member of Opus Dei, Pedro Frazão, and the leader of Chega’s evangelical neo-pentecostal group, Lucinda Ribeiro, who is also active in the denialist groups of Covid-19.”

  14. Whether you believe or not is up to you, but the enemy hates Christ and Christians. Its not because they are setting you up for Judaism, but rather the New Testament nullifies their brainwashing. Calling out the fake jews by calling them the Synagogue of Satan in the Book of Revelations is a powerful message the enemy wants to suppress.
    Those atheists that believe Christianity was created as a ruse by the enemy have obviously missed the animosity the enemy has for Christ.
    Never do what your enemies ask of you, and in a million battles you will not be at a disadvantage.

  15. I believe that Christianity has served a positive purpose for our people because it has given help and hope to many individuals throughout the years. However, as far as a vehicle for white survival in modern times, I don’t believe it is the answer. A religion that teaches its adherents to “love your enemies,” “bless those who persecute you,” and “resist not evil” is not a religion that will allow whites to fight for their survival and separate into their own areas. After all, biologically speaking, a case can be made that nonwhites are our enemies because when we allow them into our living space, they could and will blend us out of existence. This is an existential threat to us, yet Christians are commanded to love their enemy.

    Also, the Christians who say that the Bible verses don’t really mean what they say but that they’ve been misinterpreted don’t understand that Christians will honor the interpretation given by their priest or minister. If a verse says to “love your enemy,” the Christian will obey these words literally and not be swayed by the idea that the verse was written in another language and had a different meaning. I recently heard a priest say that we must welcome everyone from the north, south, east, and west. This is what the parishioners are taught literally and in order to be good Christians, this is what they will practice. I assure you that the priest meant what he said; he was not equivocating.

    One of the reasons why most adherents of Christianity will one day be nonwhite is because white Christians have been proselytizing them and when it comes to white survival and defending Jesus, I believe that Christians, especially evangelicals, will take the side of their religion every time.

    I really don’t know what the answer is. One day America will be majority nonwhite and it is difficult for me to believe that whites will begin fighting at that point. We don’t seem to have the will to survive, and I think the way it is now is sadly the best it will be.

  16. “A religion that teaches its adherents to “love your enemies,”

    Ryan Dawson has an interesting take on this:
    “Jesus was speaking to jewz, telling them to stop hating the gentiles”.

    The context fits, Seems a reasonable interpretation.

    • @Stefania Mowi and Arrian:

      You both forget that when Jesus was telling anyone who listened to love their enemy and turn the other cheek that they all lived in a country whose only foreigners living there were the Roman soldiers occupying the country.

      Enemies were composed of political factions fighting for power and they were still at each other’s throats when the Romans finally surrounded Jerusalem and destroyed the Temple.

      Just like how the White leftists and the right White detest each other. This schism between Whites was so prevalent even in the sixties that Malcolm X noticed how the political split between the Republicans and Democrats was pretty even and saw Black bloc voting as the best way for Blacks to prevail over Whites. Most Non-Whites took a page from the Black Power Manual and vote Democrat, especially after the Republicans unofficially became the White Party.

      Even though I believe that Non-Whites can be Christians, the Bible never condoned mass transfers of foreign populations to the host country. Even in Revelations, the Bible stresses the theme where Christ will return to reign in glory and all people will bow the knee and worship him but in their own nations.

  17. “European American way of life”? That’s a misnomer. Yes, the US was settled and created by Europeans. But the Puritans were European reject,; religious fanatic hardliners by the standards of the day in Europe. The Virginians were rational Europeans but that was then. Europe and the US have never really been alike. The US fought 2 wars against Europeans, the US has always professed to be superior to the Europeans. That in the wake of hatred against Muslims, and for the sake of Zionism, Americans now all talk about American -European way of life, is revisionist history and untrue. Europeans have traditionally been in favor of a central govt whose job is to look out for the welfare of its citizens, cradle to grave. entitlements. Not so the Americans with their pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, and their ideology of capitalist wealth, if you’re rich you must be good. Neither a first nor second amendment are part of the DNA beliefs of Europeans. Nor is separation of church and state as many countries of Europe have had official religions. Same for languages. The southerners had a more laid back, European culture one could say, and to this day southern are still smeared as American trash.

    • “Europeans have traditionally been in favor of a central govt whose job is to look out for the welfare of its citizens, cradle to grave. entitlements.”

      Because my own knowledge of European history is slight, I can believe that you and numerous others have a better sense of it than I have, but that statement of yours strikes me as incorrect. The advocacy, by England’s Labour party, of socialism, early in the twentieth century, was a shock, I believe; and the socialist success of—what was his name? Lassalle (as I’ve just now checked, at Wikipedia), in Prussia, in the mid-1800s, was, I’m pretty sure, a European first and was probably strongly resisted. I don’t know about other places in Europe; but as I say, I think you’re incorrect re what Europeans have “traditionally” favored.

      If “Virginians were rational Europeans,” if Southerners had a “more laid back, European culture,” well, all that would seem to have been lost on Alexis de Tocqueville, who qualifies, I think it fair to say, as a notable European. From “Chapter II: Origin Of The Anglo-Americans—Part I,” Volume 1 of his famed Democracy in America (footnotes omitted):

      “The men sent to Virginia were seekers of gold, adventurers, without resources and without character, whose turbulent and restless spirit endangered the infant colony, and rendered its progress uncertain. The artisans and agriculturists arrived afterwards; and, although they were a more moral and orderly race of men, they were in nowise above the level of the inferior classes in England. No lofty conceptions, no intellectual system, directed the foundation of these new settlements. The colony was scarcely established when slavery was introduced, and this was the main circumstance which has exercised so prodigious an influence on the character, the laws, and all the future prospects of the South. Slavery, as we shall afterwards show, dishonors labor; it introduces idleness into society, and with idleness, ignorance and pride, luxury and distress. It enervates the powers of the mind, and benumbs the activity of man. The influence of slavery, united to the English character, explains the manners and the social condition of the Southern States.”

      As to your statement that the “US fought 2 wars against Europeans,” well, the U.S. had European allies in both those wars, so your point is elusive.

      “That in the wake of hatred against Muslims, and for the sake of Zionism, Americans now all talk about American-European way of life, is revisionist history and untrue.”

      I’m not sure I’ve heard the “American-European way of life” mentioned anywhere other than blogs like this one, Occidental Dissent. Did Americans speak of “the West” or “the Western world” before Zionism—back in, say, the 1800s, when America was making contact with East Asia? I don’t know, but I should be unsurprised to learn they did.

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