• The usual suspects i see

      In the West it´s likely ILL,IA,IN,MN! as a rule the more Scandinavians and 48er Liberal Germans you have the more up the creek you will find youreself

      • Iowa and Indiana are nothing like Illinois and Minnesota. Both have solidly red state delegations and voted red in the last two elections. Illinois and Minnesota have very blue delegations and POS Demonrat governors.

    • What some call woke is just a euphemism for communism, and communism is just Judaism applied to the goyim. So the most jewed states are in deepest, darkest yankeeland.

      Who woddaknownit?

      We need a divorce from those massholes.

  1. I see California didn’t make the most vases state, should make everyone wake up to the bullshit lies the demonic scare peddling. If not your hopelessly brainwashed.

  2. Red/Blue, Christian/Secular, Gay/Straight, Trad/Woke, all of these are accurately predictable based on your proximity to major cities.

    The biggest question of our time is to determine why that is, and figure out how to undo it.

    Every one of the best states to live in still has a shitty liberal blue city full of green haired unshaven shitlibs and pile upon piles of every kind of minority.

    The concept of blood and soil is at the bottom of the mystery, but how we got here and what to do about it aren’t so easy.

    The Urban/Rural divide and how/if to try and bridge it deserve more attention.

  3. “most woke states which had the most support for BLM protests are some of the whitest states in the country and the least woke states where BLM protests had the least traction have the most blacks.”

    It fits .
    Those with the least experience have the most false ideas.
    That’s always been my observation.
    Those in the WHITEST areas have their opinions formed by TV,
    Those in the darkest areas have their opinions formed by experience.

    It shows 2 things, the dimwitted gullibility of WHITES and the awesome power of media.

  4. Living among minorities, like so many whites in the south do, keeps things real. You just can’t escape noticing, so to speak. The farther away you live from them, (most progressives) the more romantic you can be about them. As Joe Sobran pointed out, university is where progressives go to learn all the right attitudes about blacks and other minorities, while becoming educated enough that they don’t have to live with them. In the south, minorities are spread out, even in rural areas. Up north they are isolated in large cities primarily. You can romanticize what you don’t live near. Wokeness costs you little there

    • ” . . . Wokeness costs you little there”

      Except perhaps your life if you make a wrong turn when in the city for the occasional “cultural outing” and you end up lost, driving down MLK Boulevard. At night. In the summer.

  5. A proud White Trash Outlaw Scum and there will be no mercy, sympathy, or fvcks given when the time comes.

    • Proud White Trash Outlaw Scum? That’s a redundancy. White Trash Outlaw Scum are always proud. That’s why they can never be whipped too severely.

  6. Was struck by your following comment, Mr. W:

    “I would say [liberalism made its decisive breakthrough in New England] definitely by around 1750”

    That’s https://occidentaldissent.com/2023/01/19/american-history-series-race-relations-in-colonial-new-england/#comment-3651535 in your post headed “American History Series: Race Relations In Colonial New England.”

    In that post proper, you wrote as follows:

    “When the disease of liberalism began to sink into England after the Glorious Revolution, it sunk its deepest roots in New England which had built institutions like Harvard University where it was imported and festered.”

    It’s interesting to see Nietzsche tracing the movement, not from England to New England but from England to France …

    “Finally, we should not forget that the English with their profound normality have once before caused an over-all depression of the European spirit: what people call ‘modern ideas’ or ‘the ideas of the eighteenth century’ or also ‘French ideas’—that, in other words, against which the German spirit has risen with a profound disgust—was of English origin; there is no doubt of that. The French have merely been apes and mimics of these ideas; also their best soldiers; unfortunately, their first and most thoroughgoing victims as well ….”
    — Beyond Good and Evil, section 253, Walter Kaufmann translation

    “The unfinished problems I pose anew: the problem of civilization, the fight between Rousseau and Voltaire around 1760.”
    — The Will to Power, section 123, translation by Walter Kaufmann and R. J. Hollingdale

    “The fight began around 1760: the citizen of Geneva [Rousseau] and le seigneur de Ferney [Voltaire].”
    — The Will to Power, section 100, translation by Walter Kaufmann and R. J. Hollingdale

    “Rousseau, this first modern man, idealist and rabble in one person ….”
    —Twilight of the Idols, “Skirmishes of an Untimely Man,” section 48, Walter Kaufmann translation

  7. Too insulated and comfortable. Which is fine until it ends up in naivete and addled brains.

  8. Woke? The South needs to replace the present (woke) culture with the South’s VERSION of everything. We did not need the Yankee North (who was dependent on us) to drain us financially and never have. We need to stand up and become the nation we always had the potential to be.

    Pray that God will send Christ soon but until He does we need to survive…

    Zager & Evans – In the Year 2525


    Branch Covidians
    In The Year 2525 – COVID Massive LOCKDOWN- music video clip in 2020

  9. this actually makes complete sense.

    Let’s take CA, my home state, for example.

    CA has a black population of less than 10%. Consequently, Whites see blacks mostly from afar, with minimal, if any real, meaningful social contact.

    It is, therefore, easier for them to “romanticize the beast,” if you will.

    These people don’t live elbow to elbow with the black. They don’t wake up to the sounds of incessant rap/hip hop beats, the stench of marijuana smoke, and they don’t see black youth walking around with pants so low as to reveal their undershorts.

    All they see is the romanticized/dramatized black that media relentlessly promotes.

    It is their utter detachment from cold, hard reality that fosters their perverse fascination with the black and engenders a kind of guilt that borders on self-immolation.

    I admit that my view may be skewed, as I live in Downtown LA and am confronted with black malfeasance (and law enforcement’s unwillingness/inability to adequately police) on a daily basis.

    (White) People who live among the black know that, for the most part, that racial differences render them mostly irredeemable, even if that understanding is subconscious and/or unspoken

  10. With the exception of “gentrifiers” I’ve noticed that “Diversity” loving Whites are rarely to be found anywhere near black areas. “Diversity” for thee but not for me.

    • “Diversity” for thee but not for me.”

      Always !
      The gross hypocrisy of libtards is what makes them so repulsive to me.
      If they actually practiced what they preach, live among blkz, i’d consider their ideas seriously, but they just tell us how to live.

  11. It’s even worse than that. The really bad news in America is, nobody would show up for a White rally. Most White “normie” Americans, whatever section of the country their from, are hopeless cowards and brainwashed by jewish PC. Rank and file Whites would not only not come to a pro-White rally, they wouldn’t even agree with those of us who cherish people of our own kind. These brainless race traitors would be more likely to pickett the gathering. They are so hopelessly brainwashed, they object identifying the disproportionate violent crime committed by black ghetto dwellers. In fact, they deny it. The jewsmedia doesn’t report it, and terms it “disinformation”.

    There’s certainly nothing at all wrong with promoting the interests of your own people. Every other race does it, as we well know. Why not Whites? To think any other way, is absurd. Unfortunately, Whites will go down in history as the only race that polices the thoughts and actions of their own members to the point where they can’t act collectively in their own interests because, to do so invites the charges of “hate”, “racism”, and bigotry, from naive, stupid, Whites probably even more so than from members of other races.

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