Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Defends The Get Whitey Act of 2023

Don’t you love the Voting Rights Act?

It is the reason why people like Sheila Jackson Lee and Jim Clyburn are in Congress. Is also one of the top reasons why I am opposed to White Unionism.

In an independent South, there never would have been a vote on the Voting Rights Act of 1965 which would have never made it out of committee, but if there was it would have been soundly defeated by a vote of 19 to 5 in the Senate. In the House, it would have been defeated by a vote of 76 to 30. The actual vote on the bill was 77-19 in the Senate and 333-85 in the House.

BTW, nothing has changed. The same White libtards who sunk the country back in the 1960s made a major push in the Senate to push through the John Lewis Voting Rights Act of 2022. It passed the House by a vote of 219–212 and was only defeated by a vote for 49-51 in the Senate. Dark Brandon compared Mitt Romney to Bull Connor for opposing the attempt to nuke the filibuster to pass it. He condemned Georgia as a “Jim Eagle” state and signed an executive order to commemorate “Bloody Sunday” in Selma which was the media hoax starring MLK that got it passed in the first place.

White Unionism means being perpetual hostages of these people and playing perpetual defense against their schemes to worship blacks and elevate them above Southern Whites. It means having a national government that skews far to the Left of what would otherwise exist in the South.


    • “LBJ, I think he was the second dumbest President in US history”

      He more than compensated for it, in cunning and deceit.

      • I heard a story years ago that a political opponent was found dead on LBJ’s property with 5 bullet holes in his back. It was ruled a suicide.

    • Not hardly. He was an evil genius from his first days in politics. He knew exactly how to get things done his way. And he did. Including murder.

    • LBJ was a shrewd, crude and ruthless political operator. I don’t know how to translate that to his IQ. I believe he was a public school teacher/principal before getting into politics.

  1. Actually looking at the 2006 voting rights act extension (25 years) would be better indicator of this, the vote was 98 for it 0 against in the Senate and the House was 390 for it and 33 against, it’s sadly not 1965 in the South anymore.

    • The same thing could be said of Brown (public school integration) or Loving (interracial marriage) or Obergefell (gay marriage).

      None of these things would have ever gotten off the ground in the first place if there had not been some outside intervention by a federal institution whether it is a president mobilizing the National Guard to integrate public schools and universities or Congress passing the Voting Rights Act or the Supreme Court striking down gay marriage bans. The culture is changed by force. Then public opinion follows and a new set of interests builds up around the new status quo. In the case of the Voting Rights Act, it was extended because Southern state legislatures grew accustomed to gerrymandering House maps and packing black voters into a single token district. It also helped accelerate the demise of Southern Democrats and benefited the rise of the GOP in the 1980s and 1990s. From a sheer partisan POV, the Voting Rights Act killed the Democratic Party in the South by alienating White voters who had no other option but voting for the GOP.

      In the years since the Bush era, the Supreme Court has struck down parts of the Voting Rights Act and it has become much more controversial. The John Lewis Voting Rights Act was killed by a filibuster last year in the Senate. The Supreme Court might also strike down the entire Voting Rights Act later this year. Now that the White Southern Democratic Party is dead, the GOP also has a new incentive to get rid of the Voting Rights Act because it would allow Southern state legislatures to just gerrymander these districts out of existence. This is what recently happened to Jim Cooper’s district in Nashville. In North Carolina, the new North Carolina Supreme Court is going to approve the plan to redraw the House map in North Carolina which will eliminate several Democratic seats in Congress.

      • “perpetual defense against their schemes to worship blacks and elevate them above Southern Whites”

        Ultimately, a nation of easily controlled, impoverished dimwitted mulattoes, that’s the goal.

      • “The same thing could be said of Brown (public school integration) or Loving (interracial marriage) ”

        Those two will be the destruction of America.

    • It would not surprise me in the slightest if Lyndon was a Jew. Look at what he did to have the US liberty shot to pieces. He deliberately called back planes sent to protect it when the Jews were machine-gunning the survivors in their lifeboats. There’s not even the slightest doubt that the Jews had a great deal to do with Kennedy’s assassination. Why would Jew strip club mobster assassinate the “patsy” Oswald? He gave Israel everything they wanted. Kennedy was trying to stop them from building nuclear weapons. Kennedy was working to control their CIA Jew infested cabal. Kennedy was, their biggest fear, canceling their eternal cash cow the FED by issuing silver certificates cash without the FED. I think that was the last straw. Without the eternal cash cow that they’ve used to buy EVERYTHING (they did the same to the Germans) they would go back to being rag merchants. Kennedy’s assassination is when the Jews went to full control of the US from that time on. Before they had a lot of control, but it took off after Kennedy.

  2. Culture is king indeed and white people are heavily divided by ideology. Especially the whites who have a neutral to positive racial/ethnic self-image and those, to quote you, who view their own ethnic and cultural destruction as progress. One can despise or hate the anti-white colored who openly brag about our annihilation and how it’s a good thing we deserve. BUT it’s the same story everywhere: ultimately they were put into power by white shitlibs and leftists who hate their own people and race, or play power games against their own people. The exact same process that happened with communists in Spain, Germany and Russia. All in the name of progress, morality and equality. To name an old truism: “Equality” is probably the single most murderous ideal in human history.

    Certainly, it is and was made worse by shekels, their power and influence. Especially in the Bolshevik revolution. But you had almost identical developments where there was none or very little of it, such as in the Norths total war against Southern independence. And even when it comes to the JQ there is a “transplant question”: If I think back how optimistic I was in 2016, it was because we had found some common ground with Jews living in Germany. It was a mutual understanding between reasonably civilized people to defend our common home and culture against a barbarian invasion. This was possible, I think, because post Cold-War Jews had the option to go to America, or Israel and those who stayed or came could have a positive image of Germany. It was in 2017, when I had already wanted to drop out, that literally a French Zionist and Chinese Jew kept me in, who had told me that I need to take my country back and the Chinese Jew had been raised by his parents with us as an ideal in mind and told me I was obligated to protect my people from extinction.

    But as an IDF dude had told me four years ago and Gilad Atzmon some years later: Berlin is seen as the new Jerusalem, especially by the J-Left, and it attracts every shitlib and leftist Jew in Israel who wants to flee its “fascism” to basically do drag in Babylon Berlin. We have now actually surpassed the number of Jews who lived in Weimar. And boy does it feel like it… So when it comes to the fact that it ultimately didn’t work out with Jews in Germany, or was at least made almost impossible, you have to thank the J-left for it. Especially the bastards who run Hollywood and similar institutions.

  3. “The same White libtards who sunk the country back in the 1960s …”

    Slightly off topic but I’ve recently been struck by a way in which, as I’d been unaware, those liberals seem to have sunk other parts of the West.

    Take a look at the sort of salmon-colored building that becomes visible in the background at 0:10 of

    Take as well a look at the wall that becomes visible in the left background at 0:03 of

    What you’ll notice in both cases is graffiti in a scratchy script that, I’m pretty sure, originated in Philadelphia, circa 1970. It was, in retrospect, one of the first manifestations of the Great Society that the legislation passed during Lyndon Johnson’s presidency had sought to fashion.

    Is it now everywhere, unremarked and all but unnoticed, in the West? The first video I linked above is in Rome and the latter is in Greece. Such unsightliness would seem, that is, to have become part of our Greco-Roman heritage. It’s just another American enhancement thereof, I suppose, like Starbucks or Pizza Hut.

  4. I wonder who her handlers are that ordered this distraction?

    @ T Dub,

    Regarding LBJ, do they know about the we’ll have those Mondays voting CPUSA for 200 years and just don’t care?

  5. LBJ was USA’s most infamous “truckler” – that’s a lower class White guy from small town, rural areas that goes with the flow – if “the flow” is a brown tide of MLK Jr Civil Rights, Great Society Welfare programs, Anti Southern revisionist Reconstruction history he goes with the flow not out of conviction but because it’s just his path to power with the powers that be which includes Harvard and Yale, Washington Post, NY Times J and North East WASP elites that despise hicks from rural Texas like LBJ.

    Harry Truman was another famous, infamous “Truckler”. So are a lot of Mormon LDS Pols like Orin Hatch, that Egg McMuffin

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