Jeff Zients To Replace Ron Klain As White House Chief of Staff

It is a slow news day.


“President Joe Biden is expected to tap Jeff Zients as his next chief of staff, three people familiar with the decision confirmed Sunday.

A former Obama administration official and close Biden confidant, Zients ran the White House’s Covid response, winning internal praise for his cross-government management skills and initial success in bringing the pandemic under control. …”

Jeff Zients (Jewish) is replacing Ron Klain (Jewish) though as Joe Biden’s next handler. Obviously, nothing is going to change, as the same people will remain in control.


    • “Zients and Biden are Obama’s puppets.”

      Huh ??
      Biden and Obama are just the front men.
      Look for the nose behind the curtain.

    • More like Obama is the usual suspects puppet.

      Recently the UHF rerun station has started to run that old late 90s Stargate TV series starring McGuyver. I do notice though that the alien villain “Apophis” looks exactly like Obama.

  1. Yeah, one Jew for another. But you can’t say things like that on substack.

    You know what is funny, Hunter? Not that Gov. Kemp partnered with antifa in creating and holding an autonomous zone in a forest in Georgia for 2 years. Nor was it funny that Kemp was in Davos getting his marching orders, and presumably coming home a much richer man (Swiss accounts).

    The funny part is, when Kemp was with his good friends in Davos, and Burt Jones was acting Governor, Jones sent in the cops and cleaned it out!

    All that work Kemp did for years, currying favor with the far left, down the drain. The insurrection in Georgia ended with one dead cop, and one dead faggot antifa “nonbinary”. Well, the cop died in a good cause, suppressing a domestic insurrection.

    People should be asking why Kemp could not put down that insurrection in two years, whereas Burt Jones ended it in one day.

  2. “Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way round, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise.” Adolf Hitler

    • Whoever controls the propaganda controls the masses. Regimes hate free speech because it interferes with or destroys regime propaganda.

  3. Well, O’Asshole O’Biden could have picked an Italian Roman Catholic like Leon Panneta or John Podesta, or any number of Irish Roman Catholics, if that would be any better?

    Just another of example of Roman Catholic & Jew butt smooching.

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