Douglas Murray: Right and Wrong on Ukraine

Douglas Murray is wondering in National Review why his camp is losing the foreign policy debate on Ukraine on the Right.

National Review:

“Why has the debate on the Ukraine–Russia war become so fetid, especially on the political right? Why are members of Congress from the Republican Party the ones most outspoken against support for Ukraine? Why is it the Right that has produced the most fervent anti-interventionists, when it used to be the political Left that did so? …

And then there is the other side, which is the changing way in which Russia has been viewed by the American Right in recent years. …

When MTG says that the money being sent to Ukraine should be going to the southern border, she is simply, like her hero Donald Trump, mistaking a Twitter take for a policy proposal. If, starting tomorrow, not one more dollar went to arming Ukraine, there would still be no scenario under the present government, any more than there was under the last Republican one, in which a wall would be constructed across the southern border. Donald Trump had his own chance to do that, while there was no war in Ukraine, and he noticeably failed at the task. …

So, as I say, what attitude would the Right like to take to this? If you oppose sending American troops around the world, and you oppose arming countries fighting for their own survival, then do you have any remaining foreign policy at all? And if not, for how long do you expect America to remain the dominant power in the world? It was always the expectation that Europeans would be the ones to go weak on the Russia question first. Who could have guessed that it would be the Americans, and the American Right at that, who would beat them to it?”

Murray is correct that age is the dividing line.

The people who support the war in Ukraine are Reaganites who were part of the pre-Trump GOP. They are older Republicans whose lives were defined by the Cold War and who still resent Russia.

The people who oppose the war in Ukraine were insurgents who came into the GOP during the Tea Party and Trump waves. They are younger than the Reaganites and their lives were defined by the War on Terror. Eventually, the older Reaganite faction is going to lose power to the younger faction. The ground is already shifting and a majority of Republican voters now oppose further aid to Ukraine. The composition of the House and Senate are changing in each election cycle and thinning the herd of elderly Republican globalists who are retiring and leaving Congress.

As for the failure of Congress to fund the border wall when Trump was president, it has not been forgotten that the very same people like Mitch McConnell who thought that was too expensive and who blocked it recently voted for the $1.7 trillion Porkulus which brought total spending on the war in Ukraine to over $100 billion dollars in less than a year. It has not been forgotten that those people also voted for Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill after opposing Trump’s infrastructure bill or that those people also opposed the plan to withdraw American troops from Syria and Afghanistan. They have consistently prioritized bloated military budgets, disastrous imperial interventions in Eurasia that cost trillions of dollars in places that no one cares about and neglecting the domestic priorities of their own voters.

It is this disconnect between the priorities of Republican voters and the priorities of the Republican establishment that generates populism. Mitch McConnell has said that funding Ukraine is the top priority of Senate Republicans. Ukraine is nowhere close to the top priority of Republican voters, but McConnell & Co. steer the GOP against the wind which creates mounting resistance. The Porkulus seems to have been the tipping point where governing against the voters turned them against Ukraine.

I have spent my entire adult life watching a series of endless imperial wars and interventions in Eurasia – NATO bombing Serbia over Kosovo and Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq, Libya and Syria and now Ukraine – which have collectively transferred trillions of dollars in wealth from American taxpayers to the military-industrial complex while creating instability and mass death around the world. In all of that time, a single year hasn’t passed in which this country has been at peace and tending to our own problems like our own borders which have collapsed over the same period. The military budget has also grown by around $200 billion dollars over the past few years. Even during the Cold War against the far more powerful and menacing Soviet Union, Americans would have never dreamed of going to war with the Soviet Union over the status of the Donbas, but imperialists are restless and can’t stop themselves from expanding the American Empire into ever more far flung corners of Eurasia. Republican voters are expected to forget about their own priorities and assume the burden of all of these new commitments.

The imperialists won’t be satisfied even after Putin is toppled from power and the PRIDE flag and BLM flag are raised over the Kremlin. It will just be on to Beijing or somewhere else in Eurasia. The same people who in one breath call for total war against Russia in next breath also call for the full force of our own government to be turned against “MAGA Republicans” who are “semi-fascists” and “authoritarians.” Why should we support the foreign policy of a government that literally sees us as an internal enemy of the regime? Why should we be willing to go to war with Russia over a place like Donbas for all the various despotisms in the European Union like the German government where our views are illegal? What is “Liberal Democracy” in countries where “hate speech” is banned and political parties are banned? How are those countries not as authoritarian as the old Soviet Union or contemporary Russia?

In the UK, the PRIDE police will show up at your door and arrest you for making homophobic and transphobic tweets on the internet. They will then label you an “authoritarian extremist.”

I don’t want any kind of alliance with these countries.

I’m even less interested in defending what is called “Liberal Democracy” in Ukraine. I cling to the traditional view which Americans held for over two centuries like when our ancestors stayed out of the Crimean War which is that what goes on in Ukraine is none of our concern.

If the American Empire is spreading this kind of Satanic garbage around the world and crushing those who oppose it at home, maybe it shouldn’t be the dominant power in the world.


  1. Hey Hunter, please use my/Farstar’s two comics (in this blog) about USA’s failed Homo/J Neo Conservative war mongering to make the world safe for homosexual child grooming and Max Boot style “freedom and democracy” complete with Disney J CEO Bog Iger Mickey Mouse ears.

    Man I wish I was still working with Farstar on these “Tell it exactly as it is” comics. But I could never find anyone except OD and occasional James Edwards to forward my/Farstar’s comics – I couldn’t get Vdare or Amren to run them not even for free.


  2. Do the Js who took over National Review/The Jonah Goldberg Neo Con Review now allow reader comments?

    I think David Frum (remember his worst ever Dubya Presidential speech the Axis Of Evil”? And his purge of anti Iraq war, American First Conservatives “UnPatriotic Conservatives”) David Frum got off the sinking Neo Conservative GOP George W Ship like a rat abandoning a sinking ship to go over to that other Goldberg (senior editor and Israeli Intafata concentration camp guard) “The Atlantic”.

  3. “Liberal Democracy” is pure Orwellianism. To borrow from Voltaire’s take-down of the Holy Roman Empire (neither holy, Roman, nor an empire). The Church of Woke’s favorite type of gubmint is neither liberal nor democratic.

  4. ” a wall would be constructed across the southern border.”

    The American people are too stupid.
    A ‘charger fence’ could be erected in days. If it can block a 2000 lb. bull it will certainly stop Jose. Make it triple layer and the crossings will be zero.

    Be certain, if we ever need to escape USZOG, the fence will be more elaborate than you can imagine.

  5. The Washington General Grand Old Politburo are Long March fellow traveler comrades in league with their CPUSA Uniparty wings of the same bird quisling sell outs.
    They will always snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  6. Good article, Brad. My great fear is that Americans will flip back to interventionist bloodlust if body bags start coming home. I, for one, will not.

  7. I’m 60 years old, and Hunter, I have not seen a year in my life, that we haven’t been at war SOMEWHERE, I don’t know what it is like to live in a normal country, that isn’t an empire.

  8. Following the Maidan Uprising of 2013, Nuland stated that the United States had “invested” $5 billion to bring about a “secure and prosperous and democratic Ukraine.”

    Unprovoked right Murray?

    • @Robert Browning…

      “…the United States had “invested” $5 billion to bring about a “secure and prosperous and democratic Ukraine.””


      We, at the State Department, have decided to invest in making the Ukraine a staging ground to dismantle a resurgent Russia, this so that we can reappropriate all it’s natural resources to our own benefit, advance the cause of homosexuality & self-castration, unopposed, into every corner of world, and, above all, bury that hateful Orthodox Church – the last major denomination that has not allowed itself to be completely usurped and overrun by my and mine.

  9. 2 top German generals and 1 top Polish general – as below – say out loud that Ukraine is inevitably losing the war, and that more NATO weapons won’t change things … it’s just a matter of how many more die before the end.

    All three generals speaking out are retired, tho understood as speaking for their fellow generals still in service, and for EU industry floundering. It’s politicians and corp media who keep pushing for longer war, European military seem to know it’s a foregone conclusion. The grandson of France’s Charles de Gaulle just denounced the war and anti-Russia hysteria too.

    Partly it’s just ‘mathematics’ like in that famous line from the ‘Gettysburg’ film … Ukraine is down to about 25 million in population in areas it controls (17.6 million ‘refugee exiles’ departed, say the UN), Russia has maybe 150 million population now including its Ukraine annexations, and over 2 million from Ukraine into old Russia itself.

    Russia has ongoing cash flow from the 75% of the world not doing ‘sanctions’, its war production well-funded … Ukraine has to beg for everything, from increasingly-poor Westerners

    Seems too there are more Ukraine corpses rather than Russian ones in recent battles

    The generals:

    German General Erich Vad, formerly top advisor to Merkel who helped arm Ukraine in 2010s, admits Ukraine has lost

    German Major General Harald Kujat, also agreed now in public that Ukraine will be defeated

    Polish General Waldemar Skrzypczak, former commander of Polish Land Forces, admits little can be done anymore

    Material on these on John Helmer’s site and The Intel Drop for those who want to follow up

  10. On this generational divide on the other side, in Russia, read from Rolo Slavskiy’s substack, on the Sovok problem in Russia. A fresh post, and brilliant.

  11. Have these clowns ever heard of Robert Taft, a US senator from Ohio, who lost the 1952 Republican presidential nomination to Dwight Eisenhower? Taft was an isolationist.

  12. “The Ukrainians want to do the fighting themselves and are highly motivated to do so. Far more motivated, certainly, than the demoralized Russian troops, who are increasingly press-ganged into fighting a war they have no need to fight.”

    What a fucking liar…At least 80,000 Russians have VOLUNTEERED to fight in jewkraine, and Putin is overwhelmingly popular – unlike kike butt-puppet Sniffy Joe, or the Eurowhores.

    As for the allegedly gung-ho jewlrainians: I just heard that military-age men in Odessa are shopping in grocery stores in drag to avoid (((Zelensky’s))) “press-gangs”.

    • The Ukrainian army is essentially destroyed – 150-200K dead, at least as many wounded. The ranks are now being filled with mercs from Poland, Murika and elsewhere and command and control is from NATO. Abrams and Leopard tanks are now going to be sent. Looks like the Jews – truly the absolute spawn of Satan – are going to get their WW III.

      • As you know, those tanks will not win the war. All they will do is get more goyim killed.

  13. All the US need do is act in good faith, mediating conflict. It’s a model that everyone can understand. No need to be Isolationist exactly. No need to be Neocon war Mongers either. Nero didn’t Fiddle While Rome burned. The US not need stand aside nor encourage bloodletting.

  14. “The Republican Party will eventually embrace isolationism”

    Translation of the sentiment behind this comment?

    ‘Catering to hateful White Rural Fossils, who want manufacturing back, closed borders, and peace in our times, the Republican Party will do the wrong thing and stop advancing the interests of a better Humanity in this world.’

    My take?

    ‘After supporting anti-American and unconstitutional policies which, as well, were gross violations of International Law that led to untold regime-changes and wars of aggression, which, in turn, led to the death and displacement of untold hundreds of millions of people since 1917, the Republican Party will, when it becomes the Dixiecrat Party of olde, finally do right.

    Yep, there it is – I said it.

    The Grand Ole Party of New England, which caters to a diabolical International Organized Jewry, owes everybody a long apology for outdeviling even Satan. himself.

    As Pope John Paul II indicated, in his millennium address, the 20th century was NOT as promised, a progress for Mankind, but, an inhumane disgrace.

    Though our country did do some good things, on the whole played arguably the leading role in the disaster that was the 20th century.

    We are so much better than this. – so much.

  15. So I did a little math.

    $1 Trillion we spent on endless wars. Likely more but let’s start with that.

    “…The total price range to build an apartment building is between $95 and $645 a sq.ft., with an average price of $310 a sq.ft….”

    I used the $200 per square foot and then figured 500 sq. foot per person. A tiny space but good enough if it’s free. The average suburban house is 2,598 square feet for four people so it’s not that much smaller. The figure came to 10,000,000 people we could house. So we could build that many apartments and since wikipedia says,”…553,000 homeless people in the United States on a given night…” we could end homelessness in the US. I bet that we could easily get well below $200 a sq. ft. $100 easy, maybe even cheaper, using mass production like the USSR built large apartments and double this number.

    Some of these were crap, but a lot of them were not. They did provide cheap housing for people, and tens of thousands of them are still around.

    Whether you hate the homeless or not it would seem we should spend the money on our poor first if we are going to throw money around.

    • @Sam….

      Your ‘little math’ is both great and terrifying, for what it reveals about those who lead this nation.

      They’d rather blow babies, women, and the elderly apart, rather than house everybody and grant universal medical care.

      On the upside, things are not going well for them, and they will get worse over the coming weeks, months, and year, because they have committed to a situation in The Ukraine without the backing of the American People, whereas, the large majority of Russians are prepared to fight it out.

      Moreover, they are losing the petro-dollar racket, which is going to be a big blow to them.

  16. Douglas Murray is a homo. Whilst he has done good work highlighting the invasion of Europe, like Jordan Peterson, he simply won’t go there and identify the (((culprits))) behind the ongoing genocide of European/White countries.

    Murray is a neocon. All these people should be relegated to the dustbin of history. They are responsible for so much pain and suffering all over the world.

  17. “we should spend the money on our poor first if we are going to throw money around.”

    A nice sentiment with good intentions, but they would use the housing for refugees and illegals, an excuse to bring more into America.

    If we just expelled illegals there would be a surplus of housing.

    USZOG wants homelessness, It keeps people in fear of being homeless so they work hard and pay their debts.

    Mass homelessness is caused by over population which drives rents and home prices high. That’s one reason they push mass immigration, to drive prices higher, which produces more taxes.

    • Yes, as usual you’re correct. A bona-fide government would not even have to carry out many expulsions. Just seize the assets of corporations and wealthy individuals who hire the invaders, along with ending all welfare for them. Do these and the vast majority will self-deport. Then brute force can then be applied to those who refuse. Also, disbar all immigration lawyers, impeach and remove immigration judges for treason. This would require something other than clown-world politics however.

  18. Rainbow Empire. This country has been taken over by demons and is the front and center for all this cancer.

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