Jeremy Clarkson: We’re In The Midst of a Coup

H/T Rod Dreher

There is a certain type of older American conservative who still believes that the West are the “good guys” are Russia and China are the “bad guys” and that we should support NATO to defend “Liberal Democracy.” They agree with the Left that “Liberal Democracy” ought to be extended around the world.

The Times:

“Think about what typically happens in a military operation and then look what the woke left has done here. It’s seized control of our television and radio stations to such an extent that last week Sophie Raworth said, on the BBC News at Six, with a straight face, “And over now to our LGBT and diversity correspondent …”

And TV drama? Unaffected? Right, and when was the last time you saw a fictional police force hunting a gang of Muslim extremists? It’s always the far right. And it’s the same story in comedy. Say anything you like about Boris or Rishi and the laughter track is turned up to 11. Make a joke about she/him pronouns or Greta Thunberg and they’ll blow a piece of tumbleweed across the stage.

In sport we sometimes have three women doing the punditry at a men’s football match, and if anyone remarks on this on Twitter, they are immediately singled out for the india-rubber treatment. And who’s doing the erasing? Who’s making the rules? That’s just it. We don’t have a clue. What we do know is that, having taken control of the television stations, without a shot being fired, they turned their attention, like any conquering army, to the schools. Here they went fully Pol Pot, doing a comprehensive year-zero job on the curriculum so that kids would know their parents were all racists. Apart from those with “unconscious bias”. Who were racists as well.

You probably think, because you don’t know this war is going on, that when you drop little Johnny off at the school gates he’s going to learn the nine times table that day. No, he isn’t. He’s learning that he might actually be a girl, which is why there are probably tampon dispensers in the boys’ lavatories. …”

My view is that NATO should be dissolved because this system isn’t worth defending anymore. White men should turn their backs on it and stop subsidizing it with our taxes.

Meanwhile, over in the despotism that is modern day Germany …

The Guardian:

“Five Germans have been charged with treason over an alleged far-right plot to overthrow the government that included plans to abduct the health minister, prosecutors have announced.

The four men and a woman were arrested in recent months over the plot, with the health minister, Karl Lauterbach – unpopular among far-right groups because of anti-Covid measures – confirming he was targeted.

They were charged on 16 January and face counts ranging from founding a domestic terrorist group to preparing a treasonous act and violating weapons laws, the federal prosecutor’s office said on Monday.

The group aimed to “trigger civil war-like conditions in Germany by means of violence … to cause the overthrow of the government and parliamentary democracy”, the prosecutors said in a statement.

The suspects accepted that deaths could result from the attempted overthrow, the statement added.

It said the group’s ideology was “shaped” by the woman charged – identified only as Elisabeth R – and was centred on the belief that the modern German state was not legitimate. …”

I can’t imagine why the German government is so unpopular with the “far right.” Could it be because the status quo is indistinguishable from tyranny for that swath of the population?

Note: I’m not romanticizing Russia which has its own vast problems. I just can’t fathom why anyone with our views would be willing to defend the current system in the West.


  1. Jeremy is good example about collapsing society. Until communism was someone’s else problem and Jeremy had popular car show, he didn’t care.

    Now he is complaining but there are still places in the UK what are away from Marxist coup and inhabitants don’t care.

  2. Regarding this alleged plot to allegedly kidnap the health-minister Lauterbach, who is a Fauci tier fanatic: pretty much everyone on the right came to the conclusion that it looks fake and gay AF. And the similarities to the Gretchen Witmer gayOp with all of its glowie involvement are extraordinary. The alleged “ring-leader”, if you want to call it that, of the super-dangerous coup group is a over 70 years old granny monarchist and the other Reichsbürger “ring-leader” they sent to jail for over three years is a over 50 years old boomer mom. When I first heard of the case, and saw all the Reichsbürger crack-downs coordinated with the MSM, I basically knew that your deep state was coordinating this stuff with our government. Very nice. . .

    Ironically, being a monarchist in this country might make you more of a dissident than if you are a Neo-Nazi. Because Nazi-larpers can at least be sent as cannon fodder to Ukraine as useful idiots.

    I am neither pro Putin or pro Kremlin, but this is all incredibly nasty, corrupt and wrong. And it smells of DDR and Stasi methods. If they think they are going to win a war with CHYNA, which is not Russia, this way…good luck! No safer way to win than declare anyone who could actually fight a threat democracy, extremist, Nazi and white supremacist and destroy everything they hold dear and holy…LMFAO. But hey, maybe the can draft Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi and Annalena Baerbock. The front is THAT way, folks! Show us that *feminist* foreign policy for our democracy in a rules based international order for which we are literally being made a persecuted, dispossessed minority in our own countries! Yeah, it’s a total mystery why the right isn’t excited to go to war for trans-toddlers. Nobody will ever know!

    • The Republicans are at it again, provoking China, looking for another war, this time over Taiwan.

      The Republicans are hopeless. They will never change, they love war. No White Christian should support GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire, especially its wars. The Empire is working at cross purposes, vilifying the very people it wants to enlist in its wars, White males, while it is short of troops.

      Not very smart but they can’t help themselves. The Empire desperately needs more smart, White, Christian males to make its high-tech weapons work, the diversity just isn’t up to the task, everyone knows this. If these geniuses start a war with China they will no longer ask for volunteers, they will try to force White Christian males into military service through conscription.

      Give them the finger boys. Dementia Joe, Herr Trump, John Bolton, GWB II et al. didn’t go to their wars so don’t you go either. You don’t owe GloboHomo Shopping Mall the time of day, fuck ’em.

      War is the health of the State.

      • Yes and not a few folks in Taiwan are fed up with the bullshit. I just returned from spending six weeks there. The locals are totally blasé about the PRA planes as this always ramps up when the empire provokes the dragon with visits by worthless shitbags such as Pelosi or McCarthy, sail-bys of the US fleet with weapons arrays on ‘hot’ status (by a long-standing agreement such sail-bys are supposed to be with weapons-systems in the ‘cold’ state). Taiwan is 100 miles from the Chinese coast and an invasion by China would be both very costly and destructive to Taiwan, whose populace is 90% Han Chinese. Xi has even stated he prefers unification by 2040 via diplomacy. Chinese settled the island starting in the 1200’s with many more coming in between 1600-1900. Japan ruled the place from 1895 to 1945 and they clearly wanted to make it part of Japan as much investment was made in infrastructure. The place has an oddly Japanese vibe to it, despite there being no Japanese present to speak of.

        I only saw about six negroes during my whole visit – and I was all over the country. What a pleasant place. Three negroes were tourists from the west, with the son (about 25) in the company of a white female and his black parents behind. 2 others (females) were obviously students while the other (male) was obviously US MIC and in the company of a white male counterpart. The advertising did include some negroes – obviously crap being fed by the Empire – but they were not in miscegenation mode. As in Japan and China, more whites in ads than one ever sees in Murika or EUSSR. The DPP (Democratic Progressive Party) suffered a recent electoral setback in Taiwan, with the KMT (Kuomingtang) taking some legislative seats. KMT favors reunification while DPP wants to be part of Globo-Pedo.

  3. ” defend “Liberal Democracy.”

    Yes, so ‘liberal’ that you can be fired, debanked or jailed for voicing unauthorized opinions.

  4. ” Note: I’m not romanticizing Russia which has its own vast problems. I just can’t fathom why anyone with our views would be willing to defend the current system in the West.”

    Anti-Russia/Pro-Ukraine shills are just that, shills for the system. People unwittingly stuck in the Spencerian fantasy of preserving NATO and the EU to take it over and create either a formal or informal Imperial Europa Universalis post-takeover. People so delusional that they cannot grasp the concept of “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

    Russia doesn’t exist to save anyone, but in a hypothetical future where an independent White ethno-state of some sort exists, Russia may find it in their interest to supply it with training and machinery to help get its economy going. More then can be said of the Jewish-run government of Ukraine and the poor golems underneath it who hate Russia more than they love Ukraine.

    • That’s true. Russia is not going to be the west’s salvation riding in on a white horse any more than Cheetohead the Clown is. It is nevertheless an opponent of the Globo-Pedo Jew Empire so insofar as it hastens the destruction of the empire it is serving a good purpose. They also have no choice. It’s either fight the empire or end up like the 1990s with further partition and greater asset-stripping by the (((usual suspects))). They do indeed have a serious fifth-column problem – morons who think the empire represents ‘freedom’ some some such bullshit. Lots of them are Sodomites and other perverts of course, plus the corruptocrats always willing to sell-out.

    • Note that Israel is distancing itself from GAE WRT Russia. They have no beef with Moscow – and Netanyahu’s job is to look after Israeli interests, not the power trip of overmighty Jews in Washington.

  5. I LMFAO at the J6 kabuki where a donut molester pension monger minion of the state here to protect and serve vital corporate interest called it a coop.
    The Stig Beal was a bridge too far with cosmic consequences.
    You owe zero allegiance to any illegitimate occupational government.

  6. Jeremy wants to know who is behind it? Jeremy if you loved and worshipped Christ the way you are supposed to, you would know.

      • 7 dead in Half Moon Bay shooting.
        Suspect identified as 67-year-old Chunli Zhao,

        More of that damn WHITE supremacy.

        • Some Anti-White black “clergyman” has been saying that the 6-year-old who shot the teacher is White. It’s a lie, the kid is black. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Anti-White MSM to call him out for this.

          As I recently saw on twitter: Whites are only 8% of the world’s population but are blamed 100% of the time for all the world’s problems.

    • Notice, whenever they talk about spreading demoncracy, they never mention the Bill of Rights, no mention of Freedom of Speech, no mention of press freedom. Hmmm, they never mention the essential Rights of Man.
      What is this demoncracy they advocate ?

      I want to spread THE BILL OF RIGHTS, F demoncracy !

  7. “There is a certain type of older American conservative who still believes that the West are the “good guys” are Russia and China are the “bad guys”

    Tucker Carlson

    • @DiCarolo…

      I do agree with you that almost all of Fox News thinks we are ‘the good guys’.

      Tucker Carlson, Greg Gutfeld, and Jesse Waters, are exceptions to that, for they both continually lambast what we are, and have been for years.

      Carlson believes we are mostly good, in constitutional theory, not reality.

      • ” mostly good, in constitutional theory, not reality.”

        Constitution is the only thing holding our head above water, otherwise this nation would be one vast communist gulag.

    • The video above showing a woman being attacked by male cowards is what the damnable Yankee dogs did to White Southern women except a 1,000 times worse 160 years ago…

      We still need a hero and finally avenge the South of evil done to it using slavery as an excuse.

      Lewis Burwell Puller is a Marine Corps legend and American hero. Nicknamed “Chesty” for his burly physique, he was one of the most combat-hardened leaders in military history and saw action in Haiti, Nicaragua, WWII, and Korea. The winner of five Navy Crosses and many other medals, he will always be remembered as a fierce warrior and proud patriot.

      One area of Chesty’s life that deserves more scholarly research is his southern heritage. He was born in Virginia in 1898 and was raised on stories of the Confederacy. His grandfather, John Puller, was killed while riding under Jeb Stuart at the battle of Kellys Ford in 1863. Local veterans told young Chesty about his grandfather’s bravery, as John had stayed atop his saddle long after having his midsection torn apart by a cannon. After his grandfather’s death, federals burned the Puller home and his grandmother was forced to walk ten miles, through a sleet storm, for help.

      Puller was proud of his ancestry, and his southern roots ran much deeper than The War Between the States (his term of choice for the “Civil War”).
      — Chesty: A Tribute to a Legend (1976), by John Ford narrated by John Wayne

      Secede now!

      May God Save the South!

  8. “There is a certain type of older American conservative who still believes that the West are the “good guys” and Russia and China are the “bad guys”.”

    Its from decades of Red Team vs. Blue Team nonsense. Most people are just too lazy to care if their worldview is predictive of world events, and just watch cable TV for confirmation bias.


    “Note: I’m not romanticizing Russia which has its own vast problems. I just can’t fathom why anyone with our views would be willing to defend the current system in the West.”

    The U.S./NATO are now what China/Russia are gonna be in another 10 – 15 years. It doesn’t matter what flavor of Empire it is, its still toxic and unnatural.

    Anybody that doesn’t reflexively hate both sides needs to re-examine their worldview.

  9. I notice the real Biden supporters are older people, the last gasp of the baby boomers, like Reagan was supposedly the last gasp of the conservatives. When I see any kind of Biden T-shirt or button, it’s on an oldie, usually one wearing a mask. The mask holes are very certain kind of passive authoritarian. I think a percentage of our population is happy with a dictatorship, and somewhere, the liberal turned a switch and became authoritarian.
    I’m a writer, and it’s sad to see almost all of the arts community go along with this dictatorship. They don’t care about a ‘discussion’ anymore. So, I think, this is how all that 60’s freedom ends up. It reminds me of Flaubert’s Sentimental Education, where a somewhat freethinker, now older, sees his former revolutionary friend now a policeman beating demonstrators.

    I agree about the time warp of seeing the Russians as ‘bad guys’ and us as ‘good guys.’
    It’s a form of cultural and organizational senility. I’m 70 myself, but I was always the odd ball, reading all them dang books.
    Really, none of them want neither freedom or a dialogue. We have to decide what to do, just to survive, because such people will almost love to take us down with them.

  10. This Coronation would be hilarious if this rotten island hadn’t also destroyed the Continent.

  11. All the false flag shootings just in time for the big Boog?
    Keep calm and harden your heart.
    No one said Bolshevik Revolution 2.0 would be easy.

  12. Is western technnoligarchy worth defending?
    Is cultural Marxism, reverse racism and sexism worth defending?
    Is grooming and sexually mutilating children worth defending?
    Is bankersterism, corporatism and militarism?
    Is open borders, offshoring and outsourcing?
    Runaway inflation?
    Forced injections, masking and distancing?
    The shrinking list of civil liberties?
    Human, sex and drug trafficking across the border or lack thereof and elsewhere?
    The answer is no.
    We will not fight to preserve black rock and vanguard’s wealth, power and psychopathy.

  13. Mass shooter in Monterey Park, Huu Can Tran.
    Those WHITE supremacists are getting out of hand,

    “WHITE supremacism is America’s greatest threat” ….. Facelift Joe.

    When will facelift Joe have a news conference on this fiendish act of WHITE supremacism? Will NYT run weeks of headlines on this act of WHITE depravity ?

    Ahh, the blessings of Divershity.

    (Monterey Park use to be a really nice WHITE community, before the messicans, before the chinese. Almost ideal.)

  14. The article from here is basically a follow up to last month’s news. It’s more or less the same milieu.

    Though all that has happened since then, NYE in Berlin, and now Lützerath, nearly everyone has forgotten all about that. When “that” was just an internet LARP on the part of old men in walkers.

  15. Jeremy knows if he utters one word that ZOG is behind all our travails, his comfy life is over.

    Fuck the Empire of Lies. We have an ever growing cohort of young military aged foreign men in our countries, I’m sure they would give their lives for freedom and democracy. I certainly wouldn’t.

  16. “The major focus will be on refugees, the NHS and LGBTQ+ groups.”

    The NHS. Every solemn mention of it by the left brings to my mind the following …

    “Whoever can smell not only with his nose but also with his eyes and ears, scents almost everywhere he goes today something like the air of madhouses and hospitals—I am speaking, of course, of the cultural domain, of every kind of ‘Europe’ on this earth.”
    —Nietzsche, On the Genealogy of Morals, “Third Essay: What is the Meaning of Ascetic Ideals?” Section 14, Walter Kaufmann translation

    Am pretty sure the NHS was a focus of the opening ceremony of London’s Olympics, back in 2012. Didn’t see it but had an impression it involved a field of hospital beds on which children were happily jumping. Was directed by Danny Boyle, re whom see

  17. It takes a special kind of stupid to antagonize both Russia and China at the same time. Remember Nixon’s warning that a nuclear war against Russian would destroy the northern hemisphere and the white race leaving only the Blacks, the Browns, and the Yellows!

  18. Welcome to the party Rod Dreher. “Who’s making the rules?”
    Dig a little deeper.
    And why was a plot in Germany operated from the same playbook as the one in Michigan?
    Dig deeper.

  19. Democracy the way it’s being practiced is not worth defending. Christianity, traditional western values yes. The ‘right’ if it could be called that, should have stood up to perversion being mainstreamed into culture a long time ago.. They should have called black supremacy what it was, an endless hostility to white men from fucked up perverse elites.

    The ‘right’ from my perspective has always seemed to be a lot more interested in de regulation, tax cuts, and feeding the military industrial complex than it was in defending Christianity.

    Ross Perot had said , “Every good idea has to be defended daily.”

    The conservatives don’t seem to want to defend society as it is being destroyed right in front of them.

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