What Are We Doing To White People?

In the long view, one racial caste system simply replaced another with antiracism as “colorblindness” being how the new system was sold to Whites by liberal elites back in the 1960s. They no longer have any use for it and have since discarded that pitch in favor of race conscious “social justice.”


  1. Jews and communists need to keep us divided and fighting with each other. The more we awaken, the more hatred and division they need.

    Old good ancient Roman divide et impera. Only Romans did not had internet, so their enemies were less informed. Because of that, they managed to keep their enemies in constant civil war without turning whole thing into absurd.

  2. As i said the problem is in the ideology……. leftism is an ideology (especially in its woke form) that imply the distruction of identity, tradition, nature (biological nature) and others.

  3. 3 Cali mass shootings in a week.
    6 dead in Goshen, Mex drug gang
    7 dead in Half Moon Bay, Chunli Zhao
    11 dead in Monterey Park, huh can tran

    America’s diverse future, a foretaste.

    The killings in Goshen, all tacos.
    Shooter stood over 16 yr old mother , pumped bullets into her head, then into her 10 mo old infant. A lesson to the next customers, “pay your drug debt, NOW !”.

    Police are seeking 2 suspects……no description ….no names…nothing.
    Just 2 suspects, that’s so useful.

  4. I watched a couple speeches from the League Conference last night, it reminded me that we are all in this thing together to victory or death…

    All Southerners need to be supporting Southern Nationalist organizations IN SOME WAY. Send money, become an activist with the League, or both. It all adds up.

    We need to stop dividing our energies among a million different pet interests or splinter groups. I disagree that there isn’t enough of us to make a change, the problem is we are too scattered around and our energy dispersed.

    Hunter, I may disagree with you on some issues but I think your website is a positive thing.

  5. The Tik-Tok compilation is demonstrative of the mass-psychosis formation brought about by Jewish control of education and media. The level of sheer stump-stupid agressive ignorance on subject after subject is impressive. To put it bluntly: Any white parent who sends their kids to public schul – where such indoctration is baked in the cake nationwide – is committing child abuse of the worst type.

    The interesting thing here is the total non-mention of the massive Jewish control and coordination of the entire genocidal campaign. The author of the video seems to be a rare creature – an honest liberal. His video will likely fall upon deaf ears unfortunately. We are headed for a conflagration … assuming there are enough whites around to shoot back when the real violence commences. It’s sometimes useful to keep in mind that 250 white men led by the Spanish adventurer Pizzaro took down the entire Inca Empire. We’ll need to dig down and find that warrior spirit to survive as a people.

    • 2-3% of the population. Blacks are about 15%. There is no excuse. Let’s band with Mexicans. We cannot win because WEF & California.

      This constant Whining is worse and embarrasing.

      Lets stay poor & sick to Own the Libs.

    • @ Exalted Cyclops
      “Any white parent who sends their kids to public schul – is committing child abuse of the worst type.”

      Many folks don’t have any other option. Folks are forced by financial limits and time. Good affordable private schools aren’t common.
      Many folks can’t even make rent.

  6. No one has done anythining to White people except distract them from what should be important. Family.

    I have yet to meet a “Woke” person. This push by the republican party or whoever to anger and depress us has done more to harm our people than I can even express here.
    Focusing on “shitlibs” distracts us from today. The only day we are certain of in this life. Live it well, because we may be right or wrong. I am a Christian.

    God decides.

    • People need more than family.

      Ppl need societal protection and encouragement, a social structure.
      Families often fail or lack resources.

    • The woke will take your family away, or take you away from them. It happened in China’s Cultural Revolution and you’re delusional if you think this is not the plan here in Murika. They’ll even come for the Amish, who get the family-community thing far more than the average white does. Jews (the Synagogue of Satan according toe Christ) have acquired their power supernaturally. They accepted the offer Satan made to Christ (who rejected it) on the high mountain. They are leading the charge. Woke ideology (apostasy) has infiltrated every church (see stocker’s link on LCMS above). Subversion leads to inversion.

  7. Remember Southern Soldiers, your obligation is too the living God, yourself and your kind, we don’t owe anyone else, anything period and that includes traiterous WHITES, especially..,

  8. They chose color blindness because it fit with Christianity.

    Now that they have the upper hand, Christianity will conform to the New Religion, or be dispensed with.

  9. Anti white racist in the top photo. That’s what they really are.
    The sign may as well say:- ‘fight whites’.
    Why do they still pretend?

      • Only after they work us to death.

        Actually, if you knew judaism, they think they will resurrect us for their torturing delight.
        Doubt me, think again.

    • They are not pretending. Truthfully, I question myself these days. JB and I have always been racialists.

      Now, ANTIFA consists of our boys (Yes) and it’s all a big video game. Action.

      My mulatto neighbor and I have sold more produce and flowers than we could harvest.

      I guess I’m done with this movement. This gets no one anywhere & worse, is depressing.

      As Groypers say: No.

      Where are NIck and Ye BTW?

      • “Now, ANTIFA consists of our boys (Yes) and it’s all a big video game. ”

        Our boys ???
        Trash criminals from the dregs of society.
        The three shot by kyle rittenhouss were felons, convicted for child molesting, two were jews. How many “our boys” are jews. Can you see through the black masks ?
        Go look at the mug shots of those arrested for rioting, most are obvious dopers

      • “My mulatto neighbor and I have sold more produce and flowers than we could harvest.”

        Yes, in prosperous times anything works.
        It’s when the crunch comes, you’ll see the true nature of the world.

      • ” This gets no one anywhere & worse, is depressing.”

        You think this is depressing, wait till reality sets in.

  10. We must not under any circumstances allow the jewniversity-weaponized mud & race traitor scum shown in that video to become the majority. If we do, it will truly mean the boot in the face, forever. Or until extinction.

    This world is about the remorseless struggle between species & races for land & resources. About brute force and the will to use it. We must dispense with all jewshit religion & “morality” that ties our hands in fighting these mortal enemy vermin. Nothing but prevailing over them – as our hated ancestors did – matters. That is the price of survival on this planet.

    • WHITES have a terrible suicide rate, info suppressed by major media.
      This endless slandering of WHITES is causing severe self-esteem problems for many WHITES, especially young WHITE men.

  11. Execute them all.
    Those who come to do harm.
    No mercy.
    Force and fire for their last miserable seconds on Satan’s Playground Earth.

  12. Bottom line: a spontaneous uprising similar to the black uprising in Haiti years ago. Not planned, so no conspiracy charges. Can Whites be as ruthless ? Revenge is sweet.

    • My mulatto neighbor would cut my throat before I could cut hers. Something I’ve observed is that she can catch a fly in mid-air without noticing.

      Fast twitch, or something like that. Or just Jungle stuff.

      They do cook the best food.

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