Tucker Carlson: Antifa Is Back In Force

I have nothing to add to this.

Tucker Carlson said exactly what I would have said last night:

Conservatives now see Antifa as the enemy like we do. It is one of the things that I have seen change for the better since Charlottesville as the public has become familiar with them.


  1. “get away with acts of domestic terrorism because of their upper middle class personal backgrounds. ”

    …..because a hidden hand is ready to help them, a nose behind the curtain, Soros’ DAs , Soros legal defense teams.

  2. Antifa doesn’t get away with rioting, terrorism, vandalism etc because they are upper class whites. They get away with that for the same reason that the Democrat’s other private army BLM gets away with it. They are acing on the orders of Eric Holder, Obama, Soros. If wealthy whites tried anything like this they would get the Jan 6 treatment.

    • Yes. The whole argument that they are getting away with it because they’re rich is to distract from the fact that these particular spoiled trust-fund brats are government agents. Antifa is the real FBI academy. Empire’s nascent Che-Ka. They’ll all walk free, except for the one killed by cops.

  3. Atlanta is the new Lützerath.

    On one level, the “mainstream” left in the Western world are defensive of Antifa on one level or another purely for ideological reasons. On another level, it’s because today’s old “mainstream” liberals used to be those same kinds of street goons themselves. But the best explanation of all is what you and TC said, that Antifa are literally their children living in their own basements.

  4. Considering that at the same time Big Tech firing brats en masse and Senile Joe is in ropes,…..this could be beginning of the the long awaited war between Brats and The Swamp.

  5. Conservatives are always a day late and a dollar short.
    So it took them this long to understand that people who relocate nationally to start riots and who openly hate their race and their country are the enemy of the country?
    Jesus Christ with friends like that…who needs Jews ?

    • Indeed, “conservatives” are not our friends. “Conservatives” are Anti-White controlled opposition.

  6. Hunter throws out the “white privilege” bs. Everyone gets it wrong from time to time, including me. But half of those antifags arrested around the country are darkies of various kinds. Probably a majority are destitute. They live off of Soros money. He pays them good to do this stuff. But the still live in tents.

    It is so easy to get off track when one watches jew media daily. No one has any white privilege here. If any white is protected it is because he is working for a rich Jew. This whole phenomenon is nothing but Jewish privilege.

    It isn’t hard to understand what is going on. They are paid by billionaire Jews. They sign contracts. And they are protected by the FIB. The FIB works to intimidate state and local to keep hands off Antifags.

    So Kemp let them run wild. But Jones ingnored the FIB and cleaned them out.

    The riots in Portland involve sometimes thousands of antifaggots. These are big budget items. Soros has a smaller budget for Atlanta.

  7. “Examine the background of every family, every organization, every commonwealth: everywhere the struggle of the sick against the healthy ….”
    — Nietzsche, On the Genealogy of Morals, “Third Essay: What is the Meaning of Ascetic Ideals?” Section 14, Walter Kaufmann translation

  8. “Antifa”, “BLM” serve as the street thugs for our Anti-White overlords. That’s why little or nothing is done to break their power.

  9. Antifa are sadly everywhere, their group antifascist action is here in Europe and in the USA……. They’re the army of globalism, wokism and leftism and their ideology is cultural marxism. When i started to be interested in politic 13 years ago, i immediately recognized them as the enemy. Antifa are garbage, violent people who are the true treat to the democracy.

    • Yes, they are various sub-human trash who hate themselves and want to destroy everything because they know they are lowlife scum.

  10. Just in time for the Big Boog and Armageddon layer cake as internal enemies wipe it all out intentionally.
    They’ll be feeling froggy after all the false flags get the guns rounded up.
    Weaklings who turn them in aren’t needed anyway.
    The Red Terror portion of Bolshevik Revolution 2.0 is coming sooner than expected?

  11. Quotes from the dead guy accused of shooting at the cop——-

    “The right kind of resistance is peaceful, because that’s where we win,” Teran is quoted as saying. “We’re not going to beat them at violence. They’re very, very good at violence. We’re not. We win through nonviolence. That’s really the only way we can win.

    “We don’t want more people to die. We don’t want Atlanta to turn into a war zone.”

    “The right kind of resistance is peaceful, because that’s where we win,” Teran is quoted as saying. “We’re not going to beat them at violence. They’re very, very good at violence. We’re not. We win through nonviolence. That’s really the only way we can win.

    “We don’t want more people to die. We don’t want Atlanta to turn into a war zone.”

  12. Barry ordered the big burn it all down boogaloo?
    Armageddon because it is the final battle and Ukraine will lead to Megiddo.

  13. Look at them smirk. So sure that yet another tap on the wrist awaits them. How I’d love to crush the faces of all those god damned commie race traitor scum and their fucking parents, too.

  14. The mainstreaming of the truth about ANTIFA is a step forward. Obviously long overdue, but better late than never.

  15. We’ve come a long way in making our views mainstream. We should all celebrate that. I agree on everything you mentioned that Antifa is a bunch of White rich kids. I’ve always been a student of political ideology and find it odd that a group of anarchists are now in with the Democrats. Anarchy is general is hostile against both Conservative views and liberal views. It’s found among the most extreme libertarians. Today the Anarchists and Libertarians are just alike. Take for instance how the attack on Law Enforcement continues with all those cops being arrested in Memphis and charged with murder. Black cops that is. It shows that anybody in Law Enforcement is 1 incident away from fired, arrested, and charged with murder. It’s becoming more and more common. The goal of our enemies is stop all law enforcement in this country, abolish the police, get rid of the jail, and get rid of all the prisons. It’s a evolution of the “no spanking” crowd and those against spanking at school. Now these trash are against all Law Enforment and laws in general. The Republicans should notice that the right wing libertarians in the Republican Party are against Law Enforment and government actions in general….so kick them out and focus more on Christian social conservatives…people we have things in common with as Nationalists. It’s pretty simple…without Law & Order we have Anarchy and a living hell. Deo Vindice!

  16. Upper Middle Class Professionals and their Lunatic Offspring! The Democratic Party Base.

    • It is up to governors to crackdown on Antifa.

      They thrive in states with Democrat governors like Oregon, California, Michigan, Wisconsin and until recently Virginia. In states like Tennessee, we hold events there every year in real life without any problems. They have never been a problem here in Alabama.

      • ” It is up to governors to crackdown on Antifa.”

        Feds could stop it in hours. Send in mailmen to collect mail, as soon as they are interfered with, send in troops to stop interference with mail.

        That’s how rail strikes in the 1800s were stopped, by the pretext of interfering with mail.

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